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Country Factsheet

PLEASE NOTE: Use worksheet this meant to provide facts and statistics for your
position papers and your speeches. It is for your own use, the mini-profile is what
you submit to your Committee Chair. Focus on the sections that most affect your
committee and topics. Don’t cut and paste, but take notes and summarize—you
don’t want pages and pages of text you won’t read. Remember to list your sources,
so you can go back to the original if challenged or for more information if needed.

Constitutional (full or formal) name of your country/state:
Capital city:
Other major cities:
Neighboring countries:

Total population and date of census:
Average life expectancy: For men: For women:
Birthrate: Infant mortality rate:
Number of hospitals: Number of physicians per 1000 people:
Major demographic issues and problems:

Major economic sectors (industrial, agricultural, service, mixed):
Natural resources:
GNP/capita? GDP/capita?
Per capita income:
Unemployment rate: For men? For women?
Size of labor force:
Major agricultural products:
Major industries:
Domestic energy resources:
Percentage of economy devoted to imports:
Major products imported:
Percentage of economy devoted to exports:
Products exported:
Major trading partners: For imported goods? For exported goods?
Major economic issues and problems:


Major religions
Major ethnic groups
Language/s spoken
Number of refugees and countries of origin

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Literacy rates: For men: For women:
Educational opportunities
Percent of studens attending primary school
Percent of students attending secondary school
Percent of students attending higher education (university level):
Major cultural and social issues and problems:

Type of government (democracy, oligarchy, dictatorship)
Governmental organization (parliamentary, presidential, monarchical, etc.)
Organization of state (federal, unitary, confederation, etc.)
Major political parties:
Name and position of current political leader:
Political history
Colonial power:
Year of independence
Membership/s in regional & international organizations:
Major allies
Major adversaries
Territorial/boundary disputes: (where and with whom)
Civil and human rights record:
Major political issues and problems

Year admitted into UN
Dues contributions paid to UN
Role in UN peace keeping operations
Role of UN within my country and reasons
Committee memberships within UN (e.g. Security Council, ECOSOC, etc.)
Signatory to Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other major treaties/declarations

Percent of annual budget spent on military
Type of military weapons purchased
Nuclear weapons? Nuclear capability?
Neighbors with nuclear weapons or capability?
Where does your country get its military weapons from (national manufacturers? other
Is your country a supplier of military weapons to other countries? What and to whom?
Is your country a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
Is your country a signatory to other disarmament/test ban treaties? If so, which ones?

This worksheet has been adapted from A Guide to Delegate Preparation 1999-2000 Model United Nations, Gregory B.
Julian and John R. Gagain, Jr., eds. (New York: UNA-USA, 1999), p.20.

/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch2332/26426863.doc; 12/14/2009