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Nanda & Associates Lawyer is a progressie law firm speciali$ing in legal help for %oth
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Phone: 01725000002
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,. Canadian -isa (e*ection. /et help 0rom Immigration Lawyers Chandigarh for -isa 1!ccess.
People who are not citizens of the Canada can obtain Canada isit isa to travel to Canada. There are many immigration
lawyers in Chandigarh who deliver superior services in all aspects related to inbound and outbound immigration. In order
to apply for Canadian visit visa, you must present all those supporting documents defining that you meet all the
requirements of the visit visa rules. Many lawyers in Chandigarh are there who are able to handle broad range of
applicants from various bacgrounds.
2hings to Consider While 0iling Canada -isit -isa Application
Application 0orm Completion
!on completion of forms is the another reason of Canada visit visa re"ection. If any question does not apply to you, you can
write #not applicable#. $ut never leave any section of the application form blan.
Aoidance of Incorrect Information
%lways be honest and provide correct information in documents. Providing incorrect information will reduce the chances of
approval. %ny forged documents can lead you to be barred to enter Canada for a period of time if visa officer gets to now
about your lies.
)roide As 3any 1!pporting 4oc!ments As )ossi%le
&ou must have the financial means to support your trip to Canada. 'o, try to provide all the documents in the checlist
provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To submit those documents are not enough to convince the visa officer
that you are a genuine visitor to stay in Canada for short period. 'o, submit as many documents as possible to support your
Canada visa application.
4oc!ments re5!ired to Esta%lish 2ies to 6ome Co!ntry
&ou should have strong ties to home country. (therwise, it will create doubts in the mind of the visa officer that there is no
solid reason to come bac to your country after the e)piry of your visit visa. 'o, provide enough documentary evidence
which shows your social and financial ties to your home country so that you will come bac. Try to mae the visa officer
believe that you are a genuine visitor by strengthening your visa application with all the required documents.
6ire an A!thori$ed (epresentatie &nly
*henever, you hire an immigration consultant to act as a representative, mae sure that immigration lawyer is registered
with the law society .
Immigration Cons!ltant of Canada (eg!larity Co!ncil 7ICC(C8.
To avoid Canada visit visa application try to provide correct information. %lways provide supporting evidence documents as
many as possible. Try to avoid the services of unauthorized representative which will result in refusal of your application for
Canada visit visa. *ith the help of above tips your chances of approval will increase.
9Nanda & Associate Lawyers: delivers professional immigration serices to handle every type of visa application.
*e, at !anda + %ssociate ,awyers delivers effective immigration solutions. (ur e)perienced team aim to provide a global
perspective to Indian immigration.
;. 6ow Immigration Cons!ltants in Chandigarh are 4eliering Canadian -isa 1!ccess
Lawyers in Chandigarh have taen on the mantle of immigration serices to provide more help to the
locals interested in foreign shores. The recent spurt in imigration fraud cases in Chandigarh has made sure
that only good immigration lawyers can now deliver quality services. !o wonder more and more potential
immigrants choose their services from across Pun"ab.
*hy there is need to now that hiring an immigration lawyer is an ideal decision- To hire an immigration
lawyer who is silled and has a good nowledge is tough. They will either demand high fees or many times
you are having so many other options. The main problem of hiring immigration lawyers is that many are not
as efficient in handling immigrants and specific laws as others. !owadays, many Indians are settling their
immigration cases and family issues by hiring Lawyers of Chandigarh.
+enefits &f 6iring Immigration Lawyers
6elping in <nderstanding the 0acts = The laws are usually very comple) to understand as there are
many documents and subsequently practices to get a green card. .or e)ample, if you want to wor in
Canada, there will definitely be dozens of documents and each has its specific law which you must
be aware of. In that case, your immigration lawyer can help you in understanding all these laws
Immigration Lawyers 6elp >o! in )roiding &ther &ptions = %n immigration lawyer apart from
helping you in filling out your paper wor also e)plains all your options. They will guide you in
telling how you can be eligible for automatic citizenship- 'uch as getting citizenship through
marriage, total cost required to file for a green card, after getting green card, what laws you are
required to follow etc. 'o, a good immigration lawyer is able to help you in getting answers of these
Immigration Lawyers 3a"e >o! Aware on )ermanent (esident Law = In order to get a green
card or if you have one presently, you are required to abide certain laws. /ire a good, nowledgeable
immigration lawyer in case you have any doubt or if you are not sure of eligibility for permanent
residency status, a good immigration lawyer can help.
Immigration Lawyers Can /!ide >o! in /etting a ?o% Legally
'uppose, if you want to wor in a foreign country providing best "ob in order to earn handsome salaries. It
involve some paperwor. &ou may find it difficult to deal with this paper wor. Immigration lawyer can help
you and your employer how to manage and deal with such situation.
/iring a good, e)perienced immigration lawyer in case of getting green card or citizenship is an ideal decision.
They will help you to get acclimatized with all the laws and formalities which are involved in immigration. %
good immigration lawyer helps you in understanding the facts and also provide you with other options if one
doesn#t wor. Many people from Panchula, Pun"ab and Chandigarh avail guidance and other legal serices
from the immigration cons!ltants in Chandigarh.
9Nanda & Associate Lawyers: provides highly e'perienced immigration lawyers offering myriad services of
Canada immigration in India. *e, at !anda, provide cost effective and high quality services in various
countries offering global and international perspective.
Business Address:
SCO: 186-187 First Floor,
Above FS C!n!d! Se"tor 8-C,
#!dh$! #!r% Ch!ndi%!rh,
&ndi! ' 16000(
Phone: 01725000002
*+!il &d: in,o-n!nd!