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Name of the teacher trainee: Risani S Std: IX

Name of the school :Leo XIII HSS, Alappuzha.
Subject : English
Topic :Noun And Pronoun

Role of concept: A noun is a word of a person, place or thing. Everything we can see or talk about is
represented by a word which name it. That name word is called a noun.
A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.
Attributes: Essential Attributes,
1) Define the name of cities?
2) Define the name of rivers?
3) Name of person or things?
4) Describe the person
5) Usability of the things

Pre- requisites
Knowledge of noun as part of speech and general ideas about part of speech.

Support system: power point presentation.
Curricular statements: The learner,
1) Acquire knowledge of term pronoun
2) Understands the meaning of pronoun
3) Acquire ability to apply knowledge of the above concept
4) Learn to think by framing hypothesis and test them
5) Learn to analyse the thinking process.

Classroom interaction procedure response
Presentation and identification of data

Teacher presents first step of identification.

Tr. Examine the examples and find out what
is it?

Accepts the first hypothesis and given
second set of examples.

Tr accepts the students hypothesis and
define the concept based on the hypothesis

Students observed the given example

Students formulated from first hypothesis.

Students understands the concept of

Theacher presents a set of labelled examples
and insist the students to find out the noun
and pronoun from the set of examples.
It, She, He, love, Mary, Raju, There, They,
We, Scale, Pen..Etc.

Tr: can you say some more examples ?
Tr: Study the following examples and find
out the Pronoun ?




Analysis of thinking strategies.

Tr:1) How did you guess my concept?

2) Which set of example helped you to
achieve at the concept?
3) Did you focus on the essential attributes?


From the second set of examples.