Vol. 8, #7, Sept.

15-28, 2006

Toronto Street News
Finally, you are gone My possessor I shake with the change Freedom, from your dominance My mind racing into the light Farther and farther away from you I smile in delight. The strength to hold fast And the honor you've shown.

Thank You


Angel Femia of LoveCry Thank you for the love You've given me today I feel so worm and cared for No fear is in my way Thank You for the message Of how you hold me dear And through my thoughts, I send to you A message just as clear I Love You!

Pleases forgive me. Please help me end this fear! Angel Femia LoveCry You needed help My heart was open You walked right in Not just in the room But into my mind You took it over You took control I gave you trust You deceived me I gave you forgiveness You used it against me I gave you sympathy You took my soul Drained of all my energy Sick and tired from your’ hate Finally, I catch your act You deny, over and over We argue and fight Until you saw, I broke free You screamed, lied and tried to destroy Me, all I love and hold dear I turned my back You cried and wailed I ran so fast, could not hear you

Jealous Competition!

I Am Free!


I Hope!

Angel Femia / LoveCry I looked into your eyes Saw your love for me Scared, I ran away from you I left you standing there I felt your love around me Please forgive my fears I shut down so quickly Please forgive my tears I hurt you so, I felt it Please forgive I know not how to react What now shall I say or do I want to run right to your arms But it terrifies me so And I don't wish to hurt you I know that's what I'll do As I continue to turn I want to turn around Please help me understand

Angel Femia LoveCry I hope I am ready When I am called To enter an new world Will I stand tall I hope I have courage For what lies ahead My dreams sometimes scare me I jump out of bed I hope I have wisdom To do the right things When trouble comes I will need balance rings I Hope I have logic To plan what comes next In times of danger All is not in our text I hope I have guts When I face the unknown

Angel Femia LoveCry Competing with you, and you with me I’m horrified, at what I see Blow my mind, rip my heart Your jealousy, begins to start It takes control, you become so mean In hateful ways, I’ve never seen Lashing out like a storm, out of control Blowing with high speed, your winds rise and role Crushing whom ever, gets in your way Wanting the prize, at the end of the day You win, it’s yours, bloodsheds behind You gloat, you shine, as your ego does climb And now tell me, do you feel so strong? Did you win the war? Can you sing your song? Does it make you feel good, when you try to sleep? As you remember the hate, you drilled so deep? In the name of wining, you rip and tare Don’t you even feel a little despair? Does your conscience race, as you see the eyes Of the ones you shattered, within your lies? ———————————– http://www.lovecry.org 416 406 0099 majic-angel3.tripod.com/lovecry Lovecry@rogers.com

Arctic Ice Melting Rapidly

urements are not as ice — in the interior of a giant patch of ice north of Alaska, bad, but will be Serreze said. It's called a polynya, and while those show up close to the record, from time to time, this one is large — about the size of the By SETH BORENSTEIN Serreze said. state of Maryland — and in an unexpected place. Arctic sea ice in winter is melting far faster than before, Equally disturbing is a large mass of water — melted sea two new NASA studies reported Wednesday, a new and alarming trend that researchers say threatens the ocean's delicate ecosystem. Scientists point to the sudden and rapid melting as a sure sign of man-made global warming. "It has never occurred before in the past," said NASA senior research scientist Josefino Comiso in a phone interview. "It is alarming... This winter ice provides the kind of evidence that it is indeed associated with the greenhouse effect." Scientists have long worried about melting Arcticsea ice in the summer, but they had not seen a big winter drop in sea ice, even though they expected it. For more than 25 years Arctic sea ice has slowly diminished in winter by about 1.5 percent per decade. But in the past two years the melting has occurred at rates 10 to 15 times faster. From 2004 to 2005, the amount of ice dropped 2.3 percent; and over the past year, it's declined by another 1.9 percent, according to Comiso. A second NASA study by other researchers found the winter sea ice melt in one region of the eastern Arctic has shrunk about 40 percent in just the past two years. This is partly because of local weather but also partly because of global warming, Comiso said. The loss of winter ice is bad news for the ocean because this type of ice, when it melts in summer, provides a crucial breeding ground for plankton, Comiso said. Plankton are the bottom rung of the ocean's food chain. "If the winter ice melt continues, the effect would be very profound especially for marine mammals," Comiso said in a NASA telephone press conference. The ice is melting even in subfreezing winter temperatures because the water is warmer and summer ice covers less area and is shorter-lived, Comiso said. Thus, the winter ice season shortens every year and warmer water melts at the edges of the winter ice more every year. Scientists and climate models have long predicted a drop in winter sea ice, but it has been slow to happen. Global warming skeptics have pointed to the lack of ice melt as a flaw in global warming theory. The latest findings are "coming more in line with what we expected to find," said Mark Serreze, a senior research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. "We're starting to see a much more coherent and firm picture occurring." "I hate to say we told you so, but we told you so," he added. Serreze said only five years ago he was "a fence-sitter" on the issue of whether man-made global warming was happening and a threat, but he said recent evidence in the Arctic has him convinced. Summer sea ice also has dramatically melted and shrunk over the years, setting a record low last year. This year's meas-


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