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6850 Hubbard Road Chris Turner, Principal

Clarkston, MI 48348 Ray Lebert, PTO President
(248) 623-5500 September, 2014

From the Principal . . . From the Principal . . . From the Principal . . . From the Principal . . .

Welcome to a new school year! Its going to be a good one!

Were up and running thanks to the efforts of many people
Thank you to our parents for preparing your children and sending
them to school ready to learn.
Thanks to the staff for all their efforts getting everything ready
for the first days.
ur custodial staff did a great !ob cleaning and preparing the school
for a fresh start.
ur students are ready and eager to start a new year and learn!

"s we get going in the new year please remember to keep the lines of
communication open between the home and school. #ets try to make sure that
the $little% things dont become $big% things.

The staff at Independence appreciates the support our
parents give us. Without you we cannot do all that we do!
#ets continue to work together to help all of our students
succeed. Its this type of teamwork that makes
Independence &lementary a great place to learn.

'hris Turner

Important Dates to Remember

(eptember )* +un ,un

ctober - .T/0olunteer/'hairperson 1eeting 23-4 am
5at 6ay for 7o8 Tops
ctober 9 Late Start Wednesday School begins at 9!" a#
ctober :; 1arket 6ay .ick<up
.arent/Teacher 'onferences ;344<=3-4 pm
ctober :* .arent/Teacher 'onferences ;344<=3-4 pm
ctober := .T 7oard 1eeting 23-4 am
ctober ): +irst grade field trip to the 6etroit >oo
ctober )) Late Start Wednesday School begins at 9!" a#
?oung +ives field trip to (picers rchard
ctober )2 .icture ,e<take 6ay
ctober -: 5alloween .arade )344 pm
5alloween .arties )3-4 pm

Please remember that in the morning students are not to enter the building until the
doors open at 8:35 a.m. At the end of the day (3:50 p.m.) we ask that parents either wait in
the pick-up line for their child(ren), or park and wait for dismissal in the lobby.
Parents: Please review the student drop-off and pick-up guidelines on the map in this
newsletter. If everyone cooperates, dropping off and picking up students will go smoothly
and safely.
Note: If your child will be going home from school in a different way than the
norm, please send a note to the teacher. If we do not receive a note, we will send the
child in the manner they usually go home. We often have children saying things like, My
mom said she might pick me up Or, She said shed get me after she dropped off my
sister Then we call home and the parent tells us that the child was supposed to ride the
bus. So Please send a note to the teacher if your child will be going home in a manner
different from the norm. Thank you for your help with this!
If you must pick your child up prior to the end of school (3:50), please come to the
office to sign your child out. The office will call the classroom to have your child released.

When sending a check for lunch money to the school, please make checks payable to
Clarkston Community Schools. Make sure you put your childs full name (first and last
name) on the envelope.

Student Profile Cards (Emergency Cards)
If you havent already done so, please complete and return your childs revised
emergency information card as soon as possible. Thank you.
Parent Information


Independence Elementary has an
attendance voice mail phone line. he
n!m"er is #$%&' ($) #$%&' ($) #$%&' ($) #$%&' ($)* ** *++,-. ++,-. ++,-. ++,-. .lease call
this attendance line /hen yo! /ant to
report that yo!r child /ill "e a"sent
0rom school. 1essa2es are chec3ed
re2!larly thro!2ho!t the day and then
0or/arded to yo!r child4s teacher. do not do not do not do not !se this line to in0orm
st!dents o0 a chan2e o0 plans at the end
o0 the day. Instead5 call the o00ice
directly /ith this in0o.'

Bus Drivers Bus Drivers Bus Drivers Bus Drivers

Independence is proud
of our school bus drivers that
transport our children to and from
school every day. Its a difficult job
and we thank them for their work.

Bus # Bus # Bus # Bus # Driver Driver Driver Driver
20 lice !criver
22 "udy !chornak
2# $ina %ay
## "udy &harboneau
#' &olleen (ac)eod
#* Darlene +elch
,2 (ary nne %loyed

Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher
Conferences Conferences Conferences Conferences

School Meeting
Once again this year, School
Meetings will be held on Friday
mornings at 8:55 in the cafeteria.
At School Meeting we celebrate
birthdays, make announcements,
and have student presentations.
Everyone is invited to attend. Feel
free to attend School Meeting and
join us in celebrating
Independence Elementary
Schools spirit!

Welcome New Families!

Independence Elementary would
like to take this opportunity to
welcome all the students and
their families that are new to
our school this year!

A great fitness opportunity is coming up A great fitness opportunity is coming up A great fitness opportunity is coming up A great fitness opportunity is coming up
for all K for all K for all K for all K- -- -5 students! 5 students! 5 students! 5 students!

