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A dissertation submitted
to Kent State University in partial
fulfillment of the requirements for the
deree of !o"tor of Philosophy
#our Name
$raduation !ate
!issertation %ritten by
#our Name
&'S'( Some University( USA( )*++
,'S'( Some University( USA -.++
Approved by
/////////////////////////////////// ( Chair( !o"toral !issertation Committee
/////////////////////////////////// ( &embers( !o"toral !issertation Committee
A""epted by
/////////////////////////////////// ( Chair( !epartment of Computer S"ien"e
/////////////////////////////////// ( !ean( Collee of Arts and S"ien"es
LIST OF FIGURES..........................................................................................................II
LIST OF TABLES............................................................................................................II
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION....................E00102 ,11K&A0K N1T !E3INE!'
-'- Problem !es"ription and &otivation'''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
-') 0esear"h 4ypothesis and 5uestions'''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
-'6 0esear"h Contributions''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
-'7 1rani8ation of the !issertation'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
-'9 ,iblioraphi"al Notes'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
CHAPTER $ COLLEGE ST%LE GUIDE......................................................................$
)'- Style $uide and Instru"tions for Thesis and !issertation'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'- 0easons for 0eulations'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-') 0esponsibilities'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'6 Approval'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'7 Paper'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'9 Copies and ,indin'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-': 3ont Styles''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'; &arins'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'< Spa"in''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'. Paination'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-* 3ront &atter''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-- 3iures'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-) Tables''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-6 3ootnotes'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-7 Appendi"es''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-9 ,iblioraphies=0eferen"es''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-: Abstra"ts'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)'-'-; Publi"ation 0equirement for !o"toral !issertation''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
)') Some E>amples of tables and fiures'''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
CHAPTER & CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE RESEARCH......................................$
6'- &ain 0esults'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
6') 3uture 0esear"h !ire"tions''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Error! Bookmark not !"#n!.
APPENDI' A E'AMPLE OF AN APPENDI'..............................................................$
APPENDI' B ANOTHER APPENDI' E'AMPLE.....................................................$
3iure )'-' An E>ample fiure' Chapter ) fiure - ?of "hapter )@'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
Table )'-' An E>ample table' Chapter Number and Table Number %ithin "hapter''''''''''')
Table )')' Another table'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')
1ptional dedi"ation pae'
A"Ano%lede those %ho helped or supported you in finishin this
#our Name
!efense !ate( Kent( 1hio
This &S Bord template ?'dot file@ %as prepared by !r' Conathan I' &aleti" in the
!epartment of Computer S"ien"e at Kent State University' This is Dersion -'*' It is a
template for Thesis=!issertations for the Collee of Arts and S"ien"e at KSU'
Please read the entire do"ument and the ColleeEs FStyle $uide and Instru"tions
for Typin Thesis and !issertationsG' #ou "an et this do"ument from the Collee or
1.1 Or*an#+at#on
The C4APTE0 - is an introdu"tion to this do"uments and ho% to use this
template' ErrorH 0eferen"e sour"e not found is the ColleeEs style uide and instru"tions
"opied over from their pdf do"ument and put into Thesis format' C4APTE0 ) is
"omposed of a set of e>amples of the styles des"ribed in the ColleeEs uide and defined
by this template'
1.$ Ho, to U-! t.#- t!m/0at!
#ou "an open this do"ument Thesis!issertationITempate'dot and do a Fsave asG'
1r you "an put this 'dot file in your templates folder for &S Bord and do a FNe%JG and
sele"t this template'
&S Bord allo%s you to define styles' 3or e>ample this te>t is F,ody Te>tG' #ou
should use the FStyles and 3ormattinG tool bar for "hanin and applyin styles to your
te>t' Sele"t the te>t and apply the appropriate style' The "hapter headin is 4eadin -
and the sub se"tion is 4eadin ) and 4eadin 6 for subsubse"tion'
This do"ument has pla"e holders for all the maKor "omponents of a thesis or
dissertation in the "orrespondin Style'
1.& Cro--1R!"!r!n)!-
Bord allo%s you to automati"ally enerate the Table of Contents and List of
3iures=Tables via the FInsert 0eferen"e Inde> and TableG fun"tion' If you use the styles
properly for ea"h headin and "aptions this tool %ill save a lare amount of time'
1.2 R!"!r!n)!- an B#30#o*ra/.4
Use EndNote or some other pluin tool to manae your referen"es and insert your
"itations' These tool automati"ally enerate your biblioraphy and %ill save you -**Es of
hours' The referen"es in this do"ument are done %ith EndNote'
Co00!*! St40! G(#!
