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Orlando - Los Angeles Tour detail from Dec09/09 to Dec20/09

Company Booth Comments
DRP 785 He is interested and ask me to contact him He would like see
the sample, He will send his drawing to quote him.
Cobalt 995 Company is dealing in Brake Pad and kept the catalogue if they
have any interest.
Pozzi 1159 Argentina Company He seems interested and ask to email
him. Or he will contact
Perfect /Mackin 1179 Brake pads and he took the email and ask to contact him
he is interested or he will
In a couple of month as they are interested.
UUC 1376 Arjun said to quote him for the BMW Rotors and not given any
Motor Sport 1557 Company is making the electronic parts to control brake
Chasis 1949 They are buying from WWE. I told them we are supplying to
wwe,Cat given need con
Brake View 1761 Making an electronic device to find out that the Rotors are
proper in shape .
Performane Friction 2791 Met the owner of the company he saw the sample and discuss
after checking the cat.
Finally he said to contact him. He asked where are you in India or
Endless 2178 It is a japanse company and making their own Rotor and
Baer Brake 2345 Sales person he gave the email of the owner. Will send
email to them
AP Racing 2731 Director sales was there he said I will talk with
Martin bayley.
Bickwell Sales person was there he said purchaing from Canada and he said
to email him will
Forward. The company is making the steel rotors

Alcon Caliper It is a very good company. Well known in Calipers/. I met the MD of
the company
Offered him the pistons a ample given to him. He was very much
interested. He said to contact him an his Purchasing guy. Then he
said I will discuss with the Purchase and will show them the
sample. He also said when we do biz there privacy should
should not be disclose. He also asked me when I am coming UK. In my opinion if
We got an enterance in this company it will be very helpful for us
and give us
A reputation in the market. He said to be in touch
DPI 3914 The presient met me he said I donot know now. And must be
some time in future
And kept the catalogue. Need to knock them.
Stop tech 3958 A sales man was there and their Eng. Mr. Steve ruiz was
some where in the show
Cat given will try to meet mr. Steve
Panquin Performance Mr. yasin Husain I think the owner of the company. He met me
in the show he was
Show. He asked me some question. He want us to give him rotors
for Jaguar, Porche
And BMW. He will send me the drawing as he said. He also want to
visit India and to our facility. He seems interested seriously. But
he preferred to visit Inid will be in touch with him. He looks like Indian
and people with him were also Indian. He said
I have never been to India
AA- Mfg company 3769 This company is making the sheet metal parts in their own
facility NO ROToR

Red Devil There Rep was there he said in the last minutes we have
decided to participate in
The Show. He said material is good. Catalogue given to him
Next order on jerry
Can decide.
DBA 5549 Mark met me he said all the buying decision will be taken by
the Autrailia office he is
Going there and will talk with them
Harrop 5735 It is a big group in Australia there engineer met . He said they
are manufacturing there own. After discussion he said I will talk
with the purchasing and taken the cat.

Pagid 3343 Actually this company is making the Brakepads. He ws very
much interested. He said
I consider your company and discussed in detail and ready to give
the tooling. He said I will send you the drawing to quote him first.
I will be in touch with him.
Jose I saw steel rotors on his both for Motor cycle. He sadi this th new
thing we are going to start. I offered him Rotors. He said we are not
sure about the result. I offerd him
Aluminium parts. He asked for the Brake hub tooling and said he will
able to work after couple of months.
Coleman 4525 There Rep was there and keep the cat and said to deliver them
Performanc x3 Mr. Micheal Tardiff met me after discussion he said he will send
me the drawing to quote him if he find the prices good will go ahead.

DTS Company from MI said he will give the catalogue to the purchasing
depat. They make

Hawk This is a very big company in the Brakepad. They are interested in
Brake Rotors.Met its director. He was very much interested. He said I will
send you the drawing to he is ready to pay the tooling. He said if
we can make motor cycle Rotors it can be
A big deal. I told him we can make no problem give us your design
and drawing.
He said if I give you 7-8 drawing what will be the tooling time. for 4
application I
Will give you in 75 days. He will send me the drawings after holidays
say next month after the holidays. He saw the sample liked it. If we
can be able to get this job this will be fantastic But he want to see
the picture of the facilty, He want to send his team to visit our
Facility. He want to inspect the material prior to the shipment.
This type of the companies doing business in their own style. But it
will be a great
Opportunity to be a part of such company and make our reputation
in the market.

All star performance Met with Curt he said I wil check your cat. And let you know
after 15th January
As there will be holidays. This company is doing many items like
bolts and other.

Stainless Steel Brakes Co(SSBC) Since long trying to catch them This time got the
president I stopped him and
Requested for his attention. He showed interest in our products he
kept the sample
Of the Ci rotor. H3e is intereste in 6 vanes Rotors and sample He
want to see the
Sample. He want little bit change than the exisiting model. He is
also interested in
Aluminium hat. And a sample require. He want 56vane Rotors and
Hats but sample
He also wanted me to give him the price list as he wanted to check
the specification
But I have not given him and said that I will send him later by email.
This is also a
Good company prices seems acceptable may be reduce some at
the time of business
Pls advice about the price list . I think we should give him. Pls send
me the other copy
By email either without prices or with only one price not retail

Brakeman Brakeman is having a bad health. I met him at the show.
He was not feeling good
He said we will test the C Section if they are good I will take.
He has to go to his
Doctor on Monday and Tuesday he said I can give you some
time then Wednesday
We will check the c section and other things.
Moser This company product development manager met. They have
displayed the Steel
Rotors and I showed them the sample He liked and showed interest
and asked me to
To send him my information along with steel Rotors hopefully there
are chances.

Brake equip They making the brake hoses no rotors
Carbotech Performance No Rotor
Bert Transmission No Rotors