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Andrews Middle School

Administrative Office
3000 Mystic Valley Parkway
Medford, MA 02155
P: 781-393-2228 F: 781-395-8128
Timothy S. Blake Paul DAlleva
Principal Asst. Principal

Andrews Middle School
Excellence Through Responsibility and Respect
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** Press Release **


Starting Date: Tuesday September 30

Ending Date: Final late bus

Meeting Days: Tuesdays

Brief Summary:

ARTCLUB will begin September 30. Meetings will be on Tuesdays immediately
after school and last until 3:00.

ARTCLUB will be mainly painting and drawing. Working with other media is also

ARTCLUB projects will involve paint and other supplies that can stain clothes so
youll need something like an apron or a smock. A baggy old T-shirt will work just

ARTCLUB questions? Ask Mr. Gallagher in room 301.