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Data Center Overview Document

NetSource is a Chicago area (Naperville) hosting company that owns and
operates its own world class datacenter. The initial datacenter buildout was put
into operation in 2! and e"panded in 2#$. This provided NetSource a uni%ue
opportunity to build the center &rom the ground up according to the most recent
standards available. 'e have built the center to withstand the most rigorous
standards and needs o& our customers. (n particular NetSource re&erred to the
)NS(*T() +,2 standard &or datacenters- the only approved standard in e"istence
at the time- .C(/DSS standards &or security- and most recently SS)0/#1- SOC#-
and SOC2 Type 2 compliance. These standards call &or rigorous procedures in all
&acets o& datacenter operation. .lus- we were able to leverage years o& e"perience
in the (nternet business since #++2.
The current SS)0/#1- SOC#- and SOC2 audits veri&y and test our operations and
procedures to con&orm to the highest standards. See the NetSource engagement
letter &rom The 3oore 4roup that speciali5es in SS)0/#1 audits o& datacenters &or
more in&ormation. The audit report is available to a customer6s auditors upon
re%uest7 note an ND) is re%uired.
The rest o& this short overview summari5es some o& the 8ey elements o& the
NetSource datacenter operation.
Security is one o& the most important aspects o& datacenter operation to
NetSource and its customers. NetSource provides a secure &acility that has
passed- &irst time- many customer audits. NetSource maintains a security policy
according to the .C(/DSS standard. NetSource provides loc8ed access to the
building and to the computer room(s). Only %uali&ied people are allowed in the
computer room. NetSource provides video surveillance throughout the &acility
and stores digital video &or at least + days. Customers are re%uired to read and
sign data center procedures be&ore NetSource allows entry to the computer room.
NetSource en&orces sign/in procedures and logs all entry to computer rooms
electronically. Once inside the computer room all server and networ8 e%uipment
is in closed and loc8ed cabinets- there are no open rac8s.
NetSource secures critical networ8s with &irewalls and*or intrusion detection
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Data Center Overview Document
systems. Special so&tware monitors the logs &rom &irewall and (DS systems to
report events that need attention.
This is a brie& summary o& the security procedures en&orced at NetSource. See the
data center speci&ications &or more in&ormation.
9eliability is another 8ey goal o& the NetSource datacenter. NetSource considers
itsel& a tier $ datacenter according to the uptime institute de&initions. 3easured
uptime o& the NetSource bac8bone networ8 over the last year is ++.++!:.
)chieving this uptime over a long multiple year period is due to NetSource6s
8nowledge- networ8 architecture- and procedures.
NetSource maintains at least an N;# architecture in power- cooling- and
networ8ing. NetSource utili5es physically diverse (nternet connections and
networ8 entry points into the building. The ).C <.Ss are con&igured as N;#
with automatic bypass and with generator bac8up. The generators also support
the cooling systems. The computer room air conditioners are maintained with
N;# redundancy and maintain the room at the temperatures and humidity
re%uired by the )NS( +,2 and )S=9)0 standards.
Customers have the option to connect to the NetSource bac8bone with redundant
networ8 connections and use redundant )*> power going through separate
circuit brea8ers &or the highest level o& reliability all the way to the customer6s
See the data center speci&ications &or more in&ormation.
To 8eep pea8 per&ormance- NetSource uses # gigabit per second &iber
connections to the (nternet and supports at least # gigabit speeds in its bac8bone
networ8. Customers have the option to connect to the bac8bone at # gbps- #
mbps- # mbps- or custom speeds as needed. NetSource monitors its connections
&or low pac8et loss and low latencies and provides appropriate S?)s to customers
to ensure high per&ormance. .ac8et loss is e&&ectively 5ero with latencies in the
bac8bone o& less than # millisecond.
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Data Center Overview Document
NetSource also monitors connections on the general (nternet to ma8e sure its
(nternet providers continue with a high per&ormance service. @ey destinations
around the <S) are measured between 2 and $ milliseconds on average.
