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Product Guide

Armor Tech

8014 Cumming Hwy

Suite 403-282
Canton, GA 30115
(770) 335-3015

ArmorTech products represent First-in-Class Products serviced by the industrys best

independent distributors. You will find the ArmorTech brand name on only the best products
that meet the needs of our customers. From mature technologies to new, exclusive and patented
positions, the ArmorTech name and those who represent it are committed to serve the turf
industry with pride.

ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC
This highly concentrated liquid formulation
contains 2.08 lbs. of active ingredient per
gallon. It is a water-based product offering
low odor and easy tank mixing.

ArmorTech ALT 70
A 70% Aluminum-tris (also known as Fosetyl Aluminum) with a green pigment included
in the formulation that helps maintain plant
health and avoid decline.

ArmorTech TEB 360 XL

A 3.6 lbs flowable formulation of
Tebuconazole. Tebuconazole is one of the
newest fungicides available in the golf turf
market. Tebuconazole shows tremendous
efficacy at low rates against a wide variety
of turfgrass diseases.

ArmorTech CLT 720

A liquid flowable fungicide that offers curative and preventative disease protection
against major turf and ornamental diseases.
Contains Chlorothalonil.

ArmorTech CLT 825

A dry flowable fungicide, provides broad
spectrum disease control for cool and warm
season grasses, trees, shrubs and flowers.
Contains Chlorothalonil.

ArmorTech IP 233
Provides extended disease control with
contact and locally systemic modes of
activity. Contains Iprodione.

ArmorTech PPZ 143 MC

Broad-spectrum water based flowable
fungicide containing Propiconazole. For
disease control in both for cool and warm
season turfgrass.

ArmorTech MYCLO 20 EW
A liquid formulation of Myclobutanil
systemic (DMI class) fungicide with broad
spectrum of control on a wide variety of
turf fungi. With lower PGR effects during
summer stress periods.

ArmorTech TM 462
A 46.2% flowable thiophanate-methyl
systemic fungicide with curative and
preventative disease protection against
many major turf diseases.

ArmorTech TMI 2020 XL

Prevents and controls fungal diseases on
ornamental plants and turfgrass. Contains
Iprodione and Thiophanate Methyl.

ArmorTech CGC 2L
Excellent preemergence and early
postemergence control of crabgrass.
Contains Dithiopyr. For control of annual
grasses and broadleaf weeds in established
lawns, ornamental turf, golf courses, and
established landscape ornamentals.

ArmorTech KADE 65 WDG

A water dispersable granular formulation of
pre-emergent herbicide Prodiamine. Broad
spectrum control for annual grasses and
broadleaf weeds in turfgrass and ornamental

A three way selective broadleaf herbicide
containing 2,4-D, Dicamba and Mecoprop-P.
Used to selectively remove a wide variety of
broadleaf weeds in golf, lawn care and sod

ArmorTech Quin Pro

A 75% dry flowable formulation of Quinclorac
used for post emergent control of many
broadleaf and grassy weeds.

ArmorTech SureZone
A proprietary and exclusive four way post
emergent herbicide product containing four
different active ingredients: Sulfentrazone;
2,4-D; MCPP; Dicamba.

ArmorTech products are distributed to the

professional turf market exclusively through
the member companies of the United Turf
Alliance and our dealer partners who have
been specifically chosen for their commitment
to customer service and their depth of industry
knowledge. Our distributors are the leaders in
their markets who work with each customer
one-on-one to deliver the best products and
best service through close relationships.

A 50% dry formulation of the insecticide
Clothianidin; a safe, long residual and broad
spectrum insecticide with control against
many pests in turfgrass, ornamental plants,
interior plantscapes, and non-bearing fruit
and nut trees.

ArmorTech IMD 75
A 75% dry formulation of Imidacloprid
insecticide. Provides broad spectrum
systemic insect control in turfgrass (including
sod farms), landscapes and ornamentals.

ArmorTech IMD 2SC

Flowable formulation of Imidacloprid
provides both foliar and systemic insect
control in turfgrass, including sod farms and
landscape ornamentals.

ArmorTech 28 +Si
ArmorTech 28+Si is a buffered Potassium
Phosphite product that also contains
Potassium Silicate. Potassium Silicate is
known to strengthen plant cell walls.

ArmorTech 44
All Phosphites are NOT created equal!
ArmorTech 44 is a concentrated Urea
Phosphite fertilizer. Due to the unique urea
based formulation, ArmorTech 44 is the
most concentrated Phosphite available to
the turfgrass industry.

ArmorTech 45 SR
Concentrated Urea Phosphite Fertilizer
using a slow release form of Urea that
provides a unique formulation exclusive to
United Turf Alliance.

8014 Cumming Hwy Suite 403-282 | Canton, GA 30115 | 770.335.3015 |

Growth Regulators


ArmorTech PGR 113 MC

Optimizer Green Shade

A 11.3% water-based, microemulsion

concentrate Trinexapac turf growth regulator.
Provides turf managers consistent turf
conditions. Improves turf density, reduces
clippings, strengthens roots, and decreases
water needs of the plant.

ArmorTech PAC 223

A 22.3% formulation of Paclobutrazol turf
growth regulator. Provides turf managers
consistent turf conditions. Applied at
regular intervals will improve turf density,
reduce clippings, strengthen roots, and
decrease the water needs of the plant.

A green pigment spray additive that

improves turf appearance while serving as
a spray pattern indicator. Optimizer may
be tank mixed with fungicides, herbicides,
insecticides and wetting agents.

Optimizer Sweet Iron

Yields outstanding residual color,
increased nutrient uptake, and
improved overall plant health. Optimizer
Sweet Iron is approved for use on golf
course turfgrass, athletic turfgrass, and

Optimizer Insert MKS

A new proprietary liquid form of
Sul-Po-Mag that provides a better
source of Magnesium, Potassium and
Sulfur when plant demand is highest.


Distributed by:

Sweet Iron
The Sweetest Green Up
You Could Ever Dream Up

User Experience
ArmorTech products,
especially AmorTech
44 helped our greens
make it through two very
difficult seasons. They
have become an integral
part of my greens
maintenance program.

Luke Strojny

Golf Course Superintendent

Prairie Bluff Golf Course
Chicago, Illinois

Chad Miller

Golf Course Superintendent

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club
Batesville, Indiana

ArmorTech products have proven to be

very reliable as well as economical and
have become a regular part of my program.