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CNC-Grinding Center Model UW I D
with 5 CNC axes

Fully Automatic Grinding Wheel Changer and Tool Loader

A compact and flexible machine

A SAACKE-product for the 21st century...
앸 Optimum kinematics due to Positioning the Grinding Wheel
in the Center of the Grinding Head Rotational Axis (B-axis)


...with the optimum kinematics

A Glance at New Developments

앸 Flexible Set-Up using the Fully Automatic Grinding Wheel Changer with 4 Magazine Positions (optional 8)

앸 Simultaneous and automatic changing of the cooling nozzles with the grinding wheel packages

앸 High automation due to the integrated tool changing system

앸 High Accuracy due to Positioning the Grinding Wheel in the Center of the Grinding Head Rotational Axis

앸 Digital control and axis drives resulting in high dynamic in all axes

앸 Work head with direct drive suitable for cylindrical grinding up to 600 rpm

앸 User-friendly software for the complete grinding of metal, wood or profile machining tools
Grinding of the wood profile
machining tools up to 250 mm
external diameter


Maximum freedom of movement for the grinding of large tools

앸 Watercooled motor spindle with
Grinding Wheel adaptors HSK-C50

앸 Grinding Wheel packages up to
3 Grinding Wheels for each package

앸 3 Dimensional Measuring Probe
for positioning and measuring

앸 The table principle allows
the use of different kinds of
accessories such as tailstock,
steadyrest etc. without

앸 Work head with direct drive

앸 Max. revolution 600 rpm,
optional up to 1,000 rpm
Max. tool diameter 32 mm
Max. tool length 200 mm
Changeable tool palet

High automation due to the integrated automatic tool changing
system in Pick-Up execution for the production or regrinding of tools


앸 3.0 - 5.0 mm shank dia. 143 tools
앸 5.1 - 9.0 mm shank dia. 90 tools
앸 9.1 - 12.0 mm shank dia. 70 tools
앸 12.1 - 16.0 mm shank dia. 54 tools
앸 16.1 - 20.0 mm shank dia. 35 tools
앸 20.1 - 32.0 mm shank dia. 18 tools

Wheel Changer with delivery station

앸 Grinding wheel sets with their individual cooling systems may be installed
in the 4 magazine positions (optional 8)
Control NUM 1050 M with PC, Program Memory for 1024 k

Interpolation 5 out of 5 axis

PC in the actual configuration

Screen 17'' TFT-Flat Screen
Flat Screen for CNC- and PC-Dialog

Operating System Software operating under Windows쏐 technology

Drives Digital servo drives manufactured by NUM


Control NUM 1050 M with PC

Easy Programming
with Windows쏐

Quick Data Entry

Program Selection
Ergonomically designed Control Panel

Example: Selection of
End Milling Cutters

Example: End Mill Cutter
Control Cabinet with Cooling System attached with Center Cut 8-Edges
to the machine
Extensive Range of Software

For the manufacturing and regrinding of
cutters and drilling tools mainly for the
metal- and woodworking industry


Software operating under Windows

Database tool data, technology data, grinding wheel data

Languages German, English, French, Italian or Czech

Switchable dimensional unit Dimensional unit can be switched from metric to inch

Selection of grinding wheel via software

3D Simulation graphic simulation of the complete Cutting process

Cylindrical and Tapered Cutters Drills and Step Drills Profile - Form Cutters Burrs

Tools for the woodworking Industry Taps Deep-hole Drills Disc type Milling Cutters Shaper Cutters
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Grinding Machines
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Technical Data
Tool data
Max. diameter 250 mm
Max. diameter for complete grinding 250 mm
Max. cutting edge length for complete grinding
(measured at the front edge of the work head) 430 mm

Centre height 195 mm

Grinding table X-axis
Longitudinal traverse distance X-axis 625 mm
Feed rate 0 - 15 m/min

Cross slide Z-axis
Longitudinal traverse 305 mm
Feed rate 0 -15 m/min
Edge Filtration System Oil Mist Extractor
Vertical travel Y-axis
with integrated
Vertical travel 305 mm Magnetic Separator Coolant Clarifier Unit
Feed rate 0 - 15 m/min

Grinding head B-axis
Swivel in horizontal plane 240
Motor grinding spindle  170 mm
Grinding wheel arbor with rapid clamping HSK - C 50
Grinding spindle speed infinitely variable 2,000 - 10,000 rpm
Max. Grinding wheel diameter 150 mm

Grinding wheel changer
Number of magazine positions 4 (optional 8) Fire Extinguisher

Workhead A-axis with direct drive
Work spindle taper ISO 50
Through bore capacity  28 mm
Fotografie & Gestaltung:

Through bore capacity by automatical clamping  20 mm
Number of indexes 1 - 999
Indexing accuracy +/- 15’’
Max. rpm of work spindle 600 rmp

X-, Y- and Z-axis 0.0001 mm
B- and A-axis 0.0001

Drive output rating
Grinding motor, peak capacity 26 kW
Longitudinal path drive motor X-axis 3 kW
Subject to technical change.

Workhead drive motor A-axis 3 kW
Cross travel drive motor Z-axis 3 kW
Vertical travel drive motor Y axis 3 kW
Grinding head B-axis 3 kW

Total Power Rating 28 kW
Weight approx. 5,200 kg
Tool changer (option)