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The perfect option for you to train you

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A person and an organization provide you the EMDR course at their training centers. The
training centers offer you different type of training formats, such as commercial and university
training. Training which is offered under the commercial setting may take two weekends time to
complete the course whereas training which is offered under the university generally takes the
whole semester period that is twelve weeks. Depends upon the coaching site, the time period,
locations, training prices, formats all will differ.

The basic course for EMDR gives you the clinical knowledge and abilities to utilize the EMDR
technique. It provides you all the necessary details for your practice. You can get all the
information about EMDR that you want.

How the course will help you?

The course will help you to get all the clinical skills. It will help you to understand the treatment
planning and skill to integrate the EMDR into your practice. You can easily know about the
methodologies that are used in the EMDR treatment. The courses provide you the methods and
mechanisms to perform the EMDR practice.

The steps and phases in the course:

The course provides you the brief description of the therapy EMDR. There are eight phases are
there in the treatment of EMDR. It will teach you the history and treatment planning. Usually it
will take one or two session at the starting of the treatment. To do the EMDR treatment to your
patients you should know the history of them. And then you have to proceed with the planning of
the treatment. This particular session is to help you to find out what are all the thoughts present
in your patient mind.

After knowing the history and plans for the kind of treatment, you have to proceed with the
preparation. On completion of the first session, you will be in the session of preparation. One of
the important notes of this session is to find out the relationship between you and your patient.
You have to know that how much your client trusts you.

On the successful completion of the phase two, now you can move with the third phase
assessment. In this phase, the patient should choose a particular picture or scene from the
specific event. Remaining phases includes desensitization, installation, body scan, closure, and
revaluation. Thus, the EMDR courses provide you the necessary details and information to
integrate the treatment of EMDR.