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State of the Industry p5 directory Editor & President, Carl Townsend, offers his
opinion on the state of the overall industry. Antennas p29
PCTEL|Phazar Antennas|ZDA Comm
WiMAX Poised for Portable Billling Solutions p30
Broadband Success p7 Aradial|FTS Software
Bolstered by an improving economy and a more suitable
marketing plan, global WiMAX subscriptions are expected to Consulting/Research p31
grow from 3.9 million today to 92.3 million in 2015. ARCchart|Maravedis|Sidecut Reports
Yankee Group
SEQUANS Silicon to Power New Distributors p34
WiMAX CPE & Devices in 2010 p10 Hutton Communications talks with SEQUANS’ Vice President of Business
Development, Craig Miller, to discuss how the company is Equipment p35
ready for the onslaught of 4G mobile Internet gadgets. Airspan|Alvarion|Axxcelera |Cisco
Green Packet|Proxim|Samsung|Vecima
Voice to the MAX: RF Planning/Network Design p40
Why VoIP is the Winning App p13 EDX Wireless
While most operators focus on the broader residential voice
market, there are other opportunities within the same Semiconductors p40
coverage area that can provide higher ARPU. GCT Semiconductors|SEQUANS
Software Solutions p42
4G Operator Deployment Aptilo Networks|Bridgewater Systems
Trends & Statistics, Q2 2009 p14 Green Packet
At the close of Q2 2009, 4GCounts counted over 3.96
million BWA/WiMAX subscribers - a 16% growth from System Integrators p45
Q1 2009, and a 72% growth over Q2 2008. Aricent|GEKA Telecom

Getting Connected Testing Solutions p46
Berkeley Varitronics|Gambit Comm
WiMAX Devices Current Outlook p15 WirelessLogix
Greater personal productivity, expanded workgroup access &
increased end-user connectivity options added value to the WiMAX VoIP Solutions p48
end-user device market as availability of device options grew. Alianza

featured section Rural Broadband
Haste Makes Waste in the Broadband Stimulus Process
The Role of WiMAX/Point-to-Multipoint Technologies in
Delivering Fiscally Responsible Broadband
WiMAX Rescues the Government’s Broadband Stimulus
Program for Rural Areas
Why Advanced Wireless is the Best only Choice for Stimulus
What to do if You Missed the First Stimulus Deadline
Proxim’s End to End Wireless Portfolio Helps Deliver Fiscally
Responsible Broadband Networks The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Editor’s Letter

WiMAX vs. LTE: Which Technology Will Win?
Okay, now that I have your attention…. So where is WiMAX today? As we approach the end of 2009,
there are over 500 global WiMAX deployments in 145 countries. US
While comparisons between the two operator Clearwire recently added 50K WiMAX subscribers in Q3 and
technologies make for good headlines and with markets ramping, plans to add as many subscribers in Q4 as it
undoubtedly help sell analyst reports, the did for the entire year. As we go to press, Clearwire is currently of-
on-going debate has been much overblown fering service in Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Portland, Philadelphia,
and increasingly less relevant. As with other Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and others, with plans to complete 25
standards “battles” such as HD-DVD vs. Blu- WiMAX market launches covering 30 million people by the end of
ray, much of the debate is politically charged 2009. In Russia, WiMAX Operator Yota is adding 2K subscribers per
- which each side trying to win influence day and has reached over 200K subscribers since launching its net-
based on the technology path has chosen or where a vendor has in- work in June. Packet One Networks in Malaysia is on track to reach its
vested their IPR. milestone of 100K subscribers by the end of this year.
While the two standards share much of the same DNA from a On the device front, there are now over 150 devices that are
technological perspective, that is where the similarities end. In fact WiMAX Forum™ certified and hundreds more that have been an-
for most operators, the decision on whether to choose WiMAX or nounced or are commercially available. Embedded WiMAX is now
LTE has already largely been made for them based on the type of available on over 40 notebook and netbook computers. Intel recent-
spectrum owned, their respective business models, support for legacy ly announced that it has started production of its “Kilmer Peak” wire-
systems, etc. And despite aggressive timelines announced by Verizon less chipsets that supports multiple WiMAX spectrum profiles in the
and others, most LTE networks will not be commercially deployed until 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands for notebook PCs and will provide
2011. For operators looking to deploy now, WiMAX is the only option the ability for Global roaming across different WiMAX networks
available. While recent deployments are encouraging, there are significant
But to really understand WiMAX, you must first examine the dif- challenges ahead, and the biggest continues to be access to spec-
ferent ways the technology is being used. While broad generaliza- trum. In India, WiMAX auctions previously planned for this year have
tions are often made about WiMAX, there are actually several differ- been delayed yet again to early next year. The regulatory environ-
ent flavors with regards to spectrum profiles, business models and ment continues to be a challenge in Asia, Latin American and Europe
devices. In its initial development, WiMAX was designed as a fixed where strong cellular incumbents look to protect their interests.
wireless broadband technology and in that role has become the un- But given global single digit broadband penetration, the oppor-
disputed leader - providing wireless DSL type services without the tunities are enormous and the impact of internet access to improve
prohibitive cost of digging up streets and putting in copper and fi- people’s lives has been well proven. With the global financial crisis
ber. WiMAX has become the technology of choice for backhauling starting to show signs of abatement and markets improving, the
traffic from Wi-FI hotspots and for applications such as remote video time to deploy is now… and for many that technology is WiMAX.
surveillance and traffic monitoring. With its performance, availability
and wide ecosystem of products and vendors, WiMAX has also fea- Best Regards,
tured prominently in the rural broadband stimulus programs in the
US (see featured section).
While fixed type applications provide sizeable opportunities by
themselves, the real excitement and tremendous growth potential
is with portable and mobile applications - being able to take your
broadband experience with you where ever you go. Thanks in large Carl Townsend
part to the iPhone and other smart phone devices, demand for mo- President & Editor,
bile data is increasing exponentially and putting strains on operator’s
current 3G data networks. In order to keep up with the tidal-wave
in mobile data, operators must move quickly to more spectrally ef-
ficient OFDM based, all IP technologies such as WiMAX and LTE.

Carl Townsend, President & Editor Contributors:, Tel: 512.305.0555 Alan Weissberger, WiMAX360 Moderator


Michael Wolleben, Operations Paul Kaputska, Sidecut Reports, Tel: 512.470.9045 Adlane Fellah, Maravedis BWA
Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting
Amanda Louie, Director of Marketing Robb Henshaw, Proxim Wireless, Tel: 512.305.0556
Scott Bell, Alianza Inc.
Jon Haselhorst, Program Manager Yankee Group, Tel: 512.305.0558 The WiMAX Guide Fall 2009 edition
Industry Insight

WiMAX Poised for Portable
Broadband Success
Bolstered by an improving economy and a more suitable mar-
keting plan, global WiMAX subscriptions are expected to grow
from 3.9 million today to 92.3 million in 2015.
trast, are available over wide coverage however, shine in green-field fixed and
areas and support continuous connec- portable broadband applications—a
Dr. Philip Marshall tivity at vehicular speeds. For the most market it is just now beginning to ad-

Yankee Group part, WiMAX and portable broadband dress in earnest. While we assume the
are best suited to unserved and under- mobile broadband market will be domi-
served markets, whereas 3G and ad- nated by technologies like HSPA, HSPA+
vanced 3G technologies tend to flourish and LTE, the portable broadband mar-
What happens when you take a
in the mobile broadband arena, where ket—an area of rapid growth especially
strong wireless technology like WiMAX,
legacy technologies abound. in emerging EMEA markets like Cen-
introduce it with great fanfare and then
But when WiMAX first hit the scene tral and Eastern Europe and Africa—is
slam it with a poor economy, slow spec-
in 2004, its primary aim was to disrupt WiMAX’s for the taking.
trum licensing and incorrect position-
the mobile broadband market, which Over the next few years, as the gat-
ing in the marketplace? Just exactly
had a less-than-stellar track record, es- ing factors begin to ease, Yankee Group
what happened to WiMAX worldwide
pecially in terms of price, performance believes WiMAX is poised to take off. In
over the past year or so.
and reliability. Since then, however, the fact, we forecast that WiMAX subscrip-
Previously, Yankee Group forecast
mobile broadband industry has pulled tions will grow from 3.9 million today to
that in 2008, global WiMAX subscrip-
its act together and accelerated the de- 92.3 million in 2015, a CAGR of 69 per-
tions would hit 3.8 million. In real-
velopment of 3G, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE. cent (see Exhibit 1).
ity, that number won’t be reached un-
Now, with its 3G competitors in more of
til year-end 2009, primarily because
a position of strength technology-wise, Some Like It Mobile
WiMAX has been hit with a veritable
WiMAX has less of a story to tell—and While the lion’s share of WiMAX’s
tsunami of constraints. In addition to a
less of a compelling business opportu- predicted increases will happen in the
deep, worldwide economic recession
nity—in the mobile broadband space. portable broadband segment, there are
and the collapse of the credit markets,
The fact is WiMAX isn’t especially notable exceptions to the rule. For ex-
WiMAX last year faced slower-than-ex-
suited to mobile broadband. Its high- ample, service providers in the U.S. (in
pected spectrum licensing, especially
performance radio technology and addition to Japan and Korea) are taking
in areas with huge subscriber potential
end-to-end all-IP architecture does, a relatively aggressive stance targeting
like India and Indonesia. And as if the
economic crisis wasn’t enough to dry
up investment dollars, WiMAX also saw Exhibit 1: Global Subscription Forecast for Mobile WiMAX Technology
a crisis in investor confidence due to
its mismatched positioning against 3G
and advanced 3G technologies like LTE,

What’s Weighing WiMAX Down?
Flawed market positioning is the
biggest gating factor for WiMAX, as pro-
viders and regulators continue to place
WiMAX in the mobile broadband space
versus the portable broadband mar-
ket. Yankee Group defines “portable
broadband” as a service that is avail-
able for stationary or pedestrian use
within limited network coverage areas.
“Mobile broadband” services, by con- The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
WiMAX Poised for Portable Broadband Success Industry Insight

WiMAX toward mobile applications. Another impetus for WiMAX growth licensing issues are a major stumbling
In North America, WiMAX activity is in the U.S. market is the American Re- block. For example, our forecast does
dominated by Clearwire, which aspires covery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, not account for WiMAX subscriptions
to deploy a nationwide WiMAX network which earmarks $7.2 billion to broad- in the 2.6 GHz (BWA) band in India be-
in the U.S. in the 2.6 GHz frequency band-related projects. With these fac- cause of the continued delay in licens-
band and provide 4G services to its tors in mind, Yankee Group projects that ing. Plus, WiMAX has been incorrectly
strategic partners, including Sprint and WiMAX subscriptions in North America positioned to compete with technolo-
Comcast. Clearwire is in the process of will increase from 1.0 million in 2009 to gies like HSPA and LTE in the region,
upgrading from a proprietary technol- 13.4 million in 2015, a 53 percent CAGR resulting in heightened political antics
ogy to mobile WiMAX (802.16e), and to (see Exhibit 2). and protracted timelines for spectrum
date, it offers commercialized mobile licensing in many markets. In addition,
WiMAX service in Atlanta, Baltimore, Slow Going in Asia-Pacific it is unlikely WiMAX will see meaningful
Las Vegas and Portland, Ore., with ag- In contrast with North America, adoption in China, where the service
gressive plans to launch additional mar- the Asia-Pacific region is growing more providers have embraced TD-SCDMA
kets through 2009 and 2010. Combine slowly in terms of WiMAX subscrip- and LTE TDD.
Clearwire with upstarts DigitalBridge tions. While it presents tremendous We do, however, expect that licens-
Communications and Xanadoo, and the opportunities for WiMAX, particularly ing of the 2.6 GHz band—which is most
North American market is well-served in areas like India and Indonesia where suited to WiMAX—will occur during
by WiMAX players. there is low broadband penetration, the forecast period, freeing up WiMAX
providers to address this burgeoning
market. With that in mind, we project
Exhibit 2: Robust Growth in North America as WiMAX Penetrates Residential Broadband WiMAX subscriptions in Asia-Pacific to
increase from 0.5 million to 40.4 million
between 2009 and 2015, representing
a CAGR of 102 percent over the forecast
period (see Exhibit 3).

EMEA Leads the Way
While Asia-Pacific holds the most
potential, the region of the globe set
for the most dramatic WiMAX growth
is EMEA. Our forecast predicts that
WiMAX’s strongest adoption will occur
in emerging markets in EMEA, particu-
larly in Central and Eastern Europe and
in Africa. Investments in Africa are ac-
celerating, particularly with the imple-
Exhibit 3: WiMAX Gets Off to a Slow Start in Asia-Pacific mentation of several undersea cables
and the freeing up of capital markets.
We see slow progress for WiMAX in
Western Europe, however, because
most of the service providers are sub-
scale with networks operating in the
3.5-3.8 GHz bands. We believe that this
will remain the case until significant 2.6
GHz frequency bands are auctioned
and future acquirers of TDD licenses
in Western Europe are required to em-
brace WiMAX.
Taking these factors into consider-
ation, Yankee Group projects WiMAX
subscriptions in EMEA to increase from
2.1 million to 33.9 million between
2009 and 2015, at a CAGR of 59 percent
(see Exhibit 4). The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
WiMAX Poised for Portable Broadband Success Industry Insight

WiMAX Languishes in Latin Exhibit 4: WiMAX Demand in EMEA Driven by Emerging Markets
Perhaps the best example of mar-
ket positioning hobbling WiMAX adop-
tion is found in Latin America. Not only
is spectrum scarce—particularly in the
optimum 2.6 GHz band—but in this
3G-heavy environment, many investors
view WiMAX as a “dead” technology and
are shying away from making necessary
capital investments. In addition, many
urban centers across the region already
offer speeds in excess of 2 Mbps, leav-
ing WiMAX with few ways to differenti-
ate itself. As a result, WiMAX across Latin
America tends to be relegated to rural
regions that are of less priority to major
service providers.
Even with such constraints, howev- Exhibit 5: WiMAX Growth in Latin America Truncated Relative to Broadband Demand
er, Yankee Group sees WiMAX subscrip-
tions in Latin America increasing from
0.3 million to 4.7 million between 2009
and 2015, a CAGR of 59 percent (see Ex-
hibit 5).

Getting There
The global WiMAX market is noto-
riously difficult to forecast, primarily
because it relies on a range of interde-
pendent factors, any one of which can
work to stifle demand and service prolif-
eration. To reach our forecast of 92.3 mil-
lion worldwide WiMAX subscriptions by
2015, several economic, regulatory and
technological barriers must be over-
come. But we are already seeing signs
of progress—particularly in terms of sitioning, regulatory easement in major Register as a guest of Yankee Group at
an improved economy and more savvy markets such as India and improved to get a full
market positioning. investor sentiment in regions like Latin copy of the 2009 global WiMAX forecast.
To gain widespread adoption, America are critical for WiMAX to gain
WiMAX must gain greater industry meaningful market scale and sustained
support—particularly from regulators industry support. Philip Marshall, Ph.D., is a senior research
and investors. We believe this support And a little success trumpeting fellow and technology strategist who
depends on WiMAX establishing itself wouldn’t hurt either. In addition to ap- conducts telecom technology research,
as a compelling portable (as opposed propriate market positioning for WiMAX, arming clients with the knowledge and
to mobile) broadband solution, particu- we believe it is contingent upon incum- tools to capitalize on the global connec-
larly in emerging markets. But as long bent WiMAX operators to demonstrate tivity change. He is focused on the service
as WiMAX continues to be erroneously and promote their market successes providers’ and vendors’ perspectives to
pitted against 3G and emerging 3G with the aim of improving confidence investigate market and service opportu-
technologies like HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE among regulators and investors. nities and trends for connectivity systems.
in the mobile broadband space, the mo- WiMAX is a strong wireless technol- Dr. Marshall joined Yankee Group in 2000,
bile broadband community will create ogy with a compelling story to tell, espe- holding various roles including managing
regulatory and technical roadblocks to cially in the portable broadband arena. Yankee Group’s technology research.
stifle the success of WiMAX in the mar- Once it overcomes these few market
ketplace. barriers, the technology is indeed poised
In addition to improved market po- for global success. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Industry Insight

New WiMAX CPE and Devices in 2010
Alan J. Weissberger

Highly integrated low cost components to be embedded in a variety of
home, portable and mobile WiMAX devices next year. Company is ready
for the onslaught of 4G mobile Internet gadgets many see coming.
By combining several silicon func- SQN 1200 family of silicon (described but only one bill from the network
tional blocks on a single chip and below) to be embedded in new types provider-independent of the number
using a “state of the art” 65nm semi- of multi-functional WiMAX CPE, por- of wireless devices owned which use
conductor process, Sequans Commu- table WiFi hot spots with integrated the WiMAX network. [See Reference
nications Inc. has developed a family WiMAX radios, netbooks and (at long 3. for more details on possible devic-
of WiMAX components that has the last) smart phones with WiMAX based es for mobile broadband networks.]
potential to enable a mass market for mobile Internet access. That’s a lot
WiMAX CPE and mobile/ portable de- to look forward to, but there’s also Sequans Silicon Solution for
vices. It’s that mass market that semi- promise and potential for a whole lot Mobile WiMAX CPE & Devices
conductor companies urgently need more.
to become profitable. Selling huge In fact, many new and different Taking advantage of Moore’s Law
volumes of chips increases econo- mobile WiMAX devices are possible, (to realize ever higher silicon func-
mies of scale, which drives down including eReaders, smart meters, tional density), in house RF and mixed
manufacturing costs and bill of mate- multi-user portable game players, signal expertise, and the ever- popu-
rials prices. This results in lower cost, video cameras and surveillance, and lar ARM core, Sequans has pulled off
higher performance end user prod- health monitoring instruments. If a tri-fecta with its latest generation of
ucts. If there is sufficient customer the components are low cost, highly WiMAX silicon.
demand, a virtuous cycle takes hold. integrated functionality, low power The SQN 1220 integrates a base-
This trend is clearly evident in smart consumption and small size, then the band (IEEE 802.16e-2005 MAC and
phones, notebook PCs, set top box- ingredients for new such new devices PHY) element, tri-band RF (2.3 – 2.4
es and other electronic gizmos and are in place. However, the key to re- GHz, 2.5 – 2.7 GHz, 3.3 – 3.8 GHz) mod-
gadgets. With good customer accep- alizing a wide variety of devices will ule, and an (ARM based) applications
tance, more and more functions are be a combination of several factors processor - all on a single silicon die.
packed into smaller and less expen- that are predominantly controlled by To an old time data communications
sive devices. the network operator. Those include chip architect and microprocessor
Earlier this year, we interviewed WiMAX coverage, pricing plans, and applications engineer (like this au-
Sequans executives and moderated business models network operators thor), it’s an amazing feat! The mixed
a panel session in which they par- adopt with content providers. For ex- signal processing (digital and analog)
ticipated [See References 1. and 2., ample, the mobile/ portable subscrib- capability is especially impressive.
respectively for those articles]. In er would like wide coverage, excel- Additionally, the SQN1220 imple-
2010, we expect to see the Sequans lent availability, good performance, ments dual transmit channels, which