The Elementary Cross Country Race The Elementary Cross Country Race The Elementary Cross Country Race The Elementary Cross Country Race
Friday, Octoer !", #$!% Friday, Octoer !", #$!% Friday, Octoer !", #$!% Friday, Octoer !", #$!% at C&' at C&' at C&' at C&'
K KK K- -- -# ( mile run # ( mile run # ( mile run # ( mile run
) )) )- -- -5 ! *ile run 5 ! *ile run 5 ! *ile run 5 ! *ile run
*edals to top ten oys and girls *edals to top ten oys and girls *edals to top ten oys and girls *edals to top ten oys and girls in each race in each race in each race in each race
and rions to all participants+ Trophy to the and rions to all participants+ Trophy to the and rions to all participants+ Trophy to the and rions to all participants+ Trophy to the
school ,ith highest percentage participating+ school ,ith highest percentage participating+ school ,ith highest percentage participating+ school ,ith highest percentage participating+

Come on -roncos let Come on -roncos let Come on -roncos let Come on -roncos let. .. .s ring that trophy ac/ to s ring that trophy ac/ to s ring that trophy ac/ to s ring that trophy ac/ to
0E!! 0E!! 0E!! 0E!!

'incerely, in fitness and health, 'incerely, in fitness and health, 'incerely, in fitness and health, 'incerely, in fitness and health,
*rs+ Katie 1amert *rs+ Katie 1amert *rs+ Katie 1amert *rs+ Katie 1amert
0ndependence 2hysical 0ndependence 2hysical 0ndependence 2hysical 0ndependence 2hysical Educator Educator Educator Educator

#ook for information coming
home from your childs
teacher regarding how to sign up for
.arent/Teacher 'onferences being held on
both ctober :; and :*. 'onference sign<
up will take place online using

Youre off to the races! Today is your day!
The Fun Run is waiting so get on your way!

Dont forget to eat a good breakfast, dress for the weather & wear comfortable running shoes!

Each class has been assigned a class color. If your child has a shirt in this color, it would be
helpful and fun if they wore it on the day of the Fun un.

Class Colors: BLUE GREEN RED
!amb "hamberlain #nderson
Da$is%Eklin Duffy &las'kowski
Distelrath (te$enson &oewe
Dobson (orensen "ameron
)lenow *ittel +retka
,arner &ell
(ielinski -lancon

If you would still like to $olunteer to help at the Fun un, please contact one of us.
"ome on out and cheer for your kid.s/ as they earn funds to support our school.

Thank you!
0ichelle "ray .123/ 456%2623,
(hana ,irth .123/ 332%2336,
9odd otter .736/ 151%:6;:


8:55 combo & 4
grade (Sorensen: Green; Warner: Blue; Gretka: Red
!:"# $ 5
grade (%leno&: Blue; Ste'enson: Green; (lancon: Red
!:45 )
grade (S*el*nsk*: Blue; +u,,-: Green; Bell: Red
)#:)# $ %*ndergarten (.hamberla*n: Green; .ameron: Red; +*stelrath: Blue
)#:/5 "
grade (0amb:Blue; 1*ttel:Green; Blas2ko&sk*:Red
)):## /
grade (Boe&e:Red; +a'*s$3kl*n:Blue
)):"5 $ 4oung 5*'es (6nderson: Red; +obson: Blue

nside ! " there is incle#ent $eather:

8:55 $ 4
grade (Sorensen & Warner
!:)5 /74 (Gretka & 5
grade (%leno&
!:/5 $ 5
grade ((lancon & Ste'enson
!:55 $ %*ndergarten (.hamberla*n & .ameron
)#:)5 %*ndergarten (+*stelrath
)#:/5 $)st grade (Bell & "
)#:55 $)
grade (S*el*nsk* & +u,,-
)):)5 "
grade (1*ttel & Blas2ko&sk*
)):/5 /
grade (Boe&e & +a'*s$3kl*n
)):55 4oung 5*'es (+obson & 6nderson
Fun Run
Friday, September 26, 2014

Independence Elementarys Parent Teacher Organization would like to take this time
to welcome you and your family back for an enriching school year. The PTO has mailed out
the annual packet of information to each student during the first weeks of school. Included in
this packet were: the Volunteer Request Form listing several PTO sponsored activities for the
year, along with a brief description information on Passive Fundraising programs that bring
in thousands of dollars to our school a year, the IE Directory Form - and the IE Directory
Advertisement Form as well as a list of PTO member contacts. If you ever have any
questions, you can always feel free to e-mail or call any of us. Please be sure to review these
important forms and return them if you wish to volunteer this school year and/or participate in
the directory.