This "hapter is the information "ontained in the ColleeEs style uide L but put in
the format of %hat it des"ribes' I ot rid of the %ord FtypeG in the title as no one uses a
type%riter ?or has seen one@ in years' There are a fe% annotations noted that are helpful
"omments from students %hoEs one throuh the pro"ess'
$.1 St40! G(#! an In-tr()t#on- "or T.!-#- an D#--!rtat#on
This is the offi"ial style uide for theses and dissertations in the Collee of Arts
and S"ien"es' It %as approved and adopted by the Arts and S"ien"es $raduate Coun"il
on April )7( -..:' Spe"ial style uides are used by various departments for footnote
forms and other matters of detail' These should be "onsulted for matters not "overed in
the Collee of Arts and S"ien"es Style $uide( but anythin "overed in the Collee of Arts
and S"ien"es Style $uide taAes pre"eden"e over the uides used by the various
Some departments prefer that students not prepare the final typed "opy until after
their final oral e>aminations' Copies of the theses or dissertations supplied to
e>amination "ommittees( ho%ever( must be neatly typed and leible' Consult %ith the
raduate "oordinator "on"ernin departmental poli"ies and uidelines'
$.1.1 R!a-on- "or R!*(0at#on-
The rules iven here are not arbitrary but ne"essary' Theses and dissertations are
deposited in the University Library as bound volumes and must be produ"ed %ith the
same "are as printed booAs' &arins must be uniform to allo% for bindin and trimmin'
Paper must be of uniform "olor be"ause all dissertations and some theses are
mi"rofilmed' ?Theses and !issertations %hi"h do not "onform to these uidelines may be
reKe"ted by the Library'@
$.1.$ R!-/on-#3#0#t#!-
!eree "andidates are responsible for the a""urate preparation of "opies(
in"ludin printin or typin( footnote form( et"' Candidates should not e>pe"t their
advisors to "opyIread their theses or dissertations for errors( nor should they e>pe"t their
typists to "orre"t or edit the "opies' They should supply their typists %ith "opies of this
Style $uide as %ell as style sheets appropriate for the various dis"iplines in %hi"h the
theses or dissertations are bein %ritten'
$.1.& A//ro5a0
Certifi"ation that the thesis or dissertation is in the "orre"t style and format is
made by the student( the thesis or dissertation advisor( and the department "hairperson'
Su"h "ertifi"ation is made by the submission of a Thesis Preparation or !issertation
Preparation Approval 3orm alon %ith the "opies of the thesis or dissertation to the
Collee of Arts and S"ien"es' ?See E>hibits I and C( paes )) and )6@' N1TEH The !ean
%ill N1T sin a dissertation or thesis submitted %ithout this form' A dissertation advisor
may request that the Collee of Arts and S"ien"es also revie% the dissertation for
me"hani"al style and format'
$.1.2 Pa/!r
Paper must be <M in"hes by -- in"hes in si8e'
Copies of the thesis or dissertation submitted to the Collee of Arts and
S"ien"es must be on t%enty pound %hite bond paper %ith a 9*N or hiher
"otton fiber "ontent'
N1TEH Any paper meetin the above requirements %ill be a""eptable( but the
same paper must be used throuhout to avoid variations in "olor and te>ture' Do not use
coated papers advertised as having Easy-Erase qualities. If you use the wrong paper,
the thesis or dissertation will have to be completely recopied
$.1.6 Co/#!- an B#n#n*
T%o "opies of the thesis or dissertation must be deposited in the Collee of
Arts and S"ien"es 1ffi"e'
These "opies "an be printed or photo"opied so lon as a sharp( hih
"ontrast( bla"A imae is produ"ed'
All illustrations( photoraphs( and other materials in the oriinal must also
be in"luded in the se"ond "opy'
The fee for bindin is O-* for a thesis and O:9 for a dissertation' The
dissertation fee is e>plained more fully on pae <'
Students desirin bound "opies for themselves may taAe their additional
"opies to the Spe"ial 1rder Counter at the University ,ooAstore for
Copies must be made before obtainin sinatures'
$.1.7 Font St40!-
S"alable fonts should be -* to -) points in si8e' !o not use e>oti" fonts ?slanted(
square( or s"ript type@ for the entire do"ument( but spe"ial fonts may be used for
emphasis or %hen other%ise appropriate' Students should maAe sure that the print is
uniformly letter quality' Laser print( inA Ket print( or hihIquality photo"opyin is
a""eptable' !ot matri> or near letter quality print is not a""eptable' The type style and
si8e must be the same throuhout the thesis or dissertation'
!dded note" #he font si$e %i.e., &', &&, or &() and style %e.g., *ew #imes +oman)
must be same throughout the thesis, #,- and abstract. Different.variable si$e and style
is not allowed for chapter headings or any other titles. /owever, titles can be bold,
italics, etc.