Based on state of Sequans’ SQN1220
the art 65 nm tech- system-on-chip
nology, the SQN1210 (SOC) for Mobile
delivers baseband WiMAX mobile sta-
and triple-band RF tions is the second
in a single die. The chip in Sequans’ new
SQN1210 delivers 65nm single die chip
wireless broadband SQN1200s family. In
connectivity for fully addition to the embedded WiMAX
mobile WiMAX applications as well processor, it features an additional
as for portable, nomadic, and fixed network processor to support voice/
applications. data CPE and gateways. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Sequans Silicon to Power New WiMAX CPE and Devices in 2010 Industry Insight

enable uplink MIMO (as specified in Sequans’ own connection manager, a modem replacement. The SQN 1220
Release 1.5 of the WiMAX Forum sys- supplicant engine for EAP authentica- can be exploited in WiMAX CPE for
tem profile). As pointed out in our tion, a fully-fledged OMA-DM client, that application, which includes VoIP
first Sequans article (see Reference 1.) and a field diagnostic tool. S3MAX as well as a WiMAX modem with a USB
uplink MIMO results in significantly also provides a full simulation and or Ethernet interface to a desktop
increased link budget, improved cell verification environment, which can or notebook PC. Up until now, VoIP
coverage, lower overall power con- be easily customized to address spe- over WiMAX required multiple boxes
sumption, and lower system cost. cific device maker needs. and cables. With VoIP integrated into
The on-chip applications proces- Sequans has sampled the WiMAX CPE there is only one box you
sor could be used for a variety of tasks, SQN1210 and SQN1220 chips to more plug your phone and PC into.
including: SIP for VoIP, IMS and FMC than a dozen device manufacturers Craig Miller, Sequans Business De-
functions, IP routing over the WiMAX who are currently developing next- velopment and Marketing Manager,
access network, residential gateway, generation products using that sili- says that there are “about a half doz-
diagnostics and test functions, smart con. A wide variety of WiMAX prod- en” customers working on this type
meter or instrument reading and con- ucts are now in design: USB dongles, of WiMAX CPE for 2010 commercial
trol, user interface for a LCD screen embedded modules for notebooks/ availability. Some of those products
and/or keyboard, device commands netbooks/CE devices, multimode are currently being tested in certifi-
and status indicators. Ultimately, it cellular handsets, portable hotspots, cation labs at the WiMAX Forum and
will be left to the ingenuity of the and WiMAX CPE. Let’s now examine network operators, according to Mr.
device maker to specify the software the functionality of a few of those Miller. Sequans says their SQN1220
functions to be implemented on the new products. solution enables the WiMAX indus-
on-chip processor. In addition to the customers who try’s lowest cost WiMAX CPE.
The SQN1210 is a single die, are actively developing new products, Sequans has partnered with Hel-
baseband - RF combo chip without there is another group of manufac- losoft to provide a very compact and
the applications processor. It is de- turers evaluating the SQN1200 fam- cost effective VOIP/ WiMAX capability
signed for the smallest of mobile de- ily chips. This number is more than for CPE. They have integrated the Hel-
vices, such as mobile handsets, smart a dozen also, and is increasing over losoft’s VOIP media engine into the
phones, MIDs, and netbooks. It may time. Sequans expects that many of SQN1220. According to Craig Miller, “
be used with notebook PCs through these will convert to the ‘active devel-It’s a proven set of high quality voice
USB dongles or ExpressCards, or di- opment’ category above once they codecs available to customers devel-
rectly embedded in PCI Express Mini- recognize the value of the integra- oping VoIP CPE, and it is available as
Cards or Half MiniCards. Zyxel has tion we’ve done, the performance, part of our development license –
announced their use of the SQN1210 the small footprint, the low power customers do not need to negotiate
in a USB dongle- the ZyXEL MAX-507 consumption, the IOT maturity, other a separate license with Hellosoft. Our
USB. features and benefits. integration effort means that cus-
Care has been taken to reduce In 2010, Sequans expects its sili- tomers have less software integration
power consumption, which is a criti- con to be inside new WiMAX CPE and and test effort to perform on their
cal factor for all mobile devices. The mobile devices, to be sold by many own. This should reduce their time to
SQN1200 family employs the state- different WiMAX network operators. market and their development costs.
of-the-art power reduction tech- Those operators include: UQ Com- And, since these codecs execute on
niques to extend battery life. Smart munications (Japan), Packet 1 (Ma- the embedded application processor
software algorithms optimize re- laysia), Yota and Scartel (Russia), Axtel
in the SQN1220, the VoIP solution is
source management for additional (Mexico), Unwire (Australia), Korea extremely low cost.”
power reduction improvements. The Telecom (South Korea), Globe (Phil- Sequans CEO Georges Karam:
SQN1220 and SQN1210 consume lipines), Clearwire and its MVNO part- “With Hellosoft’s VOIP media engine
less than 350 mW of power with fully ner companies (e.g. Sprint, Comcast, solution, we are reducing complexity
loaded MIMO traffic and less than 0.5 and TWC). for our customers by offering a pre-
mW in standby. Let’s look at a few of the new integrated, pre-validated VoIP and
Sequans’ S3MAX software pack- WiMAX end point products expected Mobile WiMAX total solution. Adding
age includes the complete IEEE next year. Hellosoft’s widely accepted and high
802.16e-2005 software stack and quality voice capability to our already
all drivers and host applications re- Multi-function WiMAX CPE highly integrated chip underscores
quired for a WiMAX end system. Host our commitment to providing the
software includes drivers for all major Consider that most WiMAX de- highest performance at the lowest
operating systems (Windows XP, Vis- ployments today are for fixed broad- cost, and to moving WiMAX toward
ta, Windows CE, MAC OS, and Linux), band access- effectively a DSL or cable mass market acceptance.” The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Sequans Silicon to Power New WiMAX CPE and Devices in 2010 Industry Insight

Opinion: While Vonage offers a VoIP While no other WiMAX equipped smart of ‘mass market’ status, in the same
service over any broadband connection, phones have been announced, we be- way as WiFi ramped up when highly
it would be more attractive if the WiMAX lieve that HTC and Samsung will intro- integrated components made low
network operator offered VoIP over (fixed) duce such devices in 2010. Sequans cost devices and embedded inter-
WiMAX service. We understand that says that they have a couple of custom- faces ubiquitous. The SQN1200 fam-
Clearwire offers such a VoIP over (fixed) ers developing smart phones with their ily is so highly integrated that it has
WiMAX service in all of the nation-wide new generation of WiMAX chips. Obvi- the potential to remove cost as a bar-
markets that they are deploying. We be- ously, they can’t disclose names or time- rier to growth and adoption by device
lieve that VoIP will have huge growth out- frames. manufacturers. This capability is per-
side the U.S. and that VoIP over WiMAX fectly timed now that WiMAX network
will be a very viable service if the CPE and The HTC WiMAX Mobile operators are finally showing signs of
the tariff are reasonably priced. Phone, sold by Yota in the kind of broad coverage that could
Russia, uses an earlier represent a very significant market op-
4G Personal WiFi Hot Spots generation of SEQUANS portunity for the device manufactur-
silicon, the SQN 1130. ers. Sequans’ Craig Miller, “We believe
Best exemplified by Clearwire’s Clear- that mass market WiMAX can be a real
spot (made by Cradle Point), a 4G per- phenomenon now – all the pieces are
sonal hot spot is a battery powered WiFi in place.” And we can’t disagree.
AP/Router that fits in a briefcase. You can In our opinion, Sequans is provid-
connect your notebook PC, iPOD touch, ing very valuable silicon and software
iPhone (or other WiFi equipped smart technology to the rest of the WiMAX
phone), and other WiFi enabled gadgets ecosystem. It is now up to the net-
to this portable hot spot, as long as they work operators and device makers
are within 15 to 20 meters away. to exploit that technology to build
Cisco has announced its intention a healthy business model and move
to make such a unit this year. Sprint sells mobile WiMAX forward toward mass-
a MiFi hot spot that connects to its 3G- Opinion: This author independently market status.
EVDO based network. concludes that the HTC phone will use the
Currently, 4G personal hotspots SQN 1210. We have tried to confirm this
use a USB connection to connect to an with HTC but were told that they don’t Dr. Alan Weissberger is a renowned re-
external WiMAX modem (AKA as a USB comment on unannounced products. We searcher in the telecommunications field.
dongle or WiMAX dongle). But in 2010 think the Sprint tri-mode phone sched- Having consulted for telcos, equipment
we expect to see the WiMAX modem uled for next year will be from Samsung, manufacturers, semiconductor companies,
functionality integrated into the hotspot. as that company already has produced large end users (the EC), venture capital-
Mr. Miller states, “Sequans has several the Mondi MID that works on CLEAR. ists, and market research firms, it is good
customers developing integrated WiFi/ Furthermore, we think that the mobile to have his critical eye examining new tech-
WiMAX portable hot spots.” We think WiMAX enabled phones will use either nologies. Alan J Weissberger specializes in
this is a great idea – for both portable GSM or CDMA for voice, rather than VoIP telecommunications standards and their
and in-home use. over WiMAX. This is because there are sev- implementation and is a popular contribu-
eral problems with mobile VoIP, including tor for &
Smart Phones with embedded QOS guarantees and handover/ inter-
WiMAX working with cellular voice and the PSTN Sequans Communications is the industry
(or other TDM based voice networks). leader in fixed and mobile WiMAX semicon-
To date, the only commercially avail- ductor solutions based on IEEE standards,
able WiMAX mobile phone we are aware Summary delivering unrivaled performance in cover-
of is an HTC device sold by Yota in Rus- age, capacity, functionality and power con-
sia. That device uses an earlier genera- Sequans believes they’re leading sumption.
tion of Sequans silicon (the SQN 1130). the WiMAX industry in the direction

1. Sequans Leads with Broad WiMAX Portfolio & Performance Advantages
2. WiMAX Chip Companies Ponder the Future of 4G Networks
3. Wireless Carriers Look Beyond Phones For Growth (WSJ on-line sub required) The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Industry Insight

Voice to the max:
Why VoIP is the Winning Application
weaknesses, a voice service will magnify come certain challenges. SMB voice offer-
those weaknesses. But if executed properly, ings are not a “one size fits all” shoe. SMB’s
investing the initial time and effort required demand a specialized feature set. Although
to offer customers a quality bundled pack- there is considerable implementation ef-
age of data+voice will force the operator’s fort to bring voice into the SMB arena, the
biggest competitor out of the account. At return on network assets is considerably
the end of the race, the winning opera- more than compared with that of residen-
tors will be those that have the most loyal, tial services.
and highest revenue producing customer “Bundle and Save” is the rage in the
Scott Bell

bases. residential sector. But the presentation of
Alianza While most operators focus on the a bundling option for SMB’s and enterprise
broader residential voice market, there are segments can be equally compelling. Bun-
In Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the other opportunities within the same cover- dling helps SMB’s and enterprise customers
Hare,” the hare comes upon a slow moving age area that can provide higher ARPU, but that are trying to cut costs increase efficien-
tortoise and mocks the tortoise for his lack they each have very different needs. For cies, and reduce the number of vendors to
of speed. In response, the slow-moving tor- example, despite the fact that the typical manage.
toise challenges the hare to a race. The hare margin for an enterprise (SIP trunk) is lower The chart below outlines the high level dif-
soon leaves the tortoise far behind and, than either residential or SMB offerings, ferences in the three main market segments.
confident of winning, he decides to take a enterprise offerings are simpler to support.
nap midway through the course. When he
awakes, however, he finds that his com- Voice Services - Market Segment Comparison
petitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has Residential SMB Enterprise
already won the race. Much like Aesop’s fa-
ble, WiMAX operators are running a race in VoIP Service Hosted PBX SIP Trunks
which, if they execute the wrong strategy, it ARPU $20-40 $25-60 $20-30 + Usage
may cost them the prize.
Number of Lines 1-2 5 - 100 20+
Like the hare, many operators are feel-
ing a false sense of confidence by offering Average Margin 50 - 65% 40 - 60% 20 - 40%
only data (single play) with hopes of pene-
Implementation Effort Low High Medium
trating the market quickly. The biggest risk
to WiMAX operators who are only offering Maintenance Effort Low Medium Low
data is that they are allowing the “phone
company” to maintain a relationship with And, looking to the future, enterprise offer- Summary
the newly acquired broadband customer. ings position the service provider to up-sell Although WiMAX operators see imme-
With their foot still in the customer’s door, customers to the latest hardware options. diate, short-term results by offering only
the competition is more likely to succeed As antiquated hardware needs replacing, data; in the long run this approach will turn
in winning back the data services from the customers are looking for solutions from out to be a stumbling block to. To avoid ‘fall-
customer in the future. their current SIP trunk provider. ing asleep’ during the race, it is imperative
It is absolutely true that deploying voice Because the SMB sector is relatively that operators execute a double-play strat-
over WiMAX is not the fastest strategy. It in- under-served by local telephone compa- egy. Offering data+voice today requires a
creases operational processes and support nies, the opportunity for expansion and the long-term perspective from management,
burden, and it can also slow down the sales promise of reliable revenue streams can be but the long term dividends will more than
process. In addition, if the data network has significant. With this opportunity, however, make up for the short-term investment.

Bundled vs. Unbundled Comparison
Scott Bell is CTO & Co-Founder of Alianza. Scott
is the chairman of the VoIP Task Force of the
WiMAX Forum™. He was recognized as one of
the “Top 40 Entrepreneurs Under 40” by Utah
Valley Magazine & in 2008 was named CTO of
the Year by the Utah Technology Council. He
has assembled a strong team that has success-
fully developed cutting-edge, enhanced telecom
products utilizing IP telephony technology. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Industry Insight

4G Operator deployment
Trends and Statistics, Q2 2009

off; Bolloré Telecom has only installed ket position determine the technology
13.4% of its planned network so far, and choice. Given the explosion in demand
the operator is planning to shut down for mobile broadband and higher band-
In Q2 2009 WiMAX network deploy- its WiMAX services in some areas where width, we expect 4G to be delivered in
ments totaled 500, across more than 145 it has not been profitable. The operator various flavors. Whether WIMAX and LTE
countries. Suppliers and operators con- is now considering moving to LTE. Clear- will converge is a question raised by a
tinued to make commitments to build wire is halting its WIMAX investments in growing number of operators.
and trial WiMAX Release 2 based on the its Belgian operations after not receiv-
IEEE 802.16m standard. ing permission to install new antennas.
At the close of Q2 2009, 4GCounts Telmex International, after 4 years of 4GCounts is a unique web-based ser-
counted over 3.96 million BWA/WiMAX having identified WiMAX as the strate- vice that tracks 4G operator deployments
subscribers – a 16% growth from Q1 2009, gic technology to be deployed in all its and provides detailed information on
and a 72% growth over Q2 2008. With a Latin American operations, is now refo- the worldwide 4G ecosystem. 4GCounts
monthly residential ARPU of US$39.50 cusing, giving priority to deploying cable currently profiles over 200 operators
and business ARPU of US$121.80, the networks, and reserving WiMAX only as across 92 countries. For more details, visit
worldwide subscriber base generated es- an alternative to complement DSL and
timated quarterly revenues of US$710.3 cable operations where there is a lack of
million. Residential subscribers (69%) wireline infrastructure. MARAVEDIS is a leading analyst firm fo-
continue to dominate the customer mix, LTE momentum is building as ven- cusing on disruptive technologies includ-
while business subscribers represent dors and operators have initiated con- ing smart networks using WiMAX, IEEE,
31%. North America is the region with tracts and begun conducting LTE trials, and 3GPP/LTE. Maravedis works with sys-
the highest residential customer base, with plans to start commercial deploy- tem and service providers, vendors, regu-
closing out Q2 2009 with over 1.25 mil- ments as early as 2010. WiMAX and LTE lators, and institutional investors. Learn
lion subscribers, of which 86% were resi- appeal to a different market segments more at
dential and 14% business. and types of operators. A number of vari-
Russian operator Scartel announced ables such as history, spectrum and mar-
the addition of 2,000 mobile WiMAX
subscribers daily to its Yota network dur- At the close of Q2 2009, 4GCounts counted over
ing the quarter. This is today the largest 3.96 million BWA/WiMAX subscribers – a 16% growth
WiMAX network in Russia, and with over from Q1 2009, and a 72% growth over Q2 2008.
100,000 subscribers, the largest pure
mobile WiMAX 802.16e-2005 network
in the world. In the US, Clearwire ended
the quarter with 511,000 subscribers (a
mix of proprietary and mobile WiMAX),
extending its network coverage to 10
new markets by the end of September
2009, to cover a total of 14 markets and
approximately 10 million people. In Ma-
laysia, Packet One Networks more than
doubled its subscriber numbers from Q1
to Q2 2009, ending the quarter with over
60,000 subscribers and signing nearly
95,000 as of September 2009. Korea Tele-
com, after a slowdown in subscriber ad-
ditions during Q4 2008 and Q1 2009, has
recovered its pace, finalizing the quarter
with nearly 218,000 subscribers.
However, the WiMAX outlook in
other countries is not as optimistic. In
France for example, WiMAX is not taking The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Industry Insight

getting connected
WiMAX Devices Current Outlook
For business groups of more than one U.S. as well, with the introduction of the
person, Sprint this summer announced two Yota Egg for the Russian provider’s WiMAX
new versions of the mobile WiMAX/Wi-Fi services in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
router, with an added twist -- by using the About the size of the Clear Spot router (al-
Sprint hybrid 3G/4G USB card as the back- beit with rounded edges and a white fin-
end connectivity, Sprint now supports ish), the Yota Egg works in a similar fash-
Paul Kaputska the speed of 4G WiMAX where it is avail- ion, though it does not require a separate

Sidecut Reports able, while also giving users connectivity WiMAX antenna since WiMAX connectivity
to Sprint’s 3G cellular network everywhere is already built in.
else. In terms of improving availability of al-
Greater personal productivity and ex- The smaller of Sprint’s mobile router of- ready launched devices, the hybrid 3G/4G
panded workgroup access were the hall- ferings is called the Sprint Personal Hotspot device, first offered by Sprint in the Clear-
marks of the major new additions to the PHS300S, and is available from Sprint in wire Portland, Ore., market, is now also
WiMAX end-user device market over the WiMAX-enabled markets for $159.99. Like available directly from Clearwire itself, as
summer of 2009, while expanded availabil- the Clear Spot router sold earlier by Clear- well as from Clearwire reseller Comcast,
ity and improvements to existing device wire, the PHS300S is manufactured by allowing users to add the flexibility of 3G
types also increased the end-user connec- mobile-router specialist Cradlepoint, and and 4G connectivity without having to sign
tivity options for users of WiMAX wireless is about the size of a deck of playing cards. separate contracts with Sprint, Clearwire or
services. After connecting to a Clear network by other service resellers.
The formal debut of the Samsung plugging a standard WiMAX dongle (or the Motorola, which shipped its 1 mil-
“Mondi” mobile Internet device in late July Sprint hybrid USB device) into the router’s lionth WiMAX end-user device during the
ushered in a long-predicted era of hand- USB port, the router then becomes a mo- summer of 2009, also announced improve-
held computing and communication devic- bile “hot spot,” able to provide Wi-Fi con- ments to its flagship WiMAX desktop and
es in a small form factor that are designed nectivity to up to Wi-Fi enabled devices in USB end-user devices, improving the an-
to increase portability, while offering a big- its vicinity. tennas to provide better reception and
ger screen, wider keyboard and more pro- The Sprint version supports four si- coverage. According to Motorola, its CPEi
cessing power than the so-called “smart- multaneous Wi-Fi connections, making it 725 desktop modem and its USBw 200 USB
phones.” Samsung’s Mondi, available for the a good choice for small workgroups or im- dongle both have two antennas, and will
Clearwire WiMAX networks in the U.S. as of promptu study or gaming sessions. (The “automatically transmit on the antenna that
Aug. 1, 2009, offers a 4.3-inch touchscreen price does not include the WiMAX USB mo- is receiving the stronger signal, providing
and a slide-out keyboard, allowing for a dem or WiMAX service plan necessary for subscribers with a better connection to the
wide range of application uses. the back-end connection.) network while allowing operators to reduce
Priced at $449.99 and available directly For larger workgroups, Sprint intro- base station infrastructure requirements.”
from Samsung or from the web- duced the CradlePoint MBR1000 Broadband The new modems are expected out by the
site, the Mondi uses the Windows Mobile Router, priced at $249.99. While not as por- end of Q4 2009, Motorola said.
operating system, and includes Outlook table as the smaller unit, the MBR1000 of-
Mobile email to help users stay connected fers support for up to 32 simultaneous Wi-Fi
to their office email systems. The device connections from one 4G or 3G connection.
also has Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a 3.0 The device also supports load balancing as As editor, publisher and CEO of Sidecut Reports,
Megapixel camera/camcorder. Built-in GPS well as wired-networking fallback, making Paul Kapustka continues a career trying to
support makes the Mondi a good device for it an excellent choice for small-office situa- make literal sense out of complex computer
mobile professionals looking for a light yet tions. and networking-related subject matter, a quest
powerful all-in-one computing tool to get Mobile WiMAX/Wi-Fi routers were that began in earnest in 1991 when he joined
real work done while on the move. starting to emerge in markets outside the Unix Today! as a networking beat reporter.

