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Point 007.

Affiant has no record or evidence that this document is not a Sworn Statement
in the form of an Affidavit, with full force and effect, as made more explicit in EXHII!
007 " S#$%& &$!I'E I& !HE ($%) $( A& A((I*A+I!, and ,- reference is here,-
made part of this document.
A*)I! " .i,ellees listed in this document admit to the truth of this document as ,ein/ a
Sworn &$!I'E in the form of an Affidavit.
EXHII! 007 " S#$%& &$!I'E I& !HE ($%) $( A&
&ote0 Examples are /iven throu/hout this document for
!he Sworn Statement
Here is what a sworn statement is not
1.2 &ot an affidavit
3.2 &ot a &otice
Here4s what it is
52 A Sworn Notice in the form of an Affidavit
!he difference is that in a sworn statement -ou can put forth facts, statements , claims,
declarations, law, and conclusions of law all sworn to under -our seal and oath all under
penalt- of per6ur-.
#hat4s the difference7
AFFIDAVIT. A written declaration made under oath; a written statement sworn to be
true before someone legally authorized to administer an oath
An affidavit is strictl- confined to recitin/ facts. An affidavit is usuall- done under oath.
&o conclusions of law are allowed. !here are no claims made.
(A'! 12 ill Smith accepted a chec8 made out to 9ill (redric8
(A'! 32 )- chec8 made to 9ill (redric8 was deposited in the account of ill Smith
,ased on evidence in exhi,it :A;
NOTICE. The information given of some act done, or the interpellation b !hich some
act is re"#ired to be done. It also signifies, simpl, $no!ledge% as A had notice that &
!as a slave
A notice is also strictl- confined to recitin/ facts and /ivin/ notice to some part- of those
facts or an act. A notice is usuall- not done under oath ,ut can ,e. &o conclusions of law
are allowed. !here are no claims made.
(A'! 12 ill Smith accepted a chec8 made out to 9ill (redric8
(A'! 32 !his is to &otice -ou that m- chec8 made to 9ill (redric8 was deposited in -our
account ,ased on exhi,it :A; and I want it returned
In a sworn statement yo can recite facts! c"aims! statements! "aws and conc"sions
of "aw #ased on the facts and the trth of those facts$ %o can ma&e c"aims.
Sworn Statement <EXA)P.E ($..$#S2
S!A!E)E&! 12 I here,- claim, declare and state under oath the followin/
(A'! 12 I made out a chec8 pa-a,le to 9ill (redric8 and mailed it ill Smith to
forward it to 9ill
(A'! 32 Enclosed is m- certified slip and return card from the post service that
shows ill Smith accepted the chec8 and m- instructions.
'.AI) 52 ill Smith deposited the 'hec8 made out to 9ill into his account
'$&'.=SI$& >2 !his claim is ,ased on exhi,it :A; which is a cop- of m-
chec8, which was deposited in ill Smith4s account not forwarded to 9ill (redric8.
'$&'.=SI$& ?2 As a conse@uence of ill Smith4s actions ill Smith has
committed felon- conversion and theft of m- propert-.
'.AI) A2 !hese crimes have dama/ed and in6ured me.
'.AI) 72 !hese dama/es and in6uries have ,ound ill Smith into a contract for
restitution and reparation to me.
'.AI) B2 Cour response is mandator- ,ased upon the law cited herein
'$&'.=SI$& D2 If -ou don4t respond accordin/ to conditions herein -ou a/ree
to the claims, facts statements laws and conclusions of law in this sworn notice
includin/ ,ut not limited to the fact that -ou have dama/ed and in6ured me.
All three documents are ,ased upon -ou recitin/ the truth If it is not the truth the- are not
effective, the docment can #e defeated and the two ed'ed sword of Trth wi"" ct
#oth ways(
Another important aspect of the sworn notice is the notar- si/nature and the 6urat.
'ontrar- to what most EpersonsE in the 6udicial ,ranch sa- and thin8, the &otar- Pu,lic is
&$! an $fficer of EtheirE 'ourt, ,ut an $fficer of the Executive ranch and of the
)eo*"e, a much hi/her 'ourt. !he &otar- is an officer of the state and certifies that ever-
thin/ in the sworn notice is true and correct and sworn to under oath ,- the affiant.