$.1.8 Mar*#n-
1n the top and leftIhand side of the pae( use -M in"h marins e>"ept on paes
beinnin every maKor division ?i'e'( "ontents( list of tables( list of illustrations( prefa"e(
introdu"tion( ea"h ne% "hapter( biblioraphy( and appendi"es@ %here the top marin must
be t%o in"hes' 1n the bottom and rihtIhand side of the pae( use one in"h marins'
&arins that are smaller than( or substantially larer than these spe"ifi"ations are not
a""eptable' Illustrations( raphs( and tables must not e>tend beyond these marins'
&aterials that e>tend beyond these marins should be retyped or redu"ed in si8e'
&aterials redu"ed in si8e photoraphi"ally ?e>"ept halfItone photoraphs@ may be "opied
onto reulation paper for both "opies'
$.1.9 S/a)#n*
TripleIspa"e bet%een maKor division headin ?i'e'( "ontents( list of tables( list of
illustrations( prefa"e( introdu"tion( ea"h ne% "hapter( biblioraphy and appendi"es@ and
te>t' Bhen usin "hapter divisions( triple spa"e bet%een the "hapter number ?e>ampleH
C4APTE0 I@ and the title and triple spa"e bet%een the title and the te>t'
All subheadins are triple spa"ed from the pre"edin te>t and double spa"ed
bet%een the subheadins and the te>t follo%in' 3ootnotes and lon quotations that are
set off are usually sinleIspa"ed( but "he"A the style manual a""epted by the department
in %hi"h the thesis or dissertation is bein %ritten'
Any "entered information ?titles( "hapter headins( pae numbers "entered at the
bottom of the pae@ should be "entered bet%een the riht and left marins'
!oubleIspa"e the te>t throuhout( e>"ept as noted above for footnote and lon
$.1.: Pa*#nat#on
Every pae in the thesis or dissertation ?e>"ept blanA paes in the front matter@
must be assined a pae number' It is sometimes ne"essary to pla"e the title for a fiure
or table on the ba"A of the pre"edin pae' The fa"e of that pae %ould then be blanA
e>"ept that the pae number is to be pla"ed in the upper rihtIhand "orner( as on other
paes' ?See pae )* in Appendi>'@
Use lo%er "ase 0oman numerals %ithout pun"tuation or dashes on all front matter
of the thesis or dissertation' These pae numbers must all be "entered %ith respe"t to the
te>t( no less than 9=< in"hes but no more than - in"h from the bottom' The title pae is
pae( i ?not to be typed on the pae@P the approval pae is pae iiP Table of Contents( pae
iii( et"'
!dded *otes" 0e e1tra careful with margins Double space between paragraph
te1t and indent the first line of every paragraph %'.23) consistently. 4a5e sure the #,-
and spacing between topics and subtopics loo5s consistent. 0e e1tra careful about it.
