Palawan solon seeks exclusion of Palawan from Bangsamoro Entity

Palawan’s 2
District Rep. Frederick F. Abueg declared that the people of Palawan
vehemently oppose the inclusion of their province and the ity of Puerto Princesa in the
!angsamoro entity as mentioned in the proposed !angsamoro !asic "aw.
Abueg is author of #R $%$& entitled 'A Resolution directing the #ouse Ad #oc
ommittee to e(clude the Province of Palawan and the ity of Puerto Princesa in the proposed
!angsamoro )ntity and to include the three Representatives of Palawan as regular members with
voting rights in the #ouse Ad #oc ommittee.*
+he author also re,uested that a copy of #! $%$& be forwarded to the Sangguniang
Panlalawigan ng Palawan and the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Puerto Princesa.
During last week’s initial meeting of the AD #oc ommittee chaired by agayan de -ro
ity Rep. Rufus Rodrigue./ the panel adopted it internal Rules of Procedure and approved the
calendar of meetings0public hearings and the resource persons and stakeholders to be invited.
+he Ad #oc ommittee/ to which #R $%$& has been referred for proper disposition and
action/ is e(pected to start conducting its hearings proper anytime now.
+he Ad #oc ommittee was created under #R $&12/ filed by 2peaker Feliciano !elmonte/
3r. and 4a5ority "eader 6eptali 7on.ales 88/ to review and evaluate the comprehensive
Agreement on the !angsamoro and propose a basic law for the establishment of a !angsamoro
entity within a time frame of si( months.
-n the matter of representation in the Ad #oc panel/ Abueg said in #R $%$& that 'the
province of Palawan being mentioned and will likely be directly affected in the proposed
!angsamoro !asic "aw 9!!": be a sufficient 5ustification for the three Representatives to be
included as regular members with voting rights in the Ad #oc panel.*
+he three Representatives from Palawan are; Rep. Fran. 'hicoy* ). Alvare. 9$
District:< Rep. Abueg< and Rep. Douglas 2. #agedorn 9=
#R $%$& states;*#istory speaks for itself/ the people of Palawan consistently resist the
inclusion of the province to the AR44 in four successive plebiscites held during the time of then
President 4arcos/ A,uino and Ramos/ wherein the negative votes therefrom cast were more than
eighty>five percent 9?%@: of the total votes.*
"ikewise/ Abueg added that the total population of Palawan including the ity of Puerto
Princesa as of 2A$A census conducted by the 6ational 2tatistics -ffice is BB&/=&A and of this
figure/ the 4uslim population consists of only seven to eight percent 9C@>?@:. 9=A: dpt
NR # 3599
SEPT. 24, 2014