A lot of years have been passed since the “discoverer” Christopher Columbus found
America in one of their trips. Five hundred and twenty two years, since the Spaniards
take the power over all American people. Five hundred and twenty two years since the
indigenous fate were decided. After “independence” and “freedom”, today’s Latin
America still been controlled by giants. First Spaniards, then Europeans, now
Latin America have become in the deer of all the big powers. In all the history, Latin
America has been used by its land, by its people, by its rivers and by its position.
Like introduction of this written, I going to determinate the position of Latin America in
the history, with base on the book of Eduardo Galeano, who talks about the abuse that
Latin America has been suffered.
When Columbus found America in 1492, Latin America was the objective of Europe. For
its gold and silver. It was the beginning of a new civilization; by force and with violence,
but Europe consider become to America in a civilization.
Since the moment that Christopher stepped on The Bahamas, started a time of massive
violence, misery and thefts. The land of Latin America became in the people’s curse.
Portugal, Spain, France and England were the principal winners in this business.
Thanks to the production of gold, cacao, rubber, cotton, pepper and other wealthy, this
place were killed, torture, stole, rape, and invade.
The church coming with its religion, was a really curse for the natives. In the sixteenth
century, the slavery was “prohibit” according to the church. But it was a condition that
the native accepted the catholic religion to be free. (Galeano, 1971)
All the resources were exploited by Europe. Karl Marx said that “You think, maybe, that
the production of sugar and coffee is the fate of the occidental Indies. Two centuries
ago, the nature that fairly has in common with the commerce wasn’t planted here the
coffee tree or the sugar cane.” (Marx, 1848)
One example is the sugar. It caused the die of millions and millions of workers (not
slaveries). The island of Barbados was the first island which produces sugar. But in a
little time, another places start to cultivate that sweetener.
After the independence, Latin America just change of boss, now its captain was
The thing is that, after our independence and our win of freedom, Latin America still
been the dree of another countries, of another big countries.
Actually, the majority of the resources in Latin America continue been used in benefit of
other nations. And the United States is the most common. All the history of South
America is about lost, misery and scarcity. Even when Brazil and Argentina have a good
economy, the majority of Latin America, including Central America, hasn’t a good tale.
We even lost the right to be called America. For the world, the United States are all the
America’s continent.
Since Cuba until Mexico, the rebellions, dictatorships and revolutions have been
The question is why, if we still fight with the poverty, North America has become in a
The answer, according to Carlos Montaner, is not about America stealing all the poor
countries. In his opinion the secret of North America is create. He said that the gringos’
secret is that they never look at the past. They create all the time. By virtue of that, is
considerable think that the Yankis have been creating the world on the last 200 years.
(Montaner, 1976)
Those are two different, and counteract statements. For Montaner, the United States is
a leader because of its creativity, intelligence, innovation and others. Galeano, put to
the United States like the bad guy, that who want to be the only one in the world. In
resulting, we can say that in Galeano’s opinion, Latin America is poor because of North
America. And the Montaner’s thought, is because the absence of innovation and
But the thing is, the different creations by the U.S have been become in something to
admire and want. Their music, technologies, science, discoverers, all those things, is
something that all the world love. But, at the same time, those things can’t hide the
interference of the U.S.A in different political, social and military problems. We can
forget the military bases that the U.S.A have put in Colombia since ten years, become
us in an objective for the U.S.A enemies. We can refuse the bankrupt of national
corporations because of the NAFTA. And the most recently, we can deny the damage
that this trade made to the farmers in Colombia. And everything that, just because of the
United States’ power in America, and the sadness weakness of Latin America against
the giants.
In conclusion, moreover if the America’s creations are a benefit for a lot of people,
another group of persons are paying those creations, and not just in Latin America but
also in Asia. That’s the real problem of be the deer of the giants.

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