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- Cf course l can'L Lalk abouL any lndlvldual sLudenLs, [usL as l would never Lalk abouL your chlld.
ersonal lnformaLlon abouL our sLudenLs, lncludlng Lhelr gender ldenLlLy ls prlvaLe lnformaLlon.
8uL ls Lhere someLhlng we can do Lo help your chlld beLLer undersLand gender-relaLed lssues?
- Many people don'L reallze LhaL gender-based dlscrlmlnaLlon ls noL allowed under federal
regulaLlons ouLllnes ln 1lLle lx, and LhaL gender ls a proLecLed class ln many sLaLes and clLles ([usL
llke race, rellglon or dlsablllLy). unforLunaLely, Lhese proLecLlons are necessary because
Lransgender and oLher gender-expanslve sLudenLs frequenLly face a greaL deal of dlscrlmlnaLlon
from oLher sLudenLs, sLaff and communlLy members.
- CrganlzaLlons such as Lhe 1A, Lhe nLA, varlous assoclaLlons for admlnlsLraLors, counselors and
oLher educaLlonal professlonals, Lhe Callfornla School 8oard AssoclaLlon and many oLhers have
wrlLLen clear guldellnes abouL Lhe need Lo make sure LhaL Lransgender and oLher gender-
expanslve sLudenLs are safe aL school.
- l know Lhls ls new LerrlLory for many of us. SomeLlmes change ls really challenglng. erhaps l can
share some lnformaLlon wlLh you abouL Lhls lssue?

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- WhaL speclflcally ls maklng your chlld feel unsafe?
- l can assure you LhaL Lhe safeLy of all of Lhe sLudenLs aL Lhls school remalns my hlghesL prlorlLy. lf
your chlld ls feellng unsafe, we need Lo know abouL lL. Can you Lell me abouL speclflc slLuaLlons or
occurrences LhaL have Laken place ln whlch your chlld's safeLy was endangered?
- Cur expecLaLlon for all of our sLudenLs ls LhaL Lhey respecL Lhe prlvacy and physlcal boundarles of
oLher sLudenLs. lf Lhe behavlors of one sLudenL are maklng anoLher sLudenL feel unsafe, LhaL ls an
lssue we Lake very serlously. ls someLhlng or someone behavlng ln a way LhaL makes your chlld
feel unsafe?
- Pow can we help your chlld Lo feel more comforLable? lf for any reason your sLudenL needs
addlLlonal supporL, such as a prlvaLe space Lo change or use Lhe resLroom, we wlll work wlLh you
and your chlld Lo provlde Lhese.

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- Schools always have worked Lo supporL Lhe needs of lndlvldual sLudenLs ln a varleLy of ways. lor
any sLudenL who requlres supporL relaLed Lo gender, Lhe school works very dellberaLely Lo provlde
Lhe necessary servlces. 1hls does noL Lake place wlLhouL a greaL deal of care and plannlng.
- 1here are schools all over Lhe counLry supporLlng Lransgender sLudenLs ln Lhese ways and Lhls
lssue slmply does noL come up. A Lransgender sLudenL ls very dlfferenL from a young person who
ls clalmlng Lo be a dlfferenL gender for some lmproper purpose. 1ransgender sLudenLs are noL
Lrylng Lo geL away wlLh someLhlng or make Lhls up, why would Lhey? Conversely, any sLudenL
preLendlng Lo be Lransgender would be easlly ldenLlfled ln Lhe plannlng processes we have