version 1.1 – June the 24th, 2011
In addition to Gandi's General Terms and Conditions of domain name registration, the registration and use of a .LC domain name
implies the acceptance of and compliance to the present special conditions contained herein.
All Your legal information and contracts can be viewed at an time via !ur website. Capitali"ed terms have the definition attributed to
them in our General Terms and Conditions of #omain $ame %egistration. &pecificall, 'You( refers to the owner of the domain name,
and ')e( designates Gandi. Your current contracts are freel available for viewing when You log into Your account at*
Section .LC.1. Trustee authority an Re!istry
.LC is the official countr code Top,Level,#omain -ccTL#. of
&aint Lucia. The following diagram presents the various parties
involved and the Trustee Authorit for the .LC TL#*
You can view the information and special rules of each part
involved b clic/ing on the respective lin/s.
Section .LC.". Re!istration ter#s an conitions
)hen You appl to register a .LC domain name, You
ac/nowledge to have full understood, and that You certif to
have full /nowledge of and that You agree to abide b all the
rules and specific conditions of .LC domain names, as defined b
$ic LC and Afilias, and which ma be viewed at the following
• %egistration 0olicies*
• %ules*
• %egistration Agreement*
• Terms and Conditions*
• Afilias %ules*
These contracts bind You to the .LC %egistr and Afilias. The
special conditions contained herein do not replace these %ules,
but rather form part of them. You ac/nowledge to have full
understood and accepted these %ules on !ur )ebsite.
Section .LC.$. S%ecia& re'uire#ents
.LC special re1uirements are available on*
.LC domain names are open to anone.
To register for a .LC domain name, You must abide b the
following conditions*
• the registration term is 2 up to 23 ears,
• to avoid an deactivation of the domain name, the renewal must
be paid and funds cleared (e)ore the E*%iration ate,
• provide and maintain accurate, reliable and up,to,date personal
contact information. The wilful provision of inaccurate or
unreliable personal contact information, the wilful failure
promptl to update it or the failure to respond within a deadline
of 24 calendar das to in1uiries b Gandi or the .LC %egistr
concerning the accurac of Your contact information shall
constitute a breach of the present contract and ma result in the
deletion of Your domain name,
• You warrant that Your choice and Your use of the domain name
will not infringe the rights of third,
• if You grant a user license to a third part, You remain bound,
as the owner, b all the terms and conditions of the contract
and You are full liable for the use made of Your domain name5
• some words are prohibited for domain name registration*
• names containing two characters followed b two hphens are
not allowed.
+ou ,
Your web host
Your internet
Trustee Authorit
and %egistr
Nic LC
Section .LC... Pricin!
!ur prices can be viewed on*
Section .LC./. Stora!e o) contact in)or#ation
You accept that the .LC %egistr and Afilias can access Your
personal data and displa it in the public )hois database.
Section .LC.0. Dis%ute reso&ution %o&icy
The .LC %egistr has adopted ICA$$'s 7#%0 procedure for the
resolution of disputes for .LC domains, that You agree full abide
b* http*,polic.htm
You ma view general documentation on the 7#%0 procedure at
the following addresses*
• ICA$$ domain name dispute resolution policies*
• 89planations* http*
• 0olic* http*
• %ules* http*,rules.htm
• #ispute %esolution &ervice 0rovider -)I0!.*
Section .LC.1. Trans)er 2chan!e o) Re!istrar3
The process is started on !ur Interface. :efore starting a transfer
re1uest, please ensure that*
• You can provide the authori"ation code associated with the
domain. You can obtain this code from the current %egistrar, via
the domain's owner or administrative contact,
• Your domain does not have a Transfer0rohibited status,
• Your domain name does not e9pire soon -)e recommend that
ou start the transfer re1uest at least one month before the
domain's 89piration.,
• was created at least ;3 das prior to the re1uest,
• the last transfer is older than ;3 das.
The transfer's completion re1uires our confirmation -b e,mail..
7pon successfull transferring a domain, the registration period is
e9tended b one ear.
Section .LC.4. O5nershi% chan!e
The ownership change process is available on !ur Interface, it
re1uires the confirmation of the two parties b e,mail.
The owner change of a .LC domain name does not change the
domain's 89piration date.
Section .LC.6. De&etion %rocess
7%on the E*%iration o) the o#ain, )e suspend -<old. the
domain name for == das, during which time all associated
technical services are deactivated. Late renewal at normal price is
possible during this period.
Then, the domain name is placed on >uarantine status and can
be restored, in accordance with the terms and conditions
described on !ur website and+or as communicated b !ur
customer service department. The length of the >uarantine period
is ?3 calendar das.
If the domain is neither renewed nor restored within these
deadlines, the %egistr shall place the domain on '0ending
#elete( status for several das, and then delete the domain
name, which will become available for registration under the 'first,
come first,served( basis.
Section .LC.18. Custo#er !uarantee
In an case, You commit Yourself to indemnif, defend and hold
harmless the .LC %egistr and Afilias and their directors, officers,
shareholders, emploees, agents and related companies from
and against an and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and
e9penses -including reasonable legal fees and e9penses. arising
out of or related to Your domain name registration or to its use.
This guarantee shall prevail after the end of the present contract,
whatever ma be the cause, and is the direct conse1uence of our
accreditation agreements with the .LC %egistr and Afilias.
-end of annex .LC-