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'Chateau &omes Construction( delivers wide range of superior commercial construction ser)ices in order to make your
premise more classy. Our skilled and experienced technicians aims to harmonize professional design and the latest
construction techniques at affordable price. ontact for general contractors for shopping malls! shops! warehouses! home
build! custom homes! house renovation! kitchen remodeling and more.

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19 &ome Reno)ations Edmonton ,rena is &eatin7 up :ith Contemporar4 .aterials & *deas
"any &ome Reno)ations Edmonton ;ro<essionals assist the homeowners in realizing the home of
their dreams. #n today$s economic situation! it is essential for every home owner to know how to add
more value back into their existing homes. %ome renovation needs a proper planning in order to
enhance its appearance. &ou can hire professionals for better guidance. anadian residents are gaining
great deals from commercial construction Edmonton professionals who serve to renovate offices in
order to improve productivity.
Tips to Enhance ,ppearance o< =our &ome
Replace >itchen ,ppliances - #n your house! kitchen is the second most sought corner after
rooms. 'o! it needs proper attention to be paid. #f the appliances of your kitchen are more than
(-) years old! better to upgrade them but on the basis of how much your wallet permit you to
spent. *here are many newer models. "ore features will help you to take a second glance at
your kitchen. #t is advised to consider professional series lines and stainless steel models.
Up7rade the Countertops - &ou can modify the look of your kitchen or bathrooms by
upgrading the countertops. +ranite countertops are more glossy and sturdy. ,lastic laminate
countertops are also available in the market but considered to be the lower end grade. #f you
want to give look of granite and also in less budget then you must consider overlay countertops.
3loorin7 ,ttracts E)er4one - -part from aesthetic sense or look! flooring should always be
resilient and long lasting. #t is suggested to consider natural stone! tiles or wooden flooring
options if you want to add value to your home. .ow end carpet and vinyl flooring will give you
lower return on investment.
Up7rade ;lumbin7 3ixtures in >itchen and -athrooms - &ou are advised to upgrade all your
plumbing fixtures by replacing or by higher end finish if they are more than / or 0 years old.
1or kitchen sinks one must choose plumbing fixtures which provide matching faucet and sink
sprayer. 'ame tip should be used in the case of bathrooms! your shower /bathtub/and sink must
controls the coordination for a homogenous look throughout your home.
-edrooms - *here are various ways to enhance the look of your bedroom. &ou can design it by
upgrading painting! ceiling and lighting. &ou can use raised tray ceilings in the place of already
existing flat ceilings and can decor it with different lighting options.

2hen you want to enhance the appearance of your home you can upgrade it with modern designs and
materials. 3ut! if your financial situation doesn$t allow you for full renovation! you can also start with
any corner of your house. 3ut keep in mind that renovation should be such that it should have
coordination with the rest part of your home. 4itchen! bathrooms! drawing rooms are the most
important and visited places of your home. 'o! you can consider the upgradation of these corners with
new models! designs and materials.
'Chateau &omes Construction? deliver a wide range of residential and commercial reno)ation
ser)ices. 2e have a talented and experienced team which delivers comprehensive range of home
construction ser)ices with expertise and reliability.
09 &omes Construction 3irms are @eadin7 the Char7e <or O<<ice Reno)ation Trends
Office renovations can be tricky. *here are many exca)atin7 contractors in Edmonton who deliver
superior services in renovation of homes and offices. %owever! prior planning is crucial for every
ma5or or minor pro5ect. *o make ones business attractive! higher salary and great benefits are not the
only things which are going to work. &ou need to ponder over whether the existing space is able to
accommodate the needs of today6s occupants7 #s your current office serving enough functional space7
8o your employees feel comfortable with your office environment7 'o! be well planned and better to
hire home construction pro<essionals for modernization of your office.
Tips <or 1uccess<ul O<<ice Reno)ation
Clari<4 4our Goals - 8etermine what actually you want to achieve with the renovation.
8etermine whether these changes are for you or you doing for the clients7 *ime period you
going to stay in the office7 ,en down all your requirements on the paper and avoid changing
them along the way. 3e prepared and don6t start until and unless you6re comfortable with the
direction of the renovation.
6etermine the Reasons <or the Reno)ation - *ry to find out your utmost important reason
behind the renovation7 ost of renovation varies according to the type of renovation you want
for your office. 1or instance facilities renovations! technology upgrades! or functional space.
'o! identify the primary reasons in order to match your budget structure.
Team Collaboration - 1or renovation you do need a team to get collaborate. 9ven for simplest
things their is need of proper thought and research. 2orking of more minds on the pro5ect
reduced the risk of missing something. - good team is able to manage the pro5ect with more
What =ou Want Aersus What =ou +eed - "ake decisions in order to make your renovation a
long term success instead of short term fix. :enovation plans should be such that which should
meet your requirement or need rather than what you want. 2hen goals are identified you will
get to know what will make your renovation a long-term success.
;lan <or Exit 1trate74 - *hink properly whether your renovations planning make the office fit
for sale in the near future7 3e calculative that how much of the renovation costs can you
reimburse! if you grow the space in two years7 2hat kind of changes are you going to make to
attract the future lease holders7
2hen you plan for renovation leave some space for green touch for example energy efficient windows.