Use Arabi" numerals %ithout pun"tuation or dashes at the upper rihtIhand "orner
one in"h from the riht ede of the paper and no hiher than 9=< in"hes or no lo%er than
-Q in"hes from the top( e>"ept for paes "arryin "hapter headins( first pae of the
,iblioraphy( and the first pae of ea"h se"tion of an Appendi> %here the pae number
must be "entered at least 9=< in"h but no more than - in"h from the bottom of the pae'
Numberin must run "onse"utively %ith no missin numbers( and the use of -)a( -)b(
et"' is not permitted' Arabi" numerals are used beinnin %ith the first pae follo%in the
front matter and beinnin %ith number -' This %ould in"lude the Introdu"tion if there is
one' Pae numbers are assined but not typed on "over sheets( if used( pre"edin the
,iblioraphy and the Appendi"es'
!dded *otes" 0e careful with the pagination and ma5e sure that the te1t of the
thesis %particularly in case of pages with page numbers at the bottom ) is not too close to
the page number and must not give the feeling that the page number is lost in the thesis
$.1.1; Front Matt!r
See the list of e>hibits in the Appendi>' Parti"ular attention should be paid to
spa"in if usin a s"alable font' The follo%in is a list of the order in %hi"h the front
matter should appear in the thesis or dissertation' !ates on title pae( approval pae( and
abstra"t should be the month and year %hen the deree is re"eived( not %hen the thesis or
dissertation is "ompleted'
-' ,lanA Sheet
)' Title Pae
6' ,lanA Sheet
7' Approval Pae
9' ,lanA Sheet
:' Table of Contents
;' List of 3iures ?if any@
<' List of Illustrations ?if any@
.' List of Tables ?if any@
-*' Prefa"e( in"ludin A"Ano%ledments or A"Ano%ledments alone if there
is no Prefa"e'
!DDED *,#E" #he first sheet is the #hesis 6reparation form %see appendi1),
second is !bstract. #he !bstract pages are not part of thesis and must not be paginated
and must not affect the page count of the thesis or front matter. #he rest goes in the order
as above.
$.1.11 F#*(r!-
All fiures( ?"omputer raphi"s( photoraphs( "olor maps( "olor illustrations(
dra%ins( "harts( raphs( et"'@ must be neatly dra%n and lettered( ?no ballIpoint pen@P
ood quality "olor illustrations "an be used %hen appropriate' All su"h materials must fit
inside the reular marins of the pae' 1versi8e materials should be redu"ed in si8e to
"onform to the marins' &aterials redu"ed photoraphi"ally ?e>"ept halfItone
photoraphs@ may be "opied onto the appropriate paper in both "opies' &aps in eoloy
and eoraphy( ho%ever( may be oversi8ed and in "olor' They should be folded %ith "are
so that they may be pla"ed in a rear "over po"Aet to be supplied by the bindery' These
departments produ"e finished maps at reasonable pri"es
Photoraphs should be mounted %ith dry adhesive paper( thouh usually it is
preferable to dra% illustrative material dire"tly on the pae' !o not use pressItype or the
liAe for raphs and letterin as it is not permanent' 4o%ever( a "opy on the appropriate
paper of a raph made %ith pressItype may be submitted' 3oldout raphs may be used
sparinly' Computer printouts should be used only if ne"essary and should be "opied onto
paper used for the rest of the thesis or dissertation' 3airly ood results may be obtained
by havin the printouts made on %hite "omputer paper'
Ea"h illustration should be labeled as F3i' -(G F3i' )(G and so on( "onse"utively
throuh the thesis or dissertation' If more than a fe% fiures are used( a List of 3iures
should follo% the Table of Contents' All paes "arryin fiures must have pae numbers
in the upper rihtIhand "orner' Plates( fiures or illustrations %hi"h are too lare to allo%
a "aption or title on the same pae should have the "aption or title on the pre"edin pae(
see E>hibit $'
Students should "onsult their departments for further information "on"ernin the
use of fiures' All fiures must appear in both "opies of the thesis or dissertation
submitted to the Collee of Arts and S"ien"es'
$.1.1$ Ta30!-
Tables of oneIhalf pae or less in lenth may appear on the same pae %ith the
te>t' If larer than oneIhalf pae( a table must be pla"ed on a separate sheet' T%o or more
small tables may be pla"ed toether on a sinle pae' Tables should be inserted as near as
possible to the te>t they illustrate' All tables must be labeled as FTable -(G and so on(
"onse"utively throuh the thesis or dissertation' Tables must also be titled' The eneral
instru"tions for the use of fiures apply to tables( e>"ept that tables must be typed on the
paper used for the thesis or dissertation as a %hole'
If more than a fe% tables appear in the %orA( a List of Tables should follo% the
Table of Contents' ?See pae : for the order of appearan"e'@
$.1.1& Footnot!-
There is a %ide diversity of pra"ti"e in footnotin' The Collee of Arts and
S"ien"es has no overall requirement beyond "onsisten"y' Students should refer to the
style manuals indi"ated by their dis"iplines for a uide to proper footnotin ?see paes .
