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Plant Configuration Questionnaire

Mailing Address: 11016 Rushmore Drive, Frenette Building Suite 2!, Charlotte, "C 2#2 Tel: 0$%!$$%!!01
Fax: 0$%!$$%!!0!
Please list the follo&ing information e'a(tl) as it should *e sho&n in our re(ords and in )our Quarterl) Re+orts,
-ho &ill *e su*mitting the data.
Tel #:
Fax #:
Mailing Address:
/o &hom should the Quarterl) Re+orts *e sent.
Tel #:
Fax #:
Mailing Address:
SPS O!!i"e #se: Re0uesting 1R2P D3 4PC version5. 63S "1
Re0uesting 1R2P D3 -e* version 63S "1
P7"89F/P /est Su((essful. 63S "1
Re0uesting "3RC 82DS 1+tion. 63S "1
2((ount to :ie& 1n%line Re+orts. 63S "1
1, -hat t)+e of +lant is it.
Strategi( Po&er S)stems, 7n(,
% 2006 1
Plant Configuration Questionnaire
Steam /ur*ine 4S/ < 3le(, 8enerator5
8as /ur*ine Sim+le C)(le 48/ < 3le(, 8enerator5
8as /ur*ine =eat Re(over) 48/, 3le(, 8enerator < =RS85
Com*ined C)(le Single Shaft 48/, =RS8, S/ < Shared 3le(, 8enerator5
Com*ined C)(le >ulti%Shaft 48/, 8/ 3le(, 8enerator, =RS8, S/ < S/ 3le(, 8enerator5
8as /ur*ine >e(hani(al Drive
1ther 43'+lain5:
2, 7f it is a multi%shaft +lant, do )ou have e'haust gas or steam *)+ass (a+a*ilit) allo&ing )ou to run )our gas
tur*ine in the sim+le ()(le mode.
?, 7f )ou have ans&ered 63S to 0uestion 2 then do )ou anti(i+ate running in this manner.
$, -hat is the method of *)+ass.
2 dam+er +late to *)+ass the =RS8
2 (ondenser dum+ to *)+ass the steam tur*ine
=RS8 dr) run in sim+le ()(le
1ther 43'+lain5:
!, Please identif):
Appli"ation (C$oose One) %uty Cy"le (C$oose One)
Cogeneration Continuous 4@A0B Servi(e Fa(tor5
7nde+endent Po&er Produ(tion Base load 4!0B % A0B SF5
7ndustrial C Po&er 8eneration C)(ling 410B % !0B SF5
7ndustrial C Pro(ess PeaDing 41B % 10B SF5
Platform C Po&er 8eneration Stand*) 4E1B SF5
Platform C Pro(ess
3le(tri( Ftilit) Servi(e Fa(tor 4SF5 G 4Servi(e =rs9Period =rs5 ' 100
6, -hat t)+e of (ontrols are )ou using at the tur*ine and +lant level.
Controls Manu!a"turer Model
Strategi( Po&er S)stems, 7n(,
% 2006 2
Plant Configuration Questionnaire
Plant Hevel DCS
8as /ur*ine
Steam /ur*ine
, -hat are the a++li(a*le manufa(turers, models, serial num*ers and designated names of )our units. 8as
/ur*ine4s5, Steam /ur*ine4s5, 3le(tri( 8enerator4s5, Po&er /ur*ine4s5, Please list all, Fse additional sheet if
Manu!a"turer Model Serial Num&er #nit Name SPS #se
#, Please s+e(if) the follo&ing ele(tri( generator4s5 (hara(teristi(s,
8enerator Cooling:
2ir 41+en :entilation5
/otall) 3n(losed -ater 2ir Cooled 4/3-2C5
3'(itation /)+e:
A, -hat t)+e4s5 of fuel4s5 do )ou *urn. Please identif) &hi(h fuel is +rimar) and se(ondar) if this is a++li(a*le,
Primar) Fuel 4sele(t one5: Se(ondar) Fuel 4sele(t one5:
"atural 8as "atural 8as
Distillate I2 1il Distillate I2 1il
Crude 1il Crude 1il
Coal Coal
1ther: 1ther:
10, Please s+e(if) the manufa(turer and t)+e of Boiler9=RS8 utiliJed in )our +lant arrangement,
Pressure levels 4ho& man).5:
For(ed or "atural Cir(ulation:
Strategi( Po&er S)stems, 7n(,
% 2006 ?
Plant Configuration Questionnaire
"um*er of feed &ater +um+s:
=RS8 Fired or Fnfired:
7f =RS8 Fired C Su++lemental or Full) Fired:
7f Full) Fired, is there a *a(D u+ fresh air
*lo&er so the =RS8 (an run &hen the 8/ is
7f )es, does it have Kfl)ing startL (a+a*ilit)
su(h that the =RS8 &ill not tri+ &hen the 8/
Boiler fuel sour(e 48as, 1il, Coal5:
11, Please s+e(if) the 7S1 mega&att ratings for the follo&ing:
Nominal Summer 'inter
/otal Plant >- rating
8as /ur*ine >- rating
Steam /ur*ine >- rating
12, -hat &as the Commer(ial 1+eration Date of )our +lant9units.
7f this is an 23R1 unit and the (urrent engine is not the original engine, &hat is the date the (urrent engine
&as installed and ho& man) life time hours are on that engine.
#nit Commer"ial %ate (mm(dd(yy)
1?, -hat starting means are em+lo)ed.
Starting motor
=)drauli( start
SFC 4Stati( Start5
1ther. Please s+e(if)M
1$, Please identif) an) a++li(a*le "1' (ontrol 4N5,
7nOe(tion DH"9DH3
=ot SCR
48/ 3'haust5
4Please identif) (ontrol method5
Strategi( Po&er S)stems, 7n(,
% 2006 $
Plant Configuration Questionnaire
1!, 7f )our 8as /ur*ine utiliJes Steam or -ater inOe(tion, &hat is the inOe(tion rate. 1r "1' PP> limit.
16, Do an) of the units em+lo) +o&er augmentation. 43,g, 7nlet (hiller, eva+orative (ooler, =21 7nOe(tion, et(,5
7f so, &hat t)+e.
1, 7f )our 8as /ur*ine is an aero%derivative ma(hine then +lease s+e(if):
Parti(i+ate in Hease Program 6es "o
P/ Shaft S+eed 4e,g, ?0009?600 r+m5:
1#, /he 8as /ur*ine Pa(Dager:
1A, Plant 2r(hite(t93ngineering Firm:
20, S+e(if) an) Shared Plant 30ui+ment 4e,g, +o&er transformers, =RS8, et(, that serve more than one unit5:
21, 7f )ou +arti(i+ate in "3RC 82DS then +lease +rovide )our Design Data,
#tility Code #tility Name #nit Code #nit Name
22, Plant 0uestionnaire (om+leted *):
"ame: Date (mm9dd9))):
Strategi( Po&er S)stems, 7n(,
% 2006 !