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Section A

1. A) Explain the roles of a teacher in effective classroom management as stated below

- Responsibility
- Accountability
- Expectation
B) Provide examples for each roles
2. The classroom provides multidimensional context where space, time and social behavior
is defined in classroom management approaches. As a manager, a teacher often needs
to work with students and observe the contexts during teacher learning process.
A) Briefly explain two factors to consider on classroom arrangement in order to provide
optimum learning setting.
B) Briefly explain 2 ways teacher can establish a safe and nurtured environment where
students can learn together in a big group/ small group
C) Briefly discuss one of the importance of being consistent in establishing routines and
procedures in the classroom to control problematic behavior in teaching-learning

3. A) i) State two characteristics of a good communicator
ii) Choose one of the characteristics stated in (i) and explain
B) Explain with examples two ways a teacher can use non-verbal cues effectively in a
teacher-student communication

Section B
1. The authoritarian or the behaviour modification approach are two approaches in
classroom management. In your opinion which approach is more suitable in a lower
primary ESL classroom. Justify your opinion with relevant examples.

2. Jacob Kounin who pioneers the Theory of Instructional Management believed that
organisation and planning are essential in managing instructional time. Describe with
examples, instructional strategies that maximise instructional time in order to promote
effective classroom management.

Based on the scenario above, discuss how you would develop, monitor and maintain
productive behaviour of the two pupils.
4. Based on the picture, we can tell that the boy is a troublemaker in his classroom. As his
class teacher, how would you deal with him? Identify the possible main cause/s for his
behaviour and develop a personal classroom management plan to deal with the discipline
problem based on the theory/theories you have learnt.

Attention! Possible essay question:
Based on your knowledge of the different models of classroom management,
propose a strategy to solve disciplinary problems during English lesson caused
by pupils' lack of interest
Awang and Raju are best friends. They study in the same class. Awang is seen
as having a dominant character as compared to Raju. Both often display
undesired behaviour in the classroom whether the teacher is in the classroom or
particularly during time interval between lessons. Nonetheless, Raju is actually a
great follower of Awang and if Awang is absent from school, Raju would behave