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E TRP, 6-17 CAV

SUBJECT: Storage and Security of Unit Ammunition Basic Load, Bunker P-714

1. References:

a. AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
b. AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program
c. AR 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability
d. DA PAM 385-64, Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards
e. DA PAM 710-2-1, Using Unit Supply Systems (Manual Procedures)
f. AK Reg 385-10, Eighth United States Army Safety Program, 1 October 2010
g. AK Reg 742-2, Inspection of Ammunition for Combat Load and Maintenance
Activities, 11 January 2010
h. USAG Humphreys Pam 385-1, USAG Humphreys Safety Program
i. EUSA Supplement to AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and

Purpose: To establish an agreement between the HSC 602
ASB and the E TRP, 6-17 CAV
2. that describes a mutual agreement regarding the storage of the units Ammunition
Combat Load (ACL), and Training ammunition. Additionally, the intent of this
agreement is to delineate security requirements and accountability responsibilities as they
relate to the landlord/custodian and tenant.

3. General:

a. Definition of terms: For the purpose of this general agreement, the HSC 602

ASB will hereafter be referred to as the custodian, and the E TRP, 6-17 CAV will
be referred to as the tenant.

b. Expiration of this agreement will occur upon a change of command/position for
either the custodian or tenant, or upon written agreement with one months notice
of either party.

c. IAW USAG Humphreys Pam 385-1, the tenant will only store Hazard
Class/Division 1.4S small arms only in their designated cage in Bunker P-714. It
UNIT# 15725, APO AP 96271-5725

SUBJECT: Storage and Security of Unit Ammunition Basic Load, Bunker P-714

is the understanding of both parties of this agreement, that under no circumstances
will munitions not meeting the Quantity-Distance (Q-D) as established in DA
Pam 385-64 be stored in Bunker P-714.

d. The amount of munitions allowed to be stored will conform to the quantity issued
to the unit from the Property Book Officer minus those munitions requested to be
stored as Stored Basic Load (SBL). The tenant will provide the custodian an
itemized list of the item(s) requested to be stored, to include the following: Tenant
Unit Designation, Hazard Class of each item being stored, DODIC,
Nomenclature, Quantity, and Net Explosive Weight (NEW).

e. The custodian will not enter the designated cage of tenant except in emergency
situations or when accompanied by tenant unit.

4. Responsibilities:

a. The custodian unit agrees to:

1) Upon attaining signatures from both parties agreeing to the provisions set forth
herein, establish a designated storage area in Bunker P-714 for the tenant to store and
secure the units Ammunition Combat Load. Provide secure storage for the tenants
ammunition IAW references listed in paragraph one above.

2) Custodian will retain Command, supervisory, and direct responsibility over the
property as defined in AR 735-5 paragraph 2-8.

3) Ensure the designated storage area is contained in a properly licensed facility
that conforms to all safety and physical security requirements/standards.

4) Establish and maintain a current access roster that contains name(s) of those
individuals designated by the tenant to have accompanied and unaccompanied access to
Bunker P-714.

5) Ensure all signs are within all applicable regulations and required checks are
being conducted. Collect and maintain all records and keep them on file for required time
as prescribed by AR 190-11. Oversee all maintenance matters relating to Bunker P-714 to
include, but not limited to; perimeter fencing, facility and structure maintenance.
Scheduled and unannounced inspections will be conducted by USAG Humphreys
Explosives Safety.

6) Maintain an Ammunition Continuity Book IAW AK Reg 385-10 and AK Reg

7) Issue a Letter of Authorization to the tenant unit authorizing storage of their
ACL in Bunker P-714.

b. The tenant unit agrees to:
SUBJECT: Storage and Security of Unit Ammunition Basic Load, Bunker P-714

1) Tenant will take on custodial responsibility as defined in AR 735-5 paragraph

2) Provide a memorandum to the custodian listing personnel authorized
accompanied and unaccompanied access to the AHA (limited to eight Soldiers).
The memorandum must be renewed every three months (or upon the first person
to depart the tenant unit) and all Soldiers listed on the memo must have a valid
DA Form 7281.

3) Conduct monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual lot number inventories of
ammunition stored in the AHA IAW AR 710-2, para 3-37 and provide a MFR to
the custodian stating the date and the person who conducted the inventory.
Immediately report any discrepancies through the tenants chain of command and
the custodian.

4) Ensure only the ammunition identified in this agreement is stored in the AHA.
Ensure the custodian is apprised of any additional need for storage of munitions,
e.g., increases in the ACL, before the munitions are placed in the AHA. An
increase will require a revision of the basic agreement and must be reviewed and
approved by the custodian and USAG Humphreys Safety.

5) Ensure munitions are not stored directly on the floor. Munitions must be stored
on pallets and in such a manner whereas the Lot numbers are visible for ease of

6) Ensure all Soldiers initial on SF 702 (Security Container Check Sheet) when
opening and closing the magazine.

7) Maintain all required records and files pertaining to tenant ammunition
accountability, storage, and maintenance.

8) Upon termination of requirements, ensure keys to the gate and Bunker P-714
are expeditiously returned to the 602
ASB Staff duty NCOIC bldg #2061.
Ensure keys are not provided to unauthorized personnel.

9) Ensure unit POC information and updated planograph are posted on the
exterior of the cage.

10) Upon change of command, ensure this agreement and access roster is renewed
by the incoming Commander.

11) Maintain an Ammunition Continuity Book IAW AK Reg 385-10 and AK Reg

SUBJECT: Storage and Security of Unit Ammunition Basic Load, Bunker P-714

5. Implementing Instructions: This agreement becomes effective when signed by the HSC
Commander or designated representative and tenant Commander, and shall remain
in effect until mutually modified or terminated.

6. In accordance with AR 735-5, any responsible individual or combination of individuals
whose negligence is the proximate cause of the loss or damage of the property will be
held financially liable.

7. Point of contact for this memorandum is CW2 Lima, Michael K. at DSN # 753-3717.

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