(urther the notar- when si/nin/ the 6urat si/ns in two capacitiesF in the capacit- as an
officer of the state and in the capacit- of a livin/ ,ein/, presentin/ one of the )eo*"e ,
which the 6udicial ,ranch 'ourt can &E+E% ESEEE <cannot /ive Eco/niGance ofE2, thus,
creatin' a +#rid'e+ for the *rocess to move from the livin/ to the fiction and vice
I present here a sample of &otar- Pu,lic authorit-F ISAAC JOSEP! APPE""A#$! %s.
J&"I&S SA"O'O#, APPE..EE. Supreme 'ourt of (lorida, 1D (la. A35F 1BB5 (la.
.EXIS >, 9anuar-, A. *. 1BB5, *ecided " " E!he demand of acceptance of a forei/n ,ill is
usuall- made ,- a &otar-, and in case of non"acceptance he protests it, and this notaria"
*rotest receives credit in a"" corts.E
Sworn Notice in the form of an Affidavit " WHAT IS IN IT?
In ,oth an affidavit and a notice -ou are confined to recitin/ onl- facts. An-thin/ else
,orders on li,el, thus the reason for the E&e/ative AvermentE st-le as re@uired at (ederal
%ules of 'ivil Procedure, %ule D<a2.
In a sworn statement Affiant is not under this constraint.
$ne of the hu/e differences is that in a sworn statement Affiant ma8es a declaration of
AffiantHs standin' as a soverei'n of sui (uris character. < standin/ on -our own contract2
AffiantHs declaration of those two facts allows Affiant to ma8e claims. $nl- soverei/ns
can ma8e claims. !his is true if -ou loo8 at a lawsuit. *o -ou ever see claims in a
lawsuit7 &o, -ou onl- see alle/ations desi/ned to throw the controvers- into a court for
the 6ud/e or 6ur- to decide.
.ets loo8 at the response dictates of all three documents.
Is a response re@uired to an affidavit7
&oI However, the part- ma- file another affidavit den-in/ all the claims in -our affidavit.
A counter affidavit chec8s -our affidavit.
Is a response re@uired to a notice7
&oI &othin/ is re@uiredF not even reco/nition from the other part- that the- received it.
Is a res*onse re,ired to a sworn notice?
%es( If Affiant sends the sworn notice to a part- that had Jor, impliesK a prior ,usiness
relationship with Affiant, if Affiant char/es them with crimes, in6uries and dama/es, or if
the- too8 an oath of office there is a mandatory res*onse re,ired to Affiant-s sworn
notice. !here is case law on the mandator- response re@uirements. If the- do not respond
to the claims in AffiantHs sworn notice accordin/ to the parameters therein then they
a'ree with the c"aims in AffiantHs sworn statement.
%ule 501, (ederal %ules of Evidence is paramount, plus, here is some misc. case lawF
)&ncontested allegations of fact must be acce*ted as true.+ 'orris %. #ational Cash
,egister! -- S. /nd -00! 123024.
.hen no affida%its are filed in o**osition! the trial court is entitled to acce*t as true the
facts alleged in res*ondent5s affida%its if 6... such facts are within the affiant5s *ersonal
7nowledge and 8are ones9 to which he could com*etently testify....6 Southern Pac. Co. %.
:ish! 2;; Cal.A**./d 0<0! 0;/! 000 P./d 200.
)Silence can only be e=uated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty or where an
in=uiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading>+ as *er &nited States %.
$weel! <<? :./d /3@! citing &nited States %. Prudden! -/- :./d 2?/2 at 2?0/
)>failure to state the true facts when such statement is legally re=uired! to the detriment
of the one relying u*on such conduct>+ can be termed )fraud and deceit+! as *er Atilus
%. &nited States! -?; :./d ;3-! at ;3A
)Silence is a s*ecies of conduct! and constitutes an im*lied re*resentation of the
eBistence of facts in =uestion! and the estoppel therefrom is accordingly a s*ecies of
esto**el by misre*resentation. .hen silence is of such a character and under such
circumstances that it would become a fraud on the other *arty to *ermit the silent *arty
to deny what his silence has induced the other *arty to belie%e and act u*on! it !ill
operate as an estoppel.+ as *er Carmine v. &o!en! ;- A. 3/0
Another powerful element in the sworn notice that it is a *rivate contract set in
admira"ty that #inds Affiant-s res*ondent to a mandatory res*onse #y contract
How is this accomplished7
If Affiant claims that the other part- dama/ed and in6ured Affiant, Affiant can recite and
claim that AffiantHs sworn notice constitutes a private contract set out in admiralt- and
/ive them consideration in the form of for,earance of suit for a reasona,le period of time,
31 da-s to respond to -our sworn notice, as per (ederal %ules of 'ivil Procedure. All
elements of a contract must ,e in place.
