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New Book

from Amherst Media

Beach Portraits
Lighting, Posing, and Composition
for Outstanding Photography
by Mary Fisk-Taylor
M.Photog.Cr., CPP
and Jamie Hayes
M.Photog.Cr., CPP
Master the challenges of beach portraiture and
create client-pleasing images
ind, shifting sand, unpredictable lighting, and sudden torrential
downpours all add to the normal portrait challenges when you
move your sessions to the beach. In this book, Mary-Fisk Taylor and Jamie
Hayes show you some practical techniques for making the best of the envi-
ronmental challenges, showing you how to create highly attering, salable
portraits of individuals and groupsevery time.
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Kate Neaverth or Adam Richards
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About the Authors
Mary Fisk-Taylor and Jamie Hayes have
been successful business partners in Rich-
mond, VA, for almost 20 years. They made
their mark photographing weddings and
have been noted for their family and chil-
drens portraits. Not being the type to rest
on their laurels, Mary and Jamie expanded
their expertise to beach portraiture.
Book Specs
$27.95, 7.5x10 inches, 128 pages
180 full-color photographs
ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-731-6
Order number: 2025
Use the sky and sea as an eective
Photograph groups and individuals
Work with natural light
Add ash for enhanced results
Pose kids, adults, and families