Inquiry into performance of PNP Internal Affairs Service

sought amid crimes involving some cops
A House leader is seeking an inquiry into the performance of the Internal Affairs
Service (IAS) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and its role in preventing police
involvement in various criminalities.
ep. Alfredo !enite" (#
$istrict% Negros &ccidental) sought the inquiry through
House esolution '()*% saying amid the gro+ing crimes committed ,y some mem,ers of
the police force% it is high time -ongress checks on the performance of the PNP IAS vis.a.
vis its role to instill discipline and character evaluation of PNP personnel as provided ,y
the la+.
/Amid the gro+ing crimes committed ,y some mem,ers of the police force% it is
high time that +e take a critical look at the efficiency of the PNP.IAS and also assess if
there are necessary policy ad0ustments to sustain the reali"ation of the la+1s primordial
intention% +hich is to maintain a highly efficient and competent police force%2 said
!enite"% chairman of the House -ommittee on Housing and 3r,an $evelopment.
!enite" said the crimes committed ,y some mem,ers of the police force /are
,latant violations of the pu,lic trust and therefore% ,egs the serious intervention from all
,ranches of the government.2
/ecent reports on police involvement in various crimes har,or a gro+ing an4iety
among the citi"ens according to him. &ur police force mem,ers +ho are supposed to ,e
the keepers of peace and order% promoters of pu,lic safety and enforcers of the la+ are the
ones +ho are involved in the most dreadful crimes%2 said !enite".
He cited that epu,lic Act 5**'% other+ise kno+n as the /PNP eform and
eorgani"ation Act of '))5%2 created the IAS +ithin the PNP as a self.regulatory
mechanism that shall keep the force in line ,y instilling discipline and pro.actively
conduct inspections% audits% investigations and evaluation of characters on PNP personnel.
!y virtue of the oversight function of -ongress% !enite" said it the responsi,ility of
-ongress to ensure that enacted la+s such as A 5**' are still ,eing properly
implemented and offices created ,y said la+ are performing their duties.
-iting media reports% !enite" said the Philippine $rug 6nforcement Agency
(P$6A) has already tagged several mem,ers of the PNPA -lass 788' to kidnapping and
ro,,ery e4tortion activities as early as 7889 +hich already included t+o of those +ho led
the recent 6$SA,,ery case and therefore% should have ,een kept at close +atch
,y the PNP IAS.
NR # 3599B
SEPT. 24, 2014
!enite"1s resolution cited that on Septem,er '% 78'(% a photo of armed men
assaulting the passenger of a sports utility vehicle in 6$SA +ent viral on t+itter and other
social media sites. :he photo prompted a full ,lo+n investigation ,y the PNP +hich
resulted in the confirmation that the incident +as a,,ery incident and the
identification of '8 suspects allegedly composing of current and former mem,ers of the
police force% t+o of +hom has the ranking of Police Station -hief Inspector and Senior
;ore than a +eek after said incident in 6$SA% more reports of e4tortion.
kidnapping crimes came out in the media +ith police officers as suspects such as the case
of <orean tourist -hong =ong >oo +ho +as arrested ,y '8 cops and +as asked for
P'8%888 for his release% and the case of -hinese ,usinessman ?in @an Ahang +ho accused
t+o cops of ro,,ing and kidnapping him +hen he +as a,out to take the ?: ride.
Burthermore% !enite" said the investigations on a more high profile murder case of
racecar driver 6n"o Pastor also revealed that the suspected hired gunman +as also a police
officer from Pasay. (#8) mrs