See the data center speci&ications &or more in&ormation.
Maintenance and Monitoring
NetSource constantly monitors and maintains its datacenter. 0very piece o&
e%uipment has a maintenance plan. )ll 8ey components including routers-
&irewalls- switches- C9)Cs- <.Ss- and servers are monitored by automated
systems that send alerts on &ailure. This includes customer6s networ8
connections and optionally their systems. NetSource has contracts with third
party vendors to maintain certain e%uipment li8e C9)Cs- generators- and &ire
suppression systems. NetSource has documented emergency recovery
procedures that cover every 8ind o& datacenter &ailure and it &ocuses &irst on
prevention. NetSource uses redundant systems to 8eep mean time to &ailure low.
NetSource 8eeps spare e%uipment &or &ast repairs to 8eep mean time to repair
See the data center speci&ications &or more in&ormation.
This document has provided a brie& summary o& some o& the 8ey elements o& the
NetSource datacenter speci&ications and procedures. This document is not
intended to provide all in&ormation regarding procedures but provides enough
in&ormation to provide an overview. Aor more in&ormation- see the other
documents that NetSource provides as listed below.
Data center procedures &or wor8ing in an active data center- &or customers
)cceptable use policies
Data center speci&ications*presentation
SS)0#1- SOC#- SOC2 audit reports (ND) re%uired)
The NetSource website at httpB**
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Data Center Overview Document
NetSource owns and operates our own Chicago area datacenter providing us
complete control over the %uality o& the hosting service we provide. NetSource
can host your web site- business application- and mission critical data in our
state/o&/the/art data center. Cou will get the highest reliability and per&ormance
with #: networ8 availability including our redundant # gigabit &iber
bandwidth connections to the (nternet. .lease review our data center
speci&ications below and see why our Chicagoland (Naperville) data center has
some o& the highest customer ratings in the 3idwest.
3ain Networ8 Speci&ications and Datacenter AeaturesB
NetSource6s datacenter was build using the T()/+,2 datacenter standards and
provides you with a &ully redundant hosting solution &or your business.
NetSource maintains the datacenter with scheduled maintenance on all critical
datacenter systems. NetSource has years o& e"perience (since #++2) managing a
comple" hosting environment &or businesses. Our Networ8 is made up o& #
gigabit &iber connections coming &rom multiple providers to ensure your
connection is always available. Call NetSource at D11/!!D/#2#2 with your
New data center was built to )NS( * T() +,2 D)T)C0NT09 ST)ND)9DS
Customers have been audited and passed HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-liley
!etSource is SSA"#$, SOC#, and SOC% &ype II Compliant
'ata center is PCI level % compliant (or credit card handlin) and handlin) o( (inancial data
*uality APC datacenter components includin) rac+s, coolin), and bac+up ,PS systems
-ultiple Physical PO"s .points o( entry/ (or (iber inputs into center
Capacity Plannin) 0 -onitorin) o( lin+s nearin) hi)h utili1ation
#2 GPS .Gi)"/ (iber connections (or hi)h band3idth needs
#)bps and #22 mpbs connections .or better/ to !etSource4s routers and s3itches (rom your server
is standard
Instant )ro3th and scalability - Potential to install additional band3idth at any time5
6edundant band3idth carriers means no sin)le point o( provider (ailure
GP7 is bein) used on border routers to ensure the 8uic+est path bet3een every re8uest
!ative .dual-stac+/ ipv$ support
7% ,, %# ,, #7 ,, loc+in) cabinets supportin) standard #9: mountin) rails
%2-amp #%2 volt AC circuits, ;-phase %2<= circuits available5 $2 Amps in each rac+
Custom dedicated hostin), colocation, and mana)ed services available
>e can 3or+ 3ith you on creatin) a disaster recovery plan usin) trained specialists
Geo)raphically stable .lo3 disaster occurrence location in ,SA/
Located ;2 mi 3est o( Chica)o, Illinois5 Located #?% mile o(( I-<<
Senior level system administrators available %7?@?;$A
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Data Center Overview Document
Datacenter .ower System Speci&icationsB
The datacenter electrical power system contains &ully redundant uninterruptible
power systems (<.S) with diesel bac8up generators. NetSource has regularly
scheduled maintenance chec8s on all power systems to ensure they will wor8
when they are needed. Cou can trust NetSource6s power system because we have
proven the success o& our in&rastructure with 5ero &ailures and regular chec8s via
our audits. NetSource is also located in a new section o& Naperville and our
physical location has some o& the most reliable power in the state o& (llinois (in
the world).
