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Abel Tasman Adventure 2014

Sunday 7th December to Friday 12th December October 2014

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The planning is well underway for the Year 8 Abel Tasman Adventure. We will be taking 36 students down
this year. It is important for them to full all school commitments and continue to make the most of all learn-
ing opportunities so that the Abel Tasman Trip is a celebration of their successes at Muritai.
My sincere thanks to those parents who volunteered
to assist with this years trip.
I believe we have a fantastic team with a wealth of
experience. Without these people the trip would not
be possible.

It has proven to be a great experience for the
students and one they continue to remember after
leaving. It is a wonderful way to conclude their
years at Muritai School and many of the
friendships and bonds they cement at Abel Tasman
continue well into their secondary years. You can
see the childrens satisfaction at having shared and
overcome the outdoor challenges confronted in the
Abel Tasman National Park.

I am aware that there are some students who suffer
from various anxieties associated with an adventure
of this nature. I am sure that the group will ensure
that the safety and well being of all the children is
paramount. The focus for this adventure and the
activities throughout the week is Challenge by
Choice and giving your best.
I am more than happy to talk to any children who
have any concerns and once again please do not
hesitate to call me. School: 562 0041

Stu Devenport Associate Principal/Organiser
Carole Lowe Medical, health and food support
Lisa Allen Teacher
Felicity Schoeld (Blair)
Stephen Newman (George)
Reg Gray (Emeline)
Jim Brodie (Beth)
Paul Kirkham (Brianna)
Craig Grifths (Lily)
Stu Stock (Jasmine)
Neal Barclay (Charlotte)

The cost has been conrmed at $410. We encour-
age all students to take some responsibility for pay-
ment of this amount through doing chores on a
regular basis. It may be washing the car, mowing
the lawns, assisting at work, gardening, baking etc.
Our chocolate fundraising has helped keep the cost
down. The prot from the rst box of chocolate
each child sold helped to pay for some of the Inter-
islander cost. Any prot from additional boxes sold
by child has been deducted from their bill. The -
nal payment amount for your child is written below.

Total Cost: $410

Less your chocolate fundraising contribution: __________

Total Payment for your child: __________

The nal payment must be paid by Week 5 of
Term 4 14
This payment is necessary to secure your childs
place on the Abel Tasman experience. If you are
not sure how much is owed please contact Jo or Ca-
role in the ofce.

If your child will not be taking part in this
trip please let Carole in the ofce or myself
know as soon as possible.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to call me.
562 0041
email -


Stu Devenport