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Technology Action Plan

Jeffrey Bergman
EDLD 5352 – 1182
December 13, 2009

Technology Strategy Evidence Person(s)
Objective Implementation Responsible

Basic During 2010 Summer Published -Stewart
Applications 101 Academy (PD prior to documents will Herrington:
– To develop school beginning), have serve as Campus Principal
skills for staff teachers develop higher evaluation tools.
members of basic skills in basic applications -Grade Level
Windows such as Microsoft Word, Assistant
Excel, and Publisher. Principals and
Such skills include Administrative
formula usage on Excel, Staff
hyperlink additions to
Power Point, and digital
folders along with saving

Current Software “Schoolnet” navigation, Evaluator, Stewart
Mastery – To student tracking, lesson departmental, and Herrington,
extend familiar plans, and assessment team meetings to Campus Principal
program mastery. Grade book discuss progress
knowledge to advanced features. Staff and short- Gerald Ashton,
relevant program portal and teacher web-site comings. Site Supervisor for
mastery development. Effective: Technology
Quarter 1

-“Share and Tech” -Sessions -Allen McDaniel,
sessions will be scheduled scheduled and Chief Information
so that enthusiasm for attended. Officer for
using technology in Technology
instructional design
Increase can be shared. Walk- -Lara Lindsey,
technology throughs encouraged. -New technology Assistant Chief
support for introduced and Officer for
teachers in the use -Innovative technology used and sample Technology
of technology. will be researched and lessons created.
introduced. -Stewart
-Assess projection Campus Principal
-Provide opportunities integration
inclusive of professional -Gerald Ashton,
development to build Technology site
capacity of teachers, -Assess the level supervisor
principals and other staff of social
to integrate technology networking
tools relevant to the digital integration

Effective: Quarters 1-2 -Assess the level
of pod and video

-Student success

Support the use of -Investigate and expand -Monitor use of -Allen McDaniel,
emerging opportunities for student district approved Chief Information
technologies, and teacher collaboration social media Officer for
innovative through the use of environments Technology
strategies, and interactive tools such as
anytime/anywhere discussion boards, -Texas STaR -Lara Lindsey,
access to podcasting blogs, wikis, or Chart Associate Chief
technology-based other social media Information
learning. learning environments. -New technology Officer for
Hardware mastery introduced and Technology
includes Smart Boards, used and sample
digital cameras, and lessons created -Stewart
digital assessment product. Herrington,
-Discussion in Campus Principal
Effective: Quarter 3 PLCs
-Gerald Ashton,
-Student success Site Tech.

-PLC members
Utilize digital -Analyze the effectiveness -Texas STaR -Allen McDaniel,
diagnostic tools to of the Tech App TEKS Chart Chief Information
monitor for through online tools. Officer for
progress of -Communication Technology
integration of -Analyze MISD with Site Tech.
technology into Technology Plan for how Supervisor -Lara Lindsey,
the curriculum. technology resources are Associate Chief
being used by teachers. Information
Officer for
Effective: Quarters 1-4 Technology

Campus Principal

-Gerald Ashton,
Site tech.

-PLC members

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