9edundant ).C <.S6s / uninterruptible power supply batteries- powers e%uipment
'iesel )enerators - Hospital-)rade diesel )enerators provide (or all datacenter operations
'ense hi)h capacity circuit distribution to prevent circuit (ailures or load issues
#%2 =AC and %2< =AC .sin)le and three phase po3er availability/ - $2 amps possible in each rac+
%7?@ electrical circuit load monitorin) and mana)ement
!B# po3er redundancy on all systems5
APC valve-re)ulated lead-acid .=6LA/ batteries providin) bac+up at (ull load
Generator bac+up - %7 hours o( on-site (uel plus emer)ency re(uelin) service to resupply in an emer)ency
,ninterrupted trans(er o( po3er usin) hi)h capacity ,PS and Automatic &rans(er S3itch .A&S/
&rans(er o( po3er is completely automatic and transparent in the event o( an outa)e
6e)ularly scheduled maintenance 3ith certi(ied po3er )enerator contractors
%7?@?;$A monitorin) o( po3er systems at !et3or+ Operations Center - !OC
Datacenter Cooling * 0nvironmental Speci&icationsB
The NetSource datacenter has redundant cooling systems- so at ma"imum
cooling conditions a system can be completely down and it will not a&&ect room
conditions. NetSource 8eeps the &ront o& our rac8s at between ! / !2 A
(according the )NS( +,2 spec- also see )S=9)0 standards) to ensure your server
e%uipment runs as e&&iciently as possible. NetSource also controls the humidity in
the center to ensure a long li&e &or your e%uipment. Our setup ensures a cool
environment &or your e%uipment.
9edundant =E)C cooling capacity controlled to ! degrees
Liebert and APC datacenter )rade air conditioners in !B# setup to ensure #22C up-time5
Lea+ detection system - upon detection o( any 3ater near system, the lea+ detection 3ill send an alarm
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Data Center Overview Document
"8uipped 3ith hi)h capacity H=AC data center )rade systems installed by datacenter specialists
!B# redundancy on coolin) systems
'ata center environment maintained at optimal temperature and humidity levels (or e8uipment
!B# ,PS po3er redundancy
%7?@?;$A H=AC?C6AC emer)ency service contracted by certi(ied pro(essionals 3ith years o( experience
Contracted maintenance 3ith certi(ied H=AC contractors
Computer controlled humidi(ication system
#2 (oot ceilin) hei)ht contributes to maintainin) ambient air temperature
% (oot raised (loor (or under (loor coolin) is very e((icient (or puttin) cold air on all rac+ed e8uipment
Aire Detection and Suppression System
The NetSource data center is protected by dual &ire protection systems. NetSource
maintains both A32 water/less &ire suppression and dry pipe pre/action &ire
protection systems- thus allowing NetSource to o&&er the best available &ire
protection in e"istence today. NetSource has also placed the entire data center
inside o& a &ire protected area to prevent &ire &rom entering the center &rom an
outside source. Care&ul planning and high end e%uipment ensures that your
investment is sa&e with NetSource.