The Fun Run ... IE's one and only active fundraiser ... is fast-approaching. Mark your
calendars for Friday, September 26! The Fun Run supports all PTO sponsored activities for
the entire school year which includes Field Trips, S.O.C.K.S. Day, Field Day, Muffins with
Mom, Donuts with Dad and more. The PTO also aids in purchasing classroom books, games,
technology and much more! Volunteers are needed until Noon. PLEASE contact Michelle,
Shana, or Todd if you havent already signed up and would like to be part of the fun! Michelle
Cray: (248) 396-4648 /; Shana Wirth: (248) 884-4886 / or Todd Rotter: (586) 292-0610 /

If being informed this year on pertinent I.E. dates, as well as Clarkston community
events are on your agenda, you can always visit and then click on
Email reminders. These e-blasts will provide you with up-to-date information about school
related activities and beyond. Our PTO web page is also linked on the Independence
Elementary home page, so take some time to see how you can help out the school, and stay
informed. Additionally, on Facebook, you can get announcements throughout the year if you
like our page: Independence Elementary PTO Clarkston.

We are still looking for volunteers throughout the year and hope that you can
participate in some, or many ways. The PTO is excited and anticipates a great year. All that
you do to help teachers, the Clarkston Community Schools, our community, and the students
comes with a wealth of planning, executing, and reflecting. We appreciate your involvement.

Ray Lebert
PTO President

Welcome back Independence families! We hope that you had a fun-filled summer and are ready for
the new school year. We are off and running with our first month of Market Day orders already
placed. Hopefully you found the September order guide that came home with your child(ren) and
found some things that looked good for you and your family!

For those of you who are new to Market Day, we would like to introduce you to this wonderful
service that has been working with our school for many years. Market Day offers quality food at a
value to our Independence families, while earning the school 10% of each monthly sale. It is such an
easy way to help your school and your family! There are breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack and
entertaining selections, all backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Market Day is offering some new and free items in October. Be sure to check out the new Orange
Chicken, Fire Roasted Root Vegetables, and Greek Yogurt Apple Cakes. Also look for the FREE
items with your purchase. They are offering a FREE 1 lb. bag of Chicken Gems with any $90 online
purchase using promo code: OCTBONUS.

Market Days FREEquent Buyer Program is back this fall. When you make two purchases of $40
between September and November, and then place a third order of $40 in December, you will receive
a FREE Salad Bowl Serving Set at the December sale pick-up.

Market day will be participating in a Cookie Dough Fundraiser. They offer high quality pre-portioned
cookie dough at a reasonable price. This fundraiser will earn additional money for our school.

Market day orders need to be placed by Wednesday, October 8
by 11pm. Pick up will be Tuesday
October 14th from 3:15 to 4:15 in the cafeteria.

Your Market Day order is important to us so please visit to order and support
your school!

If you have any questions, need to make special pick-up arrangements, or would like to volunteer to
help on pick-up days, please contact Carrera Gach (847) 404-0305 or Violet Gronberg (630) 450-
0441. We look forward to seeing you soon! Lets make this a great year for Independence


In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504
of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, and
the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, it is the policy of the Clarkston Community School District that the
Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age,
height, weight, marital status, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic, in its programs and
activities, including employment opportunities. For information, contact the Director of Personnel, 6389 Clarkston
Road, Clarkston, MI 48346, (248) 623.5400. For information regarding ADA, contact the Deputy Superintendent, 6389
Clarkston Road, Clarkston, MI 48346, (248) 623.5400.

Its So Easy to Make a Big Difference for IE!

Passive Fundraising is in full swing at Independence Elementary!
Participation is EASY and definitely BENEFITS our school!

Box Tops for Education / Labels for Education: Send in your labels NOW the first
deadline is October 17. They can be found on hundreds of products. We collect labels all
year long and submit twice a year. Last year, we earned nearly $3,000.00 with just the
Box Tops alone! Those little labels really add up! Attached is a Back to School Box Top
Collections sheet for your convenience. Each completed form earns IE $5.00!

Hat Day for Box Tops Coming Friday, October 3rd Show your support!!
Dig out all those Box Tops youve been saving, and wear your favorite hat to

Kroger Community Rewards: : Just Shop, Swipe and Earn! The Kroger Community
Rewards program allows IE to receive a cash donation based on the percentage of your
purchases once you link your Kroger Plus Card to our Account #82420. It's free and easy
to set up. EVERYONE must enroll or re-enroll for this program each spring. Click on for more information.

IE received over $3,400.00 last year with only 85 households participating imagine
the amount if everyone participates?! Please see the attached one-pager with step-
by-step directions to enroll or re-enroll! Registration is quick and easy, so please do
it today !

E-Labels for Education: Remember to Shop. Swipe. Earn! This program allows our
school to earn one point for any Campbells Labels for Education purchases automatically.
To sign up, register on-line by following the prompts at
Enter your Kroger Plus Card number, and select our school to receive the E-Labels for
Education points. This program is in addition to any points/labels you send in, so keep
those coming as well!

