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Mdutshane Tembalihle Reuben Male 12 August 1964 6408126044089 South African Xhurana Admin Area Palmerton Road 336 KwaBhala Loc LUSIKISIKI 4820 P.O Box 224 LUSIKISIKI 4820 EASTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA Married Code 08 (EB) Good IsiXhosa English (Speak, Read & Write) Afrikaans (Speak, IsiZulu (Speak, Read 0839410103

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY NAME OF INSTITUTION NAME OF QUALIFICATION YEAR OBTAINED 1. University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Master of Education (M.Ed) (Educational Management) 2004 2. University of South Africa Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Hons) (Education Management) 1995 3. University of South Africa Bachelor of Arts (B.A) 1993 4. University of Transkei Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (S.T.D) 1986 5. University of South Africa Adult Basic Education and Training (Abet) 1998 6.Strategic Community College Certificate in Computer literacy 1997 7. Ndaliso High School Matric (with full Exemption) 1982 CURRENT STUDIES Undertaking distance education studies with University of South Africa doing Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Human Resource Management) at second year level.

WORK EXPERIENCE 1. Organisation Institution Position Department of Education Libode Education Mega District Deputy Chief Education Specialist (Circuit

Officer Duration

Manager) / Education Development (EDO) 2007 to date

CURRENT DUTIES • Oversee institutional development and support function to all schools within the district. • Monitor school functionality • Manage and coordinate operational policies with regards to school governance, HR provisioning needs, physical resource needs, financial management in schools and delivery of curriculum material to schools. • Coordinate and manage all activities of Circuit Managers within the district. • Provide training and support to all principals in the district. • Manage all social plan programmes including scholar transport, rural school development, school nutrition and poverty alleviation, HIV /AIDS advocacy. • Develop strategies for the operations management within schools and report any problems from findings to the relevant line specialist for further intervention. • Develop operational strategies to implement policies and circulars , by interpreting and coordinating such policies for schools • Conduct ongoing desktop research on education delivery issues within the district. • Exercise procument and financial control measures for school financial administration • Implement provincial government initiatives and national projects including research project. • Manage and coordinate development and training of School Governing Bodies (SGBs) within the district. • Communicate with stakeholders on policy and training issues. 2. Organisation Institution Position Duration Reason for leaving Department of Education Mgezwa Senior Secondary School Principal 1997 – 2007 (January) Promoted to Deputy Chief Education Specialist in Circuit

Management DUTIES PERFOMED • School management and teaching • Plan, control and direct the overall activities of the school with 1063 learners, 28 educators and two admin staff. • Scope of my position included Staff recruitment, development and evaluation. Record administration and maintenance. Learner discipline. Promotion of school values Creation of a safe, respectful and fair learning environment. Shared decision making and team building. • Create and monitor policies that promote s safe learning environment • Ensure that school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and learners. • Develop an environment that encourages open communication with educators , learners and community. • Mentor educators in the creation and implementation of class instruction,

lesson plans and learner assessment. 3. Organisation Department of Education Institution Nyazi Junior Secondary School Position Principal Duration 1990 – 1997 (March) Reason for leaving Transferred to Mgezwa Senior Sec School DUTIES PERFOMED • School management and teaching • Create and monitor policies that promote s safe learning environment • Ensure the school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and learners. • Develop an environment that encourages open communication with educators, learners and community. • Mentor educators in the creation and implementation of class instruction, lesson plans and learner assessment. 4. Organisation Department of Education Institution Makukhanye Senior Secondary School Position Educator (Post level 1) Duration 1986 – 1989 Reason for leaving Promotion to Principalship DUTIES PERFOMED Teaching and classroom management Assist in general management of the school Monitoring extra- mural activities