and -*@'
$.1.12 A//!n#)!-
Appendi"es may be used to present detailed information %hose in"lusion in the
te>t of the thesis or dissertation %ould unne"essarily obstru"t "lear presentation of the
arument' An appendi> should be labeled( and su"h appendi> should be independent of
others' 1rdinarily( an appendi> should not have footnotes ?do"umentation "an be inserted
in the te>t'@ 4aterials placed in the appendices must meet the standards of pagination,
margins, etc.
$.1.16 B#30#o*ra/.#!-<R!"!r!n)!-
3or the proper form and divisions of the ,iblioraphy referen"ed( students should
"onsult the style uide approved by their departments'
!dded *otes" 7ollow the same style as the paragraph te1t of the thesis %i.e., same
font si$e, style and double spaced). #he first line of the reference should be hanging out
by '.83 then the following te1t of the reference.
$.1.17 A3-tra)t-
&asterEs thesis abstra"ts should be )** to 7** %ords lon( but dissertation
abstra"ts are no% limited to 69* %ords' ,oth should des"ribe the problem or topi"( any
important or distin"tive methods used in the resear"h( and the prin"ipal "on"lusions
rea"hed' Typin instru"tions for the thesis apply equally to the abstra"t( %hi"h must be
submitted to the Collee of Arts and S"ien"es %ith the thesis but not painated as part of
it' The abstra"t itself should bein three spa"es belo% the last line of the title matter' The
title F!r'G should not appear before the advisorEs name' The number of paes follo%in
the title of the thesis or dissertation should "onform %ith the number of the last pae of
the thesis or dissertation( in"ludin the ,iblioraphy and Appendi>'
3or the do"toral dissertation( the abstra"t must "onform to the requirements of
!issertation Abstra"ts %ithout further editin or revision' Sample abstra"ts are in the
e>hibits se"tion'
T%o "opies of the abstra"t should be in"luded %ith the thesis or dissertation'
!dded *ote" !bstract is not part of thesis and must not be paginated and must
not affect the page count of thesis or front matter.
$.1.18 P(30#)at#on R!=(#r!m!nt "or Do)tora0 D#--!rtat#on
!o"toral dissertations must be published by the mi"rofilm method throuh
University &i"rofilms( Ann Arbor( &i"hian' The fee for publi"ation( %hi"h must be paid
by the student( is O++' This fee "overs the "ost of mi"rofilmin the dissertation( storae
of one neative "opy in the vaults of University &i"rofilms( In"'( printin the abstra"t in
!issertation Abstra"ts( presentation of one positive "opy to the Library of Conress( and
preparation and distribution of "atalo "ards for the dissertation by the Library of
Conress' #his fee does not cover the cost of copyrighting the dissertation9 please read
the Doctoral Dissertation !greement 7orm for copyrighting information.
E>am/0!- o" Ea). St40!
