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The 3 ½” OEDP drill pipes was lowered down to 3645m and the
bottom abandonment plug was placed from 3645– 3495m (150 m) by
pumping 2.87 m3 cement slurry of average 1.9 and displacing with 10
m3 of mud of 1.46.

Time breakup of Bottom Plug job done on 10.11.2009
18:30 18:35 Pumped 2.78 m3 (30 bbls) of water as preflush
18:35 18:55 Flushing 0.32 m3 (2 bbls) lines with fresh water
18:55 18:57 Pressure tested lines at 4000 PSI
18:57 19:15 Rig Crew Change. Another safety meeting held.
19:15 19:31 Started mixing and pumping cement slurry, 18bbls
19:31 19:55 Pumped 1.4 m3 (9 bbls) of water behind
19:55 20:22 Finished water behind. R/D circ head and put on TDS.
20:22 20:44 Displaced with 10.35 m3 (65 bbls) of mud of SpGr 1.46
and prepared to POOH
20:44 20:50 Started POOH, wet POOH.
20:50 21:20 After pulling out 155m ( 5 complete stands + 1 single)
of drill pipe pumped 1.6 m3 (10 bbls) mud to clear out
D.P., returns observed
21:20 21:40 Tried to pump more but pressure shot up to 3000 PSI
21:40 21:55 Tried to POOH, Rotate but observed torque.
21:55 23:10 Rigged up lines to cementing unit to pump to 5000 PSI
but failed.
23:10 23:20 Kept on trying to release the string.

After pulling out of hole 5 stands and 1 single observed that the string
has stuck and circulation also could not be established. Resumed working
on string by trying to reciprocate, rotate and trying to establish circulation.
After repeated attempts succeeded in releasing the string and resumed
pulling out of the hole. The hook load being 15 tons less than the normal
hook load. On complete pull out observed that the string has sheared from a
joint. Total length of string recovered was 2324m and the length of fish in the
well was 1341m. The bottom cement plug was tested @ 2500 PSI and was
found O.K. To fish out the string left in the well, M/U 5 7/8” over-shot dressed
with 4 ¾” spiral grapple and ran in to fish top. Resumed fishing operations to
engage the fish. After several attempts, fish could not be engaged with over-
shot and the fishing operation was called off at 11:00 hrs on 12-11-2009.
To cut the casing for retrieving from 350M, M/U 6” bit and 7” casing
cutter and resumed lowering. While R/I 2nd single of 7th stand (194m),
observed held up, which could not be cleared. Hence pulled out of hole
completely and made a round trip with 6” bit upto 350m clearing the held up
and displacing the well mud with water. Then again R/I with 6” bit with 7”
casing cutter upto 350m. The casing was cut at this depth and was also
confirmed by pressure drop of 500 psi and flow through annulus. POOH and
broke off casing cutter and N\D BOP stack. There after engaged 7” casing
spear and lifted casing and POOH 29 singles of 7” casing and laid down.


After laying down the 7” casing, R/I 3 ½” OEDP to 450m and
placed a high viscous pill (visc -150) of 75m from 450m to 375m of Sp
Gr 1.48. There after pulled out to 375m conditioned the well with water
prior to top cement plug job

The cementing lines were laid, flushed with fresh water and
pressure tested at 3500 psi. The cement plug was placed by pumping
3.51 M3 (22bbl) of 1.87 (15.5 ppg) Sp. Gr. slurry. 8 stands were POOH
and the string was washed by establishing water circulation. The well
was kept under WOC 16 hours.

After the completion of WOC of 16 hours, cement plug top was
tagged at 264m.
Time breakup of Top Plug job done on 14.11.2009

Hours Hours Description
From To

07:05 07:46 Pumped 0.8m3 (5 bbls) of water ahead

07:46 07:50 Pressure tested lines

07:50 07:56 Pumped 2.3m3 (15 bbls) of water ahead

07:56 08:03 Started mixing and pumping cement slurry, total
volume pumped 3.5m3 (22 bbls) of Sp.Gr 1.87 (15.5

08:03 08:22 Pumped 0.8m3 (5 bbls) of water behind +

08:22 08:25 Started POOH 7 Stands

08:25 09:10 Circulated through Drill Pipe to clean it

09:10 09:30 Completed POOH

09:30 09:35 End job


To squeeze cement behind 9 5/8” and 13 5/8” casing
perforation was carried out at 150m @ 8 SPM. Thereafter after R/I 5”
OEDP upto 210m and circulating water, high viscous pill of viscosity
150 secs and Sp.Gr 1.56 was placed from 210m to 160m. Then P/O to
160m and after circulation of water arrangements were made for
cement squeeze job.

Surface cementing lines were made, flushed with fresh water,
and pressure tested + ve up to 2500 PSI. Then pumped 4 m3 (25bbls)
of 1.86 SpGr (15.5 PPG) using cementing unit. Then pulled out 5
stands of 5” D/P.

After the completion of WOC of 16 hours, R/I 5” D/P with 8 ½ “
bit and tagged the top of cement at 152m. Tested cement plug at 300
PSI and was found O.K. Tested both 9 5/8 “ X 13 3/8” and 13 3/8” X
20 “ annuli at 300 PSI, and were found O.K.

Time breakup of Squeeze job done on 15.11.2009


16:00 16:20 Flushed lines with 0.032 m3 (2 bbls) of fresh

16:20 16:22 Pressure tested lines

16:22 16:27 Pumped 3.2m3 (20 bbls) of water to clear the 9
5/8” annulus and checking rates for squeeze.

16:27 17:17 Pumped 4.78m3 (30 bbls) of water to clear the
13 3/8” annulus and checking rates for squeeze.

17:17 19:34 Pumped 3.2 m3 (20 bbls) of water ahead

19:34 19:43 Pumped 4m3 (25 bbls) cement slurry of Sp.Gr.
1.84 (15.5 PPG)

19:43 19:49 Displaced with 0.032 m3 (2 bbls)

19:49 19:51 POOH 5 stands
19:51 20:37 Squeezed 1.59m3 (10 bbls) of cement slurry

13 3/8 “ annulus

20:37 20:51 Squeezed 0.796 m3 (5 bbls) of cement slurry

9 5/8 “ annulus

20:51 20:57 End job

Nippled down BOP Stack, retrived Wellhead set up and welded
MS plate on the mouth of the well.

Rig Shiv-vani-27 stands relieved from location MW#11(MWAN)
for location LNAA at 06:00 hours on 17-11-2009.