• • •

OTHER EXPERIENCE AND ACHIEVEMENTS • Attended a conflict resolution workshop by IMMSA • Conducted district workshops on school governance and management • Conducted district workshops on outcome-based education • Attended Imbewu financial management workshop. • Served as a chairperson in the district Language Association • Attended a workshop on Change Management conducted by Quality Learning Project (QLP) • Attended a workshop on leadership conducted by University of KwaZulu – Natal. • Attended the International Conference of principals held in Cape Town. • Served as a cluster leader for Cass moderation in Lusikisiki district. • Received awards for outstanding performance in Grade 12 results and for being the best managed school in Lusikisiki district. • Attended a workshop on coaching skills. • Conducted workshops on IQMS to schools in my circuit. PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE PERSONAL PROFILE AND CAPABILITIES Having worked as a principal of Mgezwa Senior Secondary School and now serving as Circuit Manager for Circuit 16 in Libode Mega District, I have acquired the following capabilities: I am: • Reliable and dependable in meeting objectives. • Experienced Principal and innovative Circuit Manager with sophisticated management and administration skills • Highly articulate, confident and persuasive team leader, able to motivate

and communicate to achieve exceptional academic performance. • Dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce genuine long-term sustainable development. • Great team worker, adaptable and flexible. • Well-organised, good planner, good time manager. • Energetic and physically very fit ; quick to respond to opportunities and problems. • Good listener – caring and compassionate. • Critical thinker – strong analytic skills ; accurate and probing. • Emotionally matured – calming and positive temperament. • Decisive and results – driven; creative problem solver. • Good researcher – creative and methodical – probing and resourceful. LEADERSHIP AND RESEARCH SKILLS Having been a principal of a very progressing High school in Lusikisiki and being a Circuit Manager at Libode, I have learned to make collaborative decisions and lead a group of people towards a common goal. I have gained leadership skills through managing people and therefore have acquired skills and ability necessary to lead people. Added to this I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Management, which has also equipped me with a lot of leadership knowledge and research skills. I am busy conducting a small scale research on the implantation of IQMS in my circuit. ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS Working as a Circuit Manager, I have been involved in organizing workshops on school management and governance within the district. I have facilitated Circuit and district level workshops on IQMS, Norms and Standards for Funding, functioning of SGB etc. I have also coordinated many principals’ meeting held in the district . I am presently coordinating School Safety Programme for Libode district. From this experience I have gathered and developed sound organizational skills. COMMUNICATION SKILLS As a Circuit Manager , it is a requirement of my job that I communicate with stakeholders, senior management and the people I lead, as well as the entire public. From this I have learned how to interact successfully with different people of different levels, races and cultures. Added to this I am very articulate in English. INITAITIVE As a Circuit Manager , who is the extended arm of the Department of Education, I have to take and use my initiative in implementing and ensuring implementation thereof , of the government policies in school. I have to give accurate instructions and often answer correspondence from different stakeholders. I am required to take decisions on certain issues and then take responsibility for those decisions. From this I have learned to creative and to know to improvise.

COMMITMENT As a Circuit Manager, there are many difficult tasks, problems and challenges that spring up every day of my career. Through these, I have learned to persevere, and be committed to the tasks and never to give up. I have been committed to the district and my circuit and that is shown by the degree of commitment circuit 16

have had since my arrival. FLEXIBILITY My career is full of challenges and emergency matters that need my urgent attention. Through this I am able to work on more than one task at once and I have the ability to shuffle and reorganise the tasks. I am very adaptable and cope easily with stress and enjoy working under pressure. STABILITY I am by nature a stable person in both my private life and work life. I have had a good and reputable service with the Department of Education for which I still work. I am not given to tantrums when the going gets tough but I always stay cool, calm and collected. VALUES As a result of my upbringing, I have an excellent set of values. My values include integrity, respect, honesty, punctuality, responsibility and reliability, and as a Circuit Manager a great deal of trust and responsibility is placed on me.

REFERENCES 1. Dr. AS Nuku Cluster Chief Director Department of Education Bisho Eastern Cape 0833245424/ 0406084772/ Fax e-mail :

; 0406084750


Mr T. Binase Chief Education specialist (Management and Governance) Department of Education King Williamstown Eastern Cape 0826961240 / 0406084426/ Fax : 0406084315 Email : Mr. B.W Diko Manager (Meeg Bank) Meeg Bank East London Eastern Cape bathembud@meegbank.coza / 0795221756 / Tel: 0437029607 Fax:


0866320197 DECLARATION I, TEMBALIHLE REUBEN MDUTSHANE, declare that to the best of my knowledge, all the information provided above is true and correct. …………………………………………………………………(Sign) …………………………………

TR Mdutshane