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komdat@komdat-Lenovo-Product:~$ sudo su

[sudo] password for komdat:

root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# dhclient eth
!"#$"L%#& answers: 'ile e(ists
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# pico /etc/network/interfaces
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# /etc/init)d/networkin* restart
+ !unnin* /etc/init)d/networkin* restart is deprecated ,ecause it ma- not ena,le a*ain some interfaces
+ !econfi*urin* network interfaces)))
[ .& ]
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# ifconfi*
eth Link encap:$thernet /0addr c1:2c:dc:3d:4e:ce
inet addr:526)571)15)6 8cast:526)571)15)633 9ask:633)633)633)
inet7 addr: fe1::ca2c:dcff:fe3d:4ece/7: ;cope:Link
<P 8!.=>?=;" !<##%#@ 9<L"%?=;" 9"<:53 9etric:5
!A packets::1 errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets:534 errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:5
!A ,-tes:C422 DC)4 &8E "A ,-tes:6533 D65) &8E
%nterrupt:6 9emor-:feC-feC6
lo Link encap:Local Loop,ack
inet addr:56C)))5 9ask:633)))
inet7 addr: ::5/561 ;cope:/ost
<P L..P8=?& !<##%#@ 9"<:57:47 9etric:5
!A packets:46 errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets:46 errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:
!A ,-tes:6361 D6)3 &8E "A ,-tes:6361 D6)3 &8E
wlan Link encap:$thernet /0addr ac:15:56:,:::::1e
<P 8!.=>?=;" 9<L"%?=;" 9"<:53 9etric:5
!A packets: errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets: errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:5
!A ,-tes: D) 8E "A ,-tes: D) 8E
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# iwconfi*
lo no wireless e(tensions)
eth no wireless e(tensions)
wlan %$$$ 16)55,*n $;;%>:F"$&#%& "$L&.9F
9ode:9ana*ed 'reBuenc-:6):56 @/G =ccess Point: 6:==::8:33:==:?'
8it !ateH3: 9,/s "(-PowerH6 d8m
!etr- lon* limit:C !"; thrH64:C 8 'ra*ment thr:off
$ncr-ption ke-:off
Power 9ana*ement:off
Link Iualit-H3/C ;i*nal levelH-7 d8m
!( invalid nwid: !( invalid cr-pt: !( invalid fra*:
"( e(cessive retries: %nvalid misc:4 9issed ,eacon:
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# ifconfi*
eth Link encap:$thernet /0addr c1:2c:dc:3d:4e:ce
inet7 addr: fe1::ca2c:dcff:fe3d:4ece/7: ;cope:Link
<P 8!.=>?=;" 9<L"%?=;" 9"<:53 9etric:5
!A packets:C7 errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets:631 errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:5
!A ,-tes:51:6 D5)1 &8E "A ,-tes:62C:2 D62)C &8E
%nterrupt:6 9emor-:feC-feC6
lo Link encap:Local Loop,ack
inet addr:56C)))5 9ask:633)))
inet7 addr: ::5/561 ;cope:/ost
<P L..P8=?& !<##%#@ 9"<:57:47 9etric:5
!A packets:46 errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets:46 errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:
!A ,-tes:6361 D6)3 &8E "A ,-tes:6361 D6)3 &8E
wlan Link encap:$thernet /0addr ac:15:56:,:::::1e
inet addr:526)571)1)575 8cast:526)571)1)633 9ask:633)633)633)
inet7 addr: fe1::ae15:56ff:fe,::::1e/7: ;cope:Link
<P 8!.=>?=;" !<##%#@ 9<L"%?=;" 9"<:53 9etric:5
!A packets:75 errors: dropped: overruns: frame:
"A packets:563 errors: dropped: overruns: carrier:
collisions: t(Bueuelen:5
!A ,-tes:1641 D1)6 &8E "A ,-tes:617:1 D61)7 &8E
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# route -n
&ernel %P routin* ta,le
>estination @atewa- @enmask 'la*s 9etric !ef <se %face
))) 526)571)1)5 ))) <@ wlan
572)63:)) ))) 633)633)) < 5 wlan
526)571)1) ))) 633)633)633) < 6 wlan
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# pin* *oo*le)com
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# J?