Full fire detection systems installed above and below racks in datacenter to address issues
Early warning smoke detectors installed
Heat detection warning systems act as secondary system to smoke detectors
FM-200 fire suppression system - safe gas based fire removal system
Dual interlock pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems for added protection
Water held outside critical equipment areas and is not directly above equipment
Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system when armed
Server room has been fire-protected on all 4 walls to prevent fire creep from outside source
Zone-specific discharge of pre-action systems to limit negative effect of a discharge
Security Speci&ications &or DatacenterB
NetSource is committed to providing the highest level o& security to sa&eguard
your e%uipment 2, hours a day. 'ith multiple levels o& security- entry into the
data center is restricted by pro"imity cards and access codes. Eideo surveillance
and stringent data center escort re%uirements protect server access and our
client6s e%uipment. NetSource maintains over + days o& electronic video
coverage that can be reviewed at any time. Come in &or a tour and &ind out why so
many businesses choose NetSource to sa&eguard their e%uipment.
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Data Center Overview Document
Cement buildin) 3ith no 3indo3s in datacenter prevents entry or vie3in) o( e8uipment
!o datacenter 3alls to the exterior o( buildin)
!o si)na)e describin) !etSource4s data center services on outside buildin)
Intrusion detection alarm systems in place throu)hout the datacenter
"vent driven, (ixed mount di)ital Closed Circuit .CC&=/ 3ith di)ital archive
All entry, exit, and datacenter locations under video surveillance %7?@
Dail-sa(e alarm system to prevent tamperin) o( system
Eey card and Code Access re8uired to enter datacenter at all times
'atabase o( individuals authori1ed to access the (acility is used and monitored
"very individual rac+ in the datacenter is al3ays loc+ed 3ith access code and +ey
"mer)ency pa)er and phone support to all clients (or emer)ency priority
All access is electronically lo))ed into a !etSource client database via +eycards5
Datacenter Operations Control Center Speci&icationsB
NetSource has a state/o&/the/art NOC to view and monitor our entire system.
NetSource employs pro&essional system administrators that have been trained on
emergency techni%ues and management o& the networ8 and 'indows and ?inu"
servers.. NetSource provides all o& our clients 2,*!*$12 technical support in
person or on the phone- and we also have a support tic8et system . NetSource has
e"perience with small- medium- and Aortune 2 clients.
Continuous monitorin) o( systems and (ailure alerts (or (ast repair
State-o(-the-art hi)h resolution data audio?video screens to monitor data
Command consoles (or control o( local and remote systems in datacenter
Secure, hi)hly restricted access to operations center by trained sta(( only
-onitor and control o( environmental systems - ex5 electrical and coolin)
!et3or+ systems %7?@?;$A monitorin) and mana)ement to ensure up time
!etSource has hi)hly trained system administers on sta(( at all times
Control Center .!OC/ built (rom the )round up as a datacenter control room
3isc. Datacenter Conveniences Aor NetSource CustomersB
NetSource o&&ers items li8e roo& access &or customer antennas- customer
convenience rooms- and other &eatures that provide an added level o& service &or
our customers. Aor e"ample- NetSource has a customer convenience room that
will allow you to wor8 %uietly- eat lunch- or ma8e a cup o& co&&ee. 'e have
con&erence room space i& you need to have a company meeting at NetSource. (&
you have speci&ic %uestions about our datacenter- please &eel &ree to call us at any
time. Cou can schedule a tour at anytime by calling D11/!!D/#2#2.
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Data Center Overview Document
Dull roo( ri)hts (or antenna installations i( your hostin) environment needs access
>e can mount most types o( antennas 3ith proper documentation and advanced plannin)
6oo( portals (or 3aterproo( cable entry so that installation is easy and e((ective
Satellite or Cable &= can be brou)ht into our center (or speci(ic needs
Special customer convenience room 3ith +itchen, bathroom, and 8uite areas to 3or+
On-site o((ice space setup room that can be reserved (or current customers
Con(erence room 3ith audio ? visual (acilities that can be reserved (or special meetin)s
Dully (unctionin) crash-carts in the datacenter so you don4t need to brin) your o3n e8uipment
Sta((ed system administrators to ans3er your 8uestions or meet 3ith you on your setup
Access to all maFor telecommunications providers in the buildin)5
'atacenter is +ept clean and dust (ree to ensure proper e8uipment (unctionality
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