Samsung Mondi Takes its name Sprint Personal HotSpot CradlePoint MBR1000 Yota Egg Wi-Fi in your pocket,
from the Latin word for “world,” is PHS300S Developed by Cradle- Intended for business, can connects to the Russian wireless
designed for use with the Clear™ point, the PHS300S supports control up to 32 immediate Yota Mobile WiMAX network &
mobile WiMAX service from up to four synchronized Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connections. distributes it through Wi-Fi.
Clearwire. connections The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition


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enable complex networks in the sectors:
Military and Public Safety,
Carrier and Service Providers,
Energy and Utilities,
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The Role of Wireless
in Achieving
RUS Funding
Haste Makes Waste in the
Broadband Stimulus Process
[Yonder Media]
The Role of WiMAX/Point-to-Multipoint
Technologies in Delivering Fiscally
Responsible Broadband
WiMAX Rescues the Government’s
Broadband Stimulus Program for
Rural Areas
[Skyriver Communications]
Why Advanced Wireless is the Best
only Choice for Stimulus Spending
What to do if You Missed the First
Stimulus Deadline
[Proxim Wireless]
Proxim’s End to End Wireless Portfolio
Helps Deliver Fiscally Responsible
Broadband Networks
[Proxim Case Study]

Rural Broadband Focus

Haste Makes Waste
in the Broadband Stimulus Process
How is a small organization, without the necessary manpower
or resources, able to submit an application without being rejected
due to the slightest violation of the guideline?
markets, students with access to school, in difficulties for reviewers establishing
and families with access to an incred- “apples to apples” score cards in the se-
ible array of tools and opportunities to lection process.
Charles Bobo improve their quality of life. One of the more significant ob-

Yonder Media
The broadband program is to pri- stacles is the NOFA’s definition of rural,
marily focus on 1) infrastructure, 2) non-rural, and remote. The meaning of
public computing centers, and 3) sus- any one classification can change based
The Broadband Stimulus program tainable broadband adoption projects. on several mitigating factors. One would
is the equivalent of a ‘land grab’, com- The most significant focus is the build- assume it’s a simple process of elimina-
parable to the Oklahoma Land Rushes ing of infrastructure, as that is the key tion, but it is not. The biggest mistake
of 1889 and 1893, events that coined ingredient to get rural communities the NOFA authors made in this regard
the term, Sooners. Companies big and onto the “Information Super Highway” was to require a remote-classified com-
small are scrambling to grab their piece (an old word for most of us, but a new munity to be no less than 50-miles from
of rural America broadband real estate. reality for rural America). However, like an urban area of at least 50,000. That
Consider there are seven times more most government programs, the NOFA’s might work well in most states west
funding requests than funds to dis- more than 63,000 words are nearly inde- of the Mississippi, but not east, where
burse in round one. At first glance it ap- cipherable and reek of ambiguity when the states are smaller and communities
pears many of the applicants either mis- laying the guidelines to address such much closer. That distance requirement
understood the NOFA (Notice of Funds simple needs. To put that into perspec- did not take into consideration the
Availability) guidelines, or just chose to tive, a typical grant application, includ- country’s vast differences in geography
ignore them. The question looms, how ing signed legal attachments, is about and topography, which plays a much
is a small organization, without the nec- 100 pages and perhaps 5,000 words. more significant role in planning infra-
essary manpower or resources, able to So, the government has provided appli- structure deployment. This seemingly
submit an application without being cants with a 63,000-word rulebook for a simple issue will reclassify many grants
rejected due to the slightest violation 5,000-word application, a ratio of nearly that should have remote status, push-
of a guideline? Before we address that 13:1. ing them down the scoring list. This is
question, let’s review a few of the pro- The vast array of application types most unfair to residents within those
gram’s basic facts and challenges. and strategic approaches appears to communities and defeats the spirit of
The Broadband Stimulus Program is indicate some confusion as to goals the broadband program.
an excellent program in spirit. According to be attained and reflects the gov- There is a trap in the application
process with the wording “contiguous
The government has provided applicants with census blocks”. Within a small commu-

a 63,000-word rulebook for a 5,000-
nity of only a few thousand, there are
hundreds of census blocks. A census
word application, a ratio of nearly 13:1. block can be as small as an individual
neighborhood with 10-15 homes. Ac-
to statistics, more than 10-million resi- ernment’s haste to get the program cording to the NOFA, if any list of con-
dents in rural communities through this off the ground. There is confusion tingent census blocks is found to have a
country are without high-speed broad- throughout the process. Just peruse the single block that fails to meet the mini-
band; which, according to the NOFA, grants database for any state, and one mum definition for “underserved”, the
is a very modest 768k. That’s a speed will find a myriad of application types entire application is rejected. That is a
most of us upgraded from 10-years ago. and strategic approaches. And each ap- huge trap for applicants that submitted
But to rural Americans, it equates to ex- plicant organization can probably find large sweeping-area requests that cov-
changing the mule for a tractor. It pro- a legitimate angle from which to justify ered an entire state or multiple states.
vides farmers with access to agriculture its strategy. No doubt, this may result There is not a single state in the nation The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Haste Makes Waste in the Broadband Stimulus Process Rural Broadband Focus

where the entire state is underserved. oversight. Also, the applicant should of 768k is too low, and barely supports
This is one of the NOFA’s better require- never bite off more than it has a his- many of today’s web sites. Infrastructure
ments, as it forces applicants to build tory of accomplishing. A company with is the foundation, to be later compli-
strategies around individual communi-
ties. However, the humor in this is the
method employed to determine broad- The key to reaching rural America is through
band saturation. There actually is no solutions tailored to address needs.
method, because the national broad- That is better done with a rifle approach,
band map does not yet exist. Therefore,
the method to determine the extent of rather than a shotgun approach.
broadband saturation is left up to the
applicant, who can simply claim to have revenues of less than $1,000,000 has no mented with the services and programs
adequately researched the area. Un- business submitting a $120,000,0000 to draw maximum benefits for users.
fortunately, the burden of proof shifts grant or grant/loan request. Employ a As a passing final thought, it ap-
to the already-existing broadband pro- little common sense here — the grant pears the many “volunteer” reviewers
vider within that community to prove program was not meant to fund compa- sought by the Feds to score grants did
otherwise. nies’ entire start-up or expansion costs. not materialize. As a result, they imme-
One of the more disappointing as- It was designed to entice companies diately punted the initial review process
pects of the application is the 2-page to undertake projects that it might not down to the states, rather than waiting
limit for system design description. Po- otherwise have undertaken. Nor, was until step 2, as outlined in the NOFA
tential success or failure of the project this program intended to offset bud- (page 5, column 3, line 9). In today’s tu-
rests upon this. The project’s budget is getary shortfalls for public entities. It multuous economy, there are very few
based squarely upon this valuable data. was developed to bring broadband qualified professionals willing to put
But the application process allocates to parts of America that have tremen- their own business and jobs on hold to
more space to lobbying documentation dous needs. The key to reaching rural extend such favors to Uncle Sam. The
than to requiring applicants to prove America is through solutions tailored to Feds couldn’t find a way to take a smid-
the legitimacy, cost-effectiveness, and address needs. That is better done with gen of the $7.2 billion to pay reviewers
budgetary needs of their system de- a rifle approach, rather than a shotgun for their time? There is a particular state
signs. As a result, if an applicant desires approach. Rural American incomes are that hired 40 consultants to review 151
to share a bigger vision of how they in- also lower, so avoid projects that have grants. That’s the line in which most re-
tend to leverage a smaller grant to build an average household deployment cost viewers were probably standing.
an even larger network down the road, anywhere near $1,000. The project will Hopefully, the NOFA guidelines will
they risk having the application reject- be too expensive for most subscribers be simplified and more refined for the
ed simply due to providing too much and, if not ultimately fail, will encounter second round of funding in 2010. But
information. continuous cash flow and profitability at this point in the program, it seems
Let’s refer back to the original challenges. the spirit of the Broadband Stimulus
question: “How is a small organization, The intent of the Broadband Stimu- Program has been polluted by the gov-
without the necessary manpower or lus program to deploy infrastructure in ernment’s haste to get the program on
resources, able to submit an applica- America’s un-served and underserved the streets. If most of us employed such
tion without being rejected due to the communities is highly commendable. tactics to launch our businesses or ca-
slightest violation of a guideline?” The program should have stopped reers, we’d be staring at an eventual pile
First off, it’s doubtful even the review- with that first round single directive. of rubble, as we all remember that old
ers are able to competently decipher all Until that infrastructure has been fully saying, “haste makes for waste.”
the rules — score one for the applicant. deployed and proven operational, the
From a more strategic approach, keep other directives of the program seem
the application process simple and do useless. What good are public comput- Charles Bobo is the Director of Marketing
not tackle too much at one time. Avoid ing centers and sustainable broadband & Government Initiatives for Yonder Media,
any potential overload. Submit mul- adoption projects, such as telemedi- Inc., a company dedicated to expanding
tiple, small applications rather a single cine and educational programs, when broadband networks across rural America.
sweeping request that covers the north- the infrastructure has yet to meet such
ern hemisphere. Approach projects and bandwidth demands? Those challenges
communities individually. This enables already exist in the cellular war of 3G
the applicant to tailor a solution and versus 4G in large metropolitan regions.
will minimize the potential for error and The NOFA’s minimal speed requirement The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Rural Broadband Focus
the role of
wimax/point-to-multipoint technologies
in Delivering Fiscally Responsible Broadband
When it comes to applying for broadband stimulus money,
clearly illustrating the fiscal responsibility of your project is
key to funding success.
Cost Savings in Materials and La- More Flexible and Scalable for
bor – One benefit of wireless technolo- Future Network Needs – As your
gies such as WiMAX and PtMP is the user base grows, so do the demands on
Darrell Alfaro significant up-front, capital expense your broadband network. Based on the

Moonblink Comm (CAPEX) cost savings over the wired al- cost savings and ease of deployment
ternatives. First of all, with the cost of mentioned above, it is much easier and
fiber and copper on the rise, the ability affordable to scale your wireless broad-
Whether you’ve applied for the to eliminate the need for those material band network than it is to bolster a rigid
Round One broadband stimulus fund- costs is crucial. In addition to the up- and costly wired network.
ing or not, we all know that at the core front materials costs, though, you also
of any broadband deployment is ensur- save a considerable amount in the la- Greater Performance to Sup-
ing that you have the proper amount bor costs associated with either trench- port Any Application – Today,
of funding for the network. Whether ing fiber or stringing it along poles. wireless broadband technologies
that money comes from the broadband By removing the mate-
stimulus, the Department of Homeland rial cost of fiber/copper and The primary benefits to wireless
Security, or the funds are secured from greatly reducing the cost to broadband technologies such as
a traditional bank loan – it is critical in deploy it, you can recognize
any application to illustrate that you up to 50 percent cost savings
WiMAX & other PtMP solutions, as
compared to wired technologies,

are planning to utilize technology that over the wired alternative
will enable the broadband rollout in the right away. include:
most fiscally responsible way possible. Elimination of Recurring Leased
For years now, Internet Service Pro- Elimination of Line Costs
viders (ISPs), carriers, and Wireless In- Recurring Leased Line Easier to Deploy, Even in Difficult
ternet Service Providers (WISPs) have Costs – In addition to the Areas
been utilizing wireless broadband tech- up-front equipment and de-
More Flexible & Scalable for
nologies to deliver more cost-effective ployment cost savings, wire- Future Network Needs
broadband services and to reduce the less broadband also elimi-
Greater Performance to Support
total cost of ownership (TCO) of their nates the need for recurring Any Application
networks – especially when deploying leased line expenses.
service to rural areas. Wireless broad-
band has not only evolved to provide Easier to Deploy, Even
equal – and sometimes better – perfor- in Difficult Areas – Not
mance than wired solutions, but at a only does wireless provide
fraction of the cost of the wired alterna- significant cost savings, but
tives. In fact, wireless analyst firm The it is also the ideal solution in
Farpoint Group recently issued a report any situation where it is diffi-
– which you can download here for free – cult or impossible to deploy
that examines this very topic. a wired solution – which is
As a result, wireless broadband tech- the case in many rural broad-
nologies such as WiMAX and other point-to- band deployments that have
multipoint (PtMP) solutions (both licensed to overcome difficult terrain
and unlicensed) have emerged as a favorite issues. As noted in the Far-
for cost-effectively deploying broadband to point Group white paper,
rural areas. The primary benefits of these “time-to-solution is univer-
technologies, as compared to wired tech- sally better in the case of
nologies, include: wireless.” The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
The Role of WiMAX/Point-to-Multipoint Technologies
in Delivering Fiscally Responsible Broadband Rural Broadband Focus

are capable of delivering equal, and help you design and price the network Instead, show data from real, deployed
in some cases better, performance effectively. Then, to drive home the networks to illustrate the revenue ca-
as wired networks. In addition, they cost-effectiveness of your model, get pabilities.
feature all the management capa- a quote for the cost of deploying the
bilities required to effectively plan, same network with wired technology Be Able to Reply to Compliance
configure, install, monitor, and re- and include the cost comparison. Reviews When/If They Come Up –
port on an operational broadband It is also important to show in your ap-
wireless solution. As a result, wireless Provide a Detailed Model of plication that your proposed network
systems are highly competitive with Operating Expense – The initial will enable you to stand up to and re-
wired solutions such as xDSL, cable CAPEX of the network is just the be- spond to compliance review whenever
modems, optical fiber, and metro-area ginning. You must also clearly explain necessary. Today’s WiMAX and PtMP
Ethernet services. This level of perfor- and describe the ongoing operating wireless broadband solutions are more
mance and support for real-time ap-
plication such as voice telephony and
video services like IPTV means that
Though illustrating the cost-effectiveness of the
wireless can support any and all appli- network and viability of your business case is criti-
cations that can be supported via wired
networks, at a fraction of the cost.
cal, you must not forget about the “politics”
aspect of deploying broadband networks.
With the cost-effectiveness of
wireless broadband solutions such as expense (OPEX) of the network as well. than capable of enabling this, and pro-
WiMAX and PtMP well documented, This is critical to show that the funds vide all the tools necessary to not only
the question now becomes how do you are not only needed for the deploy- ensure compliance, but to monitor and
translate this information into the abil- ment costs, but to help offset OPEX on provide reports on that compliance.
ity to win grant money? Whether we’re the way to profitability.
talking about the broadband stimulus In closing, though illustrating the
(which still has two more rounds of ap- Demonstrate a “But for” Analysis cost-effectiveness of the network and
plications to go) or any of the various – For an even more clear illustration of viability of your business case is critical,
existing government grant opportuni- the need for funds beyond the initial you must not forget about the “poli-
ties (for a more comprehensive list of CAPEX, creating a “but for” analysis is tics” aspect of deploying broadband
grants, funding opportunities and re- very helpful. For example: “But for the networks. In your business case you
sources, download the complimentary grant funds, the business model will must also provide a compelling story
“Government Grants Resource Guide”), not work due to the early months of as to why the residents/subscribers you
you must first clearly articulate your low revenue before service adoption are targeting with your network didn’t
business case for receiving free money. takes off.” This helps explain that part have broadband before, how this grant
And especially in the case of govern- of the grant money will be used to keep money will provide them broadband,
ment grants, where funding is coming up operations in the early days of ser- and how they will remain connected
from the Federal Government, the abil- vice offering until enough subscribes for years to come. A fiscally respon-
ity to clearly illustrate the fiscal respon- sign up and revenues can sustain the sible demonstration based on wireless
sibility of the project is essential. operations. This helps show the critical broadband solutions will help satisfy
role funding plays in establishing a vi- these points, and will help get you on
The following provides an outline of able business. your way to securing the funds needed
the steps to take to build an effective for a successful network deployment.
cost and business case for receiving Provide Revenue Estimates
grant money: Based on Realistic, Researched
Market Projections – Just as it is Darrell Alfaro is CEO of Moonblink Com-
Know the Amount Required important to show documented proof munications is a value-added distributor
for Network Deployment – The of the cost savings of wireless over (VAD) with a targeted focus on wireless
best place to start when developing wired, you must also show document- systems. Moonblink provides a complete
a fiscally responsible business case ed proof that can help back up your spectrum of wireless solutions including
for broadband is to know exactly how projected revenue estimates. Revenue WiFi, WiMAX, wireless surveillance cam-
much it will cost to deploy the network. estimates that are overly optimistic era systems, license-free and licensed
We suggest working with a knowledge- without proof can invalidate your per- broadband wireless solutions.
able value-added distributor with a vious work around proving the cost-
deep knowledge of wireless, who can effectiveness of your business case. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Rural Broadband Focus

Wimax rescues the government’s
Broadband Stimulus Program for Rural Areas
By providing capital for deployment, the U.S. government
expects broadband penetration to stimulate business and
educational activities in these rural areas.
all of these efforts to a virtual halt part to release extra spectrum for fu-
around 2002. Lots of vendors went ture deployments. Liberally licensed
bankrupt and operators abandoned spectrum allocation has been grow-
Babak Jafarian expensive acquired wireless frequen- ing in the past decade. However, its

Skyriver Comm cy licenses without ever using them
at all. Things became worse around
2005 when fiber and cable coverage in
During past several months there urban areas began to reach its peak.
has been a lot of speculation about But, since 2007, signs of a slow
the federal government broadband recovery in the fixed wireless market
stimulation package and how much it have started to show on the horizon.
will help in providing broadband ac- A general increase in bandwidth de-
cess to rural areas in the US. By pro- mand for residential and small busi-
viding capital for deployment, the ness users in urban areas has once
U.S. government expects broadband again made fixed wireless a potential
penetration to stimulate business and front runner.
educational activities in these rural Because of the fact that it is so
areas. There is no specific technology easy to deploy and because it pro-
recommended or required for these vides sizable coverage in different ru-
deployments, but many experts con- ral areas, fixed wireless proved itself
sider fixed wireless as the front runner as contender for broadband network
technology. WiMAX-certified equip- dominance moving forward.
ment has started to ship in high vol- After the WiMAX Forum finalized
umes. However, and it looks there is its standardization efforts late 2007,
now a potential for a vast rollout of suddenly all of the hype was back!
WiMAX networks around the country. The U.S. government’s stimulus pack-
age for rural broadband is only the lat-
Why Fixed Wireless Is the est piece of good news for the fixed
Solution wireless camp. With vast rural areas
Fixed wireless network deploy- and sporadic pockets of population,
ments have had a rollercoaster ride in the U.S. is a prime candidate for a A general increase in
the past decade! In the late 90s, fixed massive fixed wireless rollout. Instead bandwidth demand for
wireless became the favored solution of trenching and running cable all residential and small busi-
around mountains and deserts, it is far
amongst technology evangelists all
easier to set up a wireless base station
ness users in urban areas
around the world. Cheap and easy to
on top of existing water towers, build- has once again made fixed
deploy when compared to costly and
difficult fiber and cable deployments, ings, lights poles, etc. to provide full wireless a potential front
it was considered the next big thing to coverage to an entire town. runner. Because of the
hit the telecommunications market. fact that it is so easy to
VCs started to invest in startups de- Spectrum Allocations deploy and because it pro-
veloping fixed wireless technologies For a successful wireless broadband vides sizable coverage in
and big telecom companies started to deployment, the U.S. government is
not going to be the only player. Allo-
different rural areas, fixed
invest heavily in fixed wireless license
acquisitions all around the world. cating capital for these deployments wireless proved itself as
The dot com bust of early 2000 and is a critical piece of the puzzle, which contender for broadband
lack of standardizations then pushed means that the FCC needs to do its network dominance. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
WiMAX Rescues the Government’s
Broadband Stimulus Program for Rural Areas Rural Broadband Focus

long bidding procedure contributes Technology Evolutions subscriber or a group of subscribers.
to increase deployment costs and, in The evolution of WiMAX, from The use of polling simplifies the ac-
the end, causes higher prices for end 802.16-2004 to 802.16d and now to- cess operations and guarantees QoS
users. In order to expedite govern- ward 802.16e is an ongoing effort. for different subscribers.
ment efforts, the FCC needs to come However, from the beginning WiMAX
up with a clear strategy on how it is layer 2 was designed with licensed Next Steps
going to support these projects. frequency operations in mind. At the All parties involved need to pull
Although releasing licensed-based heart of the MAC protocol, polling is together in the next couple of months
spectrum can be helpful for long term the mechanism by which the base sta- to make fixed wireless a success this
nationwide operation; for short term, tion allocates bandwidth to individual time. The FCC needs to release more
quick and cheap operations, license- users. In licensed-exempt operation, spectrum to make wireless broadband
exempt operations seem to be the because of inference issues, polling deployment a reality. Standardization
only practical solution. The success can be the weakest point of opera- bodies and vendors need to optimize
of 2005 allocations of 50 MHz block tion. Inefficiency in polling mecha- WiMAX for scalable, license-exempt
at 3.65 GHz band is a good example nisms can severely increase delay and operations. And the U.S. government
of how this strategy can be success- make it impossible to support real needs to promote broadband deploy-
ful. Under FCC part 90, licensees are time services. All of the WiMAX prod- ment and usage as a necessity for an
required to register their base stations ucts for 3.65 GHz licensed-exempt advanced 21st century society.
prior to deployment. This will reduce band is based on standard 802.16d

