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DHL takes innovative approach to grow retail footprint by 1000%
in Sub Saharan Africa
23 Septeber 201!" Staying true to its reputation for speed, passion, teamwork and a
can-do attitude, DHL Express has grown its retail footprint in Sub Saharan Africa by an
astonishing ,!!!" in less than three years#
$n what could become a business school case study, the company%s number of ser&ice
points increased from '!! to o&er ','!!, not by building its own bricks and mortar
branches but by partnering with local business owners who act as DHL resellers#
(housands of &endors ) such as an electronics store in *est Africa, a tra&el agent in
East Africa and a small grocery shop in Southern Africa ) now allow their customers to
send DHL shipments alongside their normal offerings#
(hese small businesses benefit from commission on all DHL sales, an increase in foot
traffic as well as being associated with a global brand#
+$t%s really a win-win approach# *e ha&ing gi&en these small shop owners a uni,ue
business opportunity to grow their re&enues and gain credibility by aligning themsel&es
with an international brand# $f they do well, we do well,- explains Sumesh .aha&endra,
head of marketing for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa#
(he company is willing to partner with any entrepreneurial business that sees &alue in
becoming a DHL reseller# All partners are pro&ided with a complete branding kit and go
through an extensi&e training programme to ensure compliance with DHL%s
re,uirements and procedures#
DHL has also forged similar partnerships with larger companies such as mobile
network operators, retail business centres, supermarkets and fuel retailers#
/ot only is partnering with existing &endors more cost effecti&e than building its own
branches, it also brings DHL closer to its customers# An entrepreneur in 0hana can
send a sample to a client in the 1S from the same place he picks up his daily
Deutsche Post DHL
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newspaper, whereas a mother in 3auritius is now able to ship a birthday gift to her son
in 4rance while her car is being filled up at the fuel station#
DHL also simplified its pricing and packaging options to fit in with the needs of its
customers as opposed to the other way around# (o make people aware of its retail
offering, the streets of Africa are often painted yellow and red through tactical
ad&ertising campaigns in&ol&ing dancing, singing and special DHL gi&eaways#
+(hrough the passion and energy of our 5,!!! employees across Sub Saharan Africa,
we ha&e changed the perception that DHL only caters for multinationals and big
business# 6ur retail customers no longer ha&e to sit in traffic to send a document or
parcel, but can literally find a DHL ser&ice point right around the corner,- says
.aha&endra# +7erhaps most gratifying is the fact that we are empowering business
owners and aspiring entrepreneurs across Africa with an additional opportunity to earn
money and li&e better#-
He tells the story of a DHL reseller in 8enya whose mobile phone accessories shop is
located right opposite a DHL corporate-owned store# *hen asked why customers
would ship with her rather than go to the fully-branded DHL outlet, she said the
a&erage person relates much better with her shop, percei&ing it to be affordable and
less formal than the one across the road#
+$n a continent like Africa where the informal economy rules, a company%s retail
strategy cannot re&ol&e around high-end shopping malls,- adds .aha&endra# +9ou
ha&e to operate on a le&el where customers can understand, feel and relate to your
product# 9ou really need to ensure that your brand connects to the a&erage person on
the street,- concludes .aha&endra#
DHL ) (he logistics company for the world
DHL is the global market leader in the logistics and :E7 industry and +(he logistics
company for the world-# DHL commits its expertise in international express, national and
international parcel deli&ery, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation as well as
contract and e-commerce related solutions along the entire supply chain# A global network
Deutsche Post DHL
The Mail & Logistics Group ;2'
composed of more than ;;! countries and territories and around '<,!!! employees
worldwide offers customers superior ser&ice ,uality and local knowledge to satisfy their
supply chain re,uirements# DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting
en&ironmental protection, disaster management and education#
DHL is part of Deutsche 7ost DHL# (he 0roup generated re&enues of more than << billion
euros in ;!'#
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