This "hapter ives e>amples of all the styles and notes on usin the' E>amples of
fiures and tables are also iven' A"tual formats of fiures and tables %ill vary' #ou
should looA at e>amples of IEEE and AC& Kournals and "onferen"es for ood formattin
styles' &ost importantly( you should be "onsistent in your formattin of fiures and
&.1 H!a#n* $
This is an e>ample of a 4eadin )'
&.1.1 H!a#n* &
Normally you donEt have a sinle headin ) or 6' If you have a -'-'- you should
have a -'-')' LiAe%ise for -'-' there should be a -')'
&.$ Font St40!-
It is suested to use Times Ne% 0oman -) point font' ItEs readable and "ommon
to both AC& and IEEE publi"ations' #ou "an use -* or -- point font but iven there is
no pae limit and your "ommittee membersE eye siht is ettin poor I suest -) point'
The entire do"ument is in one font and si8e' 3iures "an be in any font=si8e'
&.& Mar*#n-
This do"uments has the "orre"t marins'
&.2 S/a)#n*
Spa"in is set up "orre"tly' The styles taAe "are of this'
&.6 Pa*#nat#on
Pae numbers are iven in this do"ument and set up "orre"tly for ea"h ne%
"hapter' Use a FSe"tion ,reaAG instead of a FPae ,reaAG bet%een "hapters' This %ill
ive you the pae number at the bottom of the pae for first pae of "hapters'
&.7 F#*(r!-
As stated in the Collee uidelines FAll fiures J must be neatly dra%n and
lettered( ?no ballIpoint pen@G' &y uess is this uideline %as %ritten up before you %ere
&y suestion is to use &S Disio for fiures' This is one of the best dra%in
pa"Aae and is free %ith the departmentEs &S developers site li"ense' 1n"e aain fiures
should be "onsistent in format and presentation'
Lare fiures should appear on their o%n pae' 3iures less than a half a pae
"an be put alon %ith prose' Keep fiures "lose to %here they are referen"ed' 3iure
headins o under the fiure as seen in 3iure 6 '-' Noti"e the "hapter number ?)@ as a
means to label fiures'
F#*(r! &.1. An E>am/0! "#*(r!. C.a/t!r $ "#*(r! 1 ?o" ).a/t!r $@.
Bord allo%s you to insert a "aption ?fiure or table@' This is do%n %ith FInsert
0eferen"e CaptionG' &ore #m/ortant04 Bord also has fa"ilities to referen"e these
fiures' Use FInsert 0eferen"e CrossI0eferen"eG to insert a referen"e to a fiure( table(
or headin' This is really helpful %hen you ?be"ause you %ill@ rearrane se"tions or
pla"ement of fiures=tables' Bord %ill Aeep tra"A of this for you if you use the "ross
referen"e tool'
Additionally( by usin the insertI"aption you "an automati"ally enerate a list of
fiures and a list of tables' If the lo"ation of table=fiure moves( you Kust reenerate the
list and it is updated'
&.8 Ta30!-
Aain( maAe sure tables are "onsistent and neat' Table headin o before the
table' Be have t%o e>amples of tables belo% Table 6 '- and Table 6 ')' Noti"e they are
numbered %ith the "hapter( that is table - of "hapter ) ?)'-@'
Ta30! &.1. An E>am/0! ta30!. C.a/t!r N(m3!r an Ta30! N(m3!r ,#t.#n ).a/t!r
Do)(m!nt En*#n!!r#n* So"t,ar! En*#n!!r#n*
Stat#) Ana04-#-
So(r)! Co!
&edium None None None
S4m3o0 Ta30!
Lo% Lo% Lo% &edium
-r)ML 4ih 4ih 4ih &edium
Ta30! &.$. Anot.!r ta30!.