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# pin* 5)))5
P%#@ 5)))5 D5)))5E 37D1:E ,-tes of data)
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH6 ttlH76 timeH412 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH3 ttlH76 timeH277 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH2 ttlH76 timeH:4 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH57 ttlH76 timeH5C2 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH5C ttlH76 timeH55 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH51 ttlH76 timeH534 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH65 ttlH76 timeH453 ms
7: ,-tes from 5)))5: icmpKreBH66 ttlH76 timeH547 ms
--- 5)))5 pin* statistics ---
6: packets transmittedL 1 receivedL 77M packet lossL time 64557ms
rtt min/av*/ma(/mdev H 547)576/337)233/5C2)CC/4C)5: msL pipe 6
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# nslookup
N *oo*le)com
;erver: 5)))5
=ddress: 5)))5#34
#on-authoritative answer:
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4):2
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)3
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)3:
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)33
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)32
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)6
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)6:
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)63
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)62
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)4
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)4:
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)43
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)42
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4):
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4)::
#ame: *oo*le)com
=ddress: 551)21)4):3
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# traceroute
traceroute [ -:7d'%"nre=<O ] [ -f firstKttl ] [ -* *ateL))) ] [ -i device ] [ -m ma(Kttl ] [ -# sBueries ] [ -p
port ] [ -t tos ] [ -l flowKla,el ] [ -w waittime ] [ -B nBueries ] [ -s srcKaddr ] [ -G sendwait ] host
[ packetlen ]
-: <se %Pv:
-7 <se %Pv7
-d --de,u* $na,le socket level de,u**in*
-' --dont-fra*ment >o not fra*ment packets
-f firstKttl --firstHfirstKttl
;tart from the firstKttl hop Dinstead from 5E
-* *ateL))) --*atewa-H*ateL)))
!oute packets throu*h the specified *atewa-
Dma(imum 1 for %Pv: and 56C for %Pv7E
-% --icmp <se %?9P $?/. for traceroutin*
-" --tcp <se "?P ;P# for traceroutin*
-i device --interfaceHdevice
;pecif- a network interface to operate with
-m ma(Kttl --ma(-hopsHma(Kttl
;et the ma( num,er of hops Dma( ""L to ,e
reachedE) >efault is 4
-# sBueries --sim-BueriesHsBueries
;et the num,er of pro,es to ,e tried
simultaneousl- Ddefault is 57E
-n >o not resolve %P addresses to their domain names
-p port --portHport ;et the destination port to use) %t is either
initial udp port value for FdefaultF method
Dincremented ,- each pro,eL default is 44:4:EL or
initial seB for FicmpF Dincremented as wellL
default from 5EL or some constant destination
port for other methods Dwith default of 1 for
FtcpFL 34 for FudpFL etc)E
-t tos --tosHtos ;et the ".; D%Pv: t-pe of serviceE or "? D%Pv7
traffic classE value for out*oin* packets
-l flowKla,el --flowla,elHflowKla,el
<se specified flowKla,el for %Pv7 packets
-w waittime --waitHwaittime
;et the num,er of seconds to wait for response to
