Speaker Belmonte lauds CSFI book launching

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte lauded the book launching of the Congressional
Spouses Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) saying the project ould do ell to promote local dishes
not just in the country but in the international market as ell.
Speaking during the book launching dubbed as !Salu"Salo# $ Celebration of
%hilippine Culinary &reasure' held at the Speaker(s Social )all, Belmonte said he ould
include the book in the basket of gi*eaays to *isiting dignitaries from all o*er the orld
to shocase the Filipino culinary traditions.
!I ant to congratulate you for coming out ith this book. $t least e ha*e
something substantial here that also adds to %hilippine culture,' Belmonte said.
Belmonte also shared obser*ations relayed to him during his tra*els in different
parts of the orld that !the reason hy e don(t ha*e restaurants in Filipino communities
abroad is because Filipinos do not kno ho to present Filipino food in a much better
!+aybe this is the first step and I kno that there are a lot of ays of promoting our
local dishes here and abroad. I am pretty sure that e ha*e the uni,ue taste that ould be
lo*ed by other people,' the Speaker said.
CSFI %resident and -ue.on City /ice"+ayor 0oy Belmonte thanked the Speaker for
his support in making the publication of the book possible.
She said the book is a collection of recipes, some of hich ere contributed by
CSFI members themsel*es.
!1e are grateful to the Speaker ho ga*e us the capital or the seed money to
undertake this ambitious endea*or. It as *ery hard to con*ince him but I as able to do
that and he as so happy hen he sa the book,' +s. Belmonte, the Speaker(s daughter,
smilingly said.
+s. Belmonte also thanked the CSFI team composed of +ons 2omulo, 3ditor4in 4
Chief5 %aula Bondoc, 36ecuti*e 7irector and 8ristine Singson"+eehan, CSFI &reasurer.
!I ould also like to thank the riters, researchers, photographers, food stylists,
graphic designers and culinary specialists ho orked on the book,' +s. Belmonte said.
+s. Belmonte said the proceeds of the book ould go the CSFI scholarship
program, hich pro*ides full college scholarship to deser*ing young omen.
NR # 3598C
SEPT. 23, 2014
$ccording to +s. Belmonte, their organi.ation also aims to raise enough funds to
support their calamity assistance program in the ake of the de*astation brought about by
the effects of climate change.
!1e hope that the 7epartment of &ourism can also include this as among the
products they can promote in aid of supporting tourism in our country through their *isit
%hilippines 9:;< campaign and perhaps e*en include it in the $%3C kit to be gi*en to
delegates ne6t year,' +s. Belmonte added.
$lso present during the occasion as 36ecuti*e Chef 2aoul 2oberto =oco, 7irector
for 2esearch 7e*elopment and +anaging %artner of Cyma 2estaurant and =reen %astures,
ho as a recipient of the &en >utstanding 3ntrepreneurs of the ?ear aard in 9::@ and a
finalist of 3rnst and ?oung 3ntrepreneurs of the ?ear aard in 9:;9.
!I salute you all for this. Aot only did you standardi.e each recipe, but they can also
be referred to as the standard for cooking e6cellence. Coming from a cook(s perspecti*e, I
am *ery e6cited for this cookbook because e ill be able to share our cuisine not only to
the locals but to the hole orld,' =oco said.
&he book can be purchased at the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Incorporated
(CSFI) office for %B::.::. (C:) lvc