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Participation Network Meeting – 3rd & 4th December 2009


• Validity through CfE
• Commitment of ‘Staff’ present
• Potential impact
• Focusing on all wider achievement – a celebration
• Fundamental to CfE
• Pupil voice within CfE
• Sharing professional expertise in network
• school community is ‘real’ community
• Diverse perspectives
 different LEA
 different sectors
 different roles
• Sharing good practice
• Balance of new & experienced members
• Permeates everything
• Validated by Curriculum for Excellence
• Evidence proves that it impacts
• Opportunities for collegiate discussion cross-sector
• Essential in the delivery of CfE
• Support active learning
• Another tool in our teaching toolkit


• Timing (No. of initiatives)
• Not all authorities & sectors represented
• Raising awareness
• Next steps followed through
• Lack of continuity
• Staff development
• Staff ‘confidence’ to take risk
• Perception of ‘stand alone’ rather than ‘overarching’ & permeating
• Limited opportunities to come together
• Dwindling numbers
• Lack of representation from all LEA
• At a crossroads- needing a focussed way forward
• Dwindling numbers
• Local authority support
• Getting our voice heard by all the right people
• Please engage with Las & identify key people to support current members’ work

• parent /pupil joint network
• Widen the network
• Partnership working
• Widening the Sharing Good Practice, Locally , Nationally & Internationally
• Investigate P.P in other countries
• True self evaluation
• Raise profile of network
• P.P ‘Blog’ or ‘wichie’
• Pupil choice leading to life skills
• Update DVD
• Ask the children! nursery
• Spreading the word more effectively and to a wider audience
• Maintain the drive
• Broaden beyond pupils to parents, staff, communities etc
• Visiting existing good practice e.g. Alison Peacock or even within Scotland
• Conference - sharing practice/ideas – bring a friend
• Development of leadership for all ( pupils & staff)
• Improved relationships – a real school community
• Improved attainment & achievement in its broadest sense
• Align with the Es & Os of CfE


• Keeping the interest going
• LTS commitment to continuing to see the value of this network
• Finance
• Funding? LTS (removal of)
• Priorities competing with
• Politics
• Seen as ‘done’ & ‘unimportant’
• Pupil participation fall off the agenda because there is a perception that it has ‘been done’
• Overtaken by Global Citizenship not running alongside or as part of it
• That the issue remains within this group & doesn’t spread to others
• Clarity required – Participation/ International Ed. / Global Citizenship?
• Seen as an extra instead of an integral value