September 23 2014

An open letter to CP Rail C.E.O. Hunter Harrison Regarding
the Arbutus Railway Corridor

I would like to express my regrets for the City of Vancouver's actions and my disappointment
that negotiations and communications with CP Rail over Vancouver’s Arbutus Railway Corridor
have broken down. It was insulting and counterproductive for Mr.Robertson to have labeled your
company as bullies. Our City has become caught in the crossfire for Mayor Robertson's
unilateral ineptitude and I urge you to consider some relevant facts as we seek to replace him
on November 15th.

As you may know, Mayor Robertson works for developers and special interest groups that help
achieve their party goals, which means obtaining more donations to his party to a large degree.
Mr. Robertson has no problem giving his financial supporters the exclusive options on various
city benefits, assets and decisions. Our Mayor, his political appointees, his party and their
founders are bullies of the highest order and it is comical as they attempt to shift his own "bully"
label to CP Rail. It did not seem right for CP’s handling of the gardeners on your land, although I
was heartened to see a large corporation stand up to his publicly funded garbage spewing
media machine which attempted to nail you to the stake for his own actions. I would be
interested to know if the 38 billion market cap CP Rail had as many media employees as
the City of Vancouver?

One of our problems is that the City of Vancouver was attacking you with 30 full time
Communications staff and hundreds more employees in various departments such as
sustainability that must spread the gospel and protect their leader. It is a formidable operation
to come up against especially when members of the community only have small resources such
as lawn signs which were used, for example in the neighborhood of Marpole earlier this year
to protect themselves from,

The Mayor's plans to destroy the oldest purpose built community centre
(Marpole/Oakridge) in Vancouver by:
● Quietly organizing a sale of the community centre site to developers,
● Keeping it all secret,
● Building a new community centre across the street from one of his
fundraisers/developers (Westbank) new highrise development 20 blocks away in a
different community
● and selectively rezone much of 2 story post war bungalow Marpole into 50 story
high rises.

Growing up in Vancouver I can recall the train regularly travelling up and down the
Arbutus corridor and have always felt that it would revert to a transport use again at
some point. The reality with our current city hall would suggest any Arbutus plan by

Robertson’s developer centric organization would result in rezoning much of the Arbutus
railway into 45-80 story skyscrapers. Your land is worth hundreds of millions at minimum to
his developer friends which he would likely accommodate after CP were removed from the
equation. Meanwhile his publicly funded developer media circus attempts to trick the community
into thinking he cares about the environment.

We have been held captive for almost 6 years by Mayor Robertson but Vancouver has had the
good fortune to enjoy your land for recreational uses such as gardening, mountain biking or long
walks and we must thank our lucky stars that Mayor Robertson has not gotten his hands on
your property yet.

● Mayor Robertson only offers you $20 million and calls you bullies yet his plan will
be to redistribute the Arbutus railway land to developers who would reap billions.
● Under COPE it is worth one dollar after they expropriate from you.
● Others suggest mixed uses, which can be code for more condos unless an iron
clad agreement is made to preserve future use as park and transit etc.
● In short, I have learned that Mayor Robertson’s word means nothing and he is
more than happy to ignore legal agreements if he thinks he can get away with it.

If I am elected along with my slate, we will push for fair negotiations with you as we would with
anyone that comes before City Hall.

● I will support respectful, realistic negotiations with CP Rail.
● I support a low cost transport option remaining on Arbutus, under City ownership
(NON TRANSLINK) if it can be afforded and is supported by the residents.
● I would push for the remainder to be a mix of 100% recreational uses including
neighbourhood gardens. grass/picnic/park areas with benches and publicly
owned amenities. A trail for cycling, walking etc. and listening to community for
further ideas.

Our Mayors administration hides under a "shroud of secrecy" as described by no less than
B.C.'s Supreme Court Justice Hinkson, and I am just one of many previously non-political
business people and residents, that want to end the secrecy and incestuous relationships ruling
Vancouver. I believe our Mayor and his administration are likely on their way out and I want to
tell you there are people in Vancouver that are interested in respectful, honest negotiations and
outcomes benefiting all. After Mayor Robertson is gone on November 16th I suspect Bob
Kasting could be in the Mayor's seat but regardless of that, you will have my support in
negotiations to benefit the residents of Vancouver while being fair with CP Rail.

Yours Truly

Glen Chernen, leader of The Cedar Party

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