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Product Specification –
An advanced GPS Online Vehicle Tracking unit, with Data Acquisition Capabilities. Ideal for high end vehicle tracking applications, where context
monitoring of parameters like temperature, door, fuel, auxiliary meters is essential. It offers the maximum uptime, high accuracy, easy
installability, anti tamper features and minimum maintenance, at a very attractive price.

Salient Features -
3m,16 channel GPS accuracy, Class 10 GPRS communication transceiver, 12/24V Operation, Up to 8 Hours Internal Battery Backup, Extended
Temperature Grade (-20 to +70 degrees Celsius), Over The Air Software Upgradability, Over The Air Configuration Capability, External Interfaces
include 1 RS232 port, up to 2 Analog Inputs, 4 Digital Inputs 12/24V, 4 Digital Outputs 12/24V External 3 m Active Combo antenna
Technical Specification
S.No Item Description
1 Protocol TCP / HTTP . Data includes current time stamp, date stamp, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Distance
2 Tracking Interval Programmable - 10 seconds and upwards, depends upon the protocol, network and firmware features
3 CPU & Memory 32 Bit, ARM7 / ARM9, Minimum 1 MB storage memory
4 GSM/GPRS Class 10, Device class B, Frequency of operation : Quad Band
5 GPS Channels: 16 or more, Accuracy: 3m or better, Sensitivity: -149 dBm or better
6 Power Section 9-32 V, Reverse voltage protection, 5 kW peak surge protection, in-built resettable fuse, Load Dump
7 Internal Battery 700 mAH, Li-Ion Battery with protection and Internal Battery Charger
8 Motion Detector The unit firmware is capable of motion detection and automatically adjust its tracking interval
9 Indicators RED LED blinking for GPS Green LED for Power and Network connectivity
10 External Interfaces 1 Rs232 Port , 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs 50 mA, 1 Analog input 0-5V, External GSM/GPS SMA
antenna connectors
11 Power Consumption 90 mA average @ 12V. depends upon network conditions
12 Firmware The VMU firmware shall support
 Over the air download
 SMS based configuration of tracking time interval, start and stop tracking, device restart,
server parameters, APN Server parameters to support any network carrier
 Dark zone store and forward
 track on movement / motion sensor
 Data Alert on removal of Main Power
 Dying Gasp Alert on low internal battery
 GPS Odometer feature
 Data Interface: HTTP GET or TCP packet send
 Packet Post of external data (Digital Inputs, Analog Input, RS232)
 Command based set / reset of Digital Outputs
13 EMI/EMC The unit meets necessary SAE standards.
14 Reliability MTBF Above. 5 years
15 Operating Temperature -20 oC to + 70 oC
Storage Temperature -30 to 80 deg C
16 Humidity Level 95% RH at 38 oC
17 Environmental protection Dust Proof construction.
18 Mechanical Aluminium powder coated enclosure approx 140mm x 90mm, Screw Mount
19 Warranty Period 1 year ex-factory warranty
20 Accessories Additional Power Surge Protection for very heavy vehicles like excavators, dumpers, power trailers
AVANCAR strives to bring you the best of class product. Therefore, product specification is subject to change without
notice as per the continuous improvement policy of the company. Please check before placing the order.