#ith the consideration, AffiantHs contract now puts them under o,li/ations that ma8es it
mandator- to respond to AffiantHs document.
Here is some case law on for,earance0
:orbearance is consideration. Clac7Ds "aw Eictionary! ;
Edition *age 0?@; ,estatement
Second! Contracts FF 2@124! @2; Corbin on Contracts! Gol. /! *age A?! ,e%ised Edition!
.est Publishing Co. 233<; and ,ichman % Croo7ha%en Ser%icing Cor*.! A? 'isc. /d.
<;0! 0;0! #.H. S./d. @02! @00. ):orbearance from eBercising a right to ta7e legal
action>constitutes ade=uate consideration>+ 8citing numerous cases9 $own I Country
Can7 %. >Cancshares! 2@/ Ill.A**.0d 2?;;! </@ #.E./d ;0@ 123AA4.
)$here seems to be a strong tendency for a court to find that a forbearance that was
actually gi%en was *romised in ad%ance by im*lication.+ Corbin on Contracts! ,e%ised
Edition! Gol. /! *a. 223! citing "e%ine %. $obin! /2? Cal. A**./d ;@! /; Cal. ,*tr. /@0! /@<
123;/4 and 2< other cases from 2/ different (urisdictions.
Actual forbearance of suit for a reasonable time is consideration. .illiam . 'c'ic7en
et al. %. elen '. Stafford! 23@ Ill. <-? 123?/4.
!HE SE'!I$&S I& A S#$%& S!A!E)E&!
Each section of a sworn statement /enerall- follows the outline of a s-llo/ism.
A s-llo/ism is an outline of facts that lead to a conclusion. i.e.
A is true
is true
' is true
$r the famous Socrates s-llo/ism
All humans are mortal.
Socrates is human.
$herefore, Socrates is mortal.
and further,
'on6unctive phraseF
JdefinitionK 5. !o separate two lon/ or complex independent clauses 6oined ,- a
coordinatin/ con6unction if confusion would result from usin/ a comma.
Here4s an example from a sworn notice that illustrates the use of the s-llo/ism and the
con6unctive phraseF
As a conse=uence of the facts! claims! statements! laws and conclusions of law herein!
'C#A has attem*ted to deny the said #o%ation Contract; and further! 'C#A had only
two choices u*on recei*t of Affiant5s offer! either acce*t said offer in total or re(ect same
in total; and further!
As a conse=uence of its act of acce*ting said offer by the sufficient and im*licating act of
cashing Can7 of America chec7 J --@; for K/<.??! 'C#A did %oluntarily choose to
acce*t the terms and conditions of said #o%ation Contract and is barred from any other
choice after engaging in said act; and further!
As a conse=uence of the facts! claims! statements! laws and conclusions of law herein!
'C#A did 7nowingly and willingly acce*t the benefit of the bargain and all said terms
and conditions in the said #o%ation Contract; and further!
As a conse=uence of the facts! claims! statements! laws and conclusions of law herein!
'C#A can not at the same time acce*t the benefit of a bargain and re(ect the duties and
obligations of the bargain as *er Aetna In%. Cor*oration %. Chandler "andsca*e and
:loral CO.! //@ 'o.A**. 2@! <? S.../d. 23<! 23@ and In re "arneyDs Estate! 2-A 'isc.
A@2! /;; #.H.S. <;0! which referenced court cases Claimant has relied u*on and to which
case decisions Claimant claims ,es*ondents are bound.
End of*"e$
It is a common understandin/ and /eneral a/reement that the prime reason for a contract
is ,ecause the EpartiesE do not EtrustE one another. And, as a half"truth ma- easil- ,e a
whole lie, a written contract ,rin/s clarit- where confusion would otherwise exist.