a pro,e Ddefault is 3)E) #on-inte*er Dfloat
pointE values allowed too
-B nBueries --BueriesHnBueries
;et the num,er of pro,es per each hop) >efault is
-r 8-pass the normal routin* and send directl- to a
host on an attached network
-s srcKaddr --sourceHsrcKaddr
<se source srcKaddr for out*oin* packets
-G sendwait --sendwaitHsendwait
9inimal time interval ,etween pro,es Ddefault E)
%f the value is more than 5L then it specifies a
num,er in millisecondsL else it is a num,er of
seconds Dfloat point values allowed tooE
-e --e(tensions ;how %?9P e(tensions Dif presentEL includin* 9PL;
-= --as-path-lookups Perform =; path lookups in routin* re*istries and
print results directl- after the correspondin*
-9 name --moduleHname <se specified module Deither ,uiltin or e(ternalE
for traceroute operations) 9ost methods have
their shortcuts DQ-%R means Q-9 icmpR etc)E
-. .P";L))) --optionsH.P";L)))
<se module-specific option .P"; for the
traceroute module) ;everal .P"; allowedL
separated ,- comma) %f .P"; is FhelpFL print info
a,out availa,le options
--sportHnum <se source port num for out*oin* packets) %mplies
Q-# 5R
-< --udp <se <>P to particular port for traceroutin*
Dinstead of increasin* the port per each pro,eEL
default port is 34
-<L <se <>PL%"$ for traceroutin* Ddefault dest port
is 34E
-P prot --protocolHprot <se raw packet of protocol prot for traceroutin*
--mtu >iscover 9"< alon* the path ,ein* traced) %mplies
Q-' -# 5R
--,ack @uess the num,er of hops in the ,ackward path and
print if it differs
-O --version Print version info and e(it
--help !ead this help and e(it
S host "he host to traceroute to
packetlen "he full packet len*th Ddefault is the len*th of an %P
header plus :E) ?an ,e i*nored or increased to a minimal
allowed value
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# more /etc/services
# #etwork servicesL %nternet st-le
# #ote that it is presentl- the polic- of %=#= to assi*n a sin*le well-known
# port num,er for ,oth "?P and <>PT henceL officiall- ports have two entries
# even if the protocol doesnRt support <>P operations)
# <pdated from http://www)iana)or*/assi*nments/port-num,ers and other
# sources like http://www)free,sd)or*/c*i/cvswe,)c*i/src/etc/services )
# #ew ports will ,e added on reBuest if the- have ,een officiall- assi*ned
# ,- %=#= and used in the real-world or are needed ,- a de,ian packa*e)
# %f -ou need a hu*e list of used num,ers please install the nmap packa*e)
tcpmu( 5/tcp # "?P port service multiple(er
echo C/tcp
echo C/udp
discard 2/tcp sink null
discard 2/udp sink null
s-stat 55/tcp users
da-time 54/tcp
da-time 54/udp
netstat 53/tcp
Botd 5C/tcp Buote
msp 51/tcp # messa*e send protocol
msp 51/udp
char*en 52/tcp tt-tst source
char*en 52/udp tt-tst source
ftp-data 6/tcp
ftp 65/tcp
fsp 65/udp fspd
ssh 66/tcp # ;;/ !emote Lo*in Protocol
ssh 66/udp
telnet 64/tcp
smtp 63/tcp mail
time 4C/tcp timserver
time 4C/udp timserver
rlp 42/udp resource # resource location
nameserver :6/tcp name # %$# 557
whois :4/tcp nicname
tacacs :2/tcp # Lo*in /ost Protocol D"=?=?;E
tacacs :2/udp
re-mail-ck 3/tcp # !emote 9ail ?heckin* Protocol
re-mail-ck 3/udp
domain 34/tcp # name-domain server
domain 34/udp
mtp 3C/tcp # deprecated
tacacs-ds 73/tcp # "=?=?;->ata,ase ;ervice
tacacs-ds 73/udp
,ootps 7C/tcp # 8.."P server
,ootps 7C/udp
,ootpc 71/tcp # 8.."P client
,ootpc 71/udp
tftp 72/udp
*opher C/tcp # %nternet @opher
*opher C/udp
