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Police is referring to an agent or agency, usually of the executive, empowered to
enforce the law and maintaining the security of by carrying out a patrol. Nowadays,
many cases regarding to misbehave of police officers are being reported in the news.
According to Police Act 1967, police play important role in maintaining the peace in this

PDRM is known for its effective way in solving cases. The world has recognized
it as one of the top police organization in the world. PDRM has built a good relationship
with International Police (Interpol) which enable it to solve cases faster. For instance,
PDRM manage to catch the members of Jemaah Islamiah in Malaysia with the help of

Policing in Malaysia is also effective when it come to maintaining the peace.
PDRM is a well-organize body. It has help a lot in maintaining the peace in the country.
Their reaction toward emergency situation is very fast and effective. PDRM manage to
stop the riot cause by the Al- Maunah group.

In contrast, police also act violently against public. There were continued reports
of excessive use of force by police officers during peaceful demonstrations. In March
and May police armed with shields violently dispersed a series of peaceful protests in
Kuala Lumpur against fuel prices, with batons and water cannon. Several people were
reported seriously injured and dozens arrested. There was still concern over the
effectiveness of safeguards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of detainees in police
custody. At least five people, including one woman, were reported to have died in
custody during the year. There is also a case whereby the policemen misuses the
power and harass the illegal immigrants during the detention. Although illegal
immigrants are not entitled of any rights in Malaysia, yet police should not act like that.
They are supposed to protect the civilians, not hurting them.

There is also questioning against the process of policing in Malaysia. How
sincere and visible is the process of PDRM in dealing with crimes and criminals? There
are many complaints against PDRM by the bloggers. Recently, the post-mortem report
of Nurin Jazlin has spread widely online. How can this happen? The report is completely

In my view, policing in Malaysia like any other country in the world is not
effective. There are many cases regarding to misbehave of police officers being
reported in the media every day. They misuse the power given by the legislative to
them. The power is given to help maintaining social control in the society, not for their
goods. Statistic from Royal Commission’s report shows that PDRM is the second most
corrupted organization in Malaysia. The report stated that from 1993 to 2003, there are
1194 cases from 8700 staffs being reported. An authority agency supposes to be clean
from any corruption. Yet in Malaysia bribery cases among PDRM staff is uncontrollable.
This should not happen at all! Although the Royal Commission have made suggestions
to improve the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police but how many
suggestion have been implement by the PDRM to improve their process? Datuk Wira
Syed Ali has ask the Minister of Internal Security to state the number of proposal made
by the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal
Malaysian Police that has been implemented out of 125 proposals in effort to revive the
public's confidence on the credibility of the police force.

In expressing my thoughts, I do thinks that Malaysian society has become a very
dangerous and unsafe place for adults, women and children with crime reaching
endemic proportion. Year by years our government put up an expensive campaign to
promote the Indian and Chinese to join the security force. Yet, only a few sign up. There
is no doubt why Chinese and Indian people won’t join the force. Policing in Malaysia is
corrupted. The main roles of police are to stop violent from spreading through the
society and also act as our last shield from any harmful threat. If this organization is
corrupted, how can they take care of our safety when they could not even take care of
their self? In the recent 2006 Corruption Perception Index, Malaysia has slipped five
ranks to number 44. According to that report, many cases of abuse of power, ineffectual
enforcement and corruption were reported against the PDRM staffs.

To maintain the peace in Malaysia, we must be free from any corruption and
negative things. The great philosopher, Confucius, once said that it only take a little of
one’s effort to do things in right way. Our government should do something to prevent
the corruption among the police staffs in Malaysia before it is too late. When it is too
late, our beloved country might be in very dangerous situations. They should revise the
Police Act 1967 and give full cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Agency to stop this
problem. Malaysia is a peaceful country, let’s keep it this way.