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The Ohio Exotic Pet Ban

The Zanesville, Ohio massacre, which ended with the deaths of 18 tigers, 17 lions, 6 black bears, 2
grizzly bears, 3 mountain lions, 2 wolves, and a baboon after they were set free by their suicidal
owner Terry Thompson, sent legislators in a frenzy to amend previous bills that were said to be far
too lenient on what exotic pets could be legally owned in Ohio. Prior to the incident, Governor
Kasich's task force, which was composed of organizations like the HSUS and the American
Zoological Association, originally were examining the state's lack of regulations when the Zanesville
incident propelled the issue into the spotlight and largely contributed to the support of the finished
The new Dangerous Wild Animal Bill had wide spread approval and was passed by the House
Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee in a 87-9 vote (the previous Senate Sub-Bill 310 was
approved by the committee and was sent to the Senate floor for a vote, passing the Ohio Senate 30-
1). Governor Kasich is expected to sign SB 310's exotic pet ban into a law soon.
If you live in the state of Ohio and posses a 'restricted species', you can acquire a permit for the
animal(s) by 2014, but there's a catch; the owner must meet strict new regulations including
registration, expensive liability insurance coverage (a 1 million dollar insurance policy is required of
those that possess a restricted species for educational purposes) and facility standards. The
registered animal must be micro-chipped. If owners cannot meet these new standards, they will have
to find new homes for their pets or turn them into the state where they will likely be euthanized. No
new animals may be purchased once the ban takes affect on January 1, 2014.
(8) Bears
(9) Elephants
(10) Rhinoceroses
(11) Hippopotamuses
(12) Cape buffaloes
(13) African wild dogs
(14) Komodo dragons
(15) Alligators
(16) Crocodiles
(17) Caimans, excluding dwarf caimans
(18) Gharials
(19) Nonhuman primates other than lemurs and the nonhuman
primates specified in division (C)(20) of this section
(20) All of the following nonhuman primates
(a) Golden lion, black-faced lion, golden-rumped lion,
cotton-top, emperor, saddlebacked, black-mantled, and Geoffroy's
(b) Southern and northern night monkeys
(c) Dusky titi and masked titi monkeys
(d) Muriquis
(e) Goeldi's monkeys
(f) White-faced, black-bearded, white-nose bearded, and monk
(g) Bald and black uakaris
(h) Black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed, and black
spider monkeys
(i) Common woolly monkeys
(j) Red, black, and mantled howler monkeys.