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BMW Brand Activation

When a globally recognised brand like BMW seeks to further enhance its
image, one wonders what else can be done. This very challenge was handed
to the team at Kingsmen. As the ofcial event artner of BMW for !"#!, the
Kingsmen team was given the task of taking BMW$s events to the ne%t level.
Brand activation is all about romoting a uni&ue brand e%erience to target
audiences, engaging them and creating lasting imressions. BMW has always
something e%citing in store for their clients.
BMW Asia kicked o' !"#! with the much awaited M( launch held at the
)slanade in *ingaore. +rom venue sourcing, event concetualisation and
management, build,u, to re and ost,event ublicity, the Kingsmen
alternative marketing team left no stone unturned. The e%clusive by
invitation,only launch took lace in a secially designed mar&uee at the oen
car ark on )slanade -rive. +or three consecutive nights, guests mingled
with BMW$s engineers and secialists from .ermany who shared their wealth
of knowledge about BMW and the uni&ue features of the car.
/nly a well,thought lan, keen attention to detail and the elusive 01$ factor
can create a secial e%erience. BMW lives by this winning combination. As
art of the M brand$s 2"
anniversary, and to launch the entire M series,
BMW secially organised the BMW M 3ower -rive )%erience to give secial
oortunities of test driving the BMW M cars at the 4hangi )%hibition 4entre
with BMW drive secialists and trainers on site. 5umerous touch oints such
as well,ositioned way6nding, event ambassadors, brie6ng and refreshment
stations, merchandise corners and roduct dislays were created and
emloyed to engage invited guests throughout the drive e%erience. As art
of the M brand$s 2"
anniversary last year and to launch the entire M series,
BMW gave guests the oortunity of test driving BMW M cars at the 4hangi
)%hibition 4entre with BMW drive secialists and trainers on site. !(" guests
had the e%erience of a lifetime at an event that saw the sale of #7 BMW M
8BMW Asia has brought our clients unforgettable experiences by showcasing
the brands strengths in novel ways through events like the BMW M Power
Drive Experience !tandard "hartered Marathon and BMW # !eries $ran
"oup% launch& 't was a great pleasure working with (ings)en to reali*e these
exciting events which garnered rave reviews fro) our guests&9
Mr. :ito .erman
Marketing -irector, BMW Asia
BMW Asia wraed u a successful year of events with the *tandard
4hartered Marathon *ingaore on ! -ecember !"#!. ;n a strong show of
suort for the highly anticiated marathon, BMW organi<ed fortnightly run
clinics which started in August and lasted till race day= forming a community
of like,minded running enthusiasts. At the event, the BMW brand was >?@ >?@
with an activation camaign that comrised a BMW acer rogramme, car
dislays, resting tents, and 6ve cheering oints along the marathon route.
Armed with encouraging message boards and claers, #7" volunteers
cheered as runners ran by *entosa$s *iloso Beach, .ardens by the Bay >)ast@,
BenAamin *heares bridge, and the +ormula # race track and 3it Building. ;t
was a truly memorable e%erience for all runners and volunteers, we all look
forward to what BMW Asia has lined u in !"#BC

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