PbTools is a PowerBuilder Application that includes some useful applications for
PowerBuilder version from 5 to 12.5. All these applications are developed on the basis of real
demands. I am sharing this application and source code with all PowerBuilder fans and I will
continue to develop these applications with your support and advice.
After installing setup file pbtools_setup.exe, you will see a new toolbar in PowerBuilder.
Grid Datawindow
ou can list all grid style datawindows in your pro!ect and change header band colors with
single clic". ou can add more color pattern by adding new datawindow to the library
Compare Objet
ou can compare two libraries or targets to chec" if they have same ob!ect or not. It chec"s
the source code too.
!ind Double Objet
ou can find double ob!ects in your pro!ect.
D"nami Sript
ou can run PowerBuilder scripts for all datawindows. #or e$ample you can change the edit
style of all columns at the same time.

Global #eplae
ou can replace one te$t with new one in your pro!ect.
Objet !ind
ou can find any ob!ect in your pro!ect. ou don%t need write whole name.
$nused Objet !ind
ou can find unused ob!ect in your pro!ect. If you create some ob!ect dynamically or get
datawindow ob!ect names from database it can be shown as unused ob!ect& so be careful
before delete them.
$nused %ariable !ind
ou can see how many variable you declared and not used.
&pi 'elp
A useful help for windows api
It is originally developed by '( )I*+' and I developed it own my way with some new
features. ou can change now the shape of the comment by modifying PbPaste.t$t.
,ith the feature& added -eorges .aindiau$& you can choose the file& which you want to past
into the Powerbuilder script. To disable or enable this feature you can change the "ey
/Activate Paste #ormat ,indow0yes1 in pbcomment.ini
ou can analy2e your pro!ect and see all )34s. This application will calculate which database
permissions are needed to run this application

ou can copy files to another location by one clic". ,e update all pbd files in client computer
before user run our application.
This application can copy or delete files.
This application can copy files by adding name date and time.
This application can ma"e 2ip and then copy 2ip files.
This application can run any e$ecutable file after copying files.
#or more information and e$amples loo" please to test.t$t
*ip capability is written by ')mith
*urat +el,o-an