We also continue to participate with Meijer Community Rewards
(, Office Depot, Target (, and Tyson
( programs. Complete program information can be found at: Just click on PTO and then Passive Fundraising.

Multiply your efforts by asking friends and family to participate on behalf of our
school, too! REMEMBER Its an easy way to make a BIG difference for
Independence Elementary!!

IE needs your help to receive FREE money!!
Sin !p "#$%& and Shop, S'ipe and Earn (or IE!

Last year, IE received over $3,400.00 from this program to help fund important classroom enhancements/projects with
only 85 families participating. Imagine how much our school could receive if all families participated! Now is the
time to Enroll or e!Enroll with "roger! #he new "roger $ear %egan &a$ '

Please help us receive a cash donation ased on the percentage of your purchases! It will ta"e less than 5 minutes of
your time. #imply follow the directions elow to lin" your $roger Plus %ard to our (ccount )*+4+0.
It,s -EE and ./ E(.0 to set up! &hen, just #'(P, #)IPE *+, E*-+ for IE!!

1lease note2 0our "roger -uel 1oints are not impacted with this program. 0ou can earn -uel 1oints and $ for IE!!

3irections for '
#ime Enrollment.

/. %lic" on www."roger4ommunit$
0. %lic" 1%reate *ccount2
3. Enter your e4mail address, create a password and confirm password.
5. #elect your preferred store. 6&his is for information purposes only for $roger7 all shopping done with your card will
still go towards IE.8 Enter 9ip code, select store, then clic" 1%reate *ccount2.
5. Enter your $roger Plus %ard numer and last name used for your $roger Plus card
:. ;o to %ommunity -ewards 6near ottom8
<. %omplete the fields 6name, address, etc.8
8. Enter Independence Elementary or type in our *ccount +umer. 8050=, then clic" 1Enroll +ow2
>. #elect Independence Elementary
/=. %lic" 1Enroll2
0ou are now Enrolled!!! #5(N" 0/6!!!

3irections to e!Enroll.

/. %lic" on www."roger4ommunit$
0. %lic" 1#ign In2
3. Enter your e4mail address and password used to enroll your card, then clic" 1#ign In2
5. Enter Independence Elementary or type in our *ccount +umer. 8050=, then clic" 1Enroll +ow2
5. #elect Independence Elementary
:. %lic" 1Enroll2
0ou are now e!Enrolled!!! #5(N" 0/6!!!


If you need assistance registering, please call '!*00!"/8E., press 5 for customer service, press 5 to spea" to a
customer service representative.
*s of >/0=/5

)ac* "o School +ollection Sheet
!se this sheet to collect )o, "ops - .ust a((i, 'ith tape/lue and send in0
Each completed (orm earns Independence Elementary 12000!
"han* &#!!

Dear Clarkston Families,

Whether we admit it or not, we, parents, often have a good idea of whom
wed like to see as our childrens teachers, especially at an elementary
school. We talk to their current teachers, do some research here and there,
and write letters providing our input in this matter. After all, we want a good fit.

As concerned as we are about our children , when it comes to making decisions that might affect their
education on a large scale, we often dont feel compelled to invest a lot of effort. The most important
example of this is how much thought we put into the elections for our Board of Education.

Of course, most of us know what the Board of Education does. The Board of Education has the final
say in every initiative or decision regarding our schools from textbooks and curriculum our students
use, to repairs of the buildings in which they spend many hours, to salaries and professional
development for their teachers, to the amount of money for various needs. In fact, the Board
determines who fits to be our superintendent. It governs our schools.

What this means to you and me is that the
people we elect are in charge of our kids
education. We trust them with our children.
How much do we know about them?

Please make it a priority to find out who
fits well in our schools.

Arina Bokas
Clarkston PTA Council President

CCS Board of Education
Candidates Forum
Candidates Information:
October 16, 2014
Clarkston Junior High School


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E-Blasts are email messages sent to parents to share
news regarding upcoming events, activities,
and emergency information.

How to sign up for school and District E-Blasts:

1. Go to the Clarkston Calendar Website at:
2. Now click on Email Reminders to take you to the group selection page.
3. Next type your email address in the box.
4. Scroll through the list and check the box for the appropriate school. You can
select more than one box.

The Independence Update newsletter is published monthly and contains lots of
important information for our parents and families. In order to conserve the use of paper
we will be posting each issue of the Independence Update on our school website
beginning next month. Go to to view the newsletter.

If you would like a paper copy of the Newsletter sent home with your child each month,
please fill out the form below, and return it to the school office.

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If you would like to continue to have a paper copy of the
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Student Name Teacher