All unilateral contracts, ori/inatin/ in corporate fiction or fraud, imposin/ duress, pains
and penalties, re@uired ,- state EstatutesE and codes, lac8in/ full disclosure, im,ued with
fraud, deceit, threat, pains and penalties and imposin/ o,li/ations under duress is
unlawful, ille/al, unconstitutional, invalid, fraudulent, unenforcea,le and null and void,
without force or effect, whatsoever.
If the EstateE, (ederal or otherwise, deceptivel- ta8es ownership of an- EresE <thin/2 ,-
perversion under Ecolor of lawE ,- imposin/ upon the unaware 'itiGen Ere@uiredE laws
and fees, it is a unilateral contract, imposin/ said statutes and codes without full
!he EstateE is a corporation, as is all /overnment, and is desi/nated to rule over the
EfictionalLcorporate entitiesE to assre that no fiction ever harms a f"esh and #"ood
"ivin' man$ !his is the extent that the EfictionE ma- associate with the livin/ soulLman
without the livin/ manHs consent.
All corporate administrators functionin/ throu/h the =nited States court s-stem are
strictl- EadministratorsE actin/ in the nature of a 9ud/e. !here have ,een no 9ud/es in the
prevelant court s-stem since 17BD. !he- fill onl- a ministerial capacit-. All EcourtsE in
the prevelant court s-stem are to rule in the nature of a Ecourt of competent 6urisdictionE.
A true 'ourt of 'ompetent 9urisdiction is not availa,le in an- district of the =nited States
of America.
A ,rief collection of facts, esta,lished ,- the Hi/h 'ourts of the
land, from some of the wisest of 9ud/es, and throu/h the time
tested channels of discipline followsF
E!he idea prevails with some"indeed, it found expression in ar/uments at the ,ar"that we
have in this contry s#stantia""y or *ractica""y two nationa" 'overnments/ one to #e
maintained nder the Constittion! with a"" its restrictions/ the other to #e
maintained #y Con'ress otside and inde*endent"y of that instrment, ,- exercisin/
such powers as other nations of the earth are accustomed to...I ta8e leave to sa- that if the
principles thus announced should ever receive the sanction of a ma6orit- of this court, a
radical and mischievous chan/e in our s-stem of /overnment will ,e the result. #e will,
in that event, pass from the era of constitutional li,ert- /uarded and protected ,- a
written constitution into an era of le/islative a,solutism....It will ,e an evi" da- for
American li,ert- if the theor- of a 'overnment otside of the s*reme "aw of the "and
finds lod/ment in our constitutional 6urisprudence. &o hi/her dut- rests upon this court
than to exert its full authorit- to *revent a"" vio"ation of the principles of the
'onstitutionE. DO'NE( v. &ID'E)), 1B3 =.S. 3>> <1D012
A $hio St. 5>3, 1B?A #. ?D <$hio2
A national government is the /overnment of the people of a sin/le state or nation,
nited as a commnity ,- what is termed the socia" com*act, and possessin/ complete
and perfect supremac- over persons and thin/s, so far as the- can ,e made the lawful
o#0ects of civil /overnment.
A federal government is distin'ished from a nationa" 'overnment ,- its ,ein/ the
'overnment of a commnity of inde*endent and soverei'n states! united ,- compact.
1Is one NOT re,ired to remain within the *arameters of the Constittion for the
nited States of America$2
EIn its /overnmental or pu,lic character, it represents the state, while in the other it is a
mere private corporation. As a political institution, the municipalit- occupies a different
position, and is su,6ect to different lia,ilities from those which are imposed upon the
private corporation. ut ,ecause these two characters are nited in the same "e'a"
entity, it does not follow that the shie"d which covers the *o"itica" e,a""y *rotects the
*rivate cor*oration.E (T*AND v. (TATE., 1A #n.<3d2 107, 11A <9anuar- A, 1D>52.
And, once a/ain, I draw -our attention to a portion of DO'NE( v. &ID'E)), 1B3 =.S.
