Fall Fashion for the Rain Amanda Svec Broadside Correspondent

How many of you women out there resort to a hoodie and jeans when it is raining outside? Well, not anymore. The Merona Long Notch Collar Trench Coat from Target is a stylish way to keep warm and dry and even look cute even when it is raining outside. The jacket comes in two colors – black and cream, with a button in front and a removable waist belt. It falls to about mid thigh depending on your height and is only $39.99 at Target.

The Mossimo Lightweight Bomber Jacket is great for rainy days. It keeps you warm and dry and comes in two great colors for fall – navy blue and army green. Both have a bright orange lining on the interior. The jacket is available at Target for $34.99.

Everyone hates getting their feet wet and ruining those nice sneakers or boots that were purchased for cold weather. The good news is that your worries are over! Styles range from solid colors to compliment your professional business attire, to fun and flirty patterns to highlight your weekend wear. Target has an adorable and affordable rain boot that will keep your feet dry when Mother Nature has different intentions. With a wide selection of colors and prints, you cannot go wrong for only $19.99.

Payless offers all-weather waterproof boots that will dress up any pair of jeans and look great paired with khakis. Plus, they will keep your feet warm. The Commuter Lace Boot comes in two colors – brown and black, and is only $24.99.

Everyone knows how guys like things to be uncomplicated and so do most women. Well, when it comes to the rain, Totes has the most uncomplicated umbrella on the market. The Automatic Open Automatic Close Umbrella does exactly what it says it does: it opens and closes with the push of a button. It folds down to 8.5” and has a sleek carrying case that fits in your backpack, purse or briefcase and is $16.99 at Target.

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Holiday Fashion: Beyond the Kitschy Cardigan
Amanda Svec Broadside Staff Writer Never know what to wear around the holidays? Well here are some simple and easy outfits that you can’t go wrong with… Casual and sporty. This metallic silver lace body shaper from NY & Co. ($26.50) with adjustable straps adds a punch of sparkle to this black blazer ($69.00) and black pants suit. Pair with boots and your ready to go!

Chic and classic. This white button down oxford from NY & Co. ($36.50) with subtle white satin print gives this original shirt a fun look. Paired with a classic pair of black pants ($39.50) and a thick high wasted belt ($22.95), this holiday outfit is fool proof for anyone.

Playful and flirty. This green babydoll dress from H&M ($24.90) is the perfect holiday shade of green. Knee length and flowy with a pair of cute heels, this will be a comfortable and affordable way to dress for the holidays.

Elegant and graceful. This metallic gold lace body shaper from NY & Co. ($26.50) with adjustable straps is a wonderful combination with this brown skirt in a gold sparkle floral design ($34.50).

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Halloween with a Twist Amanda Svec Broadside Staff Writer
Army - Air Force You never would have thought that the people who are protecting our country looked this good! Here, Luis Contreras is looking handsome in his Air Force ensemble, while Lorraine Labrada does her best to make fatigues look stylish. These two will have an awesome time at any Halloween party they crash.

God’s Gift to Women If there was ever someone who deserved an award for “Most Creative Costume,” Jeremy Blascak’s got it. Wrapped up in a box decorated with wrapping paper and completed with lovely pink roses, he is definitely “God’s Gift to Women.”

AOII Girls Sorority girls sure know how to have a fun Halloween. Wearing a lovely yellow dress, this school teacher is sure to turn heads in a classroom. This devil looks adorable in her sexy get-up, while the naughty volleyball player brings some punch to the mix!

Naked Cowboy Have you ever been to New York City? Ever seen the Naked Cowboy? Well, Mason’s got him too! Brian Laskey struts his stuff with his lovely boxer briefs and adorable cowboy hat. This is definitely not your typical Halloween monster.