Fa)t E>tra)tor F(00 An-,!r Part#a0 An-,!r No An-,!r
6)N -:N 9)N
-.N --N ;*N
79N -.N 69N
)<N -<N 97N
77N <N 7<N
&.9 Footnot!-
A footnote
( this is an e>ample of a footnote and the formattin' Aain(
everythin has to be in the same font and si8e' #ou should use footnote sparinly'
&.: A//!n#)!-
Appendi"es are a ood pla"e to put thins liAe sour"e "ode( !T!s( and e>tra
mathemati"al information' They are pae numbered' E>amples are in this do"ument as
Appendi> A and ,' Use Appendi> 4eadin for the headin of the appendi>'
&.1; B#30#o*ra/.#!-<R!"!r!n)!-
1n"e aain use EndNote or some other pluin tool to manae your referen"es and
insert your "itations' These tool automati"ally enerate your biblioraphy and %ill save
you -**Es of hours' The referen"es in this do"ument are done %ith EndNote'
This is a footnote' A pla"e to put additional information'
&y suestion is to "ite referen"es %ithin the manus"ript %ith authorIyear style'
This is easy on the reader as they %ill often re"oni8e the parti"ular referen"e Kust by the
author and year information( %ithout havin to o to the referen"es to looA up the
referen"e ?as in the "ase for numbered "itations@' I have my students use multiIauthorI
year to ive the most information' Aain( there is no pae limit on a thesis so the added
te>t is not an issue'
4ere are some e>amples of referen"es the first bein a Kournal RAiAen(
N%enyama( ,roome -...S( the ne>t "ouple are "onferen"e publi"ations R,ierstaff(
&itbander( Bebster -..6P Collard( Kadi( &aleti" )**6P Cordy )**6S( a booA R,ruee(
!utoit )***S( a Ph'!' thesis RCollard )**7S( a te"hni"al report R3aloutsos( 1ard -..9S(
and a %eb pae R1&$ )**6S'
&.11 A3-tra)t-
This is e>ternal to the thesis and not "ounted in the pae "ount' There is another
template for the abstra"t L see ThesisAbstra"tITemplate'dot'
&.1$ S(mmar4
It is very "ommon to end ea"h "hapter %ith a "hapter summary' This "hapter ive
spe"ifi"s on ho% to use the template for ea"h parti"ular style'
This presents an &S %ord template for the KSU ATS Thesis style'
E>am/0! o" an A//!n#>
This appendi> "ontains vital information'
Anot.!r A//!n#> E>am/0!
This appendi> "ontains the !T! and sour"e "ode'
RAiAen( N%enyama( ,roome -...S AiAen( P'( N%enyama( 1'( and ,roome( L'( ?-...@(
U0everse Enineerin Ne% Systems for Smooth ImplementationU( IEEE
Soft%are( vol' -:( no' )( &ar"h=April( pp' 6:I76'
R,ierstaff( &itbander( Bebster -..6S ,ierstaff( T' C'( &itbander( ,' $'( and Bebster(
!'( ?-..6@( UThe "on"ept assinment problem in proram understandinU( in
Pro"eedins of International Conferen"e on Soft%are Enineerin ?ICSEV.6@(
,altimore( &aryland( pp' 7<) I 7.<'
R,ruee( !utoit )***S ,ruee( ,' and !utoit( A'(?)***@(1bKe"tI1riented Soft%are
Enineerin Conquerin Comple> and Chanin Systems( Prenti"e 4all'
RCollard )**7S Collard( &' L'( ?)**7@( &etaI!ifferen"inH An Infrastru"ture for Sour"e
Code !ifferen"e Analysis( Kent State University( Kent( 1hio USA( Ph'!'
!issertation Thesis'
RCollard( Kadi( &aleti" )**6S Collard( &' L'( Kadi( 4' 4'( and &aleti"( C' I'( ?)**6@(
UAn +&LI,ased Liht%eiht CWW 3a"t E>tra"torU( in Pro"eedins of --th IEEE
International BorAshop on Proram Comprehension ?IBPCV*6@( Portland( 10(
&ay -*I--( pp' -67I-76'
RCordy )**6S Cordy( C' 0'( ?)**6@( U$enerali8ed Sele"tive +&L &arAup of Sour"e Code
Usin Aile ParsinU( in Pro"eedins of --th IEEE International BorAshop on
Proram Comprehension ?IBPCV*6@( Portland( 1reon( USA( &ay -* I --( pp'
R3aloutsos( 1ard -..9S 3aloutsos( C' and 1ard( !' B'( ?-..9@( UA Survey of Information
0etrieval and 3ilterin &ethodsUH University of &aryland( CSIT0I69-7'
R1&$ )**6S 1&$( ?)**6@( UUnified &odelin Lanuae( -'9UH httpH==%%%'om'or'