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Code No: A5501

M. Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations September 2009
(Common to Embedded systems, Embedded systems& VLSI Design& VLSI &
Embedded Systems)
Time : 3hours Max.Marks:60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1.a) List the prominent standard Hardware features of PIC micro controller.
b) State the physical difference between port 0,1,2&3 w I/O pins of 8051
c) Write about Bit addressable control registers of 8051

2.a) Explain the following instructions of 8051:
i)XCHD ii) CJNE iii) ACALL iv) MOVD
b) Explain the classification of Instructions of 68H11 with suitable examples and
give the memory map of 68H11.

3.a) Write ALP to Configure Timer T0 to act as 16-bit timer & Timer T1 as 13 bit
counter in 8051 MC
b) Write an ARM program to reverse the order of bits in register R2 for Ex: if the
starting pattern in R2 is 1110…… 0100, the result left should be 0010….0111.

4.a) Write an ALP to Turn on low-current LED connected to port 0, bit 0, after 10
cycles of an external pulse connected to port 3, bit 5 for 8051
b) Write a low level device driver that performs basic I/O with serial ports

5.a) Present the RS232& RS422 communication protocols, signal and interface chips.
b) Discuss interfacing issues associated with performing the I/O as background
interrupt thread.

6.a) Explain the interrupt structure of 8051 with details of specific function
b) Explain the Registers associated with interrupts & Synchronous transmission and
receiving using the SPI

7.a) Develop a methodology for designing PID control system
b) Discuss about the Design & implementation of control area network.

8.a) Explain how a temperature sensor is interfaced with 8051 MC using ADC with
the help of neat circuit diagram
b) Write about the timing issues to be considered in the design of External bus for a
microcontroller in automotive application.