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Chapter 4

1. balance of power- Technique used against universal monarchy, not to preserve peace, but to preserve
2. Bousset- advanced teaching that kings power comes from God, if king doesn’t reflect will of God, then
people can overthrow king
3. Commercial Code- Colbert- replaced much of the local customary law with a new model of business and
regulation. Built roads and canals, assured quality of products. Subsidies, tax exemptions, monopolies
4. conflict between the secular and the sacred in the 17th century- France=secular, secular wins in history
5. Corneille's plays , their themes and the Age of the Sun King
6. Declaration of Indulgence- Charles II announced the nonenforcements of laws against dissenters. Chuck
favored toleration, but really to support Catholics
7. Diggers- occupied and cultivated common lands, or lands privately owned. In general a repudiation of
8. fast swords" and Richlieu
9. Glorious Revolution of 1688-portrayed as vindicating the principles of parliamentary government the
rule of law and even the right of rebellion against tyranny.
10. Great Tax Farms- a tariff union set up in France,
11. High Anglican
12. Instrument of Government
13. Intendants
14. Jean-Bapiste Colbert
15. Levelers- radical political democrats, John Lilburne, appealed to natural rights, universal manhood
sufferage, written constitution
16. Long Parliament-Charles I created it when English parliament wouldn’t help him raise funds to put
down Scottish rebellion
17. Louis XIV-expansionist, wanted to get Spain for himself
18. Navigation Acts- Cromwell, in effort to further English interestsBarred dutch ships from carrying goods
between other countries and England or its colonies.
19. Oliver Cromwell-Protestant, organized ironsides(badasses) in New Model Army 1640, most powerful
political force in parliament
20. Parlements- French courts of law, each being the supreme court for a certain area of the country. upheld
certain “fundamental laws” that the king could not overstep
22. Presbyterian- As the price of support from the Scottish army in Eng civil war, Solemn League and
Covenant said that religion in England, Scotland and Ireland should be best of reformed religions, thus
23. Pride's Purge and rump- Cromwell drove out parliament leaving about 50-60 left, a rump
24. Roundheads-English parliamentary forces that had close haircuts b/c were Puritan. Gained military
victories with New Model army
25. Ship money- money raised without parliamentary consent by Charles I to pay to modernize navy.
Alarmed property owners who didn’t want to pay for policies they didn’t support
27. Stewart Kings and parliament
28. Tax Farmer
29. Test Act- officeholders must take communion in church of England, anit-dissenters, especially Catholic
30. The Asiento -granted privledge of providing spanish america with african slaves. much wealth was built
on slave trade. permitted one shipload of british goods to be brough to Panama
31. The peace of Utrecht
32. The Restoration