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(Afliated to the University o !erala"
#OORANAD$ !OLLAM % &'( )**
+,Ed, COUR#E *(-. % *(-/
Name of Student Teacher : DIVYA.K
Candidate code : !!"#$$%

Submitted to:
Suba Teacher
The &ord curricu'um i( deri)ed from the Latin &ord *Carrere+ &hich
mean(, to run:. So curricu'um i( cour(e of -ath on &hich one run( to reach a
.oa'. The curricu'am inc'ude( the (ubject matter and a'' 'earnin. e/-erience(
arran.ed b0 the (choo' for a -articu'ar (ubject. The de1nition of curricu'um
a( a *-roduct+ or a( a *-roce((+ that i(
Contained -ro)ide un(ati(factor0 to man0 educator(. A brea2 &ith the
traditiona' de1nition of the curricu'um a( a -roduct came to an end &hen
ca-be'' de1ned curricu'um a( bein. com-o(ed of a'' the e/-erience( chi'dren
ha)e under the .uidance of the teacher.
Accordin. to 3e('e04 5the curricu'um i( an educationa' in(trument4
-'anned and u(ed b0 the (choo' to a6ect it( -ur-o(e(,
Accordin. to Cunnin.ha'm 5curricu'am, i( the too' in the hand( of the
arti(t 7teacher8 to mou'd hi( materia'( 7(tudent(8 in hi( (tudio 7(choo'8,.
The materia' ha( to be -ro-er'0 .rou-ed arran.ed and .raded to (uit the
)ariou( educationa' 'e)e'(. 3e (ha'' therefore con(ider here (ome of the
a--roache( of or.ani9in. materia' before it cou'd be (ucce((fu''0 -re(ented
to the c'a((. The0 are the fo''o&in..
Concentric Appraoch
Accordin. to thi( a--roach chi'dren in the -rimar0 c'a((e( to
de)e'o- (im-'e .enera'i9ation( about man carr0in. on hi( e)er0 da0
acti)itie(. :radua''0 a( the0 throu.h (econdar0 and hi.her
(econdar0 c'a((e(4 the0 &or2 &ith more and more di;cu't arran.ement of
information4 and a( a re(u't4 dee-en and re(ha-e the dimen(ion( of their
.enera'i9ation( about the(e acti)itie(. The a--roach -ro)ide( for ade<uate
re-etition for 1/in. e)ent(.
= It de)e'o-( intere(t and re)i(ion become( ea(0
= The &a0 i( (im-'e
= It co)er( the cour(e in a fe& 0ear(
= Some fact( are re-eated a.ain and a.ain
= >oredom and du''ne(( i( ine)itab'e
Topical Approach
In the to-ica' a--roach4 certain to-ic( of (tud0 (uitab'e for the
a.e4 abi'it0 and intere(t of chi'dren ma2e u- the &ho'e (0''abu(. Accordin.
to thi( a--roach -articu'ar to-ic( are ta2en a( the centra' theme of &or2 in
(ocia' (tudie(. ?nder a to-ic re'ated materia' often .et( -ro-er'0 uni1ed
ma2in. 'earnin. ea(ier and (0''abu( 'i.hter. The to-ic .i)e( meanin. and
(i.ni1cance to the content4 thi( i( the rea(on -erha-( &h0 (ome boo2( are
&ritten accordin. to the to-ica' -'an.
It -ro)ide( a (o'ution for dea'in. &ith a )a(t materia' in a 'o.ica' and
rationa' fa(hion.
Learnin. i( re'ated &ith 'ife and en)ironment.
It he'-( the -u-i' to under(tand the fact in their de)e'o-ment (ettin..
Thi( a--roach i( rather di;cu't to be ado-ted.
It re<uire( )er0 com-etent and re(ourcefu' teacher(.
Unit Approach
?nit a--roach i( the mo(t -o-u'ar a--roach in (ocia' (tudie(. It i(
an o6(-rin. of the in@uence of :e(ta't 1e'd theorie( in in(tructiona' de(i.n(.
Thi( a--roach i( ba(ed on the a((um-tion that e6ecti)e 'earnin. ta2e( -'ace
in an en)ironment in &hich the .oa'( are c'ear'0 -ercei)ed and e)er0 -ha(e
of the o-erationa' -rocedure i( )ie&ed a( a re'ationa' -art of the tota'
'earnin. (ituation. A unit ha( (ome )er0 de1nite objecti)e(4 'i2e de)e'o-in.
and under(tandin. a (2i'' or an attitude. The(e unit( ma0 be -re(ented a(
-rob'em( or -roject( or a( indi)idua' 'e((on( accordin. to the need( of the
The unit method( i( &e'' (uited for the .ro&th and de)e'o-ment of the
abi'itie( and (2i''( attendant to democratic beha)ior4 idea'( and -roce((e(.
The unit4 becau(e of it( @e/ibi'it04 -ro)ide( faci'it0 in ado-tin. in(truction
to indi)idua' di6erence(.
In a unit4 the need( of a 'earner are .i)en to- con(ideration.
It i( im-o((ib'e to (tud0 e)er0 thin. at once. ?nit i( a 'o.ica''0 u(efu'

Curricu'um i( one of the mo(t im-ortant item( in the educati)e -roce((.
It i( u(e'e(( to ta'2 ho& or &hen to teach &ithout 1r(t decidin. &hat to
teach. Curricu'um i( a medium throu.h &hich the -u-i'( ma2e an e6ort to
achie)e the objecti)e( of education.
Curricu'um in (ocia' (tudie( i( the -art of the (choo' curricu'um &hich
inc'ude( the (ubject matter and e/-erience( that are intended to ac<uire an
under(tandin. of human re'ation(4 -ro)ide 2no&'ed.e of ba(ic -rinci-'e( and
)a'ue( of (ociet04 incu'cate attitude(4 fo(ter nationa' and emotiona'
inte.ration and de)e'o- a .'oba' citi9en(hi-.
Than2s3 DI45A,!