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Township of Chatsworth and Township of Georgian Bluffs

The Council of the Township of Chatsworth is striving to be a very proactive and forward
thinking Council. Council is looking for ways to cease the practice of spreading q w septage
on farm fields, to protect ground water aquifers and domestic drinking water quality and
ultimately, to protect our residents. Council is currently looking into completing an
engineering study to establish what the best solutions and best practices in providing
service(s) to our residents are that will process raw septage and protect our drinking water at
an affordable cost while ending the practice of raw septage being spread on farm fields. In
the meantime, Council has requested to the Joint Biodigester Committee that there be NO
tipping fees for residents to have raw septage from septic tanks received and processed at
the Biodigester.
In 2010 the Township of Chatsworth and the Municipality of Georgian Bluffs partnered
together in a joint initiative to construct an anaerobic biodigester. It is situated in Georgian
Bluffs. This green energy project was specially designed to process residential septage while
also processing organic materials including agricultural waste, process fats, oils and greases
(fog) and various source-separted organics all of which generate biogas and all of which
results in the production of electric power.
The digestate process renders a resulting bi-product following treatment through the
Biodigester that is 99.5% pathogen free while retaining characteristics of a good land applied
soil conditioner. The result is a much safer and much more environmentally friendly
alternative to the direct application of raw septage on farm fields.
The electric power produced by the Biodigester is fed into the distribution grid for general use.
Hydro One pays for the electricity generated. The more organic solids we process, the more
electricity we can produce.
YOU have a choice! Have your septage sent to the Biodigester instead of letting the
contractor spread it on farm fields. If you do not request that your septaae be taken to the
Biodisester contractors normally take the raw septage and spread it on fields! Request that
your raw septage be taken to the Biodigester! It's "the environmentally right thing to do"!
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