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Madam Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters, and honored guests,

This is my second toastmaster speech , I select one od Sri Lankan hot topic Casino.
In modern English, a casino is a house to facilitate certain type of gaming activity. The
casino industry refers as gaming industry in some countries. Casino industry run as billion
industry therefore it is big people.
We see how big is that. Can anyone say total estimate export value in Sri Lanka. It is
around 12 billion USD. What is the China Macaus annual turnover , it is around 28
billion USD.
So now we aware the size of the devil. Everything has history , so I will move on to the
history of the Casino.
Precise origin is unknown. However almost all society has history of gambling. The term
Casino is a Italian word Casa called House in 19
The gaming industry spread in very fast among the capitalist county such as USA,
Australia, France, Germany in future no drought in Sri Lanka. The casino industry run by
large corporations even though they are competitors, some time they work as friend to
archive common goals and its developments.
Now we all understand the industry. Now I would like to explain the what is going on
inside the casino. There are legal aspect for this game , in general age limit is 18. You will
screen by big body guard to ensure your good customer. If they suspect they will ask how
much money you have. The casino house specially design by understanding physiological ,
physiological weakness of humans. They will create timeless environment for players. The
house has special odors control, sound control to make playing rhythm. There is a lighting
arrangement to ensure to forget day or night. To increase weakness they use liquor,
beautiful ladies.
There are numerous game in modern casino. However there are basic games such as craps
, it is a simple dice game, roulette is the famous wheel and ball , Baccarat is card game ,
black jack is a card game and many video slot game in Sri lanka we plaid as jackpot.
All games divide in to two type one is play with house and play with each other winner pay
the small commission to house. Whatever the game you select to play with house the chance
of win around 1% most of players does not understand the mathematical model behind the
seen. All most all game well defines mathematical models to win house in overall over the
all players. That system is called house edge or house limit. It define maximum risk is taken
by house. There are some algorithmic way of playing for an example Fibonacci algorithm.
if you have good eye and mathematical pattern recognition , you have higer chance of
winning. However , casino management are very smart. They will hire you as a staff
member or ban for house.
How they protect their money. They have sophisticated CCTV and security system. They
monitor all unusual behaviors. Most of house ceilings are one way glass and they work
around the ceiling. they will distract your concentration by using liquor or ladies. If not
success they will bring you to meet floor manager and questioning. They will never ever
allowed to crack the system.

Why governments like Casino, because it may help to create new job in your area, expand
the tourism , low tax for resident , beatification of city , donation increase , high property
value , city life, etc..
It will create paradise in city, however , why people does not like casino because, street
street crime and population of prostitutions will increase tremendously . loss of productivity ,
high traffic , erosion of ethics, large money outflow , bankruptcy and no reliability on business owners.
I have Casino experience when I was grade 8. My mother give 3 rupee for every day to eat wade or
patice with plan tea . that amount is more than enough There was a jack pot house in our town. I used
to play jack pot by saving 2 rupees from my pocket money. I lost very day but I am happy because I am
playing. I have one companion also. One day have only one ruppe , then we both agree to go jakpot
house and play. However that day first time we won 100 rupees. That was a big win , the manager was
upset and shouting your kids how did you play. However, we manage to get price. They told never come
again. However we try to go again on next day but they not allowed to us. In one week time , principle
send notice to class made a inquire of quarrel at jack pot. I do not know how he know may be from
gossip or from house owner. We got punishment knew down on sand ground during interval hour.
Fortunately, The jack pot system shut down by government, at that time I was waiting gain age of 18 to
play jackpot.
In my conclusion Casino play major role in tourism industry, therefore we should implement casino in
isolated location such as in ship or there is a new project call port city. It develop city in the shallow sea
close to Gall Face area.

1. What is ODP?
1. Large 4.5 million sites
2. Internet Directory (compared to a telephone book to aid understanding)
3. Transition: Something this large doesnt just spring out of the earth. Someone
has to build it. (this leads naturally into the who)
2. Who builds ODP? 67,000 volunteers!
1. Volunteer demographics
2. Volunteer roles
3. Transition: What inspires 67,000 people to volunteer their time? (this leads
naturally into the why)
3. Why is ODP important?
1. Anyone can join
2. Data is free
3. Data complements results of Google and other search engines
4. Conclusion Summary of 3 main points, and a call-to-action to check it out.
1. I hope this talk has whet your appetite to find out more. This was a reference
back to the speech title: A Taste of ODP.