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ICTWG Meeting

Held on Tuesday 7/12/09 at 3.45

JG, KCa, VC, DS, PW, DF, KT, JWa, JS, MB, SGo, SM, HS, RBL, VH.
Apologies: MMc


1 Minutes of last meeting:-

Were read as a true and accurate record.
2 Matters Arising.

· IWB – Jwa advised the meeting that he had seen on many
occasion, IWBs being left on at the end of a school day and
requested clarification on “replacement bulb”.
· JG confirmed that he had been working on a Policy on behalf of ALL
the ICTWG – this was distributed to staff for perusal and feedback
to JG please.
· DF confirmed that in some instances the pens for use with IWG
were missing JG confirmed that 2 x pens were provided for each
IWB when installed.
· VH – objected to the section in the Policy of turning equipment
of at break and/or lunchtimes.
· SGO – requested confirmation that if the equipment is on
standby/blank and/or mute is it technically on or off. JG advised it
was on.
· Orange Forms – please complete and pass back to JG. ALL
· Desk Top Image - This went to ICT Strategy Group. HS/CB
are working together on same – will keep group updated.
3 M-Teaching & Learning.

· MB and his music students have been using I-phone within
class to a great advantage. MB gave demonstration of what and
how they had achieved this. JG thanked MB.
· PW requested as to whether the use of the i-phone would
be as good in other subjects.
· JP – requested where do we stand with regards to
videoing/taking pictures of students. PH confirmed that a report
could be run within Sims showing the students who have not had
consent from parents to having their photo/videoing and/or being
on the website.
· JG passed document around entitled “Friend or Foe” and
gave a brief outline of the document relating to use of mobile
phones within school.
· JG gave demonstration of advertisements of i-phones and
produced a booklet on same for the group. He also advised that
there is an i-phone in school and is to be used as and when you ALL
can and being distributed around the departments. Please see
JG whether you wish to use same
4 E-Learning – AUP.

JG distributed “E-Learning Acceptable Use Policy” document. This
document has come about with regards to the new safeguarding
procedures that are currently being put into place within school. JG
has done research into certain criteria within the document. This
document has also been given to the ICT Strategy Group. Please
share with your colleagues and give feedback to JG. This will be
discussed at length at the next meeting in March 2010.

5 E-Learning.

· JG asked DS to advise the group on what she ahs been
developing within her department. DS & KCa have been working
together using the visualizers within the classroom environment.
They are holding training courses on a lunchtime for basic
training and to follow up with training session for advance
usage. DS to look into “Data Logger” for various departments.
DS + KCa to attend the BETT Show. - JG Thanked DS for her
insight into the visualizers.
· Yaccapaca - JG gave handout and requested that this
document be shared with colleagues. JG advised this is a good
product and it’s use would be in assessment for learning. See
JG or MMC as she has been using same in Business Studies.
· Sam Learning - e-mail with attachment was sent to you
all with regards to updates on same learning. The different
changes to Sam Learning is the support of APP. The school has
been offered a discount if we renew Sam Learning. Do staff feel
Sam Learning is being used within school. Stats show that
students are using this outside of school hours. VH would like to
know how much the renewal is and whether the money could be
used on other resources – JG to investigate.
· Clipbank Inset Day - did staff find this useful. Feedback JG
JP - very good for the RE Department.
SM - Maths out of date.
PW - Science out of Date.
SGo - Childish with regards to MFL
HS - Graphics very good.
DS - Useful to have and quick to search.
KCa - History – good. ALL
· Autology - Couple of issues – currently it is blocked
within school by mistake. Hopefully will be rectified soon.
Problems with students accounts for pupils who need passwords
resetting – linked to digital brain which pupils don’t have any
more. JG will inform staff by e-mail when ready to use.
· Competition to win I-pod shuffle. We could send a letter
home to explain this to parents. Get back to JG with thoughts.
JG also gave out posters for departments to display.
6 Google Apps.

JG handed out document/ CD Rom with regards to the possibility of a
new school development. Explore and Feedback to JG at next
7 Video Conversions.

JG has had request for school to purchase a video converter so that
staff can play them on the whiteboards. Handout of software or
online solutions given out.
8 Classroom Audio Technology Trial.

A 30 day free trial has been offered to school. Software which
enhances teachers voice so that he/she can be heard anywhere in
the classroom. Teacher does not need to speak so loudly. Any
interested department to let JG know. Handout given with more
information. Trial to begin in Jan 2010, let JG know if you/ dept is
interested in taking part please.