3>> <1D012, where it is stated thatF E...two nationa" 'overnments/ one to #e maintained
nder the Constittion! with a"" its restrictions/ the other to #e maintained #y
Con'ress otside and inde*endent"y of that instrment,...E
: No 0dicia" *rocess , whatever form it ma- assume, can have any "awf" athority
outside the limits of the 6urisdiction of the court or 6ud/e ,- whom it is issuedF and an
attempt to enforce it ,e-ond these ,oundaries is nothin' "ess than "aw"ess vio"ence.;
<emphasis added2 Ableman v. &ooth <1B?B2, ?A =.S. <31 How.2 ?0A, 1A ..Ed. 1AD. JI
recommend -ou read the entire case.K
Cet, the true purpose of E.awE is to protect the Private from the 'orporate,
as perF
+A"" that 'overnment does! and *rovides "e'itimate"y is in *rsit of its dty to
*rovide *rotection for *rivate ri'hts! 3'nhammer v. +eople! 45 N$%$ 5678! which
dty is a de#t owed to its creator! we the *eo*"e and the *rivate enfranchised
individa"s! which de#t and dty is never e.tin'ished nor dischar'ed and is
*er*eta"$ No matter what the 'overnment9state *rovides for s in manner of
convenience and safety! the nenfranchised individa" owes nothin' to the
'overnment+! ,ale v. ,en$le, 301 =.S. >5.
E#e the people have dischar/ed an- de,t which ma- ,e said to exist or ,e owed to the
stateL/overnment. !he /overnments are however inde,ted continuall- to the people,
,ecause the people created the /overnment corporation and ,ecause we suffer its
continued existence. !he continued de,t owed to the people is dischar/ed onl- as it
continues not to violate our private ri/hts, and when /overnment fails in its dut- to
provide protection""dischar/e its de,t to the people, it is an a#andonment of any
and a"" *ower, authorit- or vestin/ of Hsoverei/nt-H which it possessed, and the "aws
remain the same, the soverei/nt- revertin/ to the people whence it cameE Do!n v.
&id!ell, 1B3 =.S. 377.
!herefore, as a conse,ence of the facts! c"aims! statements! "aws and conc"sions of
"aw herein, .i,ellee<s2 hasLhave attempted to exercise %i/ht of 'laim to an alle/ed
contract wherein, upon discover-, full disclosure was never made that all codes,
re/ulations, statutes, and rules, wherein .i,ellee<s2 ma8e 'laim of Authorit- have no
,asis in fact, or law, ,ut onl- in a fictional, corporate, le/al entit- with no re@uired
alle/iance to the 'onstitution or an- moral, or e@uita,le character.
(urther, as a conse,ence of the facts! c"aims! statements! "aws and conc"sions of
"aw herein, .i,ellee<s2 did 8nowin/l- and willin/l- accept the ,enefit of the ,ar/ain, or
contract, that was never ratified, ,ut forced upon Affiant and !he People, da- ,- da-, and
event ,- event, as a &ovation 'ontract, totall- rooted, founded, and prope/ated in the
(raud with all said terms and conditions in the said &ovation 'ontract ,ein/ nothin/
more than fruit from the Poisonous !ree.
And, as a conse,ence of the facts! c"aims! statements! "aws and conc"sions of "aw
herein, .i,ellee<s2can not at the same time accept the ,enefit of a ,ar/ain ,rou/ht on ,-
fraud, coersion, threat, duress, extortion, ,lac8mail, etc.and re6ect the conse@uences of
!ruth and 9ustice, punisha,le ,- the ver- words, terms, phrases, and doctrines .i,ellee<s2
hasLhave attempted to impose and force upon Affiant, which referenced court cases
Affiant has relied upon and to which cases decisions Affiant claims .i,ellee<s2 are ,ound.
(urther, we have learned that certain ma6or Supreme 'ourt rulin/s affirm that there are
two <32 distinctl- different =nited States with two <32 o**osite forms of 'overnments!
#oth havin' the same con'ress$ $f a fact, the opposite of :OOD is EVI;, the opposite
of T<=TH is FICTION, the opposite of <I:HT is W<ON:. !he conse@uence of the
facts, claims, statements, laws and conclusions of law herein, is thatF evi"! fiction! and
wron' are attri#tes of dece*tion! frad! ma"ice!treason and tort.
S!A!E)E&! 012 Affiant here,- claims, declares and states under oath the followin/F
(A'! 032 Forbearance is consideration, as learned in lac8Hs .aw *ictionar- <a,ove2.
(A'! 052 Actual for,earance of suit for a reasona,le time is consideration. 'illiam ,.