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Home Alone for Valentine’s Day? Not Anymore Broadside Staff Writer Amanda Svec

Many people out there absolutely despise the month of February simply because of Valentine’s Day. How many of you wear black to be anti-Valentine’s Day? I know I have. Well not this year. 2007 brings something new to the table for everyone. Whether you are single or attached, there is something that everyone can do to celebrate this wonderful day of hearts, chocolate and love! Restaurants are always a way to gather friends together or to have a nice romantic evening out with a loved one. No matter which you choose, I have picked out some restaurants that will leave your belly happy and full! Coastal Flats is a great place to go with someone special to sit down for an enjoyable meal. Steak and fish entrée will make your mouth water, and the complementary bread dish at the beginning of the meal is to die for. They also have call ahead seating which can make the wait a little less painful. Il Lupo’s dim lighting and romantic ambiance are the perfect setting for a delicious, authentic meal that will leave you satisfied. Nothing says romance better than Italian. Located on Chain Bridge Road, Il Lupo’s is just a hop, skip and jump away from campus! (703) 934-1655 Who said Valentine’s Day was only for couples? Have a girl’s night out with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, which offers a wide array of choices and a laid back atmosphere conducive to good conversation. With their accommodating menu, friendly service, and nearby Fair Oaks Mall location, The Cheesecake Factory might be the answer to your Valentine’s Day blues. http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/ Artie’s on Old Lee Highway offers some of the best chicken fingers in Fairfax, and with its creative American fare and casual upscale atmosphere, you cannot go wrong. Whether you are with your significant other and want a nice place to have dinner, or if you are with your best friends dining out, you will leave happy! Still not done yet? There are many other things to do around the Fairfax area. For those of you with significant others, the Arlington Planetarium offers a look at the stars without the bone-chilling weather. And for those of us who are hanging with friends on Valentine’s Day, there is something for you too! Color Me Mine, located in Fairfax Corner, is one of the greatest creations in a while. You can purchase a piece of pottery, and get to glaze it yourself. In two weeks, you can go pick it up and have your very own masterpiece to keep as a souvenir.

Best Western Effects Mason Sophomores Amanda Svec – Journalism Reporting Assignment
Volunteer students in green shirts flood the parking lots for move-in day at George Mason University. Anxious students pour in with pink slips, with a half hour to unload their belongings into their dorm rooms. Meeting their roommates. Getting their rooms situated. It’s the start of new on-campus experiences for sophomores. But not for all. For some at Mason, the experience is more like checking into a hotel. “I arrived at the Best Western, showed them my confirmation paper that I printed offline, and they gave me a key to my hotel room,” said Tia Hall, a GMU sophomore who was assigned a room there. Located two miles north of campus, the Best Western is used as temporary housing for sophomore students at George Mason. “Students lead housing on over the summer and then don’t show up,” said Paul Brackett, GMU housing director. “This is why we need to house students in the Best Western. When students don’t obtain their housing on move-in day, we fill their spots with the students in the Best Western.” Living at the hotel causes students stress and inconvenience. Beginning a new school year is hard enough. Having to do it in a hotel is even harder. Catching a bus that comes every 20 minutes. Not having time to go back to your room in between classes. Lugging all of your books for your classes day after day. Where is the fun they experienced as freshmen? All of the students that lived in the Best Western during the first two-to-three weeks of school are sophomores. They had already experienced the random roommates. Housing gave students the option to choose roommates and where they wanted to live. But due to the overcrowding, many lost that option. “I hate the living situation I am in right now,” said sophomore Kimberly JungYun Yi, who lived in the Best Western for two weeks. “I thought they would accommodate me closer to my chosen roommates, but I’m on the exact opposite end. The friends I was supposed to room with are living in Liberty Square. I live in Patriots Village.” Because George Mason University’s reputation skyrocketed when the men’s basketball team made it to the Final Four, increasing numbers of applications overflowed the housing office. “Compared to last year, there was a significant increase in applicants,” said Brackett. “The same amount of students were accepted to the university, but this year, more students decided to come.” The college experience is more than what you can find in a text book. It’s also about social interaction. Therefore, Mason needs creativity when accommodating living situations for students. Hopefully, the new housing that is currently being built will help aid in this dilemma. But will the new housing support Mason’s rising popularity or will Mason still be a primary customer of the Best Western?