Although releasing licensed-based spectrum Babak Jafarian is a 15 year wireless
industry veteran with experience in
can be helpful for long term nationwide management, system engineering and
operation; for short term, quick and product development in both vendors

cheap operations, license-exempt and operators sides. In his latest role he
is CTO/VP Engineering & Network Op-
operations seem to be the only erations at Skyriver Communications,

practical solution. the largest wireless broadband service
provider in Southern California. In this
role, Babak manages the engineering
interference issues between differ- licensed-based MAC. For heavily uti- and operations of the company.
ent operators dramatically. After four lized licensed-exempt networks, in-
years, vendors have begun to ship terference could be a big challenge.
equipment and this type of network The 802.16 standard defines two
deployment is rapidly gaining mo- main grant-request methods, unicast
mentum. polling and contention-based poll-
The other important issue is defi- ing. While, unicast polling provides a
nition of desirable services and quality guaranteed method of access for us-
of service (QoS) requirements before ers with high QoS needs, contention-
planning deployments. Government based polling can support users with
definitions for broadband stimulus a best-effort QoS type of service. It
packages are very general and do not will provide the opportunity to build
define the specific services. If the main a portfolio of services based on differ-
target is the residential market, the re- ent subscription rates. Different con-
quirements will be different compared tentions resolution algorithms have
to the requirements of business users. already been proposed, but as it is
Business users need higher bit rate mentioned, more work is necessary to
and better QoS compare to residential optimize the overall MAC performance
users. This translates into more chan- for license-exempt operation.
nel bandwidth or more base stations For future deployments it is impor-
deployed during deployment phase. tant that either the FCC releases more
Also, launching business-grade broad- bandwidth for operation or standards
band over license-exempt spectrum bodies come up with a new modified
requires different frequency panning MAC for licensed-exempt WiMAX op-
considerations compared to residen- erations. At the moment, WiMAX MAC
tial market deployments. allocation is based on an individual The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Rural Broadband Focus

why advanced wireless
is the Best only Choice for Stimulus Spending
about or even attempting to try express the The good news is, there is Wireless and
limitless pent up frustrations of the American Light (Sublime Spectrum and Fiber Refer-
CIO, IT department and general consumer ence) at the end of the metaphoric tunnel.
market place having been, for so long now However, we need to bear in mind that we are
being mislead regarding the overvalued, not quite out of the woods just yet.

Tolly Marcus overpriced and unreliable “best effort” service Seemingly with every great stride we take
Zing Metro Wireless offerings form the Incumbent/Competitive forward as a nation, there is always seems to
LECS and the Cable Companies at large. be some unforeseen obstacle that swerves in
In today’s competitive communications Finally, at long last, there is truly a viable our path.
ecosystem, aside from the countless barriers and competitive alternative to the American Case in point: The two bodies that were
to entry and varying competing technologies last mile, middle mile and backbone debacle. tasked to see the approval and release of
in both the terrestrial and wireless industries, Fast-forward to today; to the newly emer- funds process for Stimulus projects – the
there are at the end of the day two main lim- gent wireless technologies and their respec- NTIA and RUS – have been inundated, having
iting factors that prohibit any business from tive operators and one can quickly see that received over 2,200 applications requesting
more aggressively adopting new advanced we are looking at a completely new animal nearly $28 billion in funding for proposed
technology standards for rapid deployment. from the ground up. broadband infrastructure projects that reach
It’s the age-old battle of Capital and Opera- This being said, it’s time to get rid of the grid. into all 50 states.
tional Expenditures. It’s the humble and personal opinion of Consider the fact that $28 billion is ap-
Or simply put, the cost of getting things the author that, for the time being America proximately seven times the $4 billion avail-
done and maintaining them. needs to migrate off of the twisted pair and able in the first round. The next hurdle is to
Although historically wireline or terres- coax parts of the grid effective immediately determine the best use of the available Feder-
trial based service providers have been able so we can reevaluate what matters most. al funding between now and this November.
to boast a higher reliability rate, mean time This is a revolutionary new dawn in com- So he were are, on the brink of a possible
to failure and even acceptable throughput munications that can enable America a evolutionary jump in communications, look-
levels, a sluggard and expensive construction chance for a fresh start to rethink what our ing at each other, still trying to figure out the
process that includes franchise agreements, communications infrastructure future should best way to get the best and quickest value
illegal kick backs, local, city, county, state, look like. and sustainable results out of those highly de-
and federal regulations among other limiting Thankfully, for going on just about a de- sired and desperately needed federal funds.
factors have continually been the proverbial cade now, a revolutionary group of some of Ponder this, if we were to use every single
thorn in the side of the Terrestrial Network the greatest minds in the world today consist- penny of the Broadband Stimulus package
Operator, not to mention “Local Loop” charg- ing of members of the IEEE, the WiMAX Forum on “State of the Art” tested, field-proven and
es and always being beholden to “Ma Bell” at and a host of others including many of the far more cost-effective (not to mention more
every twist and turn. leading chip makers and hardware/software scalable in the future) wireless technologies, it
Now with advanced wireless systems such developers have bonded together with a would assuredly be a step in the right direction.
as WiMAX in general availability and LTE on single goal in mind. That goal was to develop, This would also start us as a country on a mi-
the event horizon, this is no longer the case, ratify, certify, standardize, commercialize and gration path off of the nations legacy systems
as these systems can deliver constant bit rate energize an all-new “true carrier grade” tech- and operator mentality, level the communica-
services more cost effectively and can scale nology standard that, from its inception, was tions playing field and would undoubtedly be
infinitely quicker than anything known here- intended to allow its practitioners the true na- the best use of the federal funding.
tofore. tive ability to circumvent all existing Cable Co,
So in consideration of the massive and Phone Co, and Cell Co infrastructure, so that We the people… Are you with me?
unavoidable fact that it has taken well over we could move forward and break the chains
20 years and countless amounts of capital in- of the duopoly.
vestments in excess of trillions upon trillions So now what? The technologies are here, Tolly Marcus is a serial entrepreneur from Detroit,
of dollars being spent by American business’ and the nation is teetering on the verge of MI who’s first foray into the Wireless Space was at
and the American public, that at the end of coming out of a major economic recession. the 1999 North American International Auto Show,
the day the Unites States has nothing but a The Federal Government wants to bridge then in 2000 he joined a start up called Zing. Zing
sad deteriorating “hodge podge” mess of the digital divide and have prophetically em- has since organically grown it into an indepen-
twisted pair, coax and fiber as our national powered the NTIA & RUS with $7.4 Billion to dent multi site WiMAX operator. Marcus has also
communications infrastructure. help bootstrap new infrastructure implemen- worked in WiMAX distributions and integration
For the sake of this article, and enjoyment tations. Please, lets all take a moment to be since industry inception and has helped countless
of the reader, I will avoid extensive blathering careful not to make the same mistakes twice. WISP’s, Telco’s and startups make the leap. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Rural Broadband Focus

What to do If You Missed
the First Stimulus Deadline
With the first broadband stimulus deadline behind us, many organizations
found they were unable to submit their applications in time. Thankfully,
there is still hope and a bevy of options for organizations seeking funding.
for federal broadband stimulus funding - ganizations distribute the maximum in
and it is equally important to realize that this first round, that will equal a total of
the $7.2 billion in broadband stimulus $4 billion in Round One funding. That
Robb Henshaw money is not the only funding available leaves an additional $3.2 billion to be dis-

Proxim Wireless for broadband networks. tributed over the next two rounds - and
more if the full amount is not distributed
Stimulus Funding - A Marathon, in Round One.
The Round One deadline for the $7.2 Not a Race So, even if you have missed the first
billion in broadband stimulus funding First of all, let’s take a look at the cur- round deadline - you will still have two
officially passed on August 20, and there rent and remaining schedule for broad- more opportunities to apply. Now, this
were thousands of organization that band stimulus funding. August 20 was may seem comforting at first, but it is
were unable to meet the application the deadline for Round One of the stimu- important to realize that the Round
deadline. Even after the deadline was lus funding. The National Telecommuni- Two and Round Three deadlines will
extended, many WISPs, service provid- cations and Information Administration likely come and go just as quickly as the
ers and operators still struggled to pull (NTIA) and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Round One deadlines - so it is critical for
together the extensive applications and Rural Utilities Service (RUS) are the or- every organization to begin preparing
meet all the requirements necessary to ganizations that are administering the immediately, as opposed to waiting for
apply. And unfortunately, many of these existing broadband stimulus plans, and the next deadline to be announced. Or-
organizations believe that they missed those organizations have already stated ganizations that want to get a head start
out on their only opportunity to seek that there will be two additional rounds on Round Two should take advantage
funding for their broadband networks. (Round Two and Round Three) in the of the lull in between the first deadline’s
If you or your organization have missed future. Though the deadlines for those passing and the announcement of the
the deadline, fear not - there are still a lot additional rounds have yet to be an- next deadline, and should begin prepar-
of options for securing funding for your nounced, all of the $7.2 billion in stimulus ing their applications right away.
broadband networks. funding must be distributed by Septem- Now, if your organization began
As anyone who has reviewed the ap- ber 30, 2010 (less than a year from now), preparing an application for Round One
plication process for securing stimulus so the Round Two deadline will likely not and determined that you just didn’t have
funds knows, the process is quite lengthy be too far out. the resources to complete it, you should
know that there are a bevy of organiza-
If you or your organization have missed the tions out there offering third-party ser-

deadline, fear not - there are still a lot
vices to help you get ready. Whether you
need help with the technical writing, the
of options for securing funding for network design and feasibility testing,
your broadband networks. or even just help securing the NTIA-re-
quired professional engineer stamp (PE
stamp), there are organizations out there
and requires a good deal of resources to There are two programs that make that can either help guide you through,
complete. And given the relatively short up this $7.2 billion in funding, and those or complete the entire application on
period of time between when applica- are the Broadband Technology Op- your behalf - depending on your needs.
tions were open and the deadline, it is portunities Program (BTOP) and the
no wonder that many organizations had Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP). Remember, Stimulus Funding is
difficulty pulling together all of the infor- The NTIA is expected to distribute up Only Part of the Story
mation, network designs, approvals/cer- to $1.6 billion in the first round of the While the BTOP and BIP stimulus
tifications, etc. required in order to apply BTOP program, and the RUS is expected funding opportunities are excellent, it is
on time. But it is important to keep in to distribute up to $2.4 billion in the first also important for organizations to real-
mind that this is not the only deadline round of the BIP program. If both or- ize that those programs are NOT the only The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
What To Do If You Missed the First Stimulus Deadline Rural Broadband Focus

funding programs on the block. In fact, of a rural community that took matters best for your deployment. At the bot-
before the American Recovery and Re- into their own hands and secured fund- tom of this page you will find links to the
investment Act (ARRA) was ever signed, ing from the USDA to bring wireless instructions and forms you need to ap-
there were a large deal of programs es- broadband to their town, please see this ply for these grants.
tablished with the specific purpose of article.
The Grant Seeker’s Guide to the
Organizations that want to get a head start on Galaxy
Regardless of which grants you pur-
Round Two should take advantage of the lull sue, I recommend you start at a simple
in between the first deadline’s passing and site called “The Grant Seeker’s Guide to
the Galaxy”. This site has a ton of links
the announcement of the next deadline. and resources to not only help you find
the grants that are right for you and your
proliferating broadband to under-served To apply for a Rural Development organization, but it also includes links to
areas. Below is an overview of just a few Community Connect grant, you must many presentations and tutorials on how
of the additional opportunities that or- first register in the Central Contractor to write the best, most effective grant
ganizations can (and should) pursue, Registration (CCR) site, which can be proposal possible to ensure that you can
whether in place of or in addition to their found here. After registering at the CCR, secure the funding you need. You can
stimulus funding applications. you can then apply for a grant online at also download a more comprehensive list of grants, funding opportunities and
USDA Funding for Rural Areas resources by visiting the following site
The United States Department of Community Programs and and downloading the free white paper,
Agriculture (USDA) is one of the key pro- Facilities Grants entitled “Government Grants Resource
viders of funding for rural broadband Community Programs and Facilities Guide”.
projects. There are hundreds of grants provide grants to assist in the develop- So remember - just because the
available to enable projects ranging ment of essential community facilities in Round One stimulus deadline has passed
from SCADA applications, transportation rural areas and towns of up to 20,000 in does NOT mean that there is no hope
initiatives, and broadband extension population. Grants are authorized on a to receive funding for your broadband
programs. graduated scale. Applicants located in wireless network. There are a lot of op-
For a complete list of the existing USDA small communities with low populations tions out there for any organization that
grants available, please visit this site. and low incomes will receive a higher is willing to plan ahead and put the time
Once you’ve identified the refer- percentage of grants. Grants are avail- and resources required into the applica-
ence number for the grants that may be able to public entities such as munici- tion process. And even if your organiza-
applicable, visit palities, counties, and special-purpose tion is resource constrained, there are
for more information on the individual districts, as well as non-profit corpora- plenty of services out there available to
grants and how to apply. For a list of tions and tribal governments. For more help you prepare your applications in
2009 USDA grant money available and to information on how to apply, please visit time. But don’t wait - the next round of
download the grant toolkits, please visit this USDA Rural Development site. deadlines will come and go before you
this USDA site. know it, and the earlier you begin to pre-
Homeland Security Grants pare, the better off you’ll be.
Rural Development Community The Department of Homeland Secu-
Connect Program rity (DHS) is another major provider of
Also offered through the USDA, the funds for broadband wireless networks, as Robb Henshaw is the Director of Market-
Rural Development Community Con- these networks are often key components ing & Communications at Proxim Wireless,
nect program is dedicated to providing for the delivery of critical security applica- a manufacturer of end-to-end broadband
funding to extend broadband services to tions, such as wireless video surveillance. wireless systems, where he oversees the
areas that are currently not served. To- Regardless of the whether you’re trying company’s global marketing and com-
day, more than 20 million Americans in to secure your city, your transportation munications efforts. For the last 8 years he
rural areas still have no option for broad- infrastructure (like bridges, roads, public has been dedicated to helping develop the
band connectivity, often due to the high transportation, etc.), a government build- wireless industry, with expertise in technol-
cost of running fiber to these remote lo- ing, ports, borders and more - the Depart- ogies ranging from enterprise WLANs, to
cations. At a fraction of what traditional ment of Homeland Security has a wide carrier-grade wireless backhaul, to WiMAX
wired telecom networks would cost, range of grants available. and point-to-multipoint broadband wire-
broadband wireless networks are often less access (BWA) solutions.
able to be completely funded by federal To get started, please visit this FEMA
grants from the USDA. For one example site to identify the grant that may be the The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Rural Broadband Focus

Proxim’s end to end wireless Portfolio
Helps Deliver Fiscally Responsible Broadband Networks
At Proxim Wireless, we’re huge ad- Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) answer is simple: Fiscally Responsible
vocates of the rural broadband efforts arrived, and we have a long track record Broadband. When preparing a grant ap-
currently underway not only here in the of providing wireless solutions that are ca- plication, you must illustrate that your
U.S., but throughout the world as well. In pable of enabling successful applications proposed network will not only deliver
fact, we’ve been helping ISPs, carriers and for any number of government grants. the required level of service for any given
WISPs deploy cost-effective broadband We’re often asked what the secret to area, but also that your proposed net-
to rural areas long before the American a successful grant application is, and the work will do so in the most cost-effective,
fiscally-responsible way possible. The
Proxim Brings Broadband to Elk River, Idaho for the prohibitively high cost of fiber deploy-
First Time ments is one of the primary reasons that
Proxim’s wireless solutions have provided the town of Elk River, Idaho with its rural areas don’t have better service today
first ever broadband access network. Elk River, which funded the broadband wire- in the first place, so proposing the use of
less network through a Federal grant, provides an example for similar rural towns wireless technologies that can reduce
throughout the country struggling to find a cost-effective means of bringing both the CAPEX and OPEX of rural de-
broadband access to previously un-reached areas. ployments (as compared to wired alter-
“Having a broadband connection is essential to give our town equal access to natives) can go a long way in establishing
all the resources available on the Web,” said Margaret Patterson, the Director of Elk a successful application.
River Free Library District, who spearheaded the effort to secure the Federal grant At Proxim, we offer an end-to-end line
that paid for the network. “We’re a small town, and we’re geographically remote, of broadband wireless products so that
but that does not mean we don’t have the same need for Internet connectivity.
our partners and customers can deploy
And thanks to a Federal grant and the ability of wireless technology to enable cost-
effective access, we are now connected.” a complete wireless network – from 4G
In order to overcome the high cost associated with trenching for fiber or copper wireless backhaul to point-to-multipoint
as well as the service issues often associated with satellite connectivity, Access Con- to end-user access – without dealing with
sulting – the firm that designed and deployed the network – turned to Proxim Wire- multiple vendors. And because all of our
less. In Elk River, Access Consulting has deployed Proxim’s Tsunami™ MP.11 5054-R products are managed by a single man-
point-to-multipoint radios to provide backhaul links across town, as well as Proxim agement platform, you don’t need mul-
outdoor ORiNOCO® AP-4000 MR/LR access points, which provide the city-wide Wi-Fi tiple consoles to monitor and manage
access. In addition, they have deployed ORiNOCO AP-700 and AP-4000 access points your entire broadband network.
to provide indoor Wi-Fi access within the town’s motel and condo complex. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve
worked with hundreds of ISPs, carriers,
Proxim Unwires England’s Most Remote Town WISPs and communities throughout the
Alston Moor is both the highest market town in England as well as one of the world to help provide broadband to un-
most remote – so conventional high-speed broadband service is not available. In der-served areas. Two recent examples
2002 Cybermoor installed the UK’s first wireless broadband network in a rural com- include our deployments that brought
munity and Alston Moor quickly became recognized as the “Broadband Capital of broadband connectivity to the remote
Britain” with almost 40% of households having a broadband connection, at the areas of Elk River, Idaho and Alston Moor
then-fantastic speed of 1 Mbps. This latest upgrade with Proxim equipment will en- in the U.K.
able all members of the community in Alston Moor to receive wireless service of up
to 12 Mbps. It All Adds Up (to Less)
The Cybermoor social enterprise began in 2001 with funding from the British
government to investigate how digital communications and computers might help Wireless broadband has not only
boost rural economies. Cybermoor is utilizing Proxim’s Tsunami™ MP.11 license-free evolved to provide equal – and some-
WiMAX radios to distribute the wireless connection throughout the town. As a result, times better – performance than wired
the entire town is now blanketed with affordable wireless broadband access, which solutions, but it does so at a fraction of the
costs only £8.99 ($12) per month. And since the household computers were com- cost of the wired alternatives. So whether
pletely subsidized, residents are able to get connected to the Internet right away. you’re looking for licensed WiMAX, unli-
“The distance and terrain between Alston Moor and other towns caused more censed WiMAX, point-to-multipoint, wire-
than just a physical separation – it prevented the deployment of traditional broad- less backhaul, or Wi-Fi access products
band, which created a significant economic separation as well. As a social enterprise, for your broadband deployment, check
we have far greater customer take up than conventional ISPs, making it easier to out for more informa-
plan network upgrades,” said Daniel Heery, Project Manager for Cybermoor. “When tion on our complete end-to-end broad-
we were evaluating technologies that could overcome the existing problems and band wireless portfolio and get in touch
deliver a higher quality and higher speed service to our members in a cost-effective
manner, it became clear that Proxim’s wireless broadband systems were the optimal with any questions. We’re here to help
solution”. you build fiscally responsible broadband
wireless networks. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
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PCTEL’s Primary WiMAX Solutions of less than 1.5. Port-to-port isolation of typi-
cally > 25 dB. This panel provides field adjust-
The MSPDBDI244914NF sector panel an- able azimuth beamwidth of 60, 90 & 120.
tenna provides coverage of 2.4 GHz to 2.5
GHz and 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz frequencies in The MMO24580608 base antenna provides
a single antenna housing. coverage of 2.4-2.48 and 5.15-5.85 GHz
frequencies and is housed in a rugged U.V.
Company Background The WISP4959018BMV sector panel anten- stable, plastic radome with an aluminum
nas cover frequencies of 4.9-6.0 GHz and are base. This antenna is ideal for indoor or
PCTEL is a leading global supplier of an- designed for use in sectorized WISP applica- outdoor applications.
tenna solutions for multiple wireless appli- tions using a single sector or multiple sec-
cations including WiMAX, SCADA, land mo- tor antennas and multiple radios. It offers a Contact PCTEL
bile radio, broadband wireless access, RFID, choice of 45º, 60º, 90º or 120° single beam-
in-building wireless, aeronautical naviga- width sector. Multiple antennas can be uti-
tion, and GPS. We produce the industry lized to cover several geographical sectors
leading antenna product lines MAXRAD® using additional radios. Great for use in
and Bluewave™. place of an obstructed wall mounted omni. 471 Brighton Drive
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
PCTEL’s engineering teams are world class The SP2327-17XPAB is designed to cover fre-
and utilize some of the industry’s best de- quencies from 2300 to 2700 MHz with a VSWR +1.630.430.4996
sign tools, test equipment, and test ranges
to produce antenna solutions offering the “ Asks” Q&A with PCTEL
customer excellent performance and val-
ue. PCTEL utilizes high quality materials to How is PCTEL positioned in the global 4G & WiMAX marketplace?
build antennas that provide the superior PCTEL is a leading global supplier of antenna solutions for multiple wireless applications, in-
performance and reliability expected by cluding WiMAX, which is a result of investing in research and development processes and uti-
our customers. lizing quality material for antennas that that provide superior performance and reliability.

PCTEL has sales and manufacturing lo- Describe the strategic value add that PCTEL provides to customers & prospects in
cations world-wide allowing us to offer terms of introducing new solutions & revenue-generating services.
global support and manufacturing of our PCTEL communicates with customers to determine and develop innovative antenna solu-
extensive range of base station, mobile tions that help improve system performance by reducing operational costs and increasing
and portable antenna models. efficiency.

Phazar Antenna Corporation
Phazar Antenna Corp. has developed sev- We have also developed new product
eral new product lines of high performance ranges covering 2.0 to 2.3 GHz, 3.3 to 3.8
base station antennas that enhance the GHz and 5.125 to 5.850 GHz with the same
performance of the latest WiMAX and WiFi high gain, null-fill performance in 65, 90
broadband infrastructure and backhaul and 120 degree beam-widths. Omni-Direc-
Company Background systems for both Fixed wireless and Mo- tional, Dual Polarized and Quasi-Omni-Di-
bile wireless applications. The new product rectional antennas can also be offered for
Phazar Antenna Corp. is a division of An- lines offer high gain performance with su- MIMO requirements or DAS (Distributed
tenna Products Corp. that focuses on com- perior null-fill beam-forming features that Antenna Systems) applications.
mercial wireless antenna systems for use improve the coverage under the antenna
by 700 MHz, Cellular, AWS and PCS wire- horizon for base station sites. Our parent company, Antenna Products Corp.
less service providers, wireless Internet also offers self-healing, low latency Mesh Net-
and broadband communication system Phazar’s Primary WiMAX Solutions working radios for 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz, 2.4 GHz,
suppliers and other wireless applications. 3.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5.8 GHz systems.
Phazar Antenna Corp. offers a broad line The antennas cover the entire 2.3 to 2.7 GHz
of antennas covering 144 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range, which allows the antenna Contact Phazar Antennas
in omni-directional (single and dual band) to be used for either WCS/WiBro (2.3 to 2.4
and directional antennas in sector, panel, GHz), WiFi (2.4 to 2.5 GHz) or BRS/MMDS
waveguide and horn configurations. Dis- (2.5 to 2.7 GHz) systems. Antennas can be
tributed Antenna System (DAS) antennas supplied in 65, 90 or 120 degree horizontal
have been developed to address coverage beam-widths with 5.5 or 7.5 degree verti- 101 SE 25th Avenue
problems in metropolitan and urban areas cal beam-widths, offering various gains Mineral Wells, TX 76067 USA
that wireless carriers require for future ad- and system coverage. Cross-Polarization is
vanced services. > 24 dB and null-fill is > 20 dB. +1.940.325.3301 x 26 The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
ZDA Communications
WiMax integrators or operators, primarily Contact ZDA Communications
in the U.S. and Canada. We provide full ser-
vice sales, engineering, technical support
and logistics for our key customers.

Continuing roll out of new products with 100-3 Forum Drive Suite 192
advanced technologies, and a dedication Columbia, SC 29229 USA
Company Background to expanding our existing range of anten-
nas and of designing custom made solu- +1.803.419.4702
ZDA Communications, located in Colum- tions ensure ZDA Communications US
bia, SC, specializes in the engineering and LLC continue to provide high quality, cost
manufacturing of wireless communication effective antennas of outstanding perfor-
antennas, cable assemblies, passive com- mance.
ponents, and other fine products.
ZDA’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
Our extensive range of antennas, within
the 144 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum, includes: Specifically, for WiMax applications, we
Flat Panel, Sector, Omni-directional (single have developed new product ranges cover-
or dual band), Yagi (include multi-band), ing, 700 MHZ both upper and lower band,
Mobile, Rubber Duck Antennas. The Broad- 2.0 to 2.3 GHz, 3.3 to 3.8 GHz and 5.125 to
band and Ultra Wide Band Antennas are 5.850 Yagi, omni and sector antennas, other
ideal for the Wireless, Security, and Civil antennas include sector and panel anten-
markets. Our standard antennas can be nas can also be chosen. The added value is
used for applications including: WiMAX, that we are extremely competitively priced
WLAN; Wi-Fi, Cellular, PCS, RFID, WISP, In- as well as a 2 year warranty.
building-wireless coverage, Surveillance
and Telemetry applications. Our client Please visit our website at http://www.zda-
base includes WISPs, hotspot providers, to know more about us and
in-building wireless coverage installers, our other products.

Billing Solutions
Aradial Technologies
Aradial solutions are deployed by carriers • Advanced user management for sub-
globally for converged services including ISP, scribers & prepaid cards management.
WISP, Hotspot, Municipal Hotzones, Mobile, • Self ordering and provisioning (Activa-
IPTV, VOIP retail and wholesale. tion and Hotlining)
• Packet Of Disconnect (PoD) and Change
Aradial’s Primary WiMAX Solutions of Authorization (CoA)
Company Background • Redirection to activation portal at zero
Our products for WiMAX AAA and billing balance and purchasing plans through
Aradial Technologies provides top perfor- (CSN) are in the forefront of WiMAX tech- Spotngo portal.
mance AAA Servers and OSS/BSS solutions nology. Some features include: • Multiple resources - allows the user to
for Wimax, Internet Service Providers, VOIP have multiple user ids on the same ac-
and Mobile operators. • WiMAX Forum standards NGW com- count (e.g. Multiple phone numbers,
pliant – supports both 802.16d and data services usernames, connected to
Aradial’s AAA/RADIUS and billing Solutions 802.16e. the same account).
are servicing ISPs since 1997. Hi-Capacity • Convergent Billing for all IP based ser- • Integration with external billing systems
Providers with millions of subscribers and vices, prepaid and postpaid. - Advanced APIs for external billing in-
Small providers can easily integrate Aradial • Real-time and Scalable AAA functional- tegration both for real-time events and
Solutions into their IT and Network infra- ities. provisioning.
structures. Aradial Solutions enable service • EAP-TTLS and EAP-TLS for authentication.
providers to effectively compete in deploying • Integrated with leading ASN-gateways Contact Aradial
next Generation solutions and services while partners.
supporting existing infrastructure and legacy • Integrated with WiFi and traditional Ac-
systems. Using policy algorithms, Aradial can cess controllers (for example: Mikrotik,
implement rule-based authentication giving Wavion, Nomadix, Colubris, etc)
a complete manageability of network re- • Cost effective solution and fast ROI. North American & European Offices
sources. Aradial Technologies customers and • Billing and Ordering, all services, such as +1.416.410.3518
partners include some of the world’s largest Broadband Data, VOIP, Voice, IPTV, VOD
corporations, institutions, telecommunica- for WiMAX. Europe & other phone
tions carriers, billing companies and internet • Allows controlling users balance, time and +972.9.9581805
service providers (ISPs). traffic in real-time and with zero leakage. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Billing Solutions
FTS Billing Software Solutions
FTS’ Primary WiMAX Solutions three packages: convergent prepaid/post-
paid data; convergent prepaid/postpaid
FTS offers its FTS express™ for WiMAX – an data and VoIP; and an advanced service
extremely flexible billing appliance that provider package.
can be adapted to the needs of every
WiMAX operator, at a fraction of the cost of Packages are incremental and extremely
fully-fledged solutions. The appliance is de- cost effective. Operators and service pro-
signed for WiMAX infrastructure providers, viders can start small with core modules for
Company Background resellers and systems integrators to quickly basic operation, and grow with additional
and easily solve WiMAX service providers’ components to an advanced IP implemen-
FTS (LSE: FTS) is a leading provider of Bill- back-office requirements. tation as their business grows.
ing, CRM and Business Control solutions for
communications and content service pro- FTS express provides an all-in-one solution FTS serves customers in developed and
viders. By analyzing events from a business for online charging, AAA, billing and in- emerging markets with installations in the
standpoint rather than just billing them, voicing, customer management, voucher Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East
FTS allows providers to better understand management, calling cards, policy man- and Africa.
their customer base and leverage business agement and more. Setup is simple, with
value from every event and interaction. an easy UI setup for localization (taxes, cur- Contact FTS Soft
rency), rating plans and business rules. The
FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end, solution requires minimal set-up for full
stand-alone and add-on solutions to cus- operational mode, yet is fully expandable
tomers in over 40 countries and has im- and scalable so it can grow with the service
plemented solutions in wireless, wireline, provider’s future needs and growth. Headquarters +972 9 952 6500
cable, content and broadband markets Americas +1.561.999.8000
including multiple cross-network installa- Understanding that flexibility and scal- Russia +7 495 648 1008
tions. ability are key, FTS released FTS express in South Africa +27 11 322 4200

ARCchart Ltd. Consulting/Research
Global WiMAX Landscape Wallchart

ARCchart publishes the respected industry Global WiMAX Landscape wallchart. The chart
Company Background covers over 200 WiMAX operators around the world and examines the spectrum employed,
service launch dates and equipment vendors used. For more details on the wallchart, visit:
ARCchart is an independent research
and consulting firm focusing on all as-
pects of the wireless communications
sector. Based in London, ARCchart’s
depth and breadth of analysis provides
a global perspective on wireless tech-
nology and industry developments.

Combining original thinking with ex-
ceptional knowledge and experience,
ARCchart assists clients in making
sound commercial decisions about
technologies, market strategies and
competitive positions. With strong
roots in the tracking of M&A activ-
ity across the communications space,
ARCchart’s strategic advice covers all
aspects of the wireless value chain
- ranging from semiconductors and
WLANs to network operators, handsets Contact ARCchart
and mobile applications. ARCchart is an
affiliate of London-based investment 78 York Street +44(0) 33 00 88 1355
bank ARC Associates. London W1H 1DP UK The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Maravedis, Inc.
duce highly sophisticated research and worldwide 4G ecosystem. 4GCounts cur-
market forecasts based on hard data. rently profiles over 200 operators across 92
Maravedis’ Primary WiMAX Solutions
ClearSpectrum is a WiMAX and Broadband
Company Background From WiMAX to LTE and emerging tech- Wireless Access Licensing and Technical
nologies, we offer more than just numbers. Database providing full technical, licens-
Maravedis is a leading research and analy- Maravedis develops and publishes quality ing, and regulatory information by coun-
sis firm focusing on broadband wireless reports and provides consulting services try.
technologies including WiMAX, LTE and that are delivered into informed and ra-
other broadband wireless technologies tional opinions thanks to its renowned in- Contact Maravedis
and markets. Maravedis has established it- depth expertise of wireless technologies,
self over the years as the most credible and regulations and market trends.
reliable resource for market intelligence in
the broadband wireless industry. Marave- Maravedis helps you make strategic deci-
dis works with equipment vendors, service sions that have direct effect on your reve- 410 Rue des Recollets, Suite 301
providers, regulators and the investment nue. Therefore, our extended service offer- Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1W2 Canada
community to produce a sound market ing includes a custom consulting practice
analysis based on hard primary data and to meet your very specific research needs. +1.305.992.3196
an in-depth understanding of technology, Past successful mandates range from the
market and regulation trends. analysis of CPE characteristics sought by
carriers to the potential market of new
Maravedis has been covering the broad- power amplifier solutions for WiMAX base
band wireless industry longer than any of stations. More
its competitors. As a research pioneer in
BWA, Maravedis has developed a unique 4GCounts is a unique web-based ser-
knowledge of regulation, markets and vice that tracks 4G operator deployments
technology worldwide. As a result, we pro- and provides detailed information on the

Rethink Technology Research
letter and web site, Rethink Wireless, which trends, pricing and puts the technology
provides daily insights into the latest de- in the context of mobile broadband and
velopments in the mobile and wireless quad play as a whole. It assesses WiMAX on
markets. a daily basis, as a market in its own right
and in relation to other technologies like
Since its formation in 2002 Rethink has LTE, HSPA, Wi-Fi, CDMA2000 and wireline
Company Background conducted consulting assignments for broadband.
many of the largest technology companies
Rethink Technology Research is a thought in the world, as well as some of the newest As well as dedicated reports, Rethink pro-
leader in quadruple play and emerging and freshest start-ups. Clients include ser- duces the WiMAX Directions weekly re-
wireless technologies. It publishes weekly vice providers, vendors and financial insti- search note on a key issue for the market,
research notes, market forecasts, in-depth tutions all round the world. and its weekly analyst paper Wireless Watch
research papers and provide consulting also contains a special WiMAX section in
under two service brands, Wireless Watch Rethink’s Primary WiMAX Solutions every issue. Rethink’s research director and
and Faultline. lead WiMAX/4G analyst, Caroline Gabriel,
Rethink has been covering the WiMAX is also a contributor to publications like
The former focuses on every aspect of the market in-depth since 2002, almost since WiMAX Trends and a frequent speaker at
wireless and mobile industry, in particular the sector was born, and has become a 4G and broadband wireless conferences.
emerging standards and technologies, and well known name in providing news, re-
how they support operator business mod- search, forecasts, seminars and consulting Contact Rethink Research
els and vendor strategies. The latter ana- to WiMAX operators, suppliers and inves-
lyzes the transition from analog to digital tors. It has a unique database of over 400
media, and the revolution in content deliv- service providers that are using or trialling
er this has created. In particular, it provides WiMAX, which provides unparalleled intel-
research and consulting in triple and quad ligence about the business models that the 1 Wide Lane Close
play models, broadband digital media and technology supports. Brockenhurst
mobile TV. Hants SO42 7TU
In its published reports and customized United Kingdom
Rethink Technology also collaborates with consulting and research, Rethink focuses
ArcChart to produce the daily online news- on WiMAX business cases, technology +44 (0)1590 624530 The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Sidecut Reports
Kapustka, who has covered networking available, in a format designed for easy
and Internet industry topics since 1991, reading. Much more comprehensive than
has held top editorial positions at a wide short blog posts — and much more timely
range of industry publications, including and economic than thousand-dollar tradi-
CMP Media’s Advanced IP Pipeline and tional analyst reports — our Clearwire NTK
Networking Pipeline websites, Informa- reports are “right-sized research” for busy
tionWeek, InternetWeek, Communication- professionals who want to stay as current
Company Background sWeek, Light Reading, the (old) Red Her- as possible on all things Clearwire. If you
ring, and Open Systems Today! are interested in Clearwire, here is every-
Sidecut Reports, an independent editorial thing you NEED TO KNOW.
research firm, provides business profes- Sidecut’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
sionals with deep background, up-to-the All NTK reports will be priced at just $4.95
minute information, and decision-making Sidecut Report’s CLEARWIRE NTK Reports — that’s no typo, but yes, Four dollars and
analysis on pertinent topics that goes far - now available for purchase from the ninety-five cents. So for less than the price
beyond blogs at a price far less than that Sidecut Reports website is the October of a beer at a Sprint Nextel NASCAR race,
charged by traditional analyst operations. 2009 installment of our “Clearwire Need to anyone interested in Clearwire — from
Led by longtime industry journalist Paul Know”, or Clearwire NTK Research Series. investors to partners to resellers, competi-
Kapustka, Sidecut Reports provides in- tors and most importantly, end users —
depth looks into topics at the intersection The NTK Series provides quarterly updates can have the right information you need,
of telecommunications, the Internet and on all things related to Clearwire Corp.’s right now, at the right price.
public policy. nascent WiMAX services, including mar-
ket launches, pricing schemes, WiMAX de- Contact Sidecut Reports
“Sidecut Reports is designed to provide the vice availability and recent business deals
in-depth coverage blogs don’t have the from the company building a nationwide
time for, at a price far less than traditional WiMAX network.
‘industry analyst’ reports, which can costs
thousands of dollars each,” said Kapustka, The Clearwire NTK reports are designed 1325 Howard Avenue, #412
who was managing editor at the GigaOM to give anyone interested in Clearwire the Burlingame, CA 94010 USA
blog network before starting Sidecut Re- most thorough and up-to-date package
ports in 2007. of news, analysis and short-term outlooks +1.650.685.6340

Yankee Group
Yankee Group’s Primary Solutions to success in the Anywhere revolution.

Link Research forms the core of Yankee Register as a guest to receive free access
Group’s offerings, with qualitative analysis to select Yankee Group reports and data.
focused exclusively on the transformation-
al effects of the connectivity revolution. Contact Yankee Group

Link Data underpins Yankee Group’s
Company Background research initiatives, delivering an un-
matched database of global quantitative
The people of Yankee Group are the knowledge through Market Adoption Yankee Group Research
global connectivity experts—the lead- Monitors and Forecast and Attitude and One LIberty Square, 7th Floor
ing source of insight and counsel trusted Behavior Surveys. Boston, MA 02109 USA
by builders, operators and users of con-
nectivity solutions for nearly 40 years. We Link Interaction connects clients directly Corporate Headquarters
are uniquely focused on the evolution with Yankee Group analysts to get data, +1.617.598.7200
of Anywhere connectivity, and chart the information or advice.
pace of technology change and its effect European Headquarters
on networks, consumers and enterprises. Link Consulting provides a custom, tai- +44.20.7307.1050
lored experience using Yankee Group’s
Headquartered in Boston, Yankee Group unique expertise.
has a global presence, including opera-
tions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Link Events, both live conferences and
Latin America and Asia-Pacific. online webinars, offer attendees new in-
sight, knowledge and expertise to better
Visit to learn more. understand and overcome the obstacles The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Hutton Communications
* Jumper Assembly sands of other wireless communications
* Power Systems Solutions products. Let Hutton be your wireless sys-
* Filter Tuning tem supplier.
* Product Bundling
Contact Hutton Communications
Company Background Hutton’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
Hutton Communications, Inc. headquar- Hutton Communications works with many
tered in Dallas Texas, is a distributor of of the leading equipment vendors to sup-
commercial wireless communications and port backhaul of WiMAX. WiMAX is cre- 2520 Marsh Lane
related equipment all throughout the ating a need for higher capacity, higher Carrollton, TX 75006 USA
United States and Canada. Hutton serves reliability backhaul solutions. Our lines of Sales Phone Numbers
cellular and radio communications dealers, licensed and unlicensed Point – to - Point
wireless communications carriers and self- products meet this need perfectly. Product US Sales
maintained end users of communications lines such as BridgeWave, Ceragon, Drag- 1.877.648.8866
systems. In addition, Hutton provides its onWave, Exalt, Motorola, Nera, RADWIN British Columbia Only
customers with power systems solutions and more; provide the IP centric band- 1-888-948-8866
for emergency backup, alternative energy width that WiMAX installations need. Calgary
sources, or out-of-grid power require- 1-800-463-4793
ments. Slightly Different than the Usual Heard Quebec Only
Hutton Communications, Inc adds value to With multiple sales and warehouse facili- Toronto
the supply chain by providing specialized ties, Hutton provides local sales support 1-800-265-8685
services such as and fast delivery to your location. Hutton
stocks the products you need for imme-
* Site Kitting diate shipment and fast, economical de-
* Inventory Logistics Support livery. In addition to wireless bridges and
* Just In Time Delivery antennas, you can order cables, towers,
* Cable Processing backhaul for WiMAX solutions, and thou-

TESSCO Technologies
world-class brands, we help you to expand • The Wireless Bulletin for Security and Sur-
your capabilities, and build profits. TESSCO’s veillance – a first-of-its-kind resource that
experience and broad portfolio allow for allows you to design and deploy security
custom tailored solutions, to almost any and surveillance systems that meet the
Company Background wireless network application. When you do most stringent customer requirements.
business with TESSCO, you can rely on us to
In the more than 25 years since TESSCO deliver what you need to succeed: To learn our extensive portfolio of solu-
Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TESS) tions, visit us today at
was founded, the Company has proven its • The latest product & service solutions to broadband or speak with one of our wire-
position as the vital link to wireless world®, get wireless right the first time less experts at 800.472.7373.
as well as an industry leader in an ever- • Immediate availability of the largest se-
evolving global wireless marketplace. To- lection of wireless networking solutions Contact TESSCO Technologies
day, TESSCO is helping to build the world’s • Leading wireless broadband and WLAN
wireless future by serving as a value-added products and services covering the full
provider of the critical solutions, products, range of applications, including the latest
services and training needed to design, in wireless technology for ensuring the
build, run, maintain, and use everything deployment of last-mile (including Wi- 11126 McCormick Road
wireless. Max), middle-mile or backhaul networks. Hunt Valley, MD 21031 USA
• Latest solutions for remote monitoring
TESSCO’s Primary WiMAX Solutions and video surveillance, including the 4775 Aircenter Circle
products and know-how you need to Reno, NV 89502
At the forefront of an increasingly com- install, maintain, sell and support video
petitive industry, the experts at TESSCO surveillance. 1.800.472.7373
effectively offer the products, pricing and • World-class knowledge to help you make
knowledge that give service providers and the right wireless decisions, and compre-
value-added resellers a competitive edge hensive, hands-on sales & technical train-
in system performance and cost. By offer- ing customized to your specific require-
ing more than 30,000 products from 300 ments. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Equipment Providers
Airspan Networks, Inc.
Airspan’s WiMAX product range comprises USB device is a quad-band MIMO USB don-
HiperMAX, MacroMAX and MicroMAX Base gle for laptops and personal computers.
Stations, mobile WiMAX user devices, in- Now certified by the WiMAX Forum for the
door and outdoor CPEs that also integrate 2.5GHz band, MiMAX also operates in near-
Wi-Fi and VoIP technologies. In addition, ly every applicable WiMAX frequency from
we have developed VoiceMAX, a unique 2GHz and up to 5GHz frequencies. Certifi-
and powerful solution essential for carrier- cation includes thorough assessment of
Company Background class VoIP delivery. the features required in the WiMAX Forum
2.5 GHz profile as well as rigorous testing
Airspan is a worldwide leader in broadband Our products have been developed with of multi-vendor interoperability.
wireless with over 400 customers in more the future in mind. Thanks to the advance
than 100 countries. As a founding member technologies built into our products, we will Contact Airspan
of the WiMAX forum, Airspan has led the not only be able to software upgrade our
way in WiMAX, being among the first wave HiperMAX base stations to Mobile WiMAX
of companies to achieve certification for its but we will also be able to run Mobile and
Base Station and End User Devices. Fixed WiMAX on the same platform.
777 Yamato Rd., Suite 310
Airspan is also leading in the race to Mobile MacroMAXe is a class-leading 2nd gen- Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA
WiMAX. All of Airspan’s base station prod- eration Mobile WiMAX base station which
ucts support Mobile WiMAX. MiMAX, Air- has been designed and optimized for the +1.561.893.8670
span’s USB based Mobile WiMAX end user 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz Mobile WiMAX bands.
device, will be the first Wave 2 compatible It employs the software defined radio
unit for laptops. (SDR) technology first developed for Hiper-
MAX, together with dual radio transceivers,
Airspan’s Primary WiMAX Solutions antennas and GPS receiver all in a highly
integrated, physically small and light, all
Airspan offers one of the most comprehen- outdoor package.
sive portfolios of products and solutions in
the wireless industry today. Airspan’s award winning MiMAX Q-Series

Alvarion, Ltd.
base station feeding, hotspot coverage ex- new industry applications.
tension, community interconnection and • BreezeMAX® 802.16e Mobile WiMAX
public safety communications. wave II certified products for licensed
frequencies (2.x GHz and 3.x GHz)
Through its OPEN™ WiMAX strategy, supe- • BreezeACCESS® VL and BreezeNET® B for
rior IP and OFDMA know-how, and prov- license-exempt frequencies (900 MHz,
en ability to deploy end-to-end turnkey 4.9 and 5.x GHz)
Company Background WiMAX projects, Alvarion is shaping the • BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video for wireless
new wireless broadband experience. video surveillance solutions optimized
Alvarion (NASDAQ: ALVR) is the largest for the high performance needs of the
WiMAX pure-player with the most ex- Alarion’s Primary WiMAX Solutions video surveillance market
tensive WiMAX customer base and over • BreezeMAX/BreezeACCESS Wi² for Wi-Fi
250 commercial deployments around the Alvarion® offers a complete portfolio of car- 802.11 as a Wi-Fi mesh solution exten-
globe. Committed to growing the WiMAX rier class, field-proven and award-winning sion to the WiMAX network
market, the company offers solutions for a products for fixed, nomadic and mobile • Star management suite for efficient
wide range of frequency bands supporting wireless access for licensed and license- management and monitoring
a variety of business cases. exempt frequencies:
Contact Alvarion
Alvarion is leading the market to Open • 4Motion® - Alvarion’s all-IP 4Motion solu-
WiMAX solutions with the most extensive tion is the foundation of the company’s
deployments and proven product portfo- OPEN WiMAX ecosystem, combining
lio in the industry covering the full range BreezeMAX and other best-of-breed International
of frequency bands, with fixed, nomadic systems. Designed as an open standard
and mobile solutions. Alvarion’s products with high interoperability, 4Motion +972.645.6262
are designed to enable the delivery of provides a complete ecosystem at the
personal mobile broadband, business and network level, enabling operators to be North America
residential primary broadband access, cor- most responsive to the latest consumer +1.650.314.2600
porate VPNs, toll quality telephony, mobile electronic devices, service offerings and The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Equipment Providers
Axxcelera Broadband Wireless
AB-MAX™ consists of fixed broadband gate rates up to 210Mbps within the 5.7
wireless access equipment (Access Point - 5.8 GHz U-NII/ISM bands for distances of
and CPE) for Internet, data, multimedia, up to 20 miles. The integrated E1/T1 and
video, voice, and other emerging IP based Ethernet interfaces allow for any combina-
applications. Combining WiMAX with high- tion of TDM and Ethernet packet data to be
er level network features, AB-MAX provides combined up to the maximum through-
Company Background a robust, cost-effective alternative to wired put.
alternatives such as T1/E1, DSL and cable
Axxcelera Broadband Wireless is a data modems. Deployments may use frequen- The ExcelFlex™ offers volume capacity
networking solutions company, develop- cies from the entire U-NII 5GHz ISM and and proven performance for applications
ing technology to deploy networks for ETSI spectrum. Select from various modu- worldwide. It represents a new genera-
broadband wireless communications over lation options and antenna polarizations, tion of PDH-SDH radio-relay transmission
the Internet-from the “first leap” to the last all in an extremely low cost, easy to deploy equipment for 6-38 GHz frequencies. It is
mile. Our ExcelMAX™ and AB-MAX™ fixed product. ideally suited for long distance, low and
wireless broadband platforms bridge the medium capacity communication solu-
last mile, with a point-to-multipoint solu- AB-Full Access II™ and ExcelFlex™ systems tions of up to 310Mbps in full duplex
tion that replaces the local loop for large allow first leap high-capacity, point-to- (620Mbps aggregate).
corporate clients, small businesses, and point wireless data transmission, across
other organizations. terrain impediments, for customers who Contact Axxcelera
want to bypass wired networks or have no
Axxcelera’s Primary WiMAX Solutions wired options.
ExcelMAX™ Access Point is a Point to Multi- AB-Full Access II™ consists of a Software
point (PMP) base station product designed Defined Indoor Unit (SDIDU) and Outdoor 82 Coromar Drive
to operate in the 3.3-3.8 GHz spectrum and Unit (ODU). The AB-Full Access II™ radios Santa Barbara, CA 93117
supports 3 different Duplex architectures are spectrum and data rate scalable, which
– Full Duplex FDD (Frequency Division Du- enables service providers to have greater +1.804+864.4000
plex), Half Duplex FDD, and TDD (Time Di- flexibility in network planning and future
vision Duplex). growth. AB-Full Access II™ delivers aggre-

Cisco Broadband Wireless Access products • Cisco BWX 2300 Series Broadband Wireless
for Mobile WiMAX feature advanced anten- Access System
na systems and support adaptive beam- • Cisco BWX 200 Series Modems
forming and multiple-input multiple-out- • Cisco BWX 300 Series Modems
put (MIMO). They allow for multi-megabit • Cisco BWX Element Management System
service delivery, increased coverage, and
greater indoor penetration for the follow- Contact Cisco
ing benefits:
Company Background
• Subscribers experience high-quality wire-
Cisco enables people to make powerful less services
connections-whether in business, educa- • Service providers get fewer service calls, 170 W Tasman Drive
tion, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hard- faster time-to-market with new services, San Jose, CA 95134 USA
ware, software, and service offerings are and improved cost
used to create the Internet solutions that efficiencies +1.408.526.4000
make networks possible-providing easy
access to information anywhere, at any This open-standards solution is compliant
time. with the Mobile WiMAX specification and
the Profile C Network Reference Model. It
Cisco’s Primary WiMAX Solutions includes a full suite of base stations, anten-
na systems, access service network gate-
Through our expansive Cisco IP Next- ways, management systems, and customer
Generation Network portfolio, mobile op- premises equipment. Specific Products:
erators around the world are seeing the
benefits of increased network efficiency, • Cisco Broadband Wireless Gateway
reduced time to market and the ability to • Cisco BWX 8300 Series Broadband Wireless
offer new and personalized services. Access System The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Equipment Providers
Green Packet Solutions
Company Background
Green Packet Solutions, part of the Green Packet Berhad group of companies, is a
leading developer of Next Generation Mobile Broadband and Networking Solutions.
Our mission is to provide seamless and unified platforms for the delivery of user-
centric multimedia communications services regardless of the nature and availability of backbone infrastructures. Founded in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley in 2000, Green
Packet Solutions has expanded its global footprint to Kuala Lumpur (Headquarters), Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Australia, Bahrain and Bangkok.

Packet Hub, Green Packet Solutions empowers Operators to improve ARPU via leading edge car-
159, Jalan Templer, rier-grade solutions and interoperability-tested WiMAX Modems. Green Packet Solu-
46050 Petaling Jaya, tions’ products offer best-in-class performance and are of the highest quality, ensur-
Selangor, Malaysia. ing our customers are ALWAYS BEST CONNECTED!

Green Packet offers a full range of award-winning, high performance WiMAX
Modems that are compliant with the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. These
WiMAX Modems are field proven with over 10 live deployments and 35 trial
sites globally. We have completed successful interoperability tests and hold
strong alliances with major WiMAX ecosystem players including Alcatel-Lu-
cent, ZTE, Huawei, GCT, Mediatek, Beceem and Sequans.
WiMAX Indoor Modems (D Series) DISTINCTION AWARDS (May 2009)

The D Series enables WiMAX Operators to deliver The Second Annual INTERNET TELEPHONY
high-speed wireless broadband to residential and en- WiMAX Distinction Award recognizes the vi-
sion, leadership and attention to detail that
terprise users, providing a quick and easy way to get are the hallmarks of this prestigious award. The
started with WiMAX. Selected models integrate VoIP most innovative WiMAX products and services
services to provide quality IP-based voice transmis- were selected as recipients of this year’s award
sion and 802.11b/g high speed wireless LAN access for their groundbreaking achievement.
point that enables multiple WiFi-enabled devices to
enjoy wireless WiMAX connectivity anytime within Green Packet Solutions’ WiMAX Indoor Modem,
the indoor perimeters. also known as the D Series offers an integrated
WiFi 802.11b/g ‘Access Point’, VoIP capabilities
(voice devices such as fax machine or phone)
WiMAX Outdoor Modem (O Series) over WiMAX networks and maintenance time
savings through ‘ over-the-air configuration’
and software upgrades , all of which is housed
Green Packet Solutions’ O Series are designed to be in a stylish design.
used in conditions where indoor penetration is dif-
ficult, for example, thick/insulated walls or due to Green Packet Solutions’ U Series WiMAX USB
the presence of obstructing objects such as trees or Modem provides instant WiMAX connectiv-
mountains. ity anytime, anywhere, by simply plugging
the modem into a USB port. The unique at-
Additionally, this modem may be deployed for users tribute of the U Series Modem is its ability to
residing at WiMAX network fringes to ensure opti- offer seamless mobility across networks over
mum coverage. secured mobile VPN through the built in Con-
nection Manager platform. An example of this
would be a user moving from WiMAX to WiFi
and back to a WiMAX coverage area, enjoying
WiMAX USB Modem (U Series) seamless connectivity without ever having to
re-establish a new connection.
For users who are constantly on the move, the U Se-
ries is a perfect companion, providing instant WiMAX Other innovations built in to the super sleek de-
connectivity anytime, anywhere. It comes built-in signed U Series are, over-the-air configuration /
with an intelligent connection manager that converg- software upgrading / troubleshooting services,
es connection management, communication servic- superior signal quality and robust connection
thanks to its combined 3.5dBi dipole antenna
es and entertainment within a single client. As such
subscribers enjoy a simple, unified access to various Both the D Series and the U Series are fully com-
networks and applications from one user-friendly and pliant with the 802.16e-2005 (Mobile WiMAX)
trendy interface. Standard and tailored for the 2.3Ghz, 2.5Ghz
and 3.5Ghz range of frequencies. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Proxim Wireless
access for both enterprises and consumers Proxim’s Business - Proxim serves custom-
• Security & Surveillance - Systems includ- ers through a global network of distributors,
ing video surveillance, gunshot location value-added resellers, system integrators
and perimeter security and original equipment manufacturers. Our
• Enterprise WLAN - Wireless access and strong internal sales force also engages in
building-to-building campus connectivity direct-touch, consultative selling with major
Company Background • Public Safety - In-field mobile data access customers regardless of whether fulfillment
for public safety officers, field service tech- is direct or via a channel partner. Our experi-
Proxim Wireless Corporation (OTCQX: nicians and other mobile field workers enced system engineering team is available
PRXM) is a leading provider of end-to-end to provide professional services to both our
broadband wireless systems that deliver Customers - Proxim’s end-to-end broadband channel partners and end customers.
the quadruple play of data, voice, video and wireless solutions & services have helped
mobility to all organizations today. We are more than 235,000 customers around the Contact Proxim Wireless
100 percent focused on wireless technol- world enable new applications, increase pro-
ogy, and that focus enables us to provide ductivity, decrease expenses, gain operation-
a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, al flexibility & create new business opportu-
WiMAX (point-to-multipoint), and point-to- nities. To date, Proxim has more than 1.8 mil Proxim Sales - Western US & Canada
point technologies. units deployed in the field worldwide. Ron Davis
Regardless of the application, our end-to- Proxim Wireless Products and Technology Proxim Sales - Eastern US
end product portfolio enables partners to - Proxim is the only vendor that provides se- Geoff Smith
custom-build the wireless solution that fits cure, scalable and high-performance broad- +1.408.306.9205
customers’ specific needs. Our broadband band wireless systems that can be centrally Proxim International: Please visit online to
wireless equipment is used by enterprises, managed from end-to-end. find the appropriate contact.
service providers, carriers, government enti-
ties, educational institutions, healthcare or- “ Asks” Q&A with Proxim Wireless
ganizations, municipalities and other organi- How is Proxim Wireless positioned in the global 4G & WiMAX marketplace?
zations that need high-performance, secure Proxim provides the complete end-to-end 4G wireless networks that help carriers and WISPs
and scalable broadband wireless solutions. meet the demand caused by the explosion of video over wireless networks, the need for last
mile access in emerging economies and the need for rural connectivity globally as govern-
Focus Applications - Using a combination ments invest in broadband to drive development beyond metro areas.
of WLAN, Wi-Fi Mesh, WiMAX and Point-
to-Point backhaul technologies, Proxim Describe the strategic value add that Proxim Wireless provides to customers &
enables a wide variety of fixed and mobile prospects in terms of introducing new solutions & revenue generating services.
applications, including: As the only vendor that provides truly end-to-end broadband wireless networks that can
• Cellular Data, Voice & Video Backhaul be managed centrally, Proxim enables much faster time to market, greater ease of use and
- High-performance wireless point-to- quicker return on investment (ROI) than the wired network alternatives. With both lower
point backhaul connections for carriers up-front CAPEX and lower OPEX (achieved by eliminating recurring leased line costs, etc.)
and wireless ISPs than wired networks, with Proxim carriers and WISPs can deploy broadband networks that
• Last-Mile Connectivity - Wi-Fi and WiMAX cost less and are profitable sooner.

Redline Communications
Redline’s Primary WiMAX Solutions Redline has built a strong global presence with
professional sales services teams in over 16
Redline’s BWI products include RedCONNEX countries. With more than 150,000 Redline wire-
point-to-point and RedACCESS point-to- less broadband systems deployed by operators
multipoint solutions that operate in a range in over 130 countries, including more than 70
of frequency bands and are widely used to commercial, revenue-generating WiMAX net-
Company Overview establish broadband networks to support works, Redline offers the regional experience
critical communications for the utility sec- carriers need to successfully plan and imple-
Redline Communications is a leading provider tor (Smart Grid, Water Metering and Conser- ment networks that meet their unique market
of advanced broadband wireless access & back- vation), oil and gas, municipal, public safe- requirements. Redline Communications prod-
haul solutions. Redline’s offers a full suite of ty, education, military, and other industries ucts have received accep­tance and Buy Ameri-
WiMAX Forum Certified solutions based on the that require robust, secure connectivity. can status from the U.S. Department of Agricul-
global IEEE 802.16-2004(16d) & 802.16e-2005- ture Rural Utility Services (USDA-RUS).
(16e) standards for WiMAX. The Company also Each of Redline’s WiMAX and BWI solutions
offers a complete line of Broadband Wireless incorporate its industry-leading OFDM Contact Redline Communications
Infrastructure (BWI) product that delivery high technologies, and combine unmatched
capacity, long-range wireless connectivity. capacity and non-line-of-sight capabili-
ties with proven performance, reliability
Redline is at the forefront of the develop- and security. Ideal for a variety of access, Chris Newton, Channel Sales Coordinator
ment & marketing of WiMAX & other ad- backhaul and private network applications,
vanced broadband wireless access and back- and available in multiple frequency bands
haul technologies. The company’s RedMAX™ including 1.8 GHz, 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.5 302 Town Centre Blvd., Suite 100
WiMAX solutions include the world’s first GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and more, Markham, ON, Canada L3R 0E8
complete solution to receive the WiMAX Fo- Redline products are meeting the needs of
rum Certification™ mark, as well as the Red- carriers, service providers and enterprises 1.866.OFDM.NOW (1.866.633.6669)
MAX 4C family of Mobile WiMAX products. worldwide. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Vecima Networks
Company Background
Established in 1988, Vecima Networks Inc. is a world-class designer and manufaturer
of broadband wired and wireless equipment. Vecima offers value and performance
for WiMAX technology. Vecima’s VistaMAX® family follows a portfolio of successful wired and wireless products featuring QAM modulation, OFDM, wireless DOCSIS® and advanced software for network management.
4210 Commerce Circle Vecima’s equipment helps Telecommunications companies, Wireless Internet Service
Victoria, BC V8Z 6N6 Canada Providers, and MSOs provide premium last-mile broadband connectivity. Vecima’s
wireless products include base stations, subscriber stations, backhaul, and sophisti-
cated network management tools in the 600 MHz – 5.8 GHz frequency ranges.
VistaMAX® available in Vecima’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
1.9, 3.5, 3.65 and 5 GHz
The VistaMAX® product family enables exceptional last-mile broadband connectiv-
ity using integrated single box base stations and subscriber stations as the network
elements. VistaMAX®, based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and WiMAX Forum™
system profiles, allows Service Providers to achieve high performance, non-line of
sight wireless connectivity. VistaMAX® products are available for 1.9, 3.5, 3.65 and 5 GHz.