-c-ic$en et al. v. ,elen -. (tafford, 23@ Ill. <-? 123?/4. J'onsideration is a re@uired
element of an- contract.K
'.AI) 0>2 AffiantHs sworn notice constitutes a private contract set out in admiralt- and
/ives .i,ellee<s2 consideration in the form of for,earance of suit for a reasona,le period
of time <see a,ove2.
'.AI) 0?2 !hese dama/es and in6uries have ,ound .i,ellee<s2 into a contract for
restitution and reparation to Affiant.
'.AI) 0A2 .i,elleesH response is mandator- ,ased upon the law cited herein.
'$&'.=SI$& 072 If .i,ellee<s2 doLdoes not respond accordin/ to conditions herein,
.i,ellee<s2 a/ree<s2 to the claims, facts, statements, laws and conclusions of law in this
sworn notice includin/ ,ut not limited to the fact that .i,ellee<s2 hasLhave dama/ed and
in6ured Affiant.
'.AI) 0B2 !he 'onstitution for the =nited States of America is a parameter, or ,arrier,
that the fictional, corporate, le/islative tri,unals have *r*ose"y evaded to the harm,
pain, and in6ur- of this Affiant. !hese crimes have ,rou/ht /reat mental stress, spoila/e,
time wastea/e, alienation of the affection of loved famil- mem,ers, and various other
dama/es and in6uries to Affiant.
'$&'.=SI$& 0D2 $f paramount importance, and the onl- wa- 6ustice can ,e served, is
to determine whether the source and fountain of authorit- purported ,- .i,ellee<s2, is
from the $ri/inal, $r/anic 'onstitution for the united States of America, or the
'orporate 'harter for the de facto /overnment operatin/ for, and on ,ehalf of, the
fictional (ederal /overnment, fictional 'on/ress and Senate, and fictional su,"corporate
charters respondin/ to the corporate =nited States that are totall- outside <outlaw2 the
confines of %ule of .aw and are Eextra"'onstitutionalE.
'$&'.=SI$& 102 Since actions spea8 louder than words, and ,- actions contracts are
consumated, .i,ellee<s2 actions have made manifest, with open disre/ard for the %ule of
.aw, that .i,ellee<s2 hadLhave, at all times and in ever- measure, concernin/ their
association with Affiant, operated outside the parameters of the 'onstitution for the
=nited States of America, and within the ,ounds of treason, coersion, threat, duress,
malfeasance, tort, unlawful conversion, and an- of several other offenses 8nown to ,e
in6urious to Affiant.
'$&'.=SI$& 112 As a conse@uence of .i,ellee<s2 actions .i,ellee<s2 hasLhave
committed felon- conversion and theft of AffiantHs propert- for which restitution is
!ime is of the essense.
Affiant reserves the ri/ht to amend in order that the truth ,e assertained and 6ustl-
Verified Affidavit
I& #I!&ESS #HE%E$(, I, JCour &ameK, Sui Juris, solemnl- affirm and verif- that I
have read the fore/oin/, and 8now its contents to ,e true to the ,est of m- 8nowled/e,
except as to the matters which are therein stated on m- information or ,elief, and as to
those matters, I ,elieve them to ,e true. !his instrument is su,mitted upon /ood faith
effort that is /rounded in fact, warranted ,- existin/ law for the modification or reversal
of existin/ law and su,mitted for proper purposes, and not to cause harassment and
unnecessar- dela- or costs, so help me Mod. See Supremac- 'lause <'onstitution, .aws
and !reaties are all the supreme .aw of the .and2.
I declare under penalt- of per6ur-, under the laws of the %epu,lic of Xxxxxxxx, that the
fore/oin/ is true and correct.
JCour &ameK, Sui 9uris
State of Xxxxxxx
'ount- of Xxxxxxx
$n this da- came ,efore me the Affiant, a livin/ flesh and ,lood manLwoman to oath and
attest and affirm the si/nature is true, complete, and correct on the fore/oin/ affidavit.
Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, the a,ove si/ned, who is personall- 8nown ,- me or upon proper
oath and identification, personall- came ,efore me, the su,scri,er, a notar- pu,lic in and
for said 'ount- and State, and *ul- Affirmed the truth of the fore/oin/ Affidavit in m-
presence. !he Affiant also ac8nowled/ed the si/nin/ thereof to ,e his own voluntar- act
and deed, si/nin/ the within instrument in m- presence and for the purpose therein stated.
)- commission expires on0 NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN