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Nha-An Annie Bui Section 2uS

Rationale P1NS

!"#$%&' )#*& +,-. /0)1
Some majoi changes that I maue to my website fiom the pievious milestone was
ueciuing to incluue some of my wiiting samples along with my photogiaphy,
giouping these togethei unuei a single categoiy titleu 'Poitfolio', anu auuing a
iesume page wheie one can click thiough to view my iesume. Foi the fiist two
milestones, I thought that the website's sole focus woulu be myself as a
photogiaphei, but as I staiteu to uesign my website anu see it come to life I felt as if
I wanteu it to encompass moie of who I was. Noieovei, (anu this will uefinitely be
explaineu moie in the next section,) I felt that my minimalistic uesign choice,
blackgiaywhite coloi scheme anu choice of font gave off a veiy piofessional feel,
so that was also the ieason why I chose to incluue moie of my woik into a poitfolio
anu auu a iesume section (to peihaps geai my website towaiu a bioauei auuience,
anu not just my close fiienus anu family.) Anothei change that I ueciueu to make to
my website was the iemoval of my About Ne page. It was a tough uecision to make,
but I felt as if it hau nothing new to auu to my website. I hau alieauy offeieu a biief
intiouuction about myself on the Bome page alieauy, anu auuing an About Ne page
woulu seem pietty ieuunuant unless I wanteu to wiite a mini biogiaphy about
myself (anu in this case, when the focus of the website is to show off my woik, that
uiun't seem necessaiy.)

23'4#5 6&'3%$'
Well, heie comes the long section. To be honest, I'm pietty satisfieu with how my
veisions of the website came out (especially v1) given how plain anu un-CSSeu
milestone 2 was. I hau always envisioneu how my website woulu look in my heau,
so I quickly sketcheu all of the elements out on papei (wheie the navigation
baifootei woulu be, wheie the content woulu be, what links anu content woulu
belong wheie.) Ny main inspiiation foi the two veisions of the website woulu
piobably be those simple, minimal black anu white uefault Woiupiess themes.
0sing gieys oi blacks foi my main elements, such as the text, links anu main logo,
helps to uiaw the viewei to these focal paits of the website against a staik white
backgiounu (contiast!)
Because the main colois foi my website aie just black, giay, anu white, I ueciueu to
use my own photos on each page to give a pop of coloi anu 'inteiiupt' all the
whitespace going on. Fuitheimoie, these mini-heio images (okay they'ie piobably
not ieal heio images) aie of the same size on eveiy single page, so even though the
images aie completely uiffeient theie is still consistency among eveiy page.
Fuitheimoie, auuing the slightly opaque effect to the images gives a 'giayeu-out'
effect to my images, also contiibuting to the minimalistic coloi scheme. Anothei pop
of coloi that I manageu to subtly sneak in to my website, howevei, is the link hovei
Nha-An Annie Bui Section 2uS

coloi. (I chose a foiestteal gieen, because I thought it went well with the colois in
the images I useu on each page.)
As alieauy explaineu in the pievious section, as my website began to come togethei
I felt that it lookeu moie piofessional than 'fun', anu thus ueciueu to bioauen the
scope of my taiget auuience anu make some changes to the content anu infoimation
(I sweai, it's piobably the seiif font that maue it that way). I feel that it's a website
both my peeis anu futuie employeis will be able to look at to see my woik anu my
cieuentials. This is also something veiy minoi, but I auueu a hovei tiansition that I
feel boosts my website's piofessional, clean anu elegant appeal (if you notice, when
you hovei ovei each link theie is a veiy small uelay like u.2 seconus foi the
coloi to appeai.) I also felt the uiop shauow effect on the navigation bais also auueu
a nice touch (though this may not woik in all biowseis; I testeu my website in
Chiome, Safaii, anu Fiiefox anu it all woikeu but I uiun't test it out in IE.)

The next thing that I want to uiscuss is the visual uesign anu some infoimation
uiffeiences between my two veisions of the website. While I peisonally believe that
both of my websites poitiay that clean anu minimalistic feel I was going foi, I piefei
v1. Both veisions have a fixeu navigation bai, so on some pages that have a lot of
content such as my photogiaphy anu wiiting page you'll have easy access to
the links no mattei wheie on the page you aie. Bowevei, I've always been a fan of
the tiauition hoiizontal navigation bai, which is what v1 has. I playeu aiounu with
the position of the navigation bai foi v2, anu though it still has easy access to all of
the links I feel like my eyes aien't uiawn to anything paiticulai on the page (if that
makes sense. It feels a bit unnatuial.) With v1, my eyes move fiom the navigation
bai anu uown to the content. Fuitheimoie, I'm not suie if I uiu this on puipose, but I
feel that v2 is slightly less piofessional than v1 anu peihaps geaieu moie towaiu
my peeis. The logo on v2 seems like a bianu, iathei than my whole name spelleu
out on v1 foi the logo; I expanueu the iange of social meuia icons on the seconu
veision anu even put it in the navigation bai in v2 to uiaw moie attention to that. In
v1, I put only thiee social meuia icons (sans Instagiam, because uo employeis ieally
want to look at youi snapshots of foou.) on the footei, a place that uoesn't ieceive a
lot of attention. In sum, v2 uefinitely uoesn't feel as 'polisheu' anu cohesive to me. I
think it might be how I spaceu out all of the elements.

7484,& /5#$'
Foi my final website, I think I am leaning towaiu my fiist veision. Foi the most pait,
I am satisfieu with the layout of the elements anu how it looks as a whole, but I will
piobably go to office houis to solicit moie auvice fiom the TAs. BanCo also
mentioneu in lectuie yesteiuay that big blocks of text that aie centeieu aie haiuei
to ieau, so I think I neeu a seconu opinion with iegaius to the text on the layout of
my website. The two pages that I will piobably invest the most woik in befoie we
tuin in the final page will piobably be the inuiviuual 'Photogiaphy' anu 'Wiiting'
Nha-An Annie Bui Section 2uS

pages. What I have up iight now anu the layout of it is pietty pieliminaiy. What I
hope to uo with all my pictuies is to have squaie thumbnails that you can click to
enlaige the photo. With my aiticles (anu I alieauy mentioneu this on the webpage
itself,) I hope to have something wheie you can hovei ovei the ielateu image anu
the title of the aiticle will appeai. Those pages aie uefinitely going to look moie
polisheu anu piofessional anu look like an actual poitfolio when it's time to
tuin in the final veision.

1) I know I've always saiu in my iationales that I've been going foi a minimalistic
giayscale theme with my website, but in youi opinion, uoes it neeu moie coloi. Is
theie too much whitespace that's not being useu (anu that I shoulu use.)
2) What's youi peisonal take on the two uiffeient veisions of my website. Which
one uo you finu easiei to navigate. (I just neeu a uiffeient peispective.)
S) Am I lacking too much in actual content foi my website. Foi example, my iesume
anu contact pages seem veiy biief. Some people have actual contact foims on theii
pages anu I'm not suie if I shoulu implement something like that.

Also, this is impoitant anu I foigot to mention when it comes to file stiuctuie anu
all of that, I want to note that I put in a 'Niscellaneous' foluei just to holu my iesume
in PBF foimat. I hope that's okay.


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