VistaMAX 3.65 GHz is RUS-accepted
VistaMAX base station


Tiered Residential Internet Access
Voice over IP
Cellular Backhaul
Enterprise Data Access
Video Backhaul
SCADA & Site Monitoring

VistaMAX outdoor subscriber station
More Wireless Products by Vecima

BWIN employs the feature-rich DOCSIS® platform along with powerful RF technol-
ogy to create a cost effective system for fixed broadband access. BWIN is available in
700 MHz, 850 MHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 5.8 GHz.

WaveRider features OFDM with adaptive modulation for the 900MHz, 4.9 GHz and
5.8 GHz license free bands.

“ Asks” Q&A with Vecima Networks
How is Vecima positioned in the global 4G & WiMAX marketplace?
VistaMAX indoor subscriber station Vecima has remained focused on fixed WiMAX solutions, while other companies
have moved on to mobile WiMAX, LTE or even cellular HSPA. We have focused on
Key Features: improving fixed solutions for a variety of different applications.

802.16-2004 OFDM Compliant Describe the strategic value add that Vecima provides to customers &
Time Division Duplexing (TDD) prospects in terms of introducing new solutions & revenue generating
Fast Adaptive Modulation services.
Power over Ethernet Vecima is in constant communication with all of our customers, gathering infor-
Integrated GPS Timing mation on their specific instances and networks. Based on that information we
Integrated multi-strike lightning are able to add features and updates to our firmware and meet some of those
Vecima designed MAC
unique requirements. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Network Planning/RF Design
EDX Wireless LLC
cluding RAN and backhaul systems. rural - any environment

EDX’s Primary WiMAX Solutions -For service providers, equipment vendors,
and technology consultants worldwide
EDX® SignalPro® with the Network Design
Module is a comprehensive, carrier-class Unleash the power of smart planning with
RF planning tool for the design and deploy- EDX.
ment of wireless networks. With a focus on
Company Background innovation in broadband wireless technolo- Contact EDX Wireless
EDX Wireless was founded in 1985 as one
of the first engineering software providers -WiMAX, LTE and Wi-Fi network design fea-
that offered PC-based planning and design tures:
tools for RF networks. Since that time, EDX • MIMO/Adaptive Antennas 101 East Broadway MS 305
has come to be known for its unsurpassed • Automatic Frequency Planning Eugene, OR 97401 USA
dedication to innovation, customer service • Automatic Traffic Planning
and engineering integrity. • Specialized studies and features for fixed +1.541.345.0019
and mobile systems
With a global ecosystem of distribution, in-
tegrated partner solutions, service and sup- -Advanced propagation prediction models
port, more and more carriers are turning to and methodologies
EDX for smart wireless network planning
tools that meet the challenges of today’s -Coverage/interference, point-to-multi-
broadband network designs. EDX offers point, mesh, and link (backhaul) studies
wireless network planning tools for any sys-
tem operating from 30 MHz to 100 GHz, in- -Outdoor, indoor, outdoor-to-indoor, urban,

GCT Semiconductor, Inc.
GCT’s Primary WiMAX Solutions GDM7701:
Highly integrated baseband system-on-chip
Single-Chip Solutions (SOC) designed for Femto AP applications,
offering a low BOM cost ideal for low-cost
GDM7205 & GDM7213: mobile WiMAX Femto AP applications.
The industry’s first Mobile WiMAXTM IEEE
Company Background 802.16e Wave 2 compliant 2.x and 3.x GHz Contact GCT Semiconductors
monolithic single-chip solutions, which in-
Delivering highly integrated semiconduc- clude RF, MAC and PHY, all into one mono-
tor solutions for wireless communications. lithic integrated circuit.

GCT Semiconductor is a leading fabless GDM7215: 2121 Ringwood Avenue
semiconductor company that produces The industry’s first single-chip solution sup- San Jose, CA 95131 USA
innovative integrated circuit solutions porting both Mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e
for the wireless communications indus- WAVE 2 and WiFi 802.11 b/g. +1.408.434.6040
try. With its proven radio frequency (RF)
CMOS and system-on-a-chip (SOC) exper- “ Asks” Q&A with GCT Semiconductor
tise, GCT provides state-of-the-art CMOS
RF transceivers, single-chip mobile digital How is GCT Semiconductor positioned in the global 4G & WiMAX marketplace?
TV receivers and Mobile WiMAX solutions GCT Semiconductor plays a leading role in the WiMAX ecosystem, providing expertise to
serving 3G and 4G mobile system manu- further make 4G broadband wireless a reality worldwide. Based on GCT Semiconductor’s
facturers by reducing BOM cost, lowering industry-proven CMOS technology, GCT develops key components to further accelerate the
power consumption and minimizing total deployment of WiMAX networks, including WiMAX single-chips that offer high performance,
solution size. lower power consumption and small form factor. GCT offers innovative solutions optimized
for mobile WiMAX implementation in mobile devices.
GCT WiMAXTM IC Advantages
Describe the strategic value add that GCT Semiconductor provides to customers &
• Lower power consumption prospects in terms of introducing new solutions & revenue generating services.
• Smaller form factor GCT provides state-of-the-art single-chip CMOS RF transceivers, mobile digital TV receivers
• Lower BOM cost and Mobile WiMAX solutions serving 3G and 4G mobile system manufacturers by reducing
• Co-existence with WiFi BOM cost, lowering power consumption and minimizing total solution size. GCT empow-
• Market-Proven WiMAX solution ers mobile operators to further advance the WiMAX ecosystem, by providing mobile WiMAX
• Field-Proven WiMAX solution single-chip expertise, WiMAX/WiFi dual-mode capability, a wide variety of WiMAX applica-
tions and strong partnerships with ODMs worldwide.
Wireless Communications Innovation The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
SEQUANS Communications
Company Background
Sequans is a leading global provider of WiMAX semiconductor solutions and has deliv-
ered high performing WiMAX silicon and software for each stage of WiMAX technology
development since the industry’s inception. To date, Sequans has delivered ten WiMAX chips to market, including baseband and RF chips for both base stations and mobile
stations for both fixed and Mobile WiMAX. Sequans’ key solutions are WiMAX Forum
Certified™ and Sequans chips are powering major WiMAX networks around the world,
Luc Seraphin, VP of Sales including those in Russia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and USA.
+ Sequans’ newest generation of Mobile WiMAX solutions, the 1200 series, is the indus-
Bâtiment Citicenter try’s most advanced Mobile WiMAX chip technology. The chips integrate baseband and
19 Le Parvis de La Défense triple band RF in a single 65 nm die, delivering superior performance, ultra low power
La Défense Cedex consumption, and low cost. Sequans’ focus on high integration and low cost is driving
92073, Paris, France prices downward, leading to mass market acceptance of Mobile WiMAX devices.

SEQUANS’ Primary WiMAX Solutions
Craig Miller, VP of Business Development MOBILE STATION PRODUCTS - Sequans’ newest generation of Mobile WiMAX technol-
+1.858.435.4882 ogy, the 1200 series of 65 nm single die chips, is the industry’s most advanced Mobile
10001 N De Anza Boulevard, Suite 350 WiMAX chip technology. The chips integrate baseband and triple band RF in a single 65
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA nm die, delivering superior performance, ultra low power consumption, and low cost.
Sequans’ focus on high integration and low cost is driving prices downward, leading to
mass market acceptance of Mobile WiMAX devices.
Sequans-Powered Mobile WiMAX
UQ Communications for Use Based on state-of-the-art 65 nm technology and four years of Sequans’ prov-
en field experience, the new SQN1210 delivers dramatically reduced cost,
on its Network (September 2009) power consumption, and size over previous generation technology in a tiny
Sequans Communications announced 10X10 package. The SQN1210 includes DRAM memory, and delivers maxi-
that I-O Data Device’s WMX-U01 USB mum throughput of greater than 40 Mbps with extremely low power consumption of
dongle, powered by Sequans’ Mobile less than 350 mW with fully loaded MIMO traffic and less than 0.5 mW in standby. The in-
WiMAX® system-on-chip technology, tegrated RF supports TDD as well as half duplex FDD and covers all three global WiMAX
has been approved by UQ Communica- bands, 2.3, 2.5, and 3.5 GHz. The SQN1210 also supports 2 Tx, as specified in Release 1.5
tions, a major Japanese WiMAX opera- of the WiMAX system profile, enabling uplink MIMO, a feature unique to Sequans that
tor, for use on its network. The device can nearly double cell coverage.
is powered by Sequans’ award-winning SQN1220 MOBILE WIMAX SYSTEM-ON-CHIP FOR VOICE AND DATA CPE
SQN1130 system-on-chip, a WiMAX Sequans’ SQN1220 is based on state-of-the-art 65nm technology and four
Forum Certified™ solution that delivers years of Sequans’ proven field experience. It delivers dramatically reduced
industry-leading high throughput and power consumption, size, and cost over previous generation technology. It
low power consumption. includes an embedded network processor for higher processing power as
needed for VOIP and CPE applications. The SQN1220 features Sequans’ patent-pending
Sequans Partners with Hellosoft mimoMAX™ technology that comprises dual transmit channels (2Tx), enabling uplink
MIMO, and maximum likelihood MIMO performance for throughput of greater than 40
for WiMAX VOIP CPE Solution Mbps with extremely low power consumption. Uplink MIMO can nearly double cell cov-
(September 2009) erage, and the SQN1220’s power consumption is the lowest in the industry at less than
Sequans Communications has integrat- 350 mW with fully loaded MIMO traffic.
ed the Hellosoft VOIP media engine into
its new generation CPE chip solution, the BASE STATION PRODUCTS
SQN1220. The SQN1220 is the second
member of Sequans’ SQN1200 series of SQN2130 MOBILE WIMAX ASIC FOR PICO, MICRO AND MACRO
chips, the first Mobile WiMAX SOCs to in- Sequans’ SQN2130 ASIC is WiMAX Forum Certified™ and is flexible
tegrate baseband and triple-band RF in a and scalable solution, allowing the cost-effective manufacture Mo-
single 65nm die. Sequans’ collaboration bile WiMAX base stations of any size—femto, pico, micro, macro. The
with Hellosoft makes WiMAX VOIP CPE SQN2130 integrates PHY and MAC and delivers industry-leading high throughput, flex-
easier and quicker to develop at a lower ible TDD or FDD, standard interfaces to ASN gateways, and can serve thousands of si-
cost, maximizing performance and mini- multaneous users. The SQN2130 operates at the full line rate, translating to throughput
mizing time to market for Mobile WiMAX of more than 40 Mbps, even with small packet sizes.
device manufacturers.
The SQN2131 is specifically designed for femtocell base stations and
“With Hellosoft’s VOIP media engine solu- can support up to 20 simultaneous users. Its high level of integration
tion, we are reducing complexity for our and built-in dynamic power optimization techniques are ideal for femto
customers by offering a pre-integrated, base stations with strong constraints on cost, power consumption and
pre-validated VoIP and Mobile WiMAX footprint. The SQN2131 can be used in association with the SQN1130 mobile station
total solution,” said Georges Karam, Se- SOC to provide cell sniffing capability The SQN2131 operates at the full line rate, trans-
quans CEO. lating to throughput of more than 40 Mbps, even with small packet sizes. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Software Solutions
Aptilo Networks
Aptilo WiMAX Products & Solutions
Aptilo Networks is the global leader in pre-integrated management
solutions for control of billing, user services and access in WiMAX™
and Wi-Fi networks. Aptilo’s solutions have been deployed worldwide
in more than 45 countries. Leveraging Aptilo’s solid experience in the Wi-Fi and wireless mesh
markets into the WiMAX arena, the company offers the award-winning Aptilo WiMAX CSN
Arenavägen 47 System™ a multi-access (WiMAX / Wi-Fi) and cost-effective platform that can grow with the
Block 2, 7th Floor needs of our customers.
S-121 77 Stockholm, Sweden
The system delivers a highly flexible
Americas +1-972 767 6901 and versatile AAA (authentication, au-
Europe/Africa +46-8 5089 8900 thorization, accounting), policy man-
Asia/Middle East +60-2332 0130 agement and service control solution
for WiMAX and Wi-Fi network services.

Aptilo’s built-in prepaid system allows
for advanced prepaid and voucher-
based business models enabling pay-
Aptilo’s award-winning WiMAX CSN per-use services with flexible top-up
System was selected by Harris Stra- and customer self-care functionality
tex to complement its end-to-end through hotlining. Aptilo’s hotlining
WiMAX network solution, offering portal automatically detects new de-
service providers best-in-class pre- vices and can redirect these to a pro-
paid billing, service management visioning portal with the user account
and access control. attached. These advanced modules are
also available separately for integration
Main Street Broadband chose Ap- with any 3rd party AAA server.
tilo for its U.S. WiMAX network, one
of the largest Rural Utilities Service Aptilo’s QoS & Policy Engine (PCRF)
(RUS)-funded projects in the country. enforces QoS and service flow profile pa-
rameters for users, devices and services.
Aptilo and Xiocom Wireless forged The Change of Authorization (CoA) support coupled with Aptilo’s provisioning API enables
a partnership to enhance Xiocom’s next-generation WiMAX services where an external application - such as video on demand
ability to cost efficiently operate systems - can trigger a change of authorization to temporarily e.g. increase the bandwidth for
and manage large-scale deploy- a user. Optimization through dynamic bandwidth throttling enables services where the band-
width needs to be automatically throttled down as the data allowance is consumed.
The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System features a built-in user policy database for subscriber
“ Asks” Q&A management.
with Aptilo Networks
Basic post-paid billing for data services is built-in, while more advanced billing needs are
How is Aptilo positioned in the supported through integration with 3rd party billing systems.
global 4G & WiMAX marketplace?
Our pre-integrated WiMAX CSN so- The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System is an open WiMAX Forum® NWG standard-based system,
lution with built-in prepaid system which means that the operator is free to integrate with a dedicated subsystem when de-
has gained great traction with op- sired. For instance integration with an existing prepaid system or user database via one of
erators needing to deploy quickly Aptilo’s well defined APIs and native interfaces.
and cost effectively. We will bring
this approach also to the LTE mar- Fast-track WiMAX deployments:
ket in the future.
Aptilo is devoted to delivering solutions that are rapid to deploy and easy to maintain. Our
Describe the strategic value pre-integrated WiMAX CSN System is designed with the vision to help customers fast-track
add that Aptilo provides to cus- WiMAX installations. Learn more at our microsite With our Man-
tomers & prospects in terms of aged Service™ (SaaS) option the deployment of the service management part of the WiMAX
introducing new solutions & service can be done in just a few weeks.
revenue generating services.
We are pushing the envelope in Whether you choose to go with our fast-track offering or build your own solution with dif-
terms of advanced functional- ferent building blocks around our AAA+ core with the standalone Aptilo WiMAX AAA+
ity and standards compliance to Server™, few things speed up deployments more than choosing vendors with proven in-
the latest WiMAX standards. This teroperability. Furthermore, WiMAX operators must be able to choose the best-in-class
means that operators can imple- equipment for each occasion, reduce risk and drive down costs by implementing a multi-
ment new competitive business vendor strategy. This is why Aptilo is driving interoperability testing with other vendors
models and services to their cus- in the WiMAX ecosystem. We have confirmed interworking through customer projects and
tomers. partner testing with the majority of WiMAX radio and ASN gateway vendors. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Software Solutions
Bridgewater Systems, Inc.
Company Background
Bridgewater Systems (TSX: BWC), the mobile personalization company, enables ser-
vice providers to efficiently manage and profit from mobile data services, content and
commerce. The company’s market leading mobile personalization portfolio provides a
real-time, unified view of subscribers including entitlements, devices, networks, billing
profiles, preferences and context. Anchored by Bridgewater’s Subscriber Data Broker™,
the portfolio of carrier-grade and standards-based products includes the Bridgewater® Service Controller (AAA), the Bridgewater® Policy Controller (PCRF) and the Bridgewa- ter® Home Subscriber Server (HSS). More than 150 leading service providers use Bridge-
water’s solutions to rapidly deliver innovative mobile services to over 150 million sub-
303 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 500 scribers.
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2K 3JI
The Bridgewater Service Controller (AAA), Policy Controller, and Subscriber Data Bro-
+1.613.591.6655 ker have been accepted into the US Federal Government Rural Utility Services program
(RUS). This acceptance enables U.S. service providers to take advantage of RUS funding
when deploying Bridgewater’s solutions for rural residential, business, and community
broadband wireless services.
WiMAX system ensures
rapid, cost-effective ser- Bridgewater’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
vice delivery, starting at Over 35 of the world’s leading WiMAX operators have chosen Bridgewater to be a key
2,500 subscribers part of their WiMAX Connectivity Service Network (CSN) to support key subscriber and
service management capabilities such as AAA (authentication, authorization, account-
Introducing the Bridgewater® ing), daypass and prepaid services, and lawful intercept. As a Principal Member of the
ServiceMAX 500, a service con- WiMAX Forum, Bridgewater is lead contributor to current and upcoming AAA and policy
standards and architectures for WiMAX networks. Vendor neutral and featuring exten-
trol and subscriber data man- sive multi-vendor interoperability, Bridgewater offers a comprehensive solutions suite
agement system that enables that helps WiMAX operators accelerate commercial launch and introduce new personal-
small and mid-sized WiMAX op- ized services.
erators to rapidly and cost effec-
The Bridgewater Service Controller (AAA) is the leading AAA solution for more than 35
tively launch mobile broadband WiMAX operators including Sprint, Scartel, and Tatung. It features extensive support for
and Voice over IP services. fixed and mobile WiMAX, including:

ServiceMAX 500 • Authentication – User and device level authentication with full EAP support.
• Authorization – Fully profile and policy based for flexible control.
• Accounting – Supports session and flow-based accounting for differentiated charg-
ing, as well as support for pre-paid and post-paid.
• RADIUS/Diameter – Dual protocol stack ensures multi-vendor, multi-network compatibility.
• Mobile IP – Roaming features such as RADIUS AAA proxy and Mobile IP key derivation.
• Hotlining – Redirect subscribers to prevent revenue leakage.
• Lawful intercept – Unique support in WiMAX to enable compliance with law enforce-
ment and telecoms regulations.
The ServiceMAX 500 bundles • Pre-paid support – Supports multiple prepaid billing models including standards-
Bridgewater’s industry lead- based and pre-standards implementations. Helps accelerate subscriber acquisition.
ing solutions – including AAA, • Accounting mediation – Reduces the load on backend billing systems and the need
for custom mediation. Correlates, aggregates, filters, formats, and streams account-
subscriber data management, ing records to billing system.
prepaid and more – to acceler-
ate commercial WiMAX launch. Subscriber Data Management
All this is packaged in a server Bridgewater’s Subscriber Data Broker enables creation of advanced new services and
revenue models by leveraging rich set of static, dynamic and usage data on a per-sub-
platform that allows impressive scriber basis. It allows service providers to easily manage subscribers and services to
scaling up to 100,000 subscrib- accelerate commercial WiMAX launch.
Service Model Innovation
The Bridgewater Policy Controller provides dynamic network and application policy con-
This pre-integrated system not trol to enable advanced service models including casual and flexible usage, on-demand
only saves valuable time and access to applications, tiered services, and over-the-air-provisioning of devices and sub-
effort during installation and scribers. Bridgewater also supports prepurchase services enabled through flexible time
integration, but also simplifies and volume based metering.
maintenance and support with Bridgewater’s solutions stand at the leading edge of subscriber management. Please
a single vendor point of contact. visit to see how we can help you get more from your
network and your subscribers. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Software Solutions
Green Packet Solutions
Company Background
Green Packet Solutions, part of the Green Packet Berhad group of companies, is a
leading developer of Next Generation Mobile Broadband and Networking Solutions.
Our mission is to provide seamless and unified platforms for the delivery of user-
centric multimedia communications services regardless of the nature and availability of backbone infrastructures. Founded in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley in 2000, Green
Packet Solutions has expanded its global footprint to Kuala Lumpur (Headquarters), Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Australia, Bahrain and Bangkok.