2hen you plan for creating a green office! it adds points to a company6s reputation and also entice the
buyers. 'o! if you are stuck in the past! with old ideas take professional advice to move into the future
for better productivity.
Chateau Homes Construction provides a comprehensive range of commercial
construction services. Our adroit and proficient technicians have unique capability to manage
the construction project with perfection.
#9 O<<ice Reno)ation Edmonton B *deas to -oost WorC E<<icienc4 & 1oothe Emplo4ees
8o you feel your office need upgradation and creative environment7 #f your answer is yes! you need to
renovate your office. "any Edmonton landscapin7 companies are there who offer superior services
for office open spaces as well. *hey ensure to remodel to make your office decorative and functional as
well. "any times office owners are not able to afford for the entire remodelling at one time! it is
advised to make a list and to keep update things according to the funds they have. :enovation helps in
creating more productive environment which definitely boost productivity of your entire team.
Tips <or O<<ice Reno)ation
;aint the o<<ice
,ainting the office is one of the cheapest thing you can do to make the most visual impact. olours can
be chosen according to your personality. 1or instance! fiery colours are best option for the person who
is hyper worker and who 5umps from item to item. ool colours are used for stressful 5ob in order to
calm frayed nerves.
@i7htin7 should be proper
*here should be proper lighting in the office. - dim light in the office makes reading paperwork
difficult. :enovation should be such that which could encourage natural light. 8o not use heavy! dull
curtains. ;se blinds to cover windows because they are easy to open and allow sunlight to enter.
Walls :ith built-in booCcases
.ack of organization is the most common obstacle in any office so! when you remodel! include
furniture which promote organized storage of business records. -dding filing cabinets and bookcases to
the office will increase its functionality and also make it decorative. #t is advised to consider a wall of
built-in bookcases for classy look because it is neither expensive nor it does requires any carpenter.
6ual-use <ilin7 cabinets
#t is recommended to purchase lower-sitting lateral units rather than tall metal filing cabinets. .ower
sitting lateral units will allow easy access to your important files! and you have a wider surface at top
which offers you an excellent spot to place peripherals such as scanner or printer which will be within
your reach.
2hen you give a thought for renovation! always plan well so that in near future you won$t face any
problem. &ou can use more creative ideas to enhance space for storage. &ou can expand your storage
space using hanging shelves above the filing cabinets. 1or high end look you can opt for wooden
shelves a more decorative type with finish molding. -lways make sure to leave a little space for art
work such as pictures! art ob5ects and any adornment which can add colour and personality.
Chateau Homes Construction Delivers wide range of superior home construction services in
order to make your premise more classy. Our skilled and experienced technicians aims to
harmonize professional design and the latest construction techniques at afordable price.
"9 Green @i7ht to >itchen Remodellin7D Read -e<ore Residential Construction
-re you planning to remodel kitchen for a brand new look7 'o! are you confused7 #t must very
confusing that where to start from. %owever there are many residential construction pro<essionals
who can assist you in giving new shape to your home or any part of the house. &ou might have been
searching and exploring many for different sources for long time.
"any Commercial Construction Residential Repairs are offering you our interior and exterior
desi7nin7 team with enormous capabilities to help you to design or remodel kitchen in a new and more
fancy look.
*deas To Remodel 4our >itchen <or 3resh @ooCs
;onder O)er :hat 4ou +eed
#t is all about to find the layouts and aspects that match or suits your household$s style. &ou can explore
)arious sources <or Citchen desi7ns and st4les. &ou can visit various sites! magazines! books or
showrooms. +ive preferences to your priorities such as space that it should not be congested at all.
;lan ,nd Research ;roperl4
:esearch is a must. ollect the required information about budget and scope which make you more
aware and unable you to reconcile what you want and what you are able to afford. *he process
demands you to be very wise while deciding and choosing for the services and material according to
the budget.
3ind the ;ro<essionals
#t is difficult to take it as a 8#& 5ob unless you build or desi7n 4our o:n Citchen and its plumbing and
electrical work. #t is suggested to hire professional for this task as they can guide on right path. *hey
help you regarding the space planning! budgets! products! finishes and fixtures. 'o! professionals can
assist you better in mana7in7 4our Citchen remodellin7 pro5ect from beginning till end.
6esi7n de)elopment and construction :orC
1inalize the design you want for your kitchen which could be either modern! traditional or cottage. ,lan
for its various parts such as doors! final floor plans! elevations. 'elect finishes and fixtures this time
which will be considered in the final pricing from the contractor.
Get to >no: about Contractor Estimations
#t is always advised to get contractor estimates. #t would be safe if you get at least ( contract estimates.
-fter getting schematic designs done have some ideas from the contractors to have some idea about the
estimates and to know whether your are on right path.
Reno)atin7 4our Citchen means to add value to your home. ,roper planning and schemes is required
and for this professionals should be consulted. *hey will help you to plan for spacing! products and
how to manage budget. &ou will get idea by getting contract estimation and you will know better what
you want and how much you can afford.
'Chateau &omes Construction? delivers best services regarding home reno)ations and
remodellin7. 2e provide best designers who help our clients to give new and modern look to their
house and other home parts like kitchen and washrooms.
&U- .all / $!# 110 1treet Edmonton
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