On offering some points /questions to be raised at this Sept 25

meeting with Janice McKenzie
1. It appears [at face value] that i'm running in a CORPORATION called ANCO!"R "#"CTION$% and
here i am& insisting 'n (eing a c'mm'n la) *urisdicti'n candidate% running under the +ari*uana Part,.
1. This fraudulent destructi'n ['f the 1-.. Charter] (, #arr, Camp(ell is the reas'n (ehind /f'r the cit,'s
t'tal refusal t' tal0% neg'tiate )ith me ['r is it] the, cann't t'uch me tal0 t' me 'r d' an,thing% (ecause
m, activit, is a grave threat t' all th'se 'rchestrating /'perating /trapped in a criminal enterprise.
1. The fact is that i )as als' 'ne 'f the reas'ns f'r destr',ing the $ceptre% and i'm calling f'r redress.
1. 2ACT 3 4C is acting li0e it cann't administer its Cities as a +unicipalit, in 'rder t' c'nf'rm )ith )hat's
happened in the rest 'f Canada. This c'nstituti'nal rift 'ccurred after #arr, Camp(ell% in cl'sed C'uncil
meetings% created the f'rmati'n 'f anc'uver int' functi'ning li0e a PRINCIPA#IT5 [li0e the rest 'f Canada].
1. This is directl, f'r(idden% (ecause in 1661% the pe'ple 'f 4C v'ted 'ver)helmingl, t' remain under the
1-.. Charter [a0a 7 +unicipalities]. 2!RT8"R+OR"9 :e [all 'f 4C] als' v'ted 'ut 'f 8$T
1. It appears that (ecause 'f this 8$T re*ecti'n that 'nl, 4C candidates can still us IC;. 1R< pr't'c'l
1. The rest 'f Canada )as scre)ed 'f fundamental elect'ral rights )ith'ut c'nsent 'f the g'verned
1. [as in] at least NA2TA )as v'ted in 7 )hat the 8arpster is d'ing is t'tall, unc'nsci'na(le (, raping
the C'nstituti'n and ever, citi=ens' s'vereignt, (, intr'ducing /c'nverting the 2">"RA# CO!RT$
int' NATO $tar Cham(ers% )ithin the 1
7166 da,s 'f (eing in 'ffice% )hen )e decreed t' give fr'm
sea t' sea t' sea t' NATO *urisdicti'n% )hich initiall, created these +aritime C'ntraventi'n C'urts.
?. [at face value] )ith the calling 'f Tim 2elger v Regina% is (eing underta0en (, the $CC t' fi@ this )r'ng
1. The $CC )ants t' c'nfirm that 'ur 'c'mmercial premise' 'f (eing g'verned under c'mm'n la) is
n't t' (e trampled 'n% (, this e@periment called PART7- 'f the 1--< 4C PO#IC" ACT [a0a]
CII#IAN O"R$IA8T. :e see it as a chance t' ta0e d')n the 8arpster's Omni(us Crime 4ill
1. 2RANB#59 it's the a(use 'f p')er 'f AP> that's (eing dragged int' the $CC% (ut it affects
ever,'ne under 'ccupati'n% (, the Att'rne,'s Aeneral 'f a CORPORATION called CANA>A
?. [Cuir0] 7 (ecause 'f these critical 4C referendums 7 ever,thing i'm d'ing [in these electi'ns] is a crime in
ever, 'ther pr'vince [(ecause the, v'ted 'ut (eing under the 1-.. Charter in 'rder t' (e Principalities]
1. and ever,thing auth'rit, is d'ing here [(, insisting 'n acting li0e a PRINCIPA#IT5] is a crime 'f state
that )as a hanging 'ffence <6 ,ears ag'. [as i rec'mmend% )e need trustees t' return la) and 'rder]
1. [Cuir0]7 if i get elected i'm the 'nl, 'ne )h' )ill (e 'n C'uncil [let al'ne an, p'siti'n] )h' is claiming t'
(e v'ted int' the +unicipalit, 'f the Cit, 'f anc'uver [1-.. Charter] [Cuir0] 7 f'r ?7)ee0s% i've (een
as0ing t' get a c'p, 'f the 'ath [that i have t' ta0e t' run f'r 'ffice] and the, simpl, refuse t' d' it.
1. As i see it% since c'mm'n la) trumps +aritime *urisdicti'n% means i can ta0e the 'ath that )as
appr'ved under the 1-.. Charter% and if t'ld t' d' 'ther)ise )ill mean it's under duress.
D. ON T8I$ $CC 8"ARINA9 N' la),er [n't even Tim's 'riginal la),er] )ill represent us at the $CC 8earing
1. +arc 4',er g't entangled int' (eing a(le t' spea0 at these hearings (ecause% i'm the ne) C2O f'r
A+P [A(('tsf'rd +ari*uana Part, ">A] and Tim is still the C"O 'f this ">A [things change]
1. Tim is the ne) C"O f'r E+P and he )ill (e running f'r C'uncil in in A(('tsf'rd's Cit, "lecti'ns.
1. As )e see it& n' la),er can defend us )ith'ut getting s'me 0ind 'f dispensati'n t' represent us.
['n this] there are still a l't 'f ver, p')erful p'liticall, m'tivated la),ers that are c'nsidering t' help
?. As )e see it% )e are arranging f'r a vide' c'nference f'r this $CC hearing and in this )a, )e never
have t' leave anc'uver 'r A(('ttsf'rd during the height 'f this electi'n seas'n% t' (e heard.
.. In regard t' 'ur right t' 4#!" FON" pr'tecti'n9 +ar0 Th'mps'n is err'ne'usl, sa,ing that (lue ='ne
pr'tecti'n 'nl, applies in federal electi'n campaigns& and fran0l, that's a(surd% (ecause an, 2ederal ">A
can campaign all ,ear r'und% theref're an, ">A's (lue7='ne al)a,s applies% especiall, )hen it's active
1. :hat he's sa,ing is 4C "lecti'ns [during the time 'f a l'cal electi'n] must rec'gni=e 'ur right t' d'
IC;. 1R< fund raising 3 (ut that means 3 )hen there is n' electi'ns in 4C% he has n' auth'rit, t' st'p
us fr'm c'ntinuing t' c'llect campaign c'ntri(uti'ns. AN> 2RANB#59 t' thin0 ">A (lue ='nes d'n't
e@ist is t' (elieve that +aritime auth'rit, /p'lice must 'ver7ride 'ur +ari*uana Part, c'mm'n la) rights.
1. This 0ind 'f ar(itrar, suppressi'n 'f the $upremac, 'f c'mm'n la) is )hat the $CC must redress.
1. Case in p'int here9 Baren Clar0e [m, 2A] rights t' c'mm'n la) are (eing trampled 'n% and again it
renders d')n t' the $upremac, 'f c'mm'n la) t' her right t' (e an activist at Oppenheimer Par0
G. I limit m, list t' 17page 4!T i )ill (ring up 'ther relevant p'ints% )hen the, cr'p up during 'pen dial'gue

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