Packet Hub, Green Packet Solutions empowers Operators to improve ARPU via leading edge car-
159, Jalan Templer, rier-grade solutions and interoperability-tested WiMAX Modems. Green Packet Solu-
46050 Petaling Jaya, tions’ products offer best-in-class performance and are of the highest quality, ensur-
Selangor, Malaysia. ing our customers are ALWAYS BEST CONNECTED!

Connection Management Platform AppHub
Intouch Connection Management Platform (ICMP) is an Infinit AppHub offers the ideal avenue for Operators to kick-start
easy to use, single-client solution that is designed to their very own Application Store. It is built to leverage on Operators’
converge connection management, communication ser- existing strengths to fast track their venture into the Application
vices and infotainment. Store arena.

Seamless Mobility Applications Marketing
ICMP includes the Seamless Mobility feature that enables With thousands of applications available out there, an application
users to automatically switch from one network to an- marketing mechanism has to be developed to give all applications
other, without any interruption to their connectivity or a favorable selling ground. Applications should have the opportu-
application usage. In other words, a user need not worry nity to compete in its own space, ranging from popularity, rarity,
which network to connect to; instead based on the cur- uniqueness and pricing.
rent location, he will be automatically connected to best
available network. Infinit AppHub can be customized (by Operators) to ensure that
applications are marketed in a manner deemed most effective to
Integration of Lifestyle Value via the Hosting of Value- Content Developers.
added Services/Applications
CRM Capabilities
Aside from connectivity convenience for users, ICMP is Infinit AppHub equipped with artificial intelligence integrates with
able to integrate with Application Stores to offer appli- the Operator’s CRM system to leverage on the wealth of subscrib-
cations and services that appeal to user’s respective life- ers’ behavioural information. Based on this information, Operators
style needs. Aside from additional revenue, this feature have the opportunity to make compelling recommendations to
empowers Operators to differentiate from competitors. subscribers and meet their demands for personalized content.
Data Offloading Ready Billing
With the increase in broadband usage which translates Infinit AppHub is built on an open platform that enables easy inte-
to a steep surge in data traffic, network congestion is on gration with Operator’s existing billing system. Operators can ride
the rise especially for congestion prone networks such on their existing billing rela-
as 3G and HSPA. With its Seamless Mobility advantage, tionship as payment mech-
ICMP doubles up as a cost-effective, hassle-free and anism for the purchase of
immediate data offloading tool. Users connected to applications to provide sub-
congestion-prone networks such 3G will be automati- scribers with a consolidated
cally transferred to a less congested network such as WiFi account for voice, data and
wherever possible. applications. Aside from
convenience, this option
ensures a more secure pay-
ment method for subscrib-
ers and allows Operators to
manage billing from a single
point of access. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
System Integrators
Company Overview

Aricent is a global innovation, technology and services company focused exclusively on com-
munications. Aricent is a strategic supplier to the world’s leading application, infrastructure and service providers, with operations in 19 countries worldwide.
The Aricent Difference
700 Hansen Way Aricent offers its customers a fundamentally unique combination of attributes. These include an
Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA exclusive focus on the communications industry, leading innovation capabilities, and a broad
set of products, technology and services available via a scalable global delivery model. We be-
lieve these three ingredients are essential to co-creation with our customers, and that they are a
+1.650.391.1088 key reason why Aricent has become a strategic supplier to the world’s leading communications
equipment manufacturers and service providers. Aricent’s products and services span the entire
“ Asks” communications ecosystem including user experience design and consulting, research, develop-
Q&A with Aricent ment and testing for devices and infrastructure, as well as operational and billing systems.

How is Aricent positioned in Milestones and Industry Firsts
the global 4G & WiMAX market- • 7 of the top 10 Tier 1 Service Providers are Aricent customers;
place? • 9 of the top 10 Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers are Aricent customers;
As the only vendor that provides a • 8 of the top 10 Mobile Device Manufacturers are Aricent customers;
comprehensive set of Lifecycle Servic- • 400M+ devices ship with Aricent software;
• Aricent co-developed some of the world’s first Femtocell, WiMAX and In-flight broadband solutions;
es, which include Global Innovation
• Aricent’s unique innovation / integration expertise has created breakthrough user experiences
and Design, Product Development, such as Celltop and Sprint’s OneClick
Testing and Certification, Network • Aricent’s Investors include Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Sequoia Capital, The Family Office
Engineering, Maintenance and Sup- and The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board.
port, and Business Operations and
Systems Integration in all aspects of Using Aricent’s comprehensive suite of WiMAX products and frameworks, equipment manufac-
4G – LTE and WiMAX including pre- turers can develop custom solutions for a variety of deployment scenarios. With industry-proven
packaged software and frameworks interoperability and a very high price to performance ratio, Aricent’s WiMAX products and frame-
to jumpstart new product introduc- works are tailored to help equipment manufacturers develop and deploy flexible and cost-effec-
tion, Aricent delivers unmatched tive WiMAX solutions.
value to its 550+ customers that
includes most of the leading equip- Aricent’s WiMAX Solutions
ment manufacturers and service
providers. Aricent’s engineers and • WiMAX Integrated Gateway (WING™) – A “Network-in-a-Box” collapsed Access Service Network
consultants have successfully com- (ASN) and Connectivity Service Network (CSN) solution comprising of an integrated Profile-C
pleted hundreds of services engage- ASN Gateway, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) server and Home Agent.
ments globally using flexible delivery This solution serves the needs of rural, Tier 3, and enterprise deployments, and can run on any
models tailored to meet the specific Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platform
needs of our clients. We work with a • eASN™ – A complete ASN gateway product supporting control plane, data plane and manage-
broad ecosystem from chipsets, to ment plane functionalities. The product can scale to support up to 60,000 subscribers, and is
devices, equipment manufacturers ideal for medium to high density networks
and service providers. • sigASN™ – A control plane framework for Profile-C Macro/Micro/Enterprise ASN Gateway deploy-
ments. This framework can be used to develop ASN solutions for very high density networks
Describe the strategic value add • Base Station (BS) Framework – A Release-6 compliant control plane BS Framework for all types
of Macro/Pico/Femto Profile-C Base Station deployments
that Aricent provides to custom-
ers & prospects in terms of intro-
ducing new solutions & revenue Deployment
generating services. Type
Aricent’s services offer deep commu-
Aricent Solutions

In-Building Rural Medium Density High Density Very High Density

nications domain expertise, cost and WING™

time efficiencies, quick ramp up and eASN™

contemporary commercial engage- sigASN™

ment models including end-to-end BS Framework

commitments. With contemporary Key Features
business models and innovative • Scalability – Aricent’s WiMAX product portfolio can scale to meet the requirements of a variety
product development capabilities, of end deployment scenarios – low, high, very high, and all terrain densities
customers can significantly lower • Standards Compliance – Aricent’s products are industry and standards compliant, with sup-
their product development and test- port for Network Working Group (NWG) R1.2 specifications. Our products are currently being
ing expenses (up to 50%) while accel- migrated to R1.3 and R1.5 compliance
erating time to market. Because of • Platform Independence – Aricent’s WiMAX products also provide built-in support for any
our experience with a broad ecosys- COTS-based platform, including Linux platforms
tem of partners across the complete • Proven Interoperability – Aricent’s products are interoperable with multiple leading third
lifecycle, Aricent can reduce the over- party peer node vendors, besides supporting open standards based R6/R3/R4 interfaces
all risk of developing and introducing • Reduced Complexity – Aricent’s WING solution presents a ‘Network-in-a-Box’ solution which
new solutions for our customers. reduces the complexity of the network layout and offers an easy to manage device for equip-
ment manufacturers The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
System Integrators
GEKA Telecom
management, deploy and commission the crowave backhaul • xDSL and fiber access
solution, transfer knowledge & skills, and loops
perform maintenance and technical sup-
port. Our modular approach allows our -End-customer site-
solutions to fit both existing legacy envi-
ronments and greenfield projects, in both WiMAX CPEs • IADs and set-top boxes •
urban or rural areas. SIP phones • WiFi AP & controllers • IP PBX
Company Background (AASTRA Gold partner)
GEKA Telecom’s Primary WiMAX Solutions
Founded in 1982, GEKA TELECOM is an in- -Services-
tegrator of solutions and services for tele- -Core Network-
com operators and service providers in Project & business plan consulting • Net-
Africa. We integrate a turnkey offer of NGN Transport IP backbone (copper, fiber optics work audit & survey • Radio engineering
infrastructures for operators, covering their or microwave) • Traffic monitoring & opti- (EME & RNP) • Architecture optimization •
needs in hardware, software & services, mization systems • Servers, storage and Installation & commissioning • Training •
through a single interface in competitive data center architectures • Internet access Technical support & maintenance
lead-times. infrastructure / AAA • VoIP telephony plat-
form: SoftSwitch & media gateways (CIR- Contact GEKA Telecom
Our customers are telecom professionals PACK THOMSON certified partner) • VAS
(PTTs, Alternative, Wireless ISPs, Mobile, applications: Online charging (prepaid),
MVNOs, etc), using our access, network, or Voice Mail, IVR, Ring-Back Tone (STREAM-
application solutions, to provide reliable, WIDE certified partner) • OSS (supervision
QoS-enabled and cost-effective internet NMS) and BSS (Front-Office, Billing and 35 rue Washington
access, telephony and digital media servic- Provisioning) application platforms • IPTV 75008 Paris, France
es to enterprise and residential customers. and VoD solutions
+33 1 55 30 54 54
We help our clients define their needs & -Access Network-
specifications, design the architecture and
engineer the most adapted complete so- WiMAX access network in 2.3, 2.5 or 3.5
lution, take full project responsibility and GHz (ALVARION Platinum distributor) • Mi-

Testing Solutions
Gambit Communications
Gambit’s Primary WiMAX Solutions your production network on your desk-
top, MIMIC makes it effortless to evalu-
MIMIC Wireless Simulator ate before a purchase, test, configure
MIMIC provides an inexpensive way for and train before the deployment, in sup-
enterprises, device vendors, manage- port of the management application. It
ment and software developers to evalu- removes any worry about setting up,
ate, test, demonstrate, develop, train and sharing and maintaining a physical lab.
certify WiMAX/Wireless management
applications without purchasing equip- For WiMAX hardware & software manu-
Company Background ment and maintaining labs for those facturers:
functions. It simulates up to 20,000 de- MIMIC reduces the testing cost by 10-
Gambit Communications is a leader in vices like Switches, Routers, Hubs, Base 100 folds. It helps create a real world
network and SNMP simulation tools. stations, Gateways, Ethernet Demarca- environment with thousands of diverse
Whether you are an enterprise planning tion Devices from any manufacturer. It data sources in a lab and test all possible
to deploy, support or evaluate a WiMAX fully supports SNMP (v1, v2, v3), IPv6, customer scenarios. The developers can
solution, or a vendor developing and IPMI, DHCP, TFTP, RMON (1, 2) as well as implement their products quickly and
testing a new wireless application, Gam- Telnet/Cisco IOS/Juniper JunOS. test it reliably using MIMIC.
bit’s portfolio offers simulation software
to meet your unique goals. MIMIC’s recording tool can discover and Contact Gambit Communications
record any WiMAX-based production net-
Gambit’s versatile products are used by work and simulate it in the lab. The virtual
leading enterprises and networking ven- lab software easily constructs negative
dors for use in applications from develop- and pathological conditions like client
ment and testing to operator training and load, traffic conditions, event storms, 76 Northeastern Blvd., Suite 29
disaster simulations. Gambit’s diverse set gateway down etc…, which are tradition- Nashua, NH 03062 USA
of over 500 customers includes: JP Mor- ally difficult to create in a physical lab.
gan, VISA, Shell, US Army, US Air Force, +1.603.889.5100
Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Alvarion, Huawei, For Enterprises:
IBM, CA, HP, Intel, AT&T, MCI, and Nortel. By providing a duplicate (or replica) of The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Testing Solutions
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Company Background

For over 37 years, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has provided design
and consulting services for the wireless telecommunications indus-
try. Over the past 15 years, BVS has anticipated the wireless industry’s
needs by developing more than 50 unique and portable field instru-
ments for GSM, TDMA, CDMA and Wi-Fi site surveys. More recently,
Berkeley has introduced a line of WiMAX and LTE testing tools and
analysis software to meet the demand for network build out.

BVS is headquartered in Metuchen, NJ but has sales offices in the Northeastern, Southwestern and Southeastern regions in the United States as well as in Latin America and Switzerland. In- ternationally, BVS has wireless product distributors in over 40 countries spanning 6 continents
for a true global presence.
255 Liberty Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840 USA Berkeley Varitronics’ Primary WiMAX Solutions

Handheld WiMAX Analyzers The newly released YellowFin™ is a tablet PC analyzer for Mobile
+1.732.548.3737 WiMAX spectrum analysis as well as packet measurements. Full spectrum analysis features in-
1.888.737.4287 clude power triggers, peak hold / search, multiple waveform traces and markers. Packet analy-
sis identifies RSSI, Cell ID and Segment data, multipath and CINR (carrier-to-interference-plus-
noise-ratios) all on a preamble basis.

WiMAX Stimulus Transmitters

Tortoise™ is a dual-band, high power stimulus transmitter that contains an optional WiMAX
modulator. Class A amplification, quad cooling fan system and lightweight (under 30 pounds)
ensure that Tortoise will output the cleanest RF signal from a crane to a rooftop. The optional
WiMAX OFDMA Modulator allows Tortoise to simulate WiMAX base stations and features adjust-
able step sizes, channel bandwidth and user settable Preamble number, Cell ID, Segment and
frame lengths.
WiMAX Site Survey Software

DragNet™ PC software runs on a YellowFin™ receiver using a tablet PC for on-the-spot WiMAX
site survey analysis. The internal GPS receiver provides geo-coded data for automatically time-
stamped LAT and LON WiMAX measurements anywhere in the world. Survey data is then over-
layed onto satellite viewed earth maps to provide a complete overview for coverage studies
and network traffic analysis.

WiMAX Pre-Deployment
Tortoise™ BVS has developed a pre-deployment test system specifically for WiMAX engineers and installers.
The system is comprised of Class A stimulus transmitters (Gator™ or Tortoise™), highspeed, modu-
lar receivers (Coyote™ or Gazelle™) and drive-study mapping coverage software (Forecaster).

BVS Engineering

All Berkeley products are designed, built and tested at BVS headquarters in Metuchen, NJ. Our
in-house approach allows for quick turnaround, first class technical support and custom engi-
neering solutions that lead to the best wireless testing tools in the industry. BVS designs all of
YellowFin™ receiver our own custom silicon for calibrated receivers such as the one used in our YellowFin WiMAX
Analyzer. This handheld, high-speed 802.16e WiMAX Mobile receiver scans up to 40 samples
per second measuring all 114 preambles. And since our design team developed the digital re-
ceiver, power system, DSP and GUI, we can provide a complete WiMAX solution to our custom-
ers including RF spectrum analysis, multipath, RF interference detection, direction finding and
WiMAX packet demodulation on a preamble basis.

Berkeley manufacturing methods utilize automated surface mount (SMT) and through-hole
printed circuit board assembly techniques that provide quick (sometimes in just 48 hours) de-
livery of prototype or small production runs. Because of our internal manufacturing experience,
DragNet™ Site Survey we are sensitive to costs, manufacturability, parts availability, test-ware and other critical ele-
Software ments. Hardware design and prototyping are expedited through the use of in-house CAD tools,
including schematic capture, PC board layout, Bridgeport, mechanical and LSI gate array design
and simulation. The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
Testing Solutions
work elements. In addition, these com- solution
panies are able to maximize device and • MOS Testing (PESQ, PEVQ)
network efficiency by deploying solu- • Multi-Device Testing via OPTis Bench-
tions more quickly and easily than ever marking & OPTis • • Multi-Call Generator
before, resulting in an accelerated return products
Company Background on investment.
Contact WirelessLogix
Combining years of pioneering experi- Founded in 2003, WirelessLogix is head-
ences and expertise, WirelessLogix pro- quartered in Plano, Texas, USA.
vides a full range of comprehensive and
intelligent measurement solutions that WirelessLogix’s Primary WiMAX
allow wireless device manufacturers, Solutions 500 N Central Expressway
network vendors and carriers to design, Plano, TX 75074 USA
measure, troubleshoot, optimize, and WirelessLogix provides a full-range of
manage their products and networks test & measurement and optimization +1.469.241.6100
more quickly and efficiently. Wireless- solutions to support both field and lab
Logix’ engineering solutions support testing of wireless networks, devices and
multiple wireless technologies includ- chipsets. Our flagship product, XCAL, is
ing CDMA/EVDO, GSM/WCDMA/HSPA, the industry-leading drive test data col-
WiMAX and LTE. lection tool.

WirelessLogix’ advanced line of products • XCAL Diagnostic Monitoring Tool
and services are currently being used by • XCAP Post Processing Tool
many of the world’s largest manufactur- • Support for CDMA/EVDO, GSM/WCD-
ers and carriers. Our test & measurement MA/HSPA, WiMAX and LTE
and optimization solutions enable these • RF Scanners supporting multiple bands
companies to be able to measure and and technologies
enhance all aspects of their wireless net- • Throughput testing via our UDP Server

VoIP Solutions
Alianza Corporation
tions to their customers. Adding VoIP party components, as often is the case
can double your Average Revenue Per with competitors. An additional ben-
User (ARPU), decrease churn and create efit of a hosted solution is the ability to
customer loyalty. But finding the capital, launch in a fraction of the time it would
taking the time, and hiring the right folks take to build a complex in-house solu-
to build it from the ground up is a formi- tion. We invite you to learn more about
dable task. Alianza removes that barrier Alianza’s technology by visiting www.
Company Background with their hosted voice platform.

Alianza’s award-winning hosted voice Alianza’s Primary WiMAX Solutions Contact Alianza
platform enables WiMAX service provid-
ers to quickly add a feature rich voice of- The platform is flexible, featuring API’s
fering to their broadband service - with no that allow integration of back office ad-
capital expenditure. Alianza offers both ministration and optimization of opera-
residential and business-class features. tional efficiencies. For example Alianza 333 So 520 W
Core platform components are unified provides a single point of administrative Lindon, UT 84042 USA
into a single interface, providing a seam- interface. One click in the management
less back-office experience. Competitive portal propagates 17 different processes +1.801.802.6400
products are cobbled together using dis- and remotely enables devices, eliminat-
parate 3rd party components; Alianza’s ing process management issues that
proprietary technology, built from the arise - saving time and money.
ground up, provides a cost effective and
customizable platform for each service Another benefit is a fixed fee pricing
provider. model enabling service providers to
deploy voice services without investing
WiMAX service providers are looking for any up-front capital. Alianza’s aggressive
long-term solutions for delivering a broad pricing also reflects the fact that there
range of IP telephone and voice applica- are no built-in licensing fees for third The WiMAX Guide November 2009 edition
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contributors, and sponsors in order to provide industry news, opin-
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all over the world. We have watched companies become WiMAX the Winning APP (page 13)
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