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Vol. 8, #7, Sept. 15-28 2006

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Toronto Street News
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DON’T FORGET IT!! WE KNOW IT!! Scientists & Journalists Who Say Otherwise ARE LIARS!
The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.


We’re glad to sell papers at a decent, fair price!! We do not rip-off homeless by charging 40 cents If necessary our volunteers will deliver a paper to you!

STREET VENDORS: Call 288-0117:

Call 288-0117

This issue the purpose is to raise money to help the paper keep going as it exists largely through the donated time and money donated by its owners. If you feel you can help us through donations or through advertising we would certainly appreciate the aid. Our advertisers enjoy a loyal readership which is both intelligent and curious about the world around us. To perform responsibly requires a superior sense of direction and positive approach to rights and wrongs affecting society at large. Traditional right (controllers) and left (libertarians) politics has to be transcended with both humor and skill which comes from experience and an ongoing stream of news information. We feel we are uniquely situated to do this. Helpful reporting of unique news supplied by pressure groups helps to inform. Simultaneously we maintain a critical opinion of their efforts as well. Unfortunately, we can’t report all we know of or we would be forced off the streets by authorities and corporations. We have been threatened physically as well. Those who say we are ‘left’ or ‘right’ are simply bigots unable to look deeply at issues in society.

For those of you who have asked about the setup of the Toronto Street News: It does not pay salaries to its workers. Instead, it exists due to the volunteer labour and time donated by the editors, writers and publisher in partnership with LoveCry, the street kids’ organization and others and from the advertiser monies earned. The paper is sold to the homeless, unemployed and seniors who wish to re-sell it on the streets of Toronto. We sell the paper to them at the best price we can afford; if they do not have the money we give them papers. We do not live off the homeless, neither do we receive grants of any kind nor ads from government. We work to provide the best price to the homeless of any street paper that helps. If you would like to subsidize our costs with money, photography, writing or volunteer labour we will thank you and put your efforts to good use. LoveCry, the street kids’ registered charity will provide a registered charity number for all donations provided.

Toronto Street News


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If you have any questions regarding: abuse, street issues, homelessness, poverty, street kids, therapy and help contact the address at bottom. LoveCry is a non profit, self help, grass roots organization, founded and operated by ex-street people, who know the ropes and what is truly needed to get our street kids off the streets. LoveCry has successfully helped over 4,000 homeless, abused kids since it opened in 1993, most of which are either at home with their families or have their own homes. LoveCry catches the kids who seem to be falling through the cracks in our system before there is no return. Registered Non Profit # is: 892528365RR0001. Please Help us to Help Ourselves. LoveCry has reps in many countries and cities around the world. We hope to someday open headquarters in all major cities to assist the rising problem of the homeless especially children who are forced to live on the streets around the globe due to abuse and neglect of our societies, towards the Children of this world. — Angel Femia, Director, LoveCry 416 406-0099 lovecry.net lovecry.org lovecry@rogers.com (416) 406-0099

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