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Code No: 74158/MT
M.Tech., I-Semester Regular Examinations, March-2008.

(Electronics & Communications )
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks.
1. Explain the various applications of signal processing in detail.

2.a) State and prove the properties of convergence for the Z-transform.
b) The frequency response of a system is given by
e jw − a
H (e jw ) = jw
e −b
Where a and b are real with a≠b. Show that H (e jw ) is constant if
ab=1 and determine its value. Find the phase response?

3.a) What is the need for multirate signal processing? Give some
examples of multirate digital systems.
b) Explain the decimation process with an example.

4. Derive the four channel QMF filter bank from three-channel QMF
filter bank where the pass bands of the filters are unequal.

5.a) Explain the principle of wiener filter and also give its applications
b) How wiener filter can be implemented and explain it with suitable

6.a) What is the principle of Recursive least square adaptive filters and
explain how to calculate the filter Coefficients?
b) Why multirate sampling is required and where it is used?

7.a) Determine the normal equations and the resulting minimum MSE
for a backward predictor of order ‘P’ that predicts ‘m’ samples
(m>1) into the future.
b) Determine the lattice Coefficients corresponding to the FIR filter
with system function H ( z ) = 1 + 2 z −1 + z −2 .
8.a) Explain how Fourier transform is useful in power spectral
b) Explain power spectrum estimation using the Bartlett method.