English 3152 Sec.

April 10, 2012
The United States of America are thinking about reinstating obligatory service. In some
way its ironic because Americans say that the US is the land of the free, the land of opportunities
and free will but they want to reinstate obligatory service and its something called the draft. Just
ask yourself this simple uestion! would you fight for a country that"s been at war #ust because
they want to get something of it like petroleum$
Another interesting point is how the US wants to legally reuire all students who wish to
attend a four%year college or university to give a two year term of service in either the &eace
'orps or the Armed (orces. To me that"s outrageous because the state is forcing people to fight
for something that they don"t believe in and don"t want to be in it. I believe that if there"s a
shortage of military personnel in the armed forces at times of war people should be ordered to
apply to the Armed (orces. Some people feel that the U.S government should reinstate
compulsory military service, also known as the draft. I"m against the draft because for e)ample if
your parent make you play basketball would you give it your all #ust like another person would
that wanted to play. That takes us to the topic why force someone to do something they don*t
really want to do.
Almost everybody knows that the US always goes to war because of interest because the
petroleum is vanishing uick and whoever has the most petroleum has the power and that the
only thing that matters to the state. There"s a very good movie called +(air ,ame- that"s about
the 'IA operative .alerie &lame discovering her identity is allegedly leaked by the government
as payback for an op%ed article her husband wrote critici/ing the 0ush administration. The thing
is that most people don"t accept is that if the government wants to do something they do it no
matter what.
The Selective Training and Service Act, the document that laid out the draft for
compulsory military service in times of need, was signed into law in 1234. The draft was in
effect from1235 to 1267, when the United States converted to an all%volunteer military. 8owever,
uestions about whether the peacetime draft should be reinstated remain a political hot button.
The draft states that U.S. men between the ages of 15 and 9: are reuired to register with the
Selective Service System. ;omen and older men are not reuired to register. The argument for
this distinction is that men 15 to 9: are the most combat worthy. 0ut what happens if a persons
got mental or physical issues the U.S. would certainly send them to war.
As you"ve reali/ed I"m against everything that has to do with war and people dying but
here are three reasons why the U.S. should reinstate the draft<
1. America and the American dream are based upon sacrifice in service to the nation. =ther
countries understand that service above one*s self interests creates a bond between the
individual and the America whose bounty gives so much to so many from so few. Today
less than one%percent of all Americans serve in our uniformed services. This one%percent
is defending with their lives the other ninety%nine percent. That is not what being an
American is all about$ Service to protect and defend this nation is part and parcel of
being an American citi/en. =ur military takes an oath to protect and defend the
'onstitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Until you raise your right
hand and so swear you will not understand what service really means. The military
instills a sense of duty, honor and country in all who serve.
9. The military creates an understanding of teamwork, loyalty to ones comrades, and
leadership. (ew other organi/ations can make the same claim. Unlike the private sector,
pledging one*s life to be part of an elite group of military men and women transcends the
ordinary world of work. 8owever, leadership skill sets learned in the military easily
transfer to the private sector and enhance the overall uality of our workforce and work
place. 'ore values like showing up to work on time, dressing properly and addressing
your superiors in a respectful manner are instilled during military training. ;hile the
American military has rules it also encourages independent decision making in the face
of danger. Soldiers learn how to think on their feet. Something sorely lacking today.
7. (inally, the military provides training in a vast variety of careers. (rom driving a truck to
flying billion dollar aircraft. (rom being a medic to commanding a hospital. Job e)pertise
of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and >arines makes a difference in the workforce. The
technical #ob skills learned as a baker, butcher, or candlestick maker carry over to our
businesses with the added bonus of free on%the%#ob training provided by our military. A
win%win for our society.
(inally now that you"ve seen the some pros and cons of reinstating the draft make your
decision and think about what your family will be going through if you die in battle and you
can"t see your kid grow up. The only good thing that is proven that"s a positive about #oining the
armed forces is your mentality and the benefits a soldier has but remember our country and
almost every other country there"s corruption so why a draft if were going to be obligated to fight
an endless war. >y grandfather once told me something that made a lot of sense and it was that
the United States of America only focuses on the three &"s and those are< power, pride and profit.
It is sad that our people think they"re free but deep down they know that the government can do
with them whatever they want.
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