rUe CC/tcp netrUs
fin*er C2/tcp
www 1/tcp http # 0orld0ide0e, /""P
www 1/udp # /-per"e(t "ransfer Protocol
link 1C/tcp tt-link
ker,eros 11/tcp ker,eros3 kr,3 ker,eros-sec # &er,eros v3
ker,eros 11/udp ker,eros3 kr,3 ker,eros-sec # &er,eros v3
supdup 23/tcp
hostnames 55/tcp hostname # usuall- from sri-nic
iso-tsap 56/tcp tsap # part of %;.>$
acr-nema 5:/tcp dicom # >i*ital %ma*) V ?omm) 4
acr-nema 5:/udp dicom # >i*ital %ma*) V ?omm) 4
csnet-ns 53/tcp cso-ns # also used ,- ?;. name server
csnet-ns 53/udp cso-ns
rtelnet 5C/tcp # !emote "elnet
rtelnet 5C/udp
pop6 52/tcp postoffice pop-6 # P.P version 6
pop6 52/udp pop-6
pop4 55/tcp pop-4 # P.P version 4
pop4 55/udp pop-4
sunrpc 555/tcp portmapper # !P? :) portmapper
sunrpc 555/udp portmapper
auth 554/tcp authentication tap ident
sftp 553/tcp
uucp-path 55C/tcp
nntp 552/tcp readnews untp# <;$#$" #ews "ransfer Protocol
ntp 564/tcp
ntp 564/udp # #etwork "ime Protocol
pwd*en 562/tcp # P0>@$# service
pwd*en 562/udp # P0>@$# service
loc-srv 543/tcp epmap # Location ;ervice
loc-srv 543/udp epmap
net,ios-ns 54C/tcp # #$"8%.; #ame ;ervice
net,ios-ns 54C/udp
net,ios-d*m 541/tcp # #$"8%.; >ata*ram ;ervice
net,ios-d*m 541/udp
net,ios-ssn 542/tcp # #$"8%.; session service
net,ios-ssn 542/udp
imap6 5:4/tcp imap # %nterim 9ail =ccess P 6 and :
imap6 5:4/udp imap
snmp 575/tcp # ;imple #et 9*mt Protocol
snmp 575/udp # ;imple #et 9*mt Protocol
snmp-trap 576/tcp snmptrap # "raps for ;#9P
snmp-trap 576/udp snmptrap # "raps for ;#9P
cmip-man 574/tcp # %;. m*mt over %P D?9."E
cmip-man 574/udp
cmip-a*ent 57:/tcp
cmip-a*ent 57:/udp
mailB 5C:/tcp # 9ailer transport Bueue for Wmailer
mailB 5C:/udp # 9ailer transport Bueue for Wmailer
(dmcp 5CC/tcp # A >ispla- 9*r) ?ontrol Proto
(dmcp 5CC/udp
ne(tstep 5C1/tcp #eA";tep #e(t;tep # #eA";tep window
ne(tstep 5C1/udp #eA";tep #e(t;tep # server
,*p 5C2/tcp # 8order @atewa- Protocol
,*p 5C2/udp
prospero 525/tcp # ?liff #eumanRs Prospero
prospero 525/udp
irc 52:/tcp # %nternet !ela- ?hat
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# netstat -nlptu
=ctive %nternet connections Donl- serversE
Proto !ecv-I ;end-I Local =ddress 'orei*n =ddress ;tate P%>/Pro*ram name
tcp 56C)))5:745 ))):+ L%;"$# 123/cupsd
tcp7 ::5:745 :::+ L%;"$# 123/cupsd
udp ))):71 ))):+ 4141/dhclient
udp ))):71 ))):+ 4C41/dhclient
udp ))):71 ))):+ 52C/dhclient
udp ))):34:5C ))):+ 1C6/avahi-daemon: r
udp ))):3434 ))):+ 1C6/avahi-daemon: r
udp7 :::73:7 :::+ 1C6/avahi-daemon: r
udp7 :::3434 :::+ 1C6/avahi-daemon: r
root@komdat-Lenovo-Product:/home/komdat# netstat -nat
=ctive %nternet connections Dservers and esta,lishedE
Proto !ecv-I ;end-I Local =ddress 'orei*n =ddress ;tate
tcp 56C)))5:745 ))):+ L%;"$#
tcp 5 526)571)1)6::::4:65 551)21)4)62:1 ;P#K;$#"
tcp 526)571)1)6:::35572 C:)563)543)56:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 526)571)1)6::::4:44 551)21)4)62:1 "%9$K0=%"
tcp 526)571)1)6:::3:16 551)21)4)4:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 526)571)1)6:::3:25 551)21)4)4:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 526)571)1)6:::3:12 551)21)4)4:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 526)571)1)6:::35:51 551)21)4)6:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 5 526)571)1)6:::31232 551)21)4)4:1 ;P#K;$#"
tcp 526)571)1)6:::355C5 C:)563)543)56:::4 $;"=8L%;/$>
tcp 5 526)571)1)6:::3127 551)21)4)4:1 ;P#K;$#"
tcp 526)571)1)6:::3:7: 563)57)57)566:1 "%9$K0=%"
tcp7 ::